OS Teri Yaadien




Teri Yaddein’..



Its an OS and it will end in this part only, mean no part 1 2 3etc,, its only one page story, so enjoy this story at once’.


Ok one thing please maybe its not only lovy dovy type but read at ur own risk’. AND NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER’. So read it 1st then decide what do u want to throw,, roses or stones??




Love story that never meant to be complete

Love story that never meant for each other

They said if the love doesn’t get complete

Think ur story is not over yet

But what if the story was never meant for u

What if ur life torn by ur love?

They say love is for once

True love only happen once

What if I say love doesn’t need count

Its the fresh rose that blossom everyday

Yes throne are there to realize

Love will hurt, to protect u from other essence

Love hurts to see ur love hurt

Never say no to love

Love will be there in the lane of memories

That will be safe from any stone any race’



Teri yaadein means your memories’. Memories that never fade away,, if love cannot be hold by ur destiny,, memories are the best friend to fill the emptiness’.



Its more than 5 yrs she has gone, still I felt emptiness,, at 1st I thought it was just guilt, yes guilt for hurting her’. guilt for ruining her dreams, her trust, her life’.  But now I now that was not only guilt, that was something else’ this day I made her run from her life, this is the day I broke her trust, this is the day she run away from her feeling, this day I broke her heart, still this day haunts me,, I m again standing there but can’t let myself drown in the time,, I m here waiting for her one look, one word, her forgiveness is my life now, but she is nowhere to reach, maybe today I can saw her,, maybe once I can ask her to forgive me for that day’ I know its selfishness to think only that, but I couldn’t live in peace from that day, her eyes still haunt me.. I just one chance to apologize to her, but I know that’s not possible’.



It is 5yrs till I left the place, my birth place, the place I have live my childhood, my youth and most beautiful memories,, I had met him here, and it is the place that broke me apart, the place that made me torn away from my family, my life, my dreams.. this day I felt hollow in my heart, still I m here to feel the emptiness’ it was the day when I found myself alone, betrayed, thrown away in darkness’ it was the day I found myself away from me’. 5yrs, everything has changed, but teri yaddein nahi badly( ur memories never changed)


Today I m in hosiyarpur, my whole childhood has expend here,, my family is still there,, maybe waiting for me,, I m returning here after 5 yrs, never thought so but I m here now, its my sister marriage,, she has waited for me for 5yrs, how can I let her be sad anymore’ but I m worried, I m afraid, he will be there, I will be meeting him after so many years’





As expected everyone greeted her with sweets and lots of hungama, bhangra shangra and her mother’s tear’.

Rano: kitthe this tu GEET,,, aaj aayi hain, itna gussa thi humse? (where were u geet? Today u came,, were u so angry on us?)

Geet: mamma,, please stop this emotional drama,, I m here na,, so just let me come 1st’ where is priya?? Its her wedding, and i can’t see her anywhere’.

Priya: diii,, a voice came from back,, geet turn to see her sister clad in pink salwar suit,, with mahendi standing far from her’ geet smiled at her and came close to meet her’.

Geet: how r u priya,, she hugged her,, missed u’

Priya looked at her with tears: I m sorry’.

Geet: ssshhh,, no way, why u r saying sorry?

Priya: could u forgive me?

Geet: yes I can, but for that I have to be angry on u,, when I m not then how can I forgive u?

Priya: diii,, I was at fault..

Geet: no u were not, she said sternly’ everyone looked at her guiltily,, and why not they should,,, they are the reason for her depart from here,,, priya please don’t bring anything now,, its ur wedding and I want to enjoy my sister’s marriage’. Priya looked at her painfully’. But she smiled at her’.





It was evening when the khuranas enter the handa haveli’. Geet was having her back towards the door, but she knew who was there.. she doesn’t need eyes,, she can feel HIM’.

He was standing there clad in a black sherwani’ looking ever so handsome’  handas welcomed them in a very lavish way.. they have to do that as handa’s daughter is marrying to the khurana’

They took their seat and then khuranas met with geet, who was looking at them with a warm smile,, savitri devi the older woman of the this family goes towards her and geet took her blessing, and then hug her’ she looked at her with guilty face, but geet squeeze her hand to say she is fine.. the youngster annie and dev who was her friend hugged her dearly’ geet took blessing from khurana couple,, mr and mrs khurana smiled at her weakly, to which she also smile’  and then she met with HIM,, she looks at his eyes that was showing only guilt in it’

Geet: hello MAAN’..


Maan: hey GEET’ he passes her a small smile,,  how r u?

Geet smiles: good’ I suppose u will be good after only getting married to PRIYA,, she tried to lighten up the atmosphere.. but he felt a pang of sorrow’. No one expects that, but they knew geet, she can never show her sorrow, though she was quite looking ok’

Priya came there and took everyone’s blessing’.

Dev: geet, where were u yaar? We missed u, he said looking at annie’

Geet: trust me guys I have missed u all equally’ maan looked at her having only one question’ did she missed him? and that too after whatever he did to her’





Geet was sitting on the window seat looking at the beautiful atmosphere, and the moon that was glowing like anything’ priya came there and hugged her from back,, geet is 25 and priya 23′. They loves each other a lot,, they can do anything for each other’

Geet: arrre priya what happen? Tu soyi nahi abhi tak?

Priya nodded in negative and said: neend nahi arahi thi di’ (not feeling like sleeping)

Geet: why? U should take some rest now, these days must be hectic na? and tomorrow is ur sangeet, u have to look best,, she said in a teasing voice’.

Priya: diii,, whatever we did,, can u forgive us? Please’ geet looks away.. its true she can’t forget whatever happen 5yrs back but now she doesn’t want any complication between her and maan’ they have also suffered a lot’  that day u have to fae all that only because of me’.

That brought geet to the past only’.


She closed her eyes remembering every scene’



It was the exact date 5yrs back,, it was her haldi, when her world just snatches brutally.. the day she forgot her smile’ the day he gets to know her would be husband loves her sister, and she too loves him,, they were in deeply love from past 1yr,, and he was here only to get priya’


Handa and khurana were friends from their childhood, so was geet and maan,, handas always lives in hp, though khuranas were sometime lived there but after shifting their family business they are in delhi’ geet was a sweet traditional girl with beauty and brain together’ geet has lived her life in hosiyarpur, but her degrees were from delhi as she studied from correspondence,, she was sharp, but with insistence from geet priya went o delhi for her further study,, handas were worried so dadima suggest priya  can live with them everyone was happy with that’

It was geet and priya’s elder brother brij’s wedding when khuarans and handas met after 1 yr’ geet was happy to see her sister,, but she sense some kind of tension to see her,, she asked her if she is ok or not and she said she is fine’. After the wedding she heard the buzz’ everyone was talking about her and maan’s marriage’ she was happy to knew that,, she loves maan from the time she knew what is love’ they said its from maan’s side,, he himself said the he want to marry her’  everything was perfect, geet felt more than happy.. maan never let her felt anything wrong,, they talked about each other. And he was quite happy with that,, or he pretends to be’ but things changed drastically when she heard some whisper’

Geet was going to her room to get a shower as haldi was all over her..but she stops at her track when she founds it priya’ she peeped in the room to see who is this and get a shock of her life to see maan was pinning priya to a wall and asking her something’ she wanted to go there but priya’s sob froze her their’

Maan: why u r doing this? I was here only for u, but u were nowhere listen to me’

Priya: yeah and thats why u agreed to marry dii’ 

Maan: because I wanted to feel u the way u treated me’ u said u don’t love me, so I m here,, marrying geet, whats wrong about it?

Priya: don’t hurt my di maan’ she is innocent..

Maan: common I want u only, if u say yes I’ll call off the marriage now..

Priya: nooo maan,, what will be the reputation of our family then..

Maan: priyaa, everyone knew about us,, its just a stupid misunderstanding and we get broke up,, but now its solve, we love each other’ dadima wanted to talk about us but as I wanted to teach u the lesson of going far from me,, I asked for geet.. I never loved her, she is a great friend but love,, nooo’. Priya looks at him with tears,, yes she loves him’ she can’t deny him’ and then they hugged passionately’





Geet felt numb as she was sitting in the middle’ it was her mahendi’. And tomorrow will be her wedding’  she saw her mother who was pale,, and her whole family was in tension,, but she was mum’ at last maan comes to her..

Maan: gee two’ I wanted to talk to u’ Geet looked at him with fire filled eyes’. There was complete silent’ only handas and khuranas were present’ I m sorry geet’ actually

Geet: u loves priya’ she said with no emotion’ everyone gasp to hear that as they didn’t expect her to know this’ and all my family knew this..

Rano: beta wo we wanted to talk about it’ priya and maan loved each other but

Geet: but their silly broke up led him to come here after her, and when she refuse to understand anything he gave a proposal to u to marry me’ only to jealous priya, that was he can have her back.. she said the last line looking at maan’ priya was crying continuously’. And my sister never said anything to me’ she thought its not so important to tell me that she loves my would be husband’  sorry, my mistake he was never my fianc, it was a game’

Maan: geet it was my fault,, they didn’t knew anything’ they just wanted to handa and khurana takes there relation in a next level and when priya refuse to marry me my parents said they want u’

Geet: as I m an exchange piece.. ye nahi mila to isko lejayo,, hain na maan?

Maan: geet’

Geet held her collar: what was my fault maan? what have I done? Was it my mistake that she doesn’t trust u’ was is my mistake that I trust u blindly,, unconditionally’ was it my fault that I loved u with my life’ maan looked at her shocked’ he never knew she loved him,, he thought she only think him as a good friend.. geet was never a person of words, but he was failed to recognize her actions’

Her each word was piercing everyone,, was it my fault that I let my family decide my destiny,, I always did whatever they said’  still I get this? Betrayal? Bolo na maan, meri kya galti hain? she looked at him with tears that was pinching his heart,, she was his best friend, guide, philosopher, but he doesn’t know what he have done,, he never knew what place he had in her life, and now her tears were making him guilty,, the guilt he can never repent his lifetime’  he looks at her accusing eyes’

U know guys,, I get betray from my own family, from my love but I m not feeling sad for that’ I m hurt only cause u didn’t trust me’ ek baar kaha to hota,, I could have patch up them’ why u played with my emotion? She looked at maan,, ek baar keh diya hota maan,, main khud priya ko tumhare pass le aati’ yes I love u but u know what,, pyar sirf pane na naam nahi hota,, khud khoke use pyar ka ehsaas dilana ke naam pyar hain’. its not about gain and loss,, it about destruction of urself to give an ounce of happiness to ur love’

I m sorry,, sorry k main tum dono k bich agayi’ it was my fault that I didn’t recognize ur love for priya and neither the feeling of priya’s’  but now no one is on ur way’ u can marry her maan’ every person looks at her with guilt sorrow and sadly’ where priya was shocked,,she knew geet loves maan more than her’

Maan: geet I m sorry..

Geet: no maan, now sorry doesn’t need to be said I felt nothing towards the word’ u can marry her on the date of our marriage.. i don’t have any problem and I suppose the same for everyone’ I will never come on ur way maan,, she left the words in her throat as choked voice comeout’ she ran away from there closing the door.. crying bitterly’..



Next day geet came downstairs with her luggage’ now no one has thought about that’ all were in panic’

Maan: tum kaha ja rahi ho geet

Geet: far from u guys’geet was always straight with her words.. she was not a girl of playing words’

Maan: no u can’t,, it was my fault, why u r punishing everyone?

Geet: what do u want maan, after getting hurt I can’t even accuse anyone when everyone is at fault,, what do u want,, being a good girl I should enjoy ur marriage? Or I should get married to any random guy now as he have rejected me’ she said those words bitterly,, and that was hitting all directly.. what do u want maan’ to see all this and plaster a smile on my face when my heart is bleeding every moment? I can’t maan, I simply can’t.. I m not a goddess or saint,,, that I will not get hurt.. I m sad,, I m hurt’ I feel betrayed maan’ an di want some time for myself, for feel free from this burden’ and that need to go away from this place’ and from u all’

Rano cried holding her hand: hume maaf kar de puttar.. humne socha wo tujhe khush rakhega lekin hume kal pata chala mane priya se pyar karta hian aur wo bhi’ u coeldn’t tell u as we can’t see u in pain,, forgive us geet’.

Geet: maa apne kuch nahi kiya,,, to aap maafi kyun mang rahi hain,, it was my destiny and I have to bear this alone’ please let me live in peace.. maybe I can get over from this grief, then I can join u guys’ but I need time maa’






Though no one was ready to leave her,, she abruptly leave the place,, but no one knew where she have gone’

It was 2 month back when geet called them and then heard maan and priya is getting married,, 1st she was shocked to hear that as she expected them to tie the knot 5 yr back but priya was waiting for her only,, she can’t refuse,, her sister has waited for her enough, and time to get everything like before,, she is not sad now, she is happy in her life and she wants other to be happy, though some corner of her heart still craves for maan’ but she knew its not belongs to him now’




Geet opens her eyes as she felt her shoulder get soaked in priya’s tear’ she took a deep breath and calmed priya’

Geet: priya, look I have forgot everything,, but I m really sorry, only because of me u couldn’t move on ur life, I m at fault, I never realize that in my grief’ but not anymore,u both loves each other and when u r in love nothing is right or wrong’ whatever happen it was past, forget it and move on, its life’ don’t punish ur self thinking that u have hurted me, when u r not, but now u r hurting me by shedding thses tears’ please don’t feel guilty any further, ok’ priya smiled weakly and nodded’ good,, chalo jao abb feeling really sleepy aur kal teri sangeet hain’ I have loads to do’.




Maan was standing at the door hearing everything’. His felt unknown sadness to see geet like that,, actually its not unknown,, he knows only it’. But her smile was hurting him more,, like it is mocking him’ he wanted to apology to her,, but didn’t have enough courage.. priya saw him when coming from geet’s room,, but he was only watching geet, who was staring at something in her hand, but he can’t see it’. Priya looked at him painfully and then ran from their’. Maan was going back when she heard a muffle of her..

I missed u’.. he saw she was talking with a photo frame, but what was in it he can’t understand’






It was the afternoon of sangeet,, geet seems like engrossed in the work,, everyone was happy to see her like that,, geet was always like that, easily forgive everyone,, on the other hand no one knew the tornado was coming in sometime’

Priya came there running,, geet saw her eyes were moist.. she immediately stopped her’ but priya didn’t said anything’ she was crying and that feared everyone,, once again she asked numerous question that nobody has the answer’ she was frustrated’ everyone was numb,, but why’

Geet: koi bolega kya horaha hain? priya what happen’

Rano came there: yeh dono pagal hogaye hain,, shaadi ko gudde gudiyo ka khel samajh liya hain,, geet was confused what are they talking about’.

Geet: priya kya huya hain baccha??

Priya: I m sorry di,, ye sab mere wajah se horaha hain’

Geet: don’t play riddles priya’.

Dadima: main batati hu geet’ maan ad priya doesn’t want this marriage’ shock ran through her’ she looked at priya unbelievingly and then her eyes caught maan who just enter the big hall’ she immediately ran to him..

Geet: whats going on maan,, priya kya keh rahi hain, he dipped his head in low’

Priya: diii,, marry him,,, now there was a pin drop silence,,  geet was staring at her with heer big hazal eyes full of tears’

Geet: have u gone mad, she said like a whisper’

Priya: diii,, she cried,, HE LOVES U’. ‘ nothing was reaching her eardrums’ she looked at maan with lots of question who looks at her with only pain and ? something is there,, LOVE???

Priya: he always loved u,, it was our stupidity to think that was love for each other, when he only loves u,, he always finds u in me’ he never realize his love but when u had gone that day, he realize his mistake, and then he openly accept his mistake,, I didn’t knew what to think,, I was shattered, only cause of me u two parted away when u both loved each other’ i have searched u a lot, but u were nowhere to reach’ he actually waited for u these years’ and then papa got a minor heart attack and he asked us to get married,, we agreed, and the moharat was after 2 month,, then u called us,, I thought I can patch up u but things got worse,, everything was ready, cards and everything, papa’s business partners and all relative were invited’ I couldn’t do anything, maan got agreed for this alliance only for u, as u loves papa more than anyone.. and he wanted us to be safe’ but now I can’t tolerate all this, I can’t marry a guy who loves my dii’ and my dii also loves him, how can I snatch ur love’ MARRY HIM DII’.

Geet: JUST SHUT UP’.. samajh kya rakkha hain tum logo ne,, shaadi mazak hain,, is it a play of young children, for god sake tomorrow is ur wedding,, and what love he is talking about,, is his love changes with season? Sometime priya sometime me?

Priya: diii please try to understand, he always liked me but he liked me as he found u in me,,  after ur depart he get to know real love,,

Geet: cut the crap priya,, can’t u see marriage is almost on verge’ and maan can’t u see how much she loves u,, u are together for so many years’

Maan: geet,,

Geet: why u r playing with her emotion, what have she done? It will ruin every relation, our reputation. Please maan don’t do this’

Maan: geet I,,,, but his voice can’t come anymore as a voice broke the silent’





Geet turn on the voice and a cute little boy who is merely 3yrs, ran to her and hugged her knees’  she sat on her knees and hugged the boy tight’.


jr maan

Everyone was confuse,, what is going on’ and then a man with charming smile and handsome personality came from the door,, geet saw him and stood up’ next moment she hugged him closing her eyes,, tears poured from her eyes,, he held her concernedly,,, he caresses her hair, his smile has replaced with concern’

Kya huya baccha?? Why u r crying???

Geet: armaan”


Armaan: kya huya geet?? Did u missed me so much? She didn’t said anything.. but the felt the tug in their knees as the cute little boy was pulling them, he too wants the hug’. Geet pulls out the hug abruptly, and saw the questioning eyes of everyone’ armaan lift the cutey’ geet I think u should tell them now at least’. She nodded’

Geet: he is, Armaan Mallik,, my HUSBAND’..





Everyone is present in the hall but there was complete silence, when geet started’

Geet: we met after 3 month after landing in Bangalore,, i have a friend there so I goes to meet her,, she get me admission for further study and I got a part time job in the hospital for children wards, to take care of them,,, I met him there, he is a doctor,, he have been a great support,, we became good friend,, he knew about me everything but never showed pity on me, but he treats me like a princess and his best friend,, he played pranks only to cheered up me,, he have done everything only to see a smile on my face,, if he was not there I wouldn’t have survive till then,, he was there always when I was getting in depress,, he never allowed me to be sad or I never felt empty when he was around’ finally after  2yr of friendship he proposed me,, I couldn’t have denied him, but I couldn’t have lied to him too,, I said I don’t know I could love him any day or not, but he said his love is enough for us’. And we get married in small affaire in front of his naani and our friends’.

Mohinder(papa): why didn’t u tell us? Itna gussa thi humse? Geet looked away hiding her tears’

Geet: he wanted to meet u guys but, I’ I thought its better that we led our life freshly without any hassle,, and I needed some time, but 2 month back he was the one who make me understand that we need ur blessing, and I agreed to come here’



Maan: but when u were here, why didn’t to said all this?

Geet: I was waiting for him,, we have decided to say all this together’ maan looks away to hide his emotion but geet knew by his one look,, armaan saw them silently’..







Armaan: we missed u he said nuzzling close to her from back,, she smiled’

Geet: me too’

Armaan: he loves u geet..

Geet: but I m not’ he cupped her face’

Armaan: geet I know u better than u know urself,, and I want ur happiness only’

Geet: amy, u r my happiness,, I know I loved him but u r the one who taught me the meaning of love,, ur selfless love is enough for me,, and don’t forget I m not the 20yr old unmarried girl, who was broken after the declaration of her love being with her sister’ I m Mrs Geet Armaan Malik, wife of a lovable husband and mother of ur child’ I accept somewhere I still loes him but u r the father of my child and that relation is above all’ please I don’t any hurdle or misunderstanding between us,, I m happy with u, don’t let me go away from u,, armaan hugged her instantly’

Armaan: sshh geet I m sorry, to bring this topic,,, I won’t let u go anywhere’ stop ur tears jaan,, she smiled weakly,, and moreover I have some more plan to spend the night otherwise shedding tears.. he smiled naughtily and geet blushed furiously’




Yes they are in love, an unconditional selfless love,, they are best friend and he loves her more than anything, what she needed more’ and in these yr she have learned to love him selflessly, though its never matched to his level but he is happy with her’.







Wedding is in few hours and lots of work have to done,, armaan was busy in that and geet was busy running behind her cute little angel’

Geet: ruk jao baby,, khana kha le baccha’ but he was nowhere to stop and then he bump to someone,, he lift her an dheard geet calling him and he turn..

Geet: MAAN please tang mat karo na,, khana kha lo, fir massi k pass jana hain na,,,  geet saw maan’s confuse state’. But the little boy jumped to his mom to rescue him..

Mamma mujhe khana nahi khana,, maan doesn’t want to eat now, please,, his name is also maan,,,

Now maan can see how much she loved him but sadly he have destroyed everything from his own hand’ geet looked at maan and then jr maan’

Geet: ohh sorry,, isse khana khilana bohot muskil hain’

Maan: he name,,

Geet: maan’. maan mallik’.  And then armaan came from behind,,

Armaan: geet go,, priya must need u’ she smiles and leave with jr maan’

Armaan: she loves u a lot..

Maan: she loved me, armaan smiles.. but his name,, umm don’t u have any problem?

Armaan: why should I have? She loved u and I accepted her with that,,, she is with me and she is the mother of my child, I m happy with it.. I never wanted her to do anything that her heart doesn’t agree’

Maan: u both are lucky to have each other

Armaan: this is love maan’ ek baat kahu,, pyar sirf apni khusi ka naam nahi hota,, kabhi kabhi hum jinhe pya karte hain unki khusi hamare pyar se badhkar hota hain hamare liye.. (sometime its more important to see happy  whom we love rather than staying with her for our happiness)

Maan smiled at him sadly’








The wedding took place, and geet was happy to see finally everything is on its place’. Maan and priya left for delhi the next day and geet armaan and jr maan left for Bangalore’ living a new life new journey’.








8yrs later”.




Kurana Mansion ,,,, DELHI’.








YESSS,, aayyaaa



She marched in his room,

Kab tak game kheloge,, ye koi umar hain kya’ he stood up instatntly’

Maan: excuse me,, what do u mean? Is that state I m oldie’ she looked at him with grin and nodded her head in yes,,, only to anger him’. GEETTT’. Someone laughed at them and fall down from the bed’.

Geet: what is funny about it maan?

Maan: MOM,, u should see dad’s face’ and then he got a angry look from his dad’

Geet: u are only 11 and u talk like

Maan: 20′

Jr maan: its ur fault dad’ I m ur son, so jaisa baap waisa beta’

Geet: ufff,, babaji I can’t handle 1 maan and u gave me 2 headec as 2 devil maan,, senior maan hugged her from back when jr maan from front’

Maan: because we love u,, aur ur babaji knew it’.. she  gave up with a cute smile’.





Dadima: priya I m so happy to see them together, my whole family got complete after geet step in KM.. it all because of u’.

Priya smiles: no dadi, it was in their destiny,, ha thoda ghuma phira k huya but when two loves loves each other destiny played to bring them together’ it was in there fate’.

Dadima and priya looks at maaneet who was in front of a portrait of armaan with garland’.



It was 1 yr anniversary of maan and priya,, geet and armaan with jr maan was going to attend them,, it was surprise for them’.

But they were shocked to see the sight’ it was  a wedding.. and to her utter shock priya was in bridal dress came running and hugged geet’ she was happy’ very happy.. geet was confused to see that’

Priya: diii,, aap agayi,, I missed u so much..

Geet: ye sab kya horaha hain?

Priya looked at her nervously but then maan came there with a smile’

Maan: hello geet, hey armaan.. armaan looked at him with confuse face,, he smiled at them and led them enter the house’ priya go uday is waiting for u’. she nodded cutely’.

Geet: kya horaha hain koi batayega? Who is uday and what is priya doing in bridal attire?

Maan: geet this is uday and priya’s wedding,, now here came the bomb’

Armaan: what do u mean’

Uday an dpriya came from behind’And so the other family member’.

Priya: diii he is saying the truth’ we had divorce after 6 month our marriage’ geet looked at her unbelievingly’ ha dii, we never had the hubby wife relation.. after getting married we thought we can start fresh but we both couldn’t.. we both realize we had never meant for each other’ we became good friends and maan supported me when I declare that I love uday,, we met in a conference in Mumbai, and we fell in love, uday knew about me’ still he loves me’ and as me and maan had applied for divorce the next day of our marriage it was easy to get that in 6 month.. but the difficult part was to break the news in front of everyone.. and that did maan.. he was there for me in every phase like a friend.. he supports me and arranged everything.. at 1st every one was angry with us specially with me, but maan take care of that also.. we couldn’t said anything to u as u will thought its our childishness, but the truth is when I found uday I actually understand what is love’. I m sorry dii if I hurt u but please try to understand us’.

Geet only looked at maan who was happy from his heart. Like 1st time he have done something that satisfied him from heart’



uday priya


After priya’s bidai, it was time for geet to return, seems like jr and sr maan mingle in no time.. maan offer them to give a lift for airport, and they accepted’ but fate once again played with them’ they met with an accident’.





Accident was serious, somehow maan saved jr shielding him in his chest,, but he get hurt a lot.. after gaining conscious he get to know armaan is serious,, he has called him in his room’ maan enter the room with shaking leg and saw he was lying on the bed lifelessly and geet, was crying holding his hand,, she get minor injurious,, can say she got saved because of armaan, he had take all her misery,, he signal maan to come near’ he sat beside geet’

Armaan: take care of her maan’ and my baby..

Maan: don’t say like that armaan, everything will be alri8′

Geet: amy, don’t leave me’

Armaan: I can never leave u geet.. I will be there in ur memory.. the sweet memory that we lived theses yrs’ I will be there in both of ur love,, insane vale hi chala jaye yaddein kabhi nahi jaati,, main yadon me rahunga tumhare’

Maan: armaan..

Armaan: sshhh maan, let me complete, I don’t have enough time.. can u do me a favor?

Maan nodded..

Armaan: u both have to promise me..

Geet: no

Armaan: please,, its my last wish,, don’t u see me live in peace? She nodded in yes’ maan too nodded.. then get married..

Geet: no way amy, how can u say this? I love u and always do..

Armaan: I know u love me, but as a true friend geet.. I want to see u safe in ur love one’s arm, and I know maan loves u more than anything’ and u loves him too though u didn’t knew it’

Geet: no..

Armaan: yes’ please geet I want to see u happy forever and I know u will be happy with him only’.  Promise me guys,, meri last wish puri kardo,, then I can live in ur memory peacefully.. teri yaddon me..

Maaneet: we promised”..








After 1yr they get married,, but still geet felt the emptiness of armaan’ but maan’s love get her over from her grief,, of course in his mission to win geet  priya was there to help him in every path’.

And then they lived happily ever after with the memory of armaan’.




Teri yaaden palko se na jaaye kahi

Teri yaaden dil k rahe kareeb sahi

Ashko se daman vigona to sabne chaha

Bas tu hain jo khusi ki bahar laya

Meri zindagi jeena tune sikhaya

Haske gam ko vulana tune sikhaya

Pyar mila mujhe tujhse sajan

Aur pyar paya tere liye balam


Tu na raha par yaaden hain sath meri

Kabhi chutne na denge sath ye hamari

Vadha kiya tha tujhse kabhi

Sath hum nibhayenge har zindagi

Bas  sath rehna tum hamare yunhi

Ojhal na ho kabhi ye teri Yaaden”






Sometime its better to leave everything on ur Fate’..



Thank You :)

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