Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh part 2




Part 2


geet chuckle: maan, u r too obsessed with urself… dad was in the office and so was dadima,, if she sees u like that,, what has she think about u n me,, i was not worried about u,, it was for me,, u see i don’t want to give her wrong impression about me,, she walked to him with sexy move,, and traces her finger on his lips,, so next time if u want to make out with someone, just take care of ur surrounding,, ok? she was moving from him with a smile when he grabbed her hand and pinned her to himself,,, and then pushed her to the wall, pressing her with his body…



maan: don’t think u r too smart geet,, she chuckle and looks away, where he came to her earlobe nibbling it, and whispering, geet I know I m too tempting to refuse,, he said while coming down her hollow of the neck,, she gulp her saliva as he was touching her ever so sensually,, he knew her every nerves to seduce her,, he knew her every sensitive part, he didn’t touch her deep but his light torture was far more hot and tempting’ she clutches his shoulder and he smirks at her,, both look at each other breathing heavy’.  He came to her lips licking it with the tip of his tongue’ but I have to admit u r the girl whom I felt touching numerous time,, I felt the urge to make love with u every time,, he kissed her cheek,, whom I felt I can go on without any limitation,, no matter how much I feel u I felt to have to right then I saw u’ he bite her neck softly,, i had no intention to do sex with that bitch,, it was u the moment I saw u entering my office,, she smiles at him closing her eyes, and he continue showering his wet kisses around her jaw and chest’ the moment I saw ur sexy curves moving I felt to have u right then’ he bite her br**** with the materials on it’. She moaned in pleasure’

geet: who are stopping u maan’

he gave his famous smirks and ripped her saree pallu giving a full access of his naked eyes to see her naked beauty’

she shivered when his hot mouth covered her belly with vigorous wt kisses’ she was still leaning on the wall and he was on his knees,, he was removing her saree plates when she held his hand’

geet: we are in office maan,, he bites her belly bottom’

maan: its my office,, and no one has the courage to enter in without my permission,, he took out a small remote from his pocket and locked the door with it,, and the remaining blinds’ he ripped her remaining saree and kisses her every inch,, she brushes his hair pulling him more close’ she was moaning his name out of passion and he stood up, making her turn,, she rest her palm on the wall and he slides her hair over on shoulder,, that he can have a full view of her marvelous back,, he kissed her nape and traces her spine with his finger ever so slowly,, he can heard her cracked voice that due to pleasure’ soon his finger replaced by his lips and tongue tasting the line’

she couldn’t handle the slow torture and twirl to face him,, and jerk him to the wall’ now she is on his chest,,, ripping his shirt vehemently ,, she kissed his exposed chest,, biting it vigorously,, he held her back and ripped her blouse’. Till now they hadn’t kiss each other, but maan grabbed her hair backward, and slammed his lips on her, they kissed, bite and licks of the blood, his hand was moving on her back and she was touching his bare front, feeling them with her palm.. he sucks her lower lips in urgency groaning for more’. he unhook her Bra from back and rubbed her smooth back’ after long time he release her lips coming down her chest,, he moved her strap with his mouth and took one of her curve in’ she moan in pleasure.. he bite that and with other hand he teases her  other n*****’. He sucks and bites it, she let out a moan and dig her nails on his well toned shoulder’. After getting satisfy he turn his attention towards her next curves and did the same’ after that he lift her and takes her to the couch,, he laid her and and after throwing his shirt came top of her’ he pulls her skirt revealing her milky white thighs..

she shudder when his lips touches her thigh down her knees,, she closed her eyes making a fist in her hand clutching the couch’ he was kissing her madly and she was moaning uncountable times’


he enter her one swift thrust and she let out a loud moan, but he sealed her voice with scorching kiss’. He move back n forth with a rhythm,, he knew how to give her pleasure of ecstasy,  after a long time both reach their destination’ it was the best or**** they ever had’ both laid there panting, maan on top of geet,, he kissed her chest, and she ruffle his hair feeling content’

geet: thank god the cabin is sound proof’

maan: what do u think I can let anyone witnessing our moment,, a smile formed on her lips to hear our moment’ he is considering this as a moment not only sex,, she can feel his possessiveness with the hold on her waist, but why he is so possessive she wonder, they didn’t love each other but then why he is reacting like that’ don’t think too much geet, I can’t share anything that belongs to me only’. She gasp,, he can read mind or what? And what does he mean by she belongs to him..

geet: I belongs to u? Who said that maan?

maan smirks at looks directly in her eyes: maan singh khurana doesn’t need anyone’s assent’.

She pushed him and collected her dresses,, slipping in them in front of him, he looks at her naked beauty, and feels his hardening once again, what this girl has in her’ no matter how many time h etaste her he felt to have her more’ he gets dressed up and she took the seat on the couch’

Geet: don’t gets any thought about that maan,, i don’t belongs to u, na kabhi ho payungi’ I don’t belongs them whom I doesn’t trust’

Maan raises his eyes and smiles slyly: u don’t trust me geet he said with and innocent look,, and then she can saw a mischief in his eyes..

Geet smiles: maan did u remember a dialogue of DON 2? He looked at her with a questioning look’ she smiles cunningly and walks towards him “Kutta agar apni dum sidhi bhi karle rehta wo kutta hi hain”  (whether a dog straighten his tail, then he will be a dog only) he looks at her with anger filled eyes to which she laughed loudly’ common maan it’s a dialogue only, don’t get offended ha? She chuckle but soon felt a grip on her hair,, she looks at maan who was really close to her holding her hair backwards’

Maan: a dog only likes a bitch like u’.

Geet: mind ur

Maan: don’r get offended geet’. He licks her lips,, and I don’t mind have u again, and that too without ur will’. she looks straight piercing her soul’

Geet: yeah I know u can do that’. He can see a tint of something but failed to realize what is that’.

He let go of her’ she was leaving the cabin when maan called her’

Maan: geet u said u loved someone’. She looked at him surprised’ he leaned on his chair and smiled at her’

Geet: I thought u were not interested in my words,, rather than in my body’.

Maan: I m’. but ur words are as sexy as u’ she leaned on his desk’.

Geet: yes I said that’ but sadly he doesn’t love me’.

Maan: who can be the stupid to not consider u,, atleast ur body is too enjoyable’ but glad he didn’t as now I can’t let u go to that love of ur’.

Get smiled showing her cute dimples: don’t get jealous maan..

Maan common i

Geet: I know what u can think maan’. she comes close to his lips’ he is married and happily married’ I think u know him, Imran Khan’ he looked at her confused,, she control her laugh’ yeah maan he doesn’t even know me,, sad na’ and he is married with a lovely girl, though I hate her’ before he can understand anything geet left the place laughing’. He saw her laughing with dadima, who was asking something but she kept smiling looking at him’.

Automatically a smile formed on his face’..





They are in a conference room, geet was giving the presentation and maan was only drooling over her, she is wearing a full sleeves shirt and a skirt till her knees looking hot and sexy,, in the office she behave like a professional but in his cabin they always end up making love,  oops sex in their language’. Its nearly one month and he was exploding everything about her’ but every time he found everything new in her’ the time he has touched her he couldn’t touch anyone else,, and whenever he saw her with anyone he found himself burning with rage,, and she loves to teases him with that’.


She saw him drooling over her and smiled within’ a mischief played in her mind and she licks her lips with the tip of the tongue’. He groaned inward and gave her a threatening look, she laughed hiding her voice’ some time she sat beside him and he held her hand under the table, she looked at him in shock, when other member of the meeting were asking some question maaneet were lost in their mischievousness’

Clients: we don’t think this idea will be a good for our budget,, its way too expensive,,, and miss geet,,

Maan roared: MRS KHURANA,,, she is mrs geet khurana mr Bakshi’. And this idea is perfect u know it,,, if u can’t afford this u may leave as there is a line for this project’ I m sure u did ur survey before counting here’

Mr bakshi gulp hard, yes he knew maan have all records of his clients and their each info,, he agreed with it in no time’. geet gave a surprise look to him’.  he smiled at her’. everyone leave the conference room and now only two of them were present,, maan was sitting and geet was standing in front of him..

Geet: maan do u think this idea will work? I m feeling nervous’ he pulls her and she lands on him’


Geet was always professional and she loves her works,, and he trust her ability’. But it was new for her as well as for maan,, in business maan never did a slight favor for anyone,, he is known as for his sharp mind for tackle every rival and any new brilliant mind’. Though its his employee but if anyone had ever stumble in any presentation he will throw that person in seconds’ he knew as a cunning and bad person in business’. He is really a shrewd businessman’ but when came to his profit he can go any extent that profit can be anything,, and geet is his biggest assessment and he is loving this’

Maan: u know geet u are good in it,, and I m supporting the best’ he nuzzle close to her neck kissing her nape’ and don’t think I m doing this for any pleasure, he smiles I can have u in any moment,, sh smiles at him,, I m doing this for my company, u are a good employee and I m appreciating u’. and I m only counting mu profits in it as this project will be a good profit for the company’

She held his neck and he opens her shirt’s 3 buttons’ he kisses her there and she breathed hard’

Geet: maan if I m only an employee here than why did u call me Mrs khurana in front of everyone? He came to her lips’

Maan: because u r Mrs Maan Singh Khurana,, ur name is associated with mine, and they have to call u with that only’. They have to give u respect as my name is w            ith u,, in short geet I want everything for myself, and now u belongs to me’ she was not understanding his meaning but the sensation was blocking her mind to think anything’.  He captured her lips in a smooch and she gave in’

They didn’t know what kashish they held for each other but everytime is like 1st time for them but with only better essence’

She kissed him tight on his lips, and he slides his hand in her skirt, making her moan’. He laid her on the table and takes off his shirt,, feeling her skin with his body’ he kissed her lips again n again making it swollen’ she was breathing heavy’ he kisses her chest and rubbing her woman asset down,, she bite his shoulder in anticipation’

Just then they got a call’ she fell her head back panting heavily, and he sighed in frustration’ he doesn’t wanted to pick that..

Geet: maan,, take the phone..

Maan: no,, he said kissing her chest’. She move her hand and lifted the land phone of the table,, maan left her with sheer frustration’

Geet: yes’

Receptionist: mam, someone is waiting for sir in his cabin’.

Geet: hmm we will be there’ she hung up the phone and saw maan was looking at her with one brow up’ someone is waiting for u,, she said dressing up properly,, she checked her hair, and comb the messiness’ he was wearing his shirt facing his back to her’

She hug him from back: we can have that in home,, lets go now’ he brought her front hugging her waist and she was doing his buttons then his tie’

Maan: hmm I don’t want any disturbance then’ I want to eat u alive, she can see the devilish grin on the sexiest face..

Geet: hmm get ready for wild treatment as well’

Maan: u know I love that, what is need for asking or telling’ she smiles evilly and bite his lips.. he too reciprocate it with a passionate kiss’..






Maaneet enters maan’s cabin, he was helding geet from her waist and just to see the person maan instantly let go of geet’s hold’

Geet looks at him who eyes were on that person.. a smile was on his face’ she saw the person’ his friend,, no his ex girl friend tiasha ray’. Famous model and Bollywood actress’



Precap: maan is gone with tiasha, what will geet do now??


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  1. Posted by Najiha' Naina on March 15, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Tich super hot update dis is… Ye to kahen bi shuru hojate hyn… Hehehe…
    Hmm i think its now a month of their marriage n making love or i say in their language S** lol
    LOVE THE DIALOGUE DOG N BITCH.. Kia argues hyn döno k…


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