Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh part 3

Part 3


Geet looks at him who eyes were on that person.. a smile was on his face’ she saw the person’ his friend,, no his ex girl friend tiasha ray’. Famous model and Bollywood actress’


Geet watched him walking towards tiasha who was standing few feet away from them,, they hugged each other with a bone crushing hug,, just like they both didn’t wanted it to end’.



Tiasha ray was maan’s friend from collage and longest girl friend, they were in relation atleast 1 yr, of course they were very close but only in physically,, emotionally they thought they were in love but when after 1 yr of relation tiasha got a big project in abroad for a ramp show, they spilt then as long relationship doesn’t work,, fortunately or unfortunately both was not sad with the partition,, and they had a mutual broke up’. After like 3 yrs tiasha has came from paris’. And now she is here, wanted to meet her best friend and ex bf’.


Maan: hey tia how r u,, missed u girl’.

Tiasha: same here maan,, missed ur wamth’ she said with meaning that doesn’t got unheard by geet’. She slowly makes her exit for her cabin’.



Geet rest herself on the chair and head backward,, she closed her eyes and relax a bit’ something flicker in her mind and an alone tear fall from her close eyes’. But before it reaches down someone wiped that, she recognize the touch and opens her eyes to see a cute looking guy standing with a frown’.

Geet’s lips curved in a smile and she got up: Abhay”

Before he could say anything she hugged him’.  he can’t resist that and reciprocate the hug’

Abhay: missed u’

Geet: me too she said meekly’


Someone was watching them with full of rage in his eyes,, maan was seeing geet going out from his cabin and enters her room that is divided only with a glass wall of his cabin,, the blinds were open giving him her full view of hugging a man’ he can see her face now but can make out that the man was rubbing her hair and back’. he cluthes the paperweight in a fist’.

Tiasha was blabbering something but he was only watching geet’ and then he saw her coming out the hug, that was a relief, but what kind of feeling was that?? He was confused with his own feeling that like never occurred him before’



Abhay: what happen geet? U r ok na?? and what is this yaar, u didn’t tell u me u r going to marry maan singh khurana’

Abhay was best friend of geet in collage, they were crazy when it comes to party,, meera knew him’ as geet constantly talked about him,, he was her only support in Mumbai,, very rich person as his father was one of the top business man in Mumbai,, they were close only as friend but they had no limitation when pulling anyone’s leg or doing any prank,, everyone knew them as friends but suspect as lovers, but they didn’t gave a damn or feels any importance to give explanation’ they love to be like that,, crazy freak,, both knew about each other inside out and supports the way they are’ with a charming look abhay managed to go with every girl as he was a shrewd Casanova (not big as maan) but dare anyone touches geet’ he can break the bones of them, he was his little princess.. such a unique bond they share’.

Geet: take a seat first’ I didn’t tell u because I never knew it’ my parents blackmailed me and I have ended marrying that bas***d’

Abhay: but he is not a good guy,, leave the word good,, he is the perfect example of a bad guy’

Geet: say something new,, who could know him better than me’ abhay looked at her with pain and she smiled at him sadly, a smile that can cut ur heart in slides..  ok leave this topic, tell me what r u doing here?

Abhay: business meeting with KC and got to know u r here, so checked in, he smiled slyly’

Geet: and?

Abhay: have a party, wanna join??

Geet: abhay I can’t’ I know ur party and my in laws would not allow me’

Abhay: gosh r u the same geet whom I have met in my collage,, who was the bomb but never give a dmn to the world’ geet smiles cunningly..

Geet: I m the same.. just the circumstances change, u know I can’t hurt them who r innocent and my unfortunately my in laws are in them’. They laughed at this’.



Maan couldn’t hear anything as the cabin was sound proof but her laughing with the man was irritating him’

Tiasha who was sitting very close to him slipped her hand around his arm’

Tiasha: what happen to u maan, u seems so lost.. she looked at his view,, ohh ohh new chick’

Tiasha knew about his one night stand and so called GF list,, when they were in relation they had not committed to sleep around with other,, they were in open relation and tiasha never mind him with other as per as he is with her he had to impress her, that’s it’ when they parted they had partied like anything and had slept with many’. It was a weird relation with no emotion’ they never regret their parting from each other’

Tiasha: I m sure u had screwed her as well, she chuckle and maan smirks’

Maan: yup,, but the difference is she is my legally wedded wife’ tiasha was sipping coffee that she chocked there itself’  he gave her a tissue..

Tiasha: come again’ WIFE????

Maan nodded and leaned on the couch, and he was looking at him like he had two head’. Common tia it was for dadima,, and I found that my dadi did atleast one good work by choosing a hot bitch’

Tiasha: she can’t be a bitch maan,, her face speaks about her innocence,, tiasha looked at geet through blineds, and saw her laughing whole heartedly’ maan looks at her way and something in his heart saying she is true’.

Abhay and tiasha long gone and it was almost 4 in the afternoon, geet was working like a maniac’. 



Maan: what was that?

Geet looked at him confused: what?

Maan harshly grab her hand and jerk her, he collide with his broad chest with thud’ geet looks at him anger visible eyes’ and so was his’.

Geet: get off me maan,, u can’t force anything on me’.

Maan suddenly pinned her to the wall: I can geet,, u r forgetting whom u r dealing with,, I can do anything I want’.

Geet jerk him from her: and what do u want maan, she shouted,, what??? why u r behaving like this?

Maan: who was the man? He ask directly,, geet narrow her eyes but a small smile played on her lips that doesn’t goes unnoticed by maan,, his anger was on high’

Geet: why I m getting smelling something,, ummm like something is burning’.  He grab her hair..

Maan: dare u say something geet,, I m not thinking anything’ but its my reputation only, he said huskily’ I don’t have any feeling for u,, u can do anything be geet, but not Mrs Maan Singh Khurana,, the tag itself gave u a higher place that u can never imagine in wildest dream..  so beware as u r dealing with the name tag’. Otherwise u could do anything, sleeps as many as u can’. Just get one thing straight, not with my name, I won’t allow u to trash it in ur dream also’. He jerks her and she land on the floor… she looks at his back as he was going out from her cabin’. Her eyes were red in fury’. Just then maan’s cell rang’. He saw the caller id and stop to take the call’

Maan: yes tia,,,

Maan: ok I will be there with u,, we have lots to catch, how can I miss the chance’.. he hung up and walked out’.

Unknowingly the tears that she tried to suppress in the corner of her heart spilled out blurred her vision’





Geet was entering the house when someone switches on the lights’ she saw viren was walking towards her’

Geet: dad what r u doing here?

Viren where is maan?

Geet: umm wo actually,,, wo apne kisi friend se milne gaye hain’

Viren: friend ya GF’. Geet dipped her head,,, u know geet why I have chosen u for my son knowing his nature, that he can destroy ur life? Geet looks at him curiously’ because I know u r the one who can bring my son to me,, I gave him everything but the love he deserves after his mother death I forgot to give him that,, maa was there for him but the love and time of a father he needed, I didn’t gave him that’ and he became like that’. But I want my son to live a good life with love not only money and power’. When I saw u in HP and knowing my mother had fallen for ur sweetness I have decided u can bring maan to a good life, I know u from sometime as we met before in mumbai yet I didn’t know fate had chosen u for my good for nothing son’.

Geet smiles a bit’

Viren: geet he is fire and u have to become ICE’

Geet smiles at him: I think I should leave now,,, he smiles giving a thumbs up’.






Geet looks here and there and found maan,, he was standing really close to tisha who was in bikini and she had entangle her dirty hand on his bare shoulder and neck,, they were dancing in a slow song,, his hand was over her waist holding close to his torso’ maan was in his pants only that was reaching his knees and his abs were looking hot as the water was pouring on them’ it was a pool party and everyone is almost half bare’ thye were standing beside the pool,, there was rain dance going on but  in slow rhythm’

They party was on full swing it was 7 in the evening and party was at its last phase, but geet was late’ she knew it,, yet she always chose to come late and grab the attention’ she was wearing a pink tank top and a short skirt that was coming to her thighs only’.  The top was loose and see through that was showing her bikini under it’. Everyone’s eyes just popped out seeing her milky leg’ girls just cursed her for her timing and she smirks looking at everyone’ she scan the crowd for someone and maan caught her eyes, he was looking at her without blink’. There was an eye lock between the two’ slowly maan came forward but not to forget tiasha was beside him’.

Maan: tum yaha??

Tiasha: must be following u like a good wife,,she gave a mocking smile to geet who just ignore their mere presence,, maan can saw her face literally lit up to show someone’

Abhay came and slides his hand in her waist’.. she gave him a side hug’

Abhay: glad u came’

Tiasha: u called her?

Abhay: yup,, she is my best friend,, how can I forget her when we are in same City’..

Maan remember him with geet in her cabin, he curses himself for not giving importance to that’

Actually it’s a joint party from abhay and tiasha as tiasha has signed contract of a big project with abhay, its for a drink launch and she is the brand ambassador’ maan met him in the party properly, he knew he had seen him with geet but didn’t gave an importance’.


Geet: wo I thought I can give u company as u r new in the city,, abhay smiles at her and squeeze her waist’ maan’s gaze on that area only’.

Tiasha: must say u have chose a western dress yet its not fit for the pool party’. Abhay chuckles at her’

Abhay: u don’t have to worry about that’. Abhay himself was wearing a yellow color see through shirt, only one button was there rest was open’ he walked with geet and the whole attention goes towards them only’.


Abhay: so u knew he was coming as well..

Geet: its not difficult to work with ur PA,, she smiles and he understood it was her work,, she can dig any information from anyone’. A piece of advice change that idiot,, flirt k mare kisi din teri badhi shamat ladega’..

Abhay sips his drinks: hmm” geet saw his gaze towards a girl’ she saw her’

Geet: acchi ladki lag rahi han..

Abhay: yeah’

Geet: don’t u think she too good for u, I mean,,, she suppress her smile and abhay gave her a threatening look’.

Abhay: she is my girl friends,,, now geet spilled the drink,, and looked at him with big eyes’ he wiped everything with a tissue from her face and hand’ maan was watching that and boiling in rage’ yaar she is angry with me that i m not proposing her to marry and that’s why she is with other guy,, she has threaten me to call broke off’

Geet: a mere girl has threatened u?? she ask in rather amusement’. And from how many days u r in relationship with her,, I was just 6 month away from u and,,,

Abhay: geet she is my friend from childhood and we met occasionally never like that u know and just 6 months before we have realize we loved each other’ and I truly love her..

Geet: what’s her name?

Abhay: Piya’

Geet: nice, she sips her martina’ 

Abhay: now see she is dancing that bas***d’.

Geet: tujhe jalane k liye’

Abhay: but I want to propose her,, and I was just planning the surprise for her and,,

Geet: she is calling it off now, great, this is the punishment for not telling ur relationship status to ur best friend’

Abhay: u didn’t tell me either, she looks at him and both laughed’.


Geet told something in his ear and he shook his head in denial but geet gave her cute smile that was enough for making him agree’.






Maan saw her coming towards the changing room and he slipped from the crowd’.

He enters the changing room when someone grabs her hand and locked the room’ she looked at maan who was smirking at her’..


Geet: what r u doing here?

Maan: don’t u think it should be my question to u?

Geet: abhay has said earlier, he is my best friend and he has called me here’ maan smashed his body against her and pinned her to the wall’

Maan: don’t give me lame excuse geet,, he was very close to her lips’ but she was looking straight in to his eyes’

Geet: I don’t have to give u excuse maan’. I m not a pervert like u,,

Maan: geettt,,,, his hand goes in her top and pulls her close’.. I have warned u’

Geet: but I have done nothing like u, atleast I m honest at myself and my family’ I m showing what I m,, not like someone who was always outer with so called pride but under he is jerk’  if u can goes around anyone with ur name then why don’t I, atleast I m not sleeping around behind my spouse like u’.

Maan couldn’t take it anymore,, he just smashed his lips on her kissing her vigorously, she wriggle under him but he bite her lips mercilessly’ she gasp for air and he took the chance and enter her mouth’. He groaned with the sweet taste,, she didn’t responded and that was pressuring him to increase the fervour’ she tried to control her desire and held his shoulder digging her nails in it’. He felt lack of air and left her mouth but came on the collarbone’. Kissing and biting every portion’ she protested meekly..

Geet: leave me but it came like a whisper’.  His kisses became more hot and passionate’ and she let out a moan’ he smirks at her and she closed her eyes’.  He wanted to rip her dress but instead he was rubbing her skin under her dress’. He kissed her neck and licks the sensitive spot of the place behind the ear’. She clutches his broad shoulder and pulls close to her’ he just got his life by her response’ he tongue travels her chest and bite a small curve’ she kissed his nape and he rubbed his body with her in anticipation’. She pinned him to the wall and came top of him,, kissing his bare chest vigorously’. He held her waist tightly and she places sensuous wet kisses around her full chest and came down to his torso’ he groaned and held her hair in a fist, she winched in pain n pleasure when he licks her corner of the lips’ she captured his lips and he nibbles her lower lips’. Both was not having enough of each other’. 

But something flash in her mind, and the proximity of maan with tiasha flash infront of her eyes, and she pushed him’ he looked at her with confusion and frustration’.

Geet was going out but maan held her hand: what was that geet?

Geet: I told u don’t come to me maan’.  what happen to ur ex gf,, couldn’t she satisfied u???

Maan: geettt’.

Geet: what maan,, don’t think I can tolerate anyone’s plate in my share’. Just go with ur tiasha, maybe she needs u not me’

Maan: what did u say, u don’t need me? uhhh I can see that geet,, u need me much more than I need u’. she laughed a mockery laugh’.

Geet: in ur dreams’

Maan smirks: geet I can have hundreds of girl in fraction but u only have to come to me, as u need me only’.

Geet: u has lots of confusion about u maan’.  I can have any guy like that, she snapped her finger’.

Maan: let’s see who will get whom on knees’.


The Fun Begins’


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