Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh


Character sketch””..





Maan singh khurana: rude arrogant but a playboy, Casanova,, 26yrs hotness personified just to see his one look,, girls are always go gaga about him,, he rules the business world, MD of Khurana Constuction,, everyone knowns him for his personality and rules for business,, his rule is there is no rules for business’newly wedded to geet with the force of his dadima whom he loves the most’ he loves to play with the heart of girls,, he love to win and break them,, girls knew him and his attitude still they feel the pulls towards him’. ajeeb si kashish hain usme jo koi chahke ke bhi vul nahi sakta’.




Geet hand/khurana: 23yrs old,,beauty of epitome,, her skin is like rose petal and the glow can challenge to the color of milk,,, she looks like a pure angel’ bubbly sweet girl but only few people know the real geet who is cunning, arrogant, hot and dangerous’who can have anything to her fingertips, though she belongs to Hosiyarpur but she has brought up in Mumbai,, but whenever she got time from her studies she had goes to meet her parent in hp’ newly wedded to maan, she knew him with his track,, and hate him to the core still she finds him hot,, and she doesn’t say no to get a taste of bitter things’. She wanted to experience once n all, and she have the power to attract the deepest and darkest desire to desire her’.  kasish bhi khichti chali jaati hain uske kashish me”  still something is hidden in her that makes her more desirable’.




Meera: maan’s sister 23yr old, best friend of geet,, loves her very much,,, very sweet and innocent girl,, she and maan both lost their mother during meera’s birth,, maan loves her to the bits, he can’ see a single drop of tear in her eyes’ engaged with dev rathod who lives with them’.

Dev rathod: 26yrs old, maan;s best friend,, his parent died when he was 10 yr so maan father brought him in his house,, they are friends from childhood,, and maan became best friend of dev’ CEO in maan’s company’ loves meera a lot,,, can’t stay without her,, engaged to her 2 months back’ very sweet and caring guy, who doesn’t now to hurt anyone’.



Mr viren khurana: maan and meera’s father, good person at heart,, loves his family’

Savitri devi: grandmother of maan and meera’. Humble and very elegant lady,, when she talk loyalty oozed out’. Its her insistence that maan had agreed to marry geet’..




Meera and geet was best from from their school life when meera was in Mumbai with her aunts but also after her shifting in delhi she didn’t lost her friend,, she and geet always stays in touch’ it was meera insistence whole family went to geet’s brother tej’s wedding and dadima felt some pulls towards geet,,, her nature,, her talks,, she knew she is the perfect for maan,, who can give him a peace of mind,, least she knew how devil she can be for her family’.

Dadima made arrangements to meet her parents,, and who can deny khurana khandan,, they agreed instantly without geet’s consent’ she faked cry but no one listen to her,, she was not the person who will sit and cry,, she tried to escape from there but her daarji and papaji gave her their swear,, atlast she went to meet maan but he was not there so she have prepare herself for this marriage as after this marriage she will find a way out’ on the other hand maan didn’t saw the girl,, he wanted to decline the marriage but dadima’s illness or rather say fake illness made a promise to gave his consent and he agreed for it’ they didn’t saw each other as there is no need of that,, both knew they will turn down this marriage after some day’

On the marriage day both came to know about each other, maan was flown away to see her beauty but she was having great difficulty to calm herself,,  she hate him to the core,, she knew him as she is a business student and her researched paper was on maan singh khurana,, she knew everything about him’ his changing habits of girl friends and breaking their heart is a old story but she find the bimboos amusing who knew about him still runs after him’ no wonder he is hot,, the rough look of him gave a feeling of  desire him,, she is attracted to him no wonder but yes its true she hates him the way she desire him’. as she loves darkness’  in the whole rituals and marriage maan tried to impress geet that was really unusual for MSK,, but when it came to a challenge he can stoop very low,, he only knows to win and his moto was only win geet’. But here geet was enjoying his attention while giving her damn-I-don’t give-a-chance- to anyone-like-u look’. That annoyed maan,, in the whole ritual she gave him taunting smile and answer that gave everyone to reason for laugh,, he started developing a feeling that neither love neither hate,, it was challenging to win her for his bed’ and the satisfaction he will see when she will cry to know his truth that he will never love her least he knew the geet whom he is dealing with is a fire,, that can burn his clan””.


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  1. Posted by Najiha' Naina on March 15, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Nyc character sketch.. Now i start reading this one…


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