Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh part 1





Part 1



Geet opens her eyes with a sunlight hitting her eyes and that force her to open her eyes,, she turn and snuggle close to maan,, then she remember last night,, she saw his sleeping face,, his dark eyes lids, and m shape lips, she licks her lips, and bite it to control her desire, she lift her hand and traces the line of his face, his stubble that was giving him a manly rough look.. She stops her hand against his lips,, and slowly removed that with a slight brush on his lips’  she was moving up when a tug felt on her bare tummy,, and before she could understand anything maan jerk and she land up on his chest, her softness touches his bare body giving a chill to both their spine’

Geet: u were awake? He smirks at her and nodded’ u r such a but her word got stuck as he slammed his lips on her’. she wriggle 1st but gave in at the last’ both enjoyed their good mrng kiss,, but there was no stop after it,, maan pinned her to the bed and started sucking her collarbone’

Geet: MSK and giving a girl 2nd thought? Its rare,, he looks at her with confusion and she only smirks’ hmmm u never touched a girl 2nd time, and now u r tasting me god knows for how many times’ he smirks at her and came to her ear, whispering huskily,,

Maan: so u know everything about MSK geet? Her breath became heavy when he planted wet kisses around her neck and shoulder and chest,, biting them making her moan’.

Geet: yes,, I know u very well,, and that’s why I hate u maan.. she said controlling her voice that was cracking due to arousing her desire’he came to lips and licks the corner of it..

Maan: u taste very good,, and who said MSK doesn’t break his rule,, he goes to her earlobe biting it,, I can stoop very low to win anything,, and for me,, there is no rules in business and pleasure’.  

He squeeze her curves and she screams in pleasure’ then followed by her moan when he sucks and bite her soft breast,, she dig her nail deep in his skin,, he came to her lips kissing her swollen lips again n again’ he parted her leg with his knees and enter her’ his each stroke was powerful than last time,, he goes deep and deep,, until they reach the reach their zenith’.

Both were panted and slowly dozed to deep slumber again’.





It was nearly 9 am when geet wake up,, she was covered with a white duvet,,, she sat up on the bed, and rest her head on the head stand of the bed, her duvet was covering her bare self till above her chest.. and then she saw the dangerous desirable sight, maan was in his track,, bare body with white towel around his neck,,, water dripping from the hair.. geet gup hard to see his deep eyes that was so desirable.. he walk towards her with a smirk,, and leaned over her whispering to her ear’.

Maan: good mrng wifey’

Geet smiles: morng hubby’

His after shave was making her crazy’ and her bare body was making him wanted her more’. he nuzzle to her neck giving some wet kisses to her neck and shoulder’ she moaned his name,, the water droplet fall on her shoulder, but he licks off that’.

Maan: I don’t know why I feels like repeating last night again n again’ he said nibbling her earlobe’ she was breathing heavy’

Geet: maan,, I m enough sore from last time,, don’t u think about it’ he smirk at her and slowly bites her skin..

Maan: but I thought u are always ready for me as I can saw ur eyes glued on my structure,, and by the way someone was as wild as I was’look at the marks u gave to me last night,, there was scratching and biting marks on his shoulder and on his back,,  she rolled her eyes and pushed him,, he rolled over the bed laughing,, must say u were quite strong geet, long night love making and still u r so fresh, no other girl has enough guts to take me 2nd round, she just gave a mocking laugh’

Geet: common maan ur so called GF was not enough to quench ur thirst and that’s why u have never looked back one girl after one round, and anyway they were always some skinny model who can’t eat enough with a fear that they can put extra flesh’ maan gave her a sly smile and jerk her to him..

Maan: u have enough knowledge about me geet,, geet was over him and their lips were enough close,, she licks his lips with her tip of tongue,,

Geet: hmmm ,, I know u better maan but alas! I didn’t knew I was getting married to a jerk like u’ she pushed him and stood up covering herself with the spread’. 

And then his eyes caught the strains on the spread.. he looked at her shocked, he had never thought she would be a virgin’. To see her boldness and wildness he thought maybe she have slept with many more..

Maan: u were a virgin? He asked in a amused tone,, she narrow her eyes’

Geet: what did u though,, i had been renting my virginity to every random guy like some other people? she said sarcastically’ she was walking towards the bathroom when he grabbed her waist’

Maan: I never knew a bold girl like u could be a virgin last ni8,,

Geet: tum jante hi kitna ho mere bare maan?  now if ur virginity virginity game is over so than I can go for freshen up? Maan chuckle and she went to washroom’..




All were in breakfast table and geet was in kitchen, maan was bored but he can see her engrossed in work,, he was clueless why his desires are making him so vulnerable that he wanted her again’ he was stealing glances of her soft glowing skin,, she was wearing a red saaree that was giving him full access of drooling over her waist line and the white belly bottom, and then he saw her coming from eth kitchen and behind her 5 servants were following her’.


Meera: are wah aaj geet ne breakfast banaya’.

Daadima: its her 1st day so I told her to make some sweet but she was insisting of making the whole meal’

And then served pasta and


Maan’s eyes caught the dishes and mischievous smile spreads on the face’ geet narrow her eyes’.

Dadima: are bte ye sab to maan ka favorate hain,,, wah u have so good knowledge of ur husband,, geet looked at maan with irritating face and he only smirks at her,,, meera coughed and laughed at her, but geet gave her a threatening look..

Meera: don’t give me that look geet,, actually dadima geet only knew this dishes as this is her favorite food as well’. And she can make this only,, meera laughed she is a complete foodie but her craves for continental is out of control but she can’t cook indian’ everyone smiles at her’ maan was amused to know it, how much he get to know he wanted more..

Dadima: ok don’t tease her now,, its good that both have a same taste,, it will help to build their love’ maan looked at geet with smirking and teasing face where geet just rolled her eyes’ maan what about the reception?? Maaneet chocked in their food,,, r u ok? Geet smiles weakly’Shaadi itni jaldi me huya k hume kuch karne ka mouka nahi mila,, aur geet phagfereh pe bhi nahi ja sakti,,, brij yaha nahi hain and hp usse akele nahi vej sakte’.

Maan: dadima I have important meetings so can’t say anything now,, please postpone ur reception plan’

Somehow they manages dadi to agree and then dadi wanted to taste the sweet which made by geet,, it was again some different as geet had made chocolate mousse’. It was also maan’s fav so was for geet’. Dadima liked it and then gave her some shagun’. Then it was maan’s dad who actually loved it’ he hand over some paper to geet’  she looked at that curiously,, and her eyes were big to see what the paper was saying’. Viren smiles at her’

Viren: u will be working on it with maan’ everyone was confused and then viren clarified,,, I have seen her work,, she is very good and I want her to work with maan in noida project,,  maan was angry on his dad,, does he know what he is talking about, does this girl have any slight view about business and the project,, and then he heard him saying‘ she had worked in shivam my friend’s company in Mumbai,, and she had completed her degree on architecture’ so she can work with maan, that way they can share the work and they can get some time together to spent,, dadima was over the moon as she wanted them to be together and maan had clearly said that he need that project to complete first then he can think about honeymoon, otherwise a big NO’  and maan was only gaping at geet who was giving smirks’





It was almost 12 in the night but there was no sign of maan,,, though a newly married wife would have wait for her husband, but its geet, who was sleeping on the cozy bed with a smile played on the angelic face,, her sleep got disturb when a clod hand slides over her waist, she felt someone is pulling her from back, and she clide with a hard chest,, cold hand was roaming over her skin,, she was wearing a two piece night dress and the hand was under her shirt making pattern on her belly bottom,, the touch was enough for geet to realize its maan,, she turn to see him, she can smell the alcohol, she lifted her droopy eyes and saw him staring at her intently’his eyes were red..

Geet: u r drunk’

Maan: is that a question or statement?

Geet tried to push him but he pinned her to the bed and came over’.

Maan: what r u doing to me geet, he said huskily,, her throat went dry to feel his lips on her neck and then earlobe, kissing it softly’. Tell me geet why r u doing this to me, its only 2 days I met u and I felt the urge to feel ur shin against mine every second’. Why geet?? She gasp as he gave her a deep hot kiss over her collar bone,, why I felt the urge to shower deep kisses on over her body,, he came down and ripped her shirt’s button with his teeth and started kissing her intensely’ she breath heavily,, his hand cover her slim waist and he squeeze her curves on her belly’ why I felt the urge to licks ur nipples and bite it to here ur scream u in pleasure’ he ripped off her shirt and kissed her breast over the thin material of her bra’  he bite her nipple making her scream,, she held his shoulder and dig her nails over his shirt.. he kissed her expose chest and then going down, why I felt to have ur skin glued to me all day night’ he kisses her belly bottom,, she hiss in pleasure,, the havoc he is creating is out of her imagination’ her came up on her lips’ why I m not feeling satisfied after kissing ur lips numerous time,, why I want more,, I want to quench my craving to just kiss u for all night,, she was feeling aroused not only by his action,, his words were creating equal sensation in her’ he smashed his lips on her,, kissing her madly,,, she felt his desperation,, but why, why he is desperate to feel her’. pushing all her thought aside she kissed him back,, he sucks her lips in aggression,, blood oozed out from her lips,, she knew he is dangerous and aggressive, she can feel that with their previous love making but still he have the ability to take her to the edge from where returning is impossible.. she ripped his shirt and feels his masculine body with her hand,, next moment their skin touches with no barrier’ he enter her with a long thrust and she moaned his name,, that gave him more power to touch her more deep,, he was feeling the horizon of heaven that he never felt before, today he was restless the whole day, only her face, her skin, their passion last night was flashing in his mind,, that didn’t let him touch any other girl,, actually no girl was enough for him to match his passion tonight, its only geet who can satisfied him and because of it he is with her now’..




They dozed off cuddling,, geet’s head was on his chest’.. morning ray make them realize their position,, geet saw he was sleeping peacefully, a small smile played on her lips,, but as she tried to pulls her self she felt a drag and she landed on him again’

Geet: maan u are not sleeping,, when u wake up,,

Maan: hmm no I m sleeping so let me sleep geet’

Geet: sleep then but leave me atleast’ ur hand is entangle with my,,, my,,

Maan: hip’ he completed’

Geet: u r so shameless person..

Maan: geet why u always says something in daylight or after only love making,, where were ur shame in the night when u were screaming for more’ she made a grumpy face, and he made her lying on her back’. and came on top, resting his head on her bosom’

Geet: it was u who came at that hour and made feel like that,,

Maan: hmm, I got it, now do u want to sleep or repeating last ight’

Geet: gosh u are so greedy,, she tried to push him and then her hand touches his shoulder, that had a scratch on it,, she looked at it closely and fell,, u were with some girl yesterday, she said coldly’ he looked at her with no emotion’ and then sat up on the bed,, she covered herself and tried to stood up,, but he held her hand’. she looked at him with questioning eyes’

Maan: don’t u ask me anything further’.

Geet: why would i? we don’t love each other so why would I interfere in ur matter’ he clenched his jaw,,, but yes if I realize that last night I wouldn’t have allowed u near me.. a small smile played on his lips’

Maan: why?

Geet: because I don’t want to be a satisfaction doll,,, that girl didn’t met ur expectation and u came to me’ right maan? she said in pure disgust and hatred,, he looked at her with anger filled eyes,, geet was going to washroom but maan held her hand and jerk her hard’. His eyes were spitting fire,, so was her’ he just didn’t like her words, but he didn’t know why?

Maan: u knew about me then u must be knowing my one night then?

Geet with equal anger: I knew that u have been with many bitches,, but I don’t want to be count in that,,, we both know the desire in each other and will have agreed for that relation only,, relation of sex but that doesn’t mean u can come to me whenever that s**t won’t be enough for u’. he tighten his grip on her arms,, but she continue,, I m not ur keep maan..  maan’s anger was increasing with time, before she can say anything else he just slammed his lips on her’ she tried to protest but he was much stronger that her futile body..  he kissed her mercilessly, it was not passionate or desirable,, it was only anger,, he cruelly bite her lips,, making it bleed and then sucks the bleed vigorously making her winched in pain’ and when he felt her tears were spilling from the almond eyes he stopped the kiss instantly’

Maan: don’t u dare utter anything shit,, both were panting heavily’. Both eyes were closed,, I couldn’t do anything with her,,, she looked at him with confusion’ last night,, I was with someone but when I touched her I feel empty,, he rest his forehead on her,, that’s why I was restless,, I wanted to feel u only, I don’t why I felt some attraction towards u,, like kuch kashish hain tumme,, jo mujhse khichti chali jaati hain’. I couldn’t saw that bitch’s face,, it was only u,, I wanted u,, and then I came home after some drink’ I wanted to fill the burning emptiness but the drink was not enough,, it was u who filled me with unknown desire, unknown satisfaction’

Geet stares at him without blink,,, he felt something in her eyes but in a fraction she hide that’

And then she smirks at him’ I never wanted explanation maan,, I was just making u realize how much u desired me,, maan clenched his teeth in anger,, and pulls her hair back

Maan: geet u are playing with fire, be aware u might get burn’

Geet: then u will be burning with me maan in ur hell’.










Maan was in office thinking about the event of past 3 days,, his meeting with geet, and then next day their loving making on the 1st night of marriage and then last ni8, when he couldn’t sleep with another girl except her’.. then her dare to say she was making him desire for her’. he actually couldn’t understand what is happening to him’. and then his father wanted her to accompany her in office from today,,, it was something he wanted yet he was not happy,, it was difficult him to concentrate on work when she was only in his mind but her presence will create more hassle in his heart’. He saw her smiling with the staff that was so genuine,, like she is as innocent as she look, but he knew it’s a shell only, she is real whenever she is with him only’ her boldness, her challenge her beauty all just making him desire her more, but he can’t accept it, he doesn’t want to lose in front of the mere girl’

He was lost in his thought when a girl in mini skirt and lower top,, she walked towards him with showing her moves, that suppose to be sexy for her’ he thought its the best wasy to divert his mind,, engrossed in work’.  But his devil mind played another game,, he saw geet coming toward his cabin,,

He jerk that girl and she landed on his lap”




geet enter his office only to see a skinny girl who was wearing short mini skirt,, that doesn’t seems like covering her properly,, sitting on maan’s lap,, and his hand was over on her thighs,, caressing it and licking her neck,, the girl was giggling and he bite her neck, she moans his name..


a loud knock make the girl jump from his lap,, she looks at a fuming geet, automatically fear spreads in her eyes,, but maan only smirks at her,, he felt an unknown satisfaction to see geet like that,, the girl sees maan’s face and get the courage and she sat on his lap,, geet looks at him frustratingly… she was going back when felt his hand on her waist…  he was fast she thought’

maan: ohh so mrs khurana is getting jealous? his smile vanished the next moment when geet puts her hand around his neck and smiled cunningly…

geet: mr khurana seems like u have so many doubt and over confident in urself… huh, me and jealous? she looked at the girl over his shoulder… and that to from her,, common give me a break maan,, he frowns at her,, and i didn’t knew ur taste is like that,, she made a yacckkk face,, maan pinned her to the wall holding her waist…

maan: what do u mean? he came dangerously close to her lips… u were jealous geet admit that,, ur face say that,, she closed the gap between them in a smooch,, she kissed him vigorously,, and bite his lips…the sucks it,, making maan groaned for her… she parted from him when he doesn’t wanted to,,, he gave her killing look,, and she only smirks…

geet looks at the girl who was shocked to hell to see the sight…

geet: maan do u still think i can be jealous with the so damn cold looking girl,,, the girl felt ashamed and insulted,, she looks at maan who was least bothered,, she stomped from there…  geet gave him a winning smile…

maan: if u were not jealous then why ur face was so angry and red he asked in a teasing voice,,

geet chuckle: maan, u r too obsessed with urself… dad was in the office and so was dadima,, if she sees u like that,, what has she think about u n me,, i was not worried about u,, it was for me,, u see i don’t want to give her wrong impression about me,, she walked to him with sexy move,, and traces her finger on his lips,, so next time if u want to make out with someone, just take care of ur surrounding,, ok? she was moving from him with a smile when he grabbed her hand and pinned her to himself,,, and then pushed her to the wall, pressing her with his body…




precap: making out in office, haila koi dekhega to kya sochega’.


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  1. Posted by Najiha' Naina on March 15, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    I think in this ss..
    I get so many ahem ahem n kisses wo bi khule aam… Hehehe
    he is hell surprise about her virginty lol… Geet k jawab uff… Unpredicatible situation…


  2. Posted by tania on March 22, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    jst loved itttttttttttttttt awsome


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