Kaisi Kashish hain yeh SS

Kaisi Kashish hain yeh
Pyar ka inteha hojaye mera rab samjhe ye
Rooh se rooh mile baat ho sirf labon se
Khumari chayi hain mere dil pe kaisi
Kashis se bandhi door hain teri meri
Kahani kahe ya arzoo-a-dastan
Mile madhoshi tere ishq me nikal jaye
Ye meri jaan
Pyar nahi, naahi bandegi
Bas zismo se baat ho labon se nahi
Na jaane kya dor se bandhi hain ye dilkashi
Kaisi kashis hain ye sath teri meri”
 a beautiful girl staring at the sky,, looking at the moon, her dupatta was hanging on the bed spot, her face was glowing more than the moon, it will be her insult if anyone compare her to the moon as she is much more beautiful than that, moon has scare on it but she, not even a slight marks can be found on her,, she is pure but who know what dangerous game will play and that will live a scare for life time,, she doesn’t know kaise kashish me khichti chali ja rahi hain jisme loutneka koi mouka nahi rahega,, what kashish is that…
that time a man enter the beautiful decorated room…
Hey beautiful, I never knew u r so pretty until I saw u on the mandap’.He said nuzzling close to earlobe, giving a sensual kiss to her ear and then to her neck,, the room was slightly dark,, only moonlight was coming there, witnessing a new story, a strange story.. a bitter yet sensual story’.
Oh so u want to say mr Maan Singh Khurana married a girl and he didn’t knew her and didn’t saw her before marriage either? She said with a taunt’
Yeah babes it was not a matter for me, I married u only for dadima as she is hell bent on marrying me with a traditional village girl’ and she find u perfect.. and that’s why u became mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana’ but but but she didn’t told she had find a sexy girl like u.. he said with a sly smile..
Hmm so maan singh khurana who knows for his changing habbit of GF is now found a mare village girl sexy,she said while turning to face him,, now he can saw her full face under the moon light..
He came forward and caresses her face, yeah because I have a good sense of counting diamond in my hand, she smirks,
So u mean.
Why r we wasting our time with this talking,, its our suhagraat remember?
Common maan don’t expect me to spend the night making love with a jerk like u,he snapped her hair in a fraction of sec and pinned her to the wall,,
What did u say, repeat it,, she was in pain as he was clutching her hair that has lots of pinned it’ she winched yet gave him smirks’
Don’t expect me to spend the night making love with a jerk like u’.  he slammed his lips on her,, shutting completely,, she wriggle to free herself and he freed her hair but then captured her two hands in one then pinned it above her head,,, when his other hand goes under her blouse,, taking out the hooks,, her eyes snapped open and then one swift moment he took our her blouse baring her back while still pressing himself in front, that way only her back was bare, his body was shielding her front’. He kissed her lips mercilessly and he tried to enter her mouth,, when he didn’t find anyway to enter he squeeze her waist,, and rubbed her body in a sensual way,, she looked at him angrily and then,, she open her mouth and captured his lips in it,, kissing him hungrily,, at 1st maan was amzed with her action,, he smirks in the kiss but geet bite his lips,, making it bleed,, he tried to voice..
But she shut his mouth with a hot and demanding exploder in the kiss,, she exchanged their saliva making it more passionate’. He couldn’t take it and took the charge sucking her lips in urgency’ they broke after a long time and she just pinned him to the wall rolling on him,, next moment she ripped his sherwani’s button and started kissing his bare toned body’ he was amused but he can’t deny he was enjoying that,, but losing every sec is only ingested his desire,, he cluthes her hanging blouse and ripped it off,,, she was in her bra,, and he was drinking her beauty with his bare eyes,, and then he came to her breast,, sucking licking and biting upon the thin material’ she moaned in pleasure’ and he came to her lips..
Someone is enjoying ha?
Yeah I can saw that who is in hurry,,both were panting and whispering huskily.. and he smashed her mouth in a hot kiss’
He lift her and throw on the decorated bed,
I don’t love u maan
I m not either’
Then what, but he didn’t let her complete’
 who said to enjoy sex we have to love each other’
So u want to say,, he kissed her neck,,
Don’t bother to understand anything geet,, just enjoy as I know u want me as much as I want’
He came to her naval and kissed it deeply, taking the skirt out with his mouth and teeth’. He sat up and takes out his all remaining cloths,, she rolled on him and sat on his privet part’ maan groaned,, she cam eto his lips and bite it then licking it,, she came to his neck then his torso,, giving wet kisses all over his body,, he groaned in pleasure and pinned her to the bed,, he ripped her bra and take one of her mount in his mouth’ geet moaned in pleasure’
Tell me u didn’t like it?
When did I say that? But the thing is, aahhhhe bite her other curves,, I was in love with someone, and still’ he looked at her and took out her panty’.
So u want to move with him?
No,, he is married now, I don’t love him now’
He looked at her for a brief moment,, then said huskily to her ear..
So u want to live this married stuff life,,she chuckle and he kissed her neck,, moving his hand down to her privet part, pushing her thigh up, and playing with her softness with his finger’.
Ahh,, maan’.
So what u r expecting form me? he said kissing her chest’.
Nothing’ I don’t like u and never could be’.He bite her curves and enter her with the finger’.
Don’t expect either,, I do have my GF’.
She smiled, yeah I know GFSSS’..  I know maan u can never be a one woman man’ seriously
I HATE U TOO GEET, and he enter her with his manhood’..  and the uncountable  pleasure begins’..

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Najiha' Naina on March 15, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Tich super hot sr of unlike or i say hate eachother bt made love… Lol


  2. this is probably the most unusual SR in this FF world tich ….n only u could have done such things ………:D


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