Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh part 4

1st of all happy birthday to Gurmeet Choudhary,, this is a little treat from my side to u guys…..


warning, it has some scene, read at ur own responsibility, if u r comfortable then only read it otherwise ignore the ff….



Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh

Part 4

The Fun Begins……………

Maan was dancing with tiasha on a very sensual no and tiasha was moving her body around him of course to seduce him but his eyes were searching geet only… though he said he doesn’t need her but he wants to see her badly and more over he want to see her defeated face,, least he know what is Geet Singh Khurana…..

The DJ was playing a very good song but he just drop everything but staring at someone with his mouth open,, tiasha got irritated with the sudden change of the atmosphere.. maan understood her frustration and tried to calm her and then saw everyone, I mean every single man was staring at something.. he turn his head and gulp hard to see a enigmatic persona….

She was in the pool, holding abhay’s bare shoulder, kind of hugging him… when the sound starts and he clutches his fist in anger….

Beete sarak sarak ke, dekho yeh lazy lamhe

she looks at maan and winks at him,,

Chalte khishak khishak ke, yeh lazy lahme

Lazy lahme..

She helds abhay’s shoulder and goes his back but looking at maan, her eyes were only showing that was teasing him hell….
Kaisi yeh khumari,dekho yeh lazy lamhe,
Palke bhaari bhaari, yeh lazy lamhe..

She came at front and swing her body in the water, she was going her lose her balance when abhay held her in concern and she smirks,

Dheela chor khud ko, aa tu ugliyan fira,
Hasratoin ke nazme, tu badan pe likh jaa..
Dhadkan hai..ooh ooh ooh, thehri si..ooh ooh ooh,
Saansein hai..ooh ooh ooh, gehri si..ooh ooh ooh,
Yeahhh…yeahh lazy lazy lamhe

She swims moving her curves of body in a manner that everyone was watching her in the blue water..
Lazy lamhe
Yeahhh…yeahh lazy lazy lamhe
Lazy lamhe..

Beete sarak sarak ke, dekho yeh lazy lamhe..
Chalte khishak khishak ke, yeh lazy lahme..
Lazy lahme..

She stops in the water and her back collide with someone’s back, she looks at him with smile, he was an unknown person to maan,, but her gaze on him and the teasing smile was making him groan in anger…
Kaisi yeh khumari,dekho yeh lazy lamhe..
Palke bhaari bhaari, yeh lazy lamhe..
Yeahhh…yeahh lazy lazy lamhe
Lazy lamhe..

She helds that man who was quite handsome and he too reciprocate her hold with hugging her lightly….
Yeahhh…yeahh lazy lazy lamhe
Lazy lamhe..

Yeh lazy lazy lamhe.. (2 times)

She comes out from the water and everyone got to see her full body, her milky white skin…

She looks at maan who was clutching his fist, she smiles at him amusingly and walked passed him but not to forget tracing her index finger on his bare shoulder, looking sensually hot in her white short skirt and a pink bikini with one strap on back holding her beautiful curves… one thin strap of pearl joining  the bikini and skirt across her belly bottom… her hair was curly, and a slight pink gloss on the name of make-up, she doesn’t need make-up when god has given the beauty that will fail a fresh flower…

There was not a single person who was not looking at her, maan was no exeption, the 1st word came out from his mouth was beautiful, she turn at his whispering comment and smiles slyly… he realize what had he said…

Abhay came from backward and she bump to his chest, who smiles at her…

Rut hai, yeh rut isse thaam le zara,o zara,
Leta hai bagal mein mausam, jaam re zara,

Abhay gave her a drink and she took it kissing his cheek,, oh boy that just burn maan, he so wanted to punch that idiot… actually she whisper something in his ear who looks at her annoyingly… geet smiles cunningly and wink at him…

Geet: ur GF is staring at u and me,, oh boy she can eat me now…. She laughed at abhay’s face..
Rut hai, yeh rut isse thaam le zara,o zara,
Leta hai bagal mein mausam, jaam re zara,

Abhay entangles her and make her back rest on his front holding her from waist,,, she sang

Aalsi tamanna hai, tu aakhoin se to pee,
Aarzoo pighalne de aur haule haule jee,

One person came and approach her to dance, she happily accepted…
Sharabi.. ooh ooh ooh , har mann hai..ooh ooh ooh,
Behki si..ooh ooh ooh, sargam hai.. ooh ooh ooh

Piya just came there and grabbed abhay’s collars, her eyes were spitting fire, she tried to say something when abhay slammed his lips on her shutting her up… she was dumbfounded to find him on her lips, she tried to push him but he held her tight…. Everyone whistle and he loosen his hold.. piya looks at him with confusion and tears, he smiles and whisper..

Abhay: she is my best friend geet… piya bite her lips in guilty and shyness and looks at geet who was dancing with piya’s date and laughing at her… piya knew geet by her name as abhay always tells her about geet…

Yeahhh lazy lazy lamhe..
Yeahhh lazy lazy lamhe..
Lazy lamhe..

Maan couldn’t hold himself looking at the man’s hands on her waist… he goes towards her and harshly pulls her towards him… the man back off  when he saw maan’s spitting eyes, he left them there and geet smirks at him,, he dragged her in a corner of the big pool,, it was dark area… it was nearly 10 and the party was wrapping fast as the host himself was not there, abhay took piya out from there and tiasha left the party the moment maan went for geet…

Maan took geet one of the darkest corners and pinned her to the rock wall, slight water was rolling over the wall and that was very far from the party, no one can guess they were there… and the bigger thing is no one is so interested other than last mins drinks…

Geet: kya huya Mr Maan Singh Khurana? She said huskily,, feeling jealous? He came close to her face, pressing her body with his…

Maan: u shouldn’t do this geet…. He replied equal huskiness.. she looks at his desire filled eyes… don’t think I can tolerate other man’s dirty hands on u,, this body only belongs to me, he traces her jaw with his finger.. and that came down to her chest, she loks at him and tried to shove him only to press harder…

Geet: u have lost maan,, u have lost ur bet coming here with me… he looks at her with smirks and traces his finger down from her chest to her abdomen, she gasp at the touch when he squeeze her waist and pulls her so close that air doesn’t get the permission to go through them..

Maan: I don’t count any bet to get u geet… her heart throbbed vividly realizing his words and closed her eyes when he licks her collar tracing his tongue on the bikini lace…

She pushed him and goes from there… but her held her hand and took her to the pool…

Mor ke kamar ke koi dil dhood le,

 hothon ke kareeb, manzil dhood le,

he dipped in the water and kissed her naval,, making her winch,, then he lift her and place her out from there,, he laid her beside the pool coming over her..
Mor ke kamar ke koi dil dhood le, hothon ke kareeb, manzil dhood le,
Nasheela sa koi manzar dhood le, zulfon ke paas ek ghar dhood le

He came on her tracing his lips from her milky white leg to her thighs, biting it a little, she arched her back and turn to side, but her kissed her waist line and comes upper to her shoulder, giving wet kisses on it… his breath was fanning on her neck,

Resham sa, lazy lamhe
Gunah kar, lazy lamhe
Gunguni, lazy lamhe
Si chah kar, lazy lamhe..

He turn her making her back having him,, his naked eyes were gulping her beauty and the strap that was holding her whole upper dress was irritating him… he touches her spine with the back of her knuckle ever so slowly making her moan….

Yeahhh lazy lazy lamhe..
Yeahhh lazy lazy lamhe..
Lazy lamhe..

He came close to her her bikini strap of back and pulls it with his teeth… she gasp at the sudden pull.. he started placing wet kisses all over her back,,, and his hand was bust roaming over every inch of her smooth skin…

Geet: maan… her words came like a whisper… he turn her with one swift moment… she looks at his eyes that was showing so much emotion, anger, lust, possession and Love?? She was not sure what she was seeing as the desire was building high in her… he hugged him tight and he reciprocate it with equal fervor, rubbing her whole body with his palm and his lips were bust in tasting her on the neck and shoulder…

Geet: maan, she tried to call him but he was nowhere to stop.. she was pushing him a little but that angered him more,, he clenched her hair in a fist..

She looked at his red eyes.. and whimper in pain.. he let her hair go but the fire was immense… he slammed his lips on her and kissed her violently,, she tried to understand his anger but nothing was making sense as that moment, they were half nude in front of a pool and he was kissing her vigorously… she wriggle in his grip but he just increased the pressure making her lips bleed,, her sucks her lips with the cut and licks the blood making her winch, she gathered all her strength and pushed him… but her futile strength just move him some inch…

Maan: kya huya geet, when that bastard was touching u, u was enjoying that and now what happen…

Geet: maan u know that was only a bet and now u r taking it on ur ego…

Maan came close to her, she was half lying position and maan on her,,

Maan: don’t give lame excuse geet..

Geet: I told u I don’t have to do so,, if u can just look around, I know u don’t have any reputation but I have my dignity…

He smiles deviously: dignity? Where was ur dignity when u was dancing with those boys?

Geet: I don’t think I lose my dignity by dancing with my friends

Maan: really? She nodded,, but saw his coming near her…

Geet: maan     

Maan: they were ur friend?

Geet: I don’t owe to give u explanation….

Maan smirks: yeah u has some better work than that…. She frowns at him but her pulls her bra removing the 1st barrier…. She tried to cover herself as she doesn’t want to feel ashamed in front of other…

He looks at her with amusement, he thought she is bold and the way she was carrying herself in bikini he thought she can be comfortable having privet time in any corner….

Least he know the real geet who is hidden between the mask of rudeness…

Maan: geet I can’t let anyone see u with these cloth in the pool then how can u think I will let anyone watch us like that, she loks at him in confusion… my guards are around the other side of the pool where the party is going and this place is specially reserved by me… this hotel is one of my construction side so I knew it, and I have more than 2 floor in the apartment on my name, so u don’t have to worry about that dear, he said and kissed her lips… and this time she too reciprocate it…

The forget about their bet enjoying the moment with each other… he sucks her lips with so much passion, the kiss was turning hot and demanding…and she slipped her tongue in his mouth giving everything to that kiss only,, his hand cupped her curves squeezing and teasing the hard bud…. He moan in his mouth, her leg goes to his waist,, and trapped in between her… he rubbed her back with one hand and other was busy playing with her curves… he left her lips feeling lack of air but came on her neck nibbling the soft flesh….  His tongue wanted to taste her b*****,, the full mount was inviting him and grab her one curve in his mouth sucking it briskly… she dig her nail on her bare shoulder,, after long time of latching he shifted his attention to the other curve… he couldn’t get enough of the soft asset of his beautiful wife.. he looks at geet’s face that was glowing brighter than the moon..  there was no light except some dim candle and full moon,, and the sound of her moon was making him insane in desire.. geet found him staring at her and she pushed him and came over him…

She sat on his privet part making him groan in anticipation…. She licks his bare chest and kisses across his collarbone to his abs of abdomen… her simple touch was arousing him… she kisses his chest and then licks the nipples,, and started rubbing his privet parts with her… she was filling him with pleasure and he was feeling heaven with her touch… but the slow torture was driving him crazy,, in one swift movement he took her beneath him and torn her skirt making her bare fully…..

Geet: maannnn…. She moans his name when found her manhood was pressing over her privet part… he didn’t enter her but teases her with his tricks… he has taken his pants off..

She couldn’t hold herself and grasps his shoulder closes to him indicating to fulfill her… he took her command and kisses her lips while entering her with his manhood…

She moans in pleasure and he move fast with passion… the movement was rapid and each thrust was deep…

By each passing second her moan got louder and her kissed her every curves now n then biting them making her scream in pleasure….

After a long time they reach the ecstasy of heaven and feels the orgasm… both lied panting in each other arms…

Geet: u lost ur bet maan… I win over u…. she smiles at him and came over his chest hugging and shielding herself in his embrace… he shook his head in disbelief,, she was still thinking of the bet where they have broke all boundary of game….

Precap: maan feeling something……..

I hope it was up to the mark guys….  Sorry if I go overboard….

Thank u friends for all the response and love u showed on this ss…. Please bear with me, I need u guys in every step…. Love u…..

This update was specially for preeti chabra/preetu,, it is her last day on fb and she will come after like a month,, but exam is more important so it was a gift for her, I hope now u can took a leave for some day peacefully… will miss u and comeback soon…

All the best to all the reader who has their exam now adays.. don’t worry about pm n update,, I will updated u with it…. Study hard…..


Hey,, want a little favor from u,, I m sure one call from u to Life Ok, STAR and ZEE doesn’t make any difference for u,, but it will have an effect on the decision maker,, if u want of see Geet 2 or Gurti together in new show please guys call then,, only one call that need only 2 to 5 mins,, or maybe a little more, but if that will give us our GURTI back then why not,, please leave ur feed back to http://www.india.com and call endomol SO, LO, ZEE,,, and when u r calling them just tell them the power of gurti,, ask them we only want gurti together, we don’t want to watch them separate s take feedback what we are telling them.. after that ask them what have they written by ur name,, don’t hung up before that…. Only by crying we can’t get them back guys so please make an effort and call them…

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  1. Posted by bhavna on February 22, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    i love u tichuuuu u write suprb ff i love all ur ff hyeee ❤ ❤


  2. Posted by Bansi on February 29, 2012 at 11:05 am

    It going a superb bt neither i get the story nor understand some parts ,i thought geet has a very big past


  3. Posted by Najiha' Naina on March 15, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Its super sexy update tich… Song was just awesum n u wrote beautifuly n nawtily 😀


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