Kagaz ki Kashthi luv tht Sacifices Life part 26

Kagaz ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life

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Part 26


She remember her promise to samaira to clear her path for marrying maan,,  what will happen when his past will be standing in front of him, will he choose her upon his childhood love?

Sujal: think over it geet.. he left with his last word,, left geet with lots of question and confusion’. She sank on her chair where tears began to flow from her eyes’



It was more than 2 hrs she was still in the same position where sujal left with his words,, she doesn’t wanted to believe anything rather than maan’s love’.

Geet(st): I should not doubt on his love, I know maan loves me, and he can do anything for me, but what if he is doing all for regret that his heart felt for the sin he did previously? What if still some corner of his heart loves samaira and he is suppressing that for me and baby, is he repenting his deeds only, was it because samaira left him on the our wedding night’ noo it can’t be that, I saw his love in his eyes, his every gesture only shows how much he loves me’ why I have to believe other when I know maan loves me only, babaji meri madad karo, jab wo mujhse itna pyar karte hain then why this insecurity occurs me often?

Her mind and heart was busy in its own fight, geet let go everything and around 5 pm decided to meet maan at his office’ that will be best,, talking with him and making everything clear, her every insecurity will flutter just to see him’ she tried to call maan but his phone was unavailable, so she thought to surprise him and headed towards Khurana Construction’ 

Least she know what destiny had planned for her’.

She enter the office and everyone welcome her with a warm smile but she saw some kind of hesitation in everyone’s eyes.. she has such an aura that everyone in the office couldn’t keep themselves away from loving her’ she smiles at them and headed towards maan’s office, aadi tried to stop her but she shows her cute dimple smile he couldn’t do anything.. Though she was smiling at everyone but inside she has a feeling something is drastically wrong’ and it came true when she shoved the door to open’.

The sight torn her apart’ her hands were shaking that couldn’t able to hold the rod of the door anymore’ silent tear began to pour as she saw the most heart wrenching sight,, samaira was hugging maan who was looking so vulnerable’ he was in dilemma should he held her or not,, geet’s heart cried to see his condition’ it was just some day geet got all her happiness yet it is snatching away so brutally’

Samaira was rubbing her cheek on his chest’ but maan was looking sideway and that’s why he didn’t saw geet’s presence’.  She clenched her fist and looks at them with red eyes’

 When sorrow n hurt get mixed anger took place’.


Maan was going to held sam when he sense someone’s presence, and he looks up to see a pair of hurt eyes looking at him with immense sorrow and confusion’ he can saw the glint of insecurity and in fraction of second it rolled down as tears’ his heart bleed to see her so vulnerable and her trebling lips and rolling eyeballs scared him further.. he couldn’t understand what to do,, and saw her withdraw self’


Geet stormed out from there,, she felt her heart can explode any moment,, she clenched her dupatta close to her heart and ran out leaving a baffled audience and some sympathetic look’


Maan shoved sam away: never come back here sam’ he warned her and left with the last set of words and ran after geet’.

But she ran as fast as she can running from him, running from every emotion, she knew he can’t be wrong, maybe their circumstances led them but yet her mind was dominating her,, but why the feeling was making her weak she didn’t try to understand that’

He thought maybe he will lost her as he couldn’t saw her anywhere.. he shouted her name in the middle of the road like a maniac,, but the voice doesn’t reach her eardrum, everyone was looking at him like is he gone mad, the multi millionaire is standing on the middle of the road shouting his wife’s name like a fanatic’ but he least interested in anyone’s view, just wanted to see his life right now’ suddenly he remember the address meera gave him once.. he took his car and goes there,, he saw exactly the scene he was thinking’ she was crying her heart out sitting on the grass on her knees’.

His heart cried to see her like that, he wanted to cocooned her and hide her from all sadness’ but what he knew is it’s only because of him that she is crying like this’.


Geet can sense he was right behind her, she tried to put a brave face and wiped all tears,, and tried stand on her feet but she stumble asshe was feeling dizzy’ maan tried to help her but she didn’t let him touch her’ she looks at his eyes that was guilty but didn’t say anything’.

Maan: geet listen to me once’ but she shows her hand’

Geet: I m sorry maan, I shouldn’t have barged in your office like that’ in ur life she thought’. He felt a pang seeing her detaching herself from him’ again he tried to touch her shoulder but she shrugged it’

He angrily pulls her towards him, she was losing herself’.

Maan: whatever u had seen that was not true geet’

Geet shouted: to sach kya tha maan,, she was in ur arm, u were hesitant to hold her yet I can see ur sadness in ur eyes, why u r putting ur love aside because of me? She looks at him with immense love that can do anything for his happiness’. I don’t want to see u r compromising ur life because of me, I want to see u happy, with ur love, the last word came like a whisper’

Maan was flabbergasted to see her confession’ she was crying for him not thinking he had betrayed her but only she doesn’t wanted to see him sad or sacrifice his love’ he was amazed yet respect for her was oozing out from his eyes’

Geet: let me go maan, she was wriggling in his arm, and soon got free herself’ she ran from him and he came to his senses’ he rushes to catch her’

The scene was horrifying him, he shouted: GEETTT,,, as the truck just passed by her and he pulls her backward and she hugged him tight fearing with the sudden halt’. He hugged her with equal fervor’

Her tears were falling covering her vision’ he was in shock as well as she..

Maan: what are u doing geet? Kuch hojata to, tum janti nahi tum mere liye kya ho? She looks at his eyes and wonder what is she actually,, but the love the tense muscles of his forehead was answering all her query yet she was not ready to understand anything’ she felt her eyelids are joining with the darkness and before she can conclude anything she fainted in his embrace.. he panicked to see her like this but soon lifted in his strong arm and shoved in the car driving to the hospital’.



Arjun and shalini attended her and hear maan tells everything to arjun, he was annoyed and told him to take care for her and nothing has to happen, not a single sadness can touch her as she is very weak in this moment’.

Maan sat beside her all the time and held her hand in his, kissing it thousand time,, he has shifted her in the mansion’ and all the while doesn’t leave a signal second leaving her side’

It was 10 pm when she open her eyes only to see maan was sitting beside her holding her hand, not for once he gave permission to his eyes lids to snap’ she looks at him with admiration and longing, but then samaira hugging him flash in front of her eyes and abruptly took away her hand’  maan saw her in pain.. the pain she don’t want to see, she sat up on the bed and tried to stand up’ maan angrily held her hand as she was leaving the bed’

Maan: why r u behaving like this geet? What have I done, he asked in frustration? She looks at him in anger’.

Geet: I don’t want to talk about it..

Maan pulls her arm digging his finger in her soft skin: u have to’. He said in demanding voice’  u just went away from there and what r u doing in the middle of the road? Running from me? I said u earlier u can’t run off from me, I won’t let u’.

Geet: I don’t want it either maan she said in a cracked voice.. but I don’t u to stay in a relationship of burden and guilt,, I know u still love SAMAIRA she said in chocked voice’ all the way she was not meeting his eyes but he was staring at her intently’.

Maan: say that looking at my eyes geet,, u still think I can love someone else? His voice was holding a deep meaning that make her to see his eyes’

Tears rolled down, she wanted to believe his eyes, her heart, their love, the time they spent together’. But sujal’s word was ringing in her mind..

 “Can he forget his past? geet he is maan singh khurana, whole world knew his afire with Samaira,, did he forgot her? Where is she now? How can he forget his childhood love? Forget about our love it was only 4 YRS,, but he was in love with her from childhood, can he stop thinking about Samaira'”


She closed her eyes and pushed him away, his anger was increasing with the passing time and her push only increase the frustration in him’he held her elbow pulling her to him’

Geet: it’s not correct I won’t let this happen,, she tried to go away from him but he pinned her and slammed his lips on her supple lips,, she wriggle in his grip but he was nowhere to stop, she doesn’t shut her eyes and he didn’t let her do so,, sucking her lower lips angrily,, geet tried not to respond and stared at him with a hurt expression still he didn’t stop, both was lost in anger and after a brief moment she closed her eyes and tears fell down, he left her lips and licks the tears away,, I LOVE U GEET, ONLY YOU,,, she tried not say anything but he captured her lips with immense love and she surrender herself, and pulls him closer kissing with all her love and right… U ARE MINE MAAN…


She sucks his lower lips with so much passion that time would froze in front of her,, he held her waist crushing with his body, nibbling her upper lips’ she cried in the kiss but he increased the pressure ot letting her think anything beyond their closeness, their love’ she pulls him close to her by his hair, massaging the think back hair in anticipation’

There is no limitation, no habitation in the kiss and the love, only some misconception that only love can clear with the beauty of its description’



Love is not a season to see or feel

It’s the beauty only can catch

With the naked eyes of love

And serenading of love can touch with soul

Of sacrificing yourself in the heaven of love and declaration’.


Immense love can cause immense pain

Only to sense that love can erase the limitation;

Of surrounding and submitting,,

Love is the feel can cocoon u with thrones

Only to leave the mark never to forget

Yet its feels heaven to feel love

To be love

And sacrificing ur life on the name of ur LOVE’..




He opens her mouth with a push and slipped his tongue to play and having the taste of her sweet saliva’. Her tears were still forming but she was lost in his touch, her tongue played with his’. complaining her heart out,  she bite his lips harshly and licks the blood, he chuckle softly in the kiss and slipped his hand in her kurti,, slowly making pattern on her skin’ she moan against the kiss and his hand clasp the bra hook, she gasp at his sudden demand, and broke the kiss with the lacking of air,, she saw his desire feel eyes,, he wasn’t ready to leave her like that, his hungry mouth went on her jaw n collarbone sucking the flesh’ she bite his shoulder in anticipation and he torn her shirt, cupping her soft curves in his hand, squeezing it making her arch her back and moan his name’.

He lips went on her chest and gave his mark after revealing her shirt fully,, he started placing hot wet kisses around her neck and playing with her curves in his hand.. she arched her head back on the wall to give him more room’ he came down and pulls the thin material from her br**** having one in his mouth’ his hand was busy in undoing her salwar, and she has torn his shirt away,,, after latching sometime he leave that with a peck,,, the bud was full and he can’t have enough of it.. He lift her to the bed, she held him by his neck and hide her face in the crook of his neck, he place her on the bed and came over her’


She looks at his eye sthat has only love in them’

Geet: maan,, he can see her still unsure faith, he dipped his head in her neck, inhaling her scent,, nibbling her earlobe’

Maan: whatever u saw was just an illusion and drama geet she looks at him in shock, he gave sweet tender kisses to her neck,, that was her crocodile tears, she came now only to destroy our relation, she knew she would not have me now so she want to snatch my love, that was all fake’ geet hugged him tight feeling miserable’ he kissed her shoulder’ don’t let her destroy our love geet, I will be shattered if u go away from me,, he can sense his shoulder was soaking in her tears’ he made her lied on her back,, and looks straight in her eyes’ I was not hesitant to hold her, I was hesitant to shove her as that way also I had to touch her, and after touching u I don’t want to feel the dirt,, when u have touched me I feel all my sin has washed out so I don’t want to commit one more sin, he kissed her stomach I know it was not our token of love then but now it’s the life of love, I love her and the mother of it, I don’t love her in guilt, love can never happen in guilt geet, she is a part of our life, two individual feel one after the baby born but our baby made us one soul before she can take breath in the world, she cried in her guilt to accuse him to be in love with sam,, after his declaring and showering his love on her, she still doubted his love’ she cried holding him and he on her lips’

Maan: sshhh geet I know what must have gone through u, maybe if I saw u like that I would been thought the same’ she nodded her head in negative, he can never think that’ he kissed her lips and removed all the barrier between them,, kissing every inch of her body and soulI love u geet, yes it was true I never intended to fall in love with u but it happens, love happens, we can’t do anything’

“when two are person are together and can feel their love in every way that love is stronger than anything, love happens with the commendation of God as love itself is God, u can never predict when u will fall in love and with whom, it just occur your heart by its essence and beauty.. u will feel the LOVE only, right wrong are beyond of the word LOVE”

Maan said each and every word kissing her head to toe, her heart was feeling light with his touch’ he kissed her naval deep and came down tracing his lips and tongue on her smooth skin,, he came on top and kissed her forehead.. I LOVE U ONLY and no one can part us Geet’ NO ONE’.. he wanted to touch her deep but he knew she is weak and can’t handle him,, he kissed her face, her eyes one by one and then her nose.. her parted lips was inviting him and he captured it, kissing ever so passionately’ she can feel his hardness on her privet part, but he didn’t enter her’ instead kissed her forehead one last time’.


Maan: arjun said u haven’t eat anything from the afternoon,, and u r very weak, I m ordering something eat 1st‘. u need to take medicine also’. He was lifting himself when she hold him..

Geet: don’t leave me maan,, it took every ounce to control himself and her desire filled eyes doesn’t either helping him’ he hugged her kissing her nape’.

Maan: I can’t leave u either, do u know u had fainted in there what has gone to me, she looks at him guiltily,, when I saw u in the hospital bed so pale what has gone on me, I feel empty, when arjun said one more tention and I can lose u I feel like I will die without u, she rests her palm on his lips

Geet: I m sorry maan’

Maan: dare not leave me geet, never.. he kissed her palm softly’. Take rest 1st u need some energy to handle me, he wink at her naughtily, she blushed furiously hiding her face in his neck.. He laughed at her shyness’

He covered her with the duvet and called the head chef on the intercom and ordered some of her favorite dish, she smiled at him with admiration and longing’.

He came close to her tugging her close to him playing with her sense’

Geet: maan apko mujhse pyar kab huya? She asked out of the blue’.

Maan looks at her unsure what to say’.



Preacp: abb kya bolega maan??

Maan: who has poisoned ur mind geet? She gulp hard to see the rage in his eyes, she shook her head in deniel but maan comes close to her lips I know it can’t be your thinking’.

Why will samaira do now?



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    Firslty Congo Shongo on your new blog
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    Superb Update

    Well Geet doesn’t misunderstand Maan but is pained to see him in pain now that was awesome

    Loved this Dialogue a lot
    “‘ I was not hesitant to hold her, I was hesitant to shove her as that way also I had to touch her, and after touching u I don’t want to feel the dirt,, when u have touched me I feel all my sin has washed out so I don’t want to commit one more sin,he kissed her stomach I know it was not our token of love then but now it’s the life of love, I love her and the mother of it, I don’t love her in guilt, love can never happen in guilt geet, she is a part of our life, two individual feel one after the baby born but our baby made us one soul before she can take breath in the world,”

    Tichu you are too good with dialogue’s yaar

    Waiting for the next part Already


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