Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv that Sacrifices Life part 27




Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv that Sacrifices Life

                        thank u so much for all teh comments and likes,, it was a surprise update,,i disn’t wanted to do it but still tried to write soem crap.. thank u for ur support, love u and keep loving me


Part 27


Geet: maan apko mujhse pyar kab huya? She asked out of the blue….

Maan looks at her unsure what to say….


He himself doesn’t know when exactly he fell in love with her, but he remember the day when he 1st saw in the towel, it was a mesmerizing sight… unknowingly he walked to her and her scent, he still remember the flowery scent of her body, geet can see his eyes are twinkle but lost somewhere, she pinch his chest a little…

Maan: ouch geet…. She giggle seeing him rubbing his chest and looking at her angrily… he slipped his hand in her waist and pulls her closer to him, her bare stomach was pressing his torso and the heat was passing every single second, he caresses her waist line by side that makes geet moan,, and the rubbing sensation goes on her neck also and he was nuzzling close to her neck..

Geet: maan please,, she moan against his shoulder… he smiles and whisper…

Maan: badhi hasi aahi thin na??

Geet: sorry, she said cutely and he kissed her tip of the nose… accha now tell me, when u actually fell in love with me, she said ever so softly that only provoke him to take her in his arm and kissed her madly….

Maan took a deep breath: sach kahu to geet I don’t know, she looked at him with confusing face…  I don’t when I exactly fell for u, it was just you walked in my heart by ur own, the day I 1st saw u in the white towel I didn’t know what happen, I walked up to u, my heart was throbbing so frantically that it wanted to grab u and eat u alive she looked at him with her big almond eyes,, the pink blush spreads wider when she saw his teasing smile,, the way u were staring at me I wanted to crushed u with my demand right there, he can feel her rising heartbeat… he kisses her lips I know I behave really rude but it was my riddance from my urges… that was going out of my control….

Geet: u doesn’t like me then.. she said in a low voice..

Maan: neither u, she can see his voice turning hoarse as her softness was pressing on his bare body, she knew he is holding himself only because of her, he loves her so much that he can wait eternity… he kissed her cheek with a deep intense kiss… don’t think much,, I can have u anytime I want but now u need proper rest to tackle me later… he chuckle at her embarrassing face… she hide her face in his chest…

Geet: maan….

Maan: geet I can’t say exactly when it happen, but this is called love na that can happen anytime any day without seeking ur permission… she nodded her head, she herself didn’t know when she fell for him… when I saw u in the morning after, um that night he said in a guilty voice remembering his act, geet kisses his chest making him relax, when I saw ur eyes I felt something prick my heart…. I wasn’t prepare for that, but things goes more worst when i came to know ur real reason for marrying me, yet that was not the only real reason… she looked at him shock… maan caresses her temple and then cheek… remember I was gone for London after our marriage? She nodded, after some day I went to meet,, sam… he said after a little pause… capturing her every wrinkle of tension on her face…. I came to know about the kundali matter… geet didn’t said anything just got lost in her past… I,, I loved her geet.. she felt a pang to hear his chocked voice, but I couldn’t recognize what is called love in real,, she looked at him in confusion… I never knew what is called love, I always believe in gaining in love and sam did the same, she wanted me but couldn’t risk her life and then I questioned myself how can u marry me knowing everything about me, seeing my ruthless self before marriage how can u still tolerate my behavior … he kissed her forehead,, I never felt bad about sam breaking my love n trust because I when I saw your face I forgot everything, I saw u running behind prem, your bubbly self, I thought how can u still be so cheerful after my deed but I proved wrong when I saw ur frighten eyes with my mere presence, I felt torn apart when I saw disgust and hatred in your eyes…  tear fell from her eyes…. But somehow I used to like being around u, your nature, your laughter, your mingling with everyone feels so special.. but whenever I was around u I can sense ur uneasiness.. a drop of tear fell from his eyes… I never knew I had destroyed my fate with my own hand… demolishing ur innocence only bring my misery, I only felt a hollowness whenever I see mistrust in your eyes… 

Still I wasn’t sure of my feeling… I used to admire you from far. What an irony na, I have to see my wife from a distance but that was not only from outside it was from inside also, I couldn’t get the courage to sneak in ur heart, he smiled sadly…. unknowingly geet’s tears began to follow heavy but maan was oblivious about it as she wiped it silently…. And the day came when I found ur disease from arjun… I felt something has broke in me, like something was snatching away that is really dear to me,, I accept I was with sam my whole life but when I got to know her real self, when I pushed her away I never felt this sensation that came with the mention of ur departure… something burn in me and I only saw ur going away from me… his tears rolled down. I couldn’t handle the sight geet, it was unbearable.. it was heart wrenching for me to think about that….  I couldn’t think beyond you, then I recognize I fell in love with you… u has become my life then…. I can’t survive without u geet… she closes her eyes and break the barrier of tears…. I was so frighten with the thought of something can happen to u, then I realize I m nothing without u… it was not guilt that was bounding me with u it was love n fate that was guiding me to u, to feel the real love….

And in all that you were the one who guided me to feel love in you, he can feel her breath was caught in her lungs…. The way u came close to me it said all geet… destiny had chosen u for me.. just I was late to conclude that… and when I got to know I was on the verge of losing u…. but then I felt if I lose u I will destroy my life and this world also…  I love u geet to that extent when God can never got the permission to touch your one hair strand.. u r mine only mine…. She broke down in his arm hearing the demanding yet passionate confession.. she hugged him with all her strength, like if she leave him she can lose her life… she knew he loves her but his words were beyond her imagination… the way he speaks his heart touches her soul in a way that never happen erstwhile and that can never fade away from her heart… she pressed her his cheeks on his chest and sobbed softly…


Her tears was making him restless,, he rolled over and came over her..

Maan: kya huya misty? Why u r crying? He asked in concern thinking he might have hurt her… she can sense his restlessness and hugged him tight..

Geet: I love u maan… I m sorry for doubting on ur love….  I don’t want to lose u either…. U have loved me so unconditionally and your love had the power to win over my hatred and fear but my love has proved to be not so strong, warna main apke pyar pe shaq nahi karti, but he didn’t let her complete as his lips sealed her unsaid words….

He kissed her with utmost longing and passion…. His body was pressing her on the bed and his hand was busy roaming around her waist and back lifting a little as it will not be harmful for the baby….  He enter his tongue inside her mouth almost ripping her mouth, she was breathing heavy as the heat was unbearable… after long time they broke the kiss but he didn’t leave her instead kissed her neck, she moaned his name..

Maan: never say your love is not strong,, its your love that made me realize the meaning of it….  Her tear rolled down a small smile spreads on her lips… she held him tight and brought him more close… he kissed her hair and her ear slowly… that traces down on her jaw and cheek..


He was busy exploding her and then a knock came on the door… he drop his head on her chest, knowing it can be only servant,, the family member knew about her condition and of course when maan is with her how can they get the chance to sit beside her.. they are fast asleep now…..

Maan slowly withdraw himself and slipped in his track and took the shirt beside,, geet smiles at him and  tried to took her dress but maan covered her with the fluffy duvet and kissed her lips…

Maan: we r not going down so u can be like it here.. her cheeks turned deep red and he kisses her hot cheek.. he loves licking the cheek as its look like a red apple…..




Precap: same

sorry for short,, not feeling like writing still tried to scribe something, hope its not so bad….


Thank You :)

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