new ss Kaise Kahen




Hello guys,, please don’t throw jute chappal for opening again a new ss,,, I wanted to gift u this on the holi occasion,, please give ur precious comment as that will encourage me only�.






Kaise kahen tohe hum

Tere bin gum hain hum,,

Dil kahe suna din na beete

Lekin kaise kahe tohe hum;

Barso kaati ye rate akeli

Din bhi beeta tohre bin sajna

Aaj bhi hain yadien teri

Sirf wo hi hain zindegi meri�


A life to cherish,, a life to remember, a life to forgot, a life to regret�.

Can u forget ur past that was beautiful yet a sad part is u were in a imaginary good world, what if past haunt with sweet memory that u doesn’t want to change still u r suffering remembering that, what if someone doesn’t count u n ur innocence in his happiness,, what if u see him in present but couldn’t forgive the past�

The man she loved doesn’t see the love yet claim to love her unconditional,, but left her in unconditional sorrow, what if he was never intended to do so but she has suffer for him� what if she sees him now and can saw the change but her heart can’t rectify the past, what will she do then?



Kaise kahen tohe hum

Abb jeena hain tere bin

Firbhi ek aans hain

Raat bhi guzregi ek oons ki bundo k sath

Patto pe khubsurti ki rekha banegi saath

Banenge hum bhi tere sathi

Bas ek baar mil jaye wo

Chodenge kabhi na abb

Kaise kahen tujhe hum

Tere bin gum hain hum�.



Some time we never recognize what life is,, what life means for us,, we always thought live this time forget the future but what if ur present teach u a lesson that u have to suffer in ur future, present will convert is past and future in present,, what if u have ruined ur future that is ur present now�

What if u want to rectify the deed of ur past but u couldn’t as the present is harsher now,, how will u say the day u have ruined everything, u want to reverse that� how will u say u still can’t forgive urself remembering the past� what if when u meet the present u lost ur past�.

A Man who doesn’t knew what is love but just explode after losing someone� remembering everything in past gave him a bittersweet memory that he doesn’t want to forget,, he is living in a burden but couldn’t leave that,, the person can free him from the burden is nowhere to see�


Just some words,, just some memory, and one promise to find someone,, will Destiny give him the chance to say whatever he want to say to her..

Will destiny give her the chance to bring herself from the memory of someone that is holding her from past�

Will they ever be able to say their unsaid words..

Or the circumstances will leave them with some feeling and they will only say





Don’t know why I have a feeling that I have to face him again, but it 3 yrs now,, he must have forgoten me also, or not? I don’t know� the view is beautiful, but I can’t find any beauty in my life,, still I m living without any reason� maybe I m living for other,, this state needs me, I can’t betray them just like my heart betrayed me,, He betrayed me� but whatever he deed was for his love, maa always told me,, pyar k liye kuch bhi kare wo sahi ya galat nahi hota,,, maybe he was right but was I wrong in my love?



A girl sitting on the roof top of a fort watching the beautiful sunset,, but scenario couldn’t bring a smile on her face, the singing of the birds and bees can’t gave a memory to covered a bitter truth that she always face and feels lonely in the whole crowded world� she saw the sketch in her hand that she did sometime ago, and a drop of tear fell down on the sketch..


MAAN� i called his name� the last time i saw him 3 yrs back but there is not a single day I have not missed him� chah kar bhi apko vul nahi paati, kaise kahe unse kaise ye rate maine kaati�.




So how is eth starting guys,, I have already wrote some part but if I get the appropriate like I will give u the next update tomorrow,, not to worry about the length or update, I will update daily as it’s a surprise for the holi�.

Banner credit goes to my sweetheart tanu aka Tanvi nangia�.


3 responses to this post.

  1. nice start first finish sirf mere liye then start something


  2. wow tich.. nice start.. love it.. but plz give reasonable updates for ol ozer ffs dr…. waiting for the surprise impatiently..


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