Kaise Kahen (part 1)


Thank u sweethearts for the warm welcome to the ss,, I want to say one thing,, maybe the concept is very simple but I can put it in soul with my writing only…. I can’t force anyone to have faith on me but I beg to follow this at least  4 update, then if u doesn’t think it attractable I will say thank u for bearing it, lol… this ss is really short and will end it soon..

@aniee I don’t know how but I became K queen LOL…. 3 in a row…. hehehhe


Disclaimer: the scene and place are true but I m just using it as my plot but they are not belongs to be here, it’s a famous place so maybe lots of people will recognize the place…  if I hurt anyone’s feeling then extremely sorry, I never intended that…



Kaise kahe


Part 1



Its exactly 3 yrs now,, I don’t know where is she,, but I still remember her last words,, I should say I have never forgotten that for a second,, I never knew a simple question can leave a deep memory that I wasn’t able to remove… her eyes,, her words…

Kya apne humse kabhi pyar nahi kiya?


She took the step back, and saw him with her almond eyes… one drop fell from her eyes but a smile was there… she never look back, and left from there giving one last glance to him…. he didn’t knew she will leave everything behind forever….

A word came out from my lips…




He jerks open his eyes, but past didn’t left him,, her tear drop made him fell a drop from his eyes.. he took it and kept that n his heart….


Maan: hmm Rohan?


Rohan: we reached the palace… he looked at the beautiful palace… the white marvel and beautiful work is giving it a royal touch, of course it’s a royal family and royal palace…. Udaipur,, the beautiful place known for its custom and royalty…. It is a place where still the state work on the prince n princess…


Aadi: its beautiful…


Rohan: it should be,, my in laws place after all… and they are one of the most richest family in india,, and not only in india they count in the world also..

Sonam: ha ha samajh gaye,, prince rohan shikhawat… now can we go there? 

Rohan: yeah but the car is waiting for us…

Aadi: a car? But its looks there na..

Rohan: yeah but to get inside we have get the car and then it 5 mins… actually the palace is huge so if u go by our feet then god save us..

Sonam: its looks like an old version..

Dev: yes it is… its their custom,  right?

Rohan: yeah ,,


The drive was exactly 5 min..

Rohan: look dadisa is also here….


They saw the one elegant lady is standing holding a puja thal,,and 20 other people are also standing in a line either side,, they are in white uniform,, look like they are servant of them,, but has a great personality,, after all it’s words of reputation.. all stepped out from the car,, red carpet and rose petal on it is waiting for them….

Dev: its indeed beautiful… and by the way, where is bhabhi?

Rohan: she must be inside… hey maan, don’t u say anything? Its quite beautiful and not less than ur palace in delhi…

Maan smiles: its more than beautiful rohan…

Rohan: says who,, Mr Maan Singh Khurana the most successful and powerful business and richest man in the world…

Maan: before that I m ur friend who tells u the truth,, I don’t know why this place has so peach that I lost myself in it…

Sonam: really, I thought u have already lost ur self in other place… she taunt with a clear frustration… dev gave her a glare…


Sonam is maan and dev’s little sister,, both loves her like crazy but one incident had made her like this,, she loves her brothers,, secretly maan more but his one deed made her like this,, she loves him still,, but never showed in 3 yrs….

Rohan, dev, maan, aadi, are friends of childhood,, sonam is a little sister of maan n dev though rohan n aadi also loves her like a little sister… rohan did his MBA from UK and rest from india,, so they were not in touch with each other still they are best friends with rohan… now when rohan has return from UK he insisted his best friends to accompany him to his wedding that is held by his family,, he himself is a price of jodhpur.. And his childhood sweetheart is from Udaipur,, so both family has arranged the wedding in Udaipur and reception in Jodhpur….


So they are in Udaipur,, one of the most famous place knowing for its beauty of palaces, forts, temples,, and lakes… this palace also surrounded by lake,, the view is beautiful…

Rohan took the old lady’s blessing and so did the other…

Rohan: how r u dadisa..


Dadisa: perfectly fine rohan… these are ur friends right..

Rohan: yes,, he is Maan Singh Khurana,,, dadima looked at him with pride,, royalty was oozing out from the lady…

Dadima: maan grandson of Savitri Khurana… maan smiles at her…

Maan: aap dadima ko janti hain,, (u know my dadima?)

Dadisa: jii ha,, she is my best friend,, though we are quite far but we are in touch though email and phone,, maybe u heard my name,, Swarnalata Singh Rathod…. Maan passes a beautiful smile..

Maan: yeah I heard that, dadima always talks about u…  but we didn’t get the opportunity to meet u…

Dadima: apse milke bohot accha laga bte… atleast u met in a such beautiful occasion…

Maan: here is my siblings,, dev and sonam,, and aadi our best friend…

Dadisa: Namaste… aap sab andar ayiye thak gaye honge safar se..

Sonam: dadisa the palace is beautiful,, and we did enjoy the boat journey,, they said after landing we have to take the lake path,, tell u the truth I was scared but it was beautiful… and after that we have to take the car,, uff it was so far from the airport.. so I have to take a lot of rest…

Sonam is a total chatter box and in few minute,, all smiles at her and then saw a beautiful girl clad in a simple yet very beautiful anarkali suit, with heavy embroidery that was giving her a true princess touch… … and her sweet face with elegant posture was giving her a respectful outlook…

Rohan’s gets lost in her beauty… dadisa smiles and aadi pinched him…

unnati’s dress

Dadisa: aaiye Unnati….

Aadi: mooh band kar karan bhabhi kahi nahi ja rahi….

All giggles at him… unnati was smiling at blushing to see rohan’s face…



All takes there seat in the big hall,, and talks for sometime,, and then dadisa said Unnati to give them a tour f the palace and took them to their respected room…. Like 10 servants were behind them and they walked to the corridor…

Sonam: unnati,, u live here alone or with ur parents? Unnati’s face became dull.. rohan slipped his hand in her shoulder…

Rohan: uncle and aunty died in an accident…. Sonam said sorry to her as she herself understand what that feels,, thye had lost their mother when she was only 5yr….


Unnati smiles at them and told to continue their walk…. All were looking ta the palace an dprasing it a voice caught everyone’s attention…


It’s a girl’s voice which seems to be very sweet yet powerful…..




Kisi ko sapna lagey tu, kisi ko behti hawaa

Kisi ko bas baaton mein, kare pal mein yahaan wahaan

Kisi ke sau jhoot sun le, kisi ka sacch bhi gunaah

Kisi ka bas yaadon mein, kare hulchul saara jahaan

Te amo me te amo

Tu chhaanv hai, tu dhoop hai

Te amo me te amo

Tere hazaron roop hai

Koi samjha nahin, jo bhi hai bas khoob hai

Falling so crazy in love

Te amo me te amo

Tu chhaanv hai, tu dhoop hai

Te amo me te amo

Tere hazaaron roop hai



Maan’s face lost its color,, but his eyes were sparkling,, he wanted to see the person, like he had heard the voice before….

Maan: who is this?

Unnati: ohh its my best friend… she lives with us,, u get to see her tomorrow, as its quite late and she will not come from her room neither anyone can see her now…

Sonam: aisa kyun….

Unnati: wo aisi hi hain,, when she sang no one can disturb her, it’s a rule here…

Rohan: she is chandrashekhar uncle’s daughter,umm,,, he wanted to take her name but forgot,, unnati smiles

Unnati: yeah,, her parents died with my parents,, we used to live here only… so after the furenal, dada(brother) n dadisa took her responsibility,, we were 10 and dada was 15 when both of us parents died….

Maan felt a pang in his heart but couldn’t know why…. He doesn’t know that….





Kabhi lagey raaton mein main khwaabon se baatien karoon subah unhi

Khwaabon ko main kaabu karoon

Kabhi lagey taaron se bhi, unche udaane bharoon

Kabhi lagey baadalon se jaibein bharoon


Te amo me te amo

Taare ginu tere liye

Te amo me te amo



The sound became lighter as maybe she was going from the room…

Unnati: she is going to the balcony, her fav place…. Will show u tomorrow…



Saare chunu tere liye

Khwaab saare bunu tere hi tere liye

Falling so crazy in love

Te amo me te amo

Taare ginu tere liye

Te amo me te amo



She stopped her song as her cell rang ans in fraction of second, she took it…..


Unnati: lets go guys,,, u should take rest now,, I will,, its already 8,, I will send ur dinner in ur room..

Aadi: it will be great unnati,, ohh I mean bhabhi… she blushes furiously…

Unnati: unnati will be fine…


She shows everyone their room and herself took their leave…..



Next day morning time…


Maan heard a sweet voice and came to his balcony only to see a girl covered in mud playing with some children…. He sipped his coffee and watch her skipping on the rope in a muddy field…. A smile cam eon his face,, the girl is looking like 21 or 22 only, and she is wearing a suit but that has mud on it so not clearly visible…. She was inside the palace ground and a loud voice stopped her at her track… maan saw dadisa is scolding her…. he immediately goes downstairs and comes on the ground…. Everyone was there… unnati was smiling though it was small.. and other were confuse…. The girl was just standing bowing her head like that can reach the ground any moment…… maan asked his friends that what happen, no one has the answer so they kept quite…


Dadisa: kahiye aap ko abb kya kehna hain,,, for god sake u have grown up now,, show something maturity…. Aise baccho k sath khelna and that too in the mud,,, what if something had happen to u? do u realize,, u didn’t even said anything to anyone before going out… abb aap chup kyun hain?

Unnati: dadisa if u will give her a chance then only she can say something.. she giggle softly and the person who was not looking her at all also giggle to hear that….

Maan to unnati in a hush tone: who is she?

Unnati: arre u have heard her song yesterday na,, here she is, a sweet devil disguise in angell, she loves playing and talking with kids outside of the palace, but dadisa loves her so much that with the fear about her safety she doesn’t allow her to go outside…

Sonam: safety?

Unnati: princesses always have to follow some precaution as our enemies are there to hold us for the property…. And beside that she is the most beautiful girl any state can have as a queen,, and she has the most charming face in the world…

Sonam: covered in mud…

Dadisa: pehle ye apna face saaf kijiye,, the girl nodded… and a servant gave her a bowl of water that has rose petal in it,, she just flashes some water on her face from there before anyone can see her face 10 woman came and surrounded her,, after some time maan saw her eyes… the same almond eyes…


the 1st word came out….. but couldn’t saw her more as dadisa told her to go her room and change… maan searched her face but she was gone…. He again called her but that was merely a whisper….


Maan: GEET……



Time to meet Geet,, oops princess Geetanjali Handa…..

What happened in the past….


So hows it??? Hmmm I know u have missed geet L but don’t worry she will be on the next part,, and that also with a bang…. So hurry up with the like and I will give u the next update eas soon as its reach my expectation at least….



banner credit goes to tanu aka tanvi nangia my sweetheart,,,

place is Taj Lake palace Udaipur…

but for me think it as a plot of the ss


Thank You :)

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