Kaise Kahen (part 2)



Thank u so much for the lovely response for the story,,

Sorry couldn’t reply or presses the like,, sorry for that but I read all and I m reallyyy veryyy happy’..


Disclaimer: the scene and place are true but I m just using it as my plot but they are not belongs to be here, it’s a famous place so maybe lots of people will recognize the place’  if I hurt anyone’s feeling then extremely sorry, I never intended that’





Part 2


Everyone was sitting in the hall talking about the marriage,, but maan was lost in his thought’ Unnati was not there, maan wanted to ask her about that girl but he couldn’t find her’..





Unnati: kya karti hain aap Geetanjali,, do u know how much worried dadisa was? U know she loves u the most and if anything happens to u what will she do then’

Geet: ohhoo Unnati now u r talking like a perfect queen, no wonder rohan jijusa had gone on ur demanding voice’. She giggle softly’ unnati gave her a murderous look but the small blush didn’t go unnoticed by geet’. Okk aap niche jaiye, I m coming in a while’

Unnati: thik se taiyar hona

Geet: rohan jijusa has already selected u,, so there is not a 10% chance for me,, she laughed’

Unnati: if anyone saw ur face na no one can reject u in his wildest dream though he has GF or wife’

Geet: someone has already rejected, she said lost in thought Unnati’s heart slit to see her sad face,, she cursed herself telling this line,, she knew someone has hurt her in past deeply’.

Geet smiles: accha abb aap niche jaiye rohan jijusa must be waiting for ur single glimpse, I m coming in a while’. Unnati smiles meekly and left from there’

Geet smiles sadly and went to her room’




Unnati came downstairs and tells dadisa that geet will be coming soon’ everyone was discussing the wedding plans but maan’s eyes were lost and mind lost in thoughts’


The 1st time he met her,,,

4yr back,, maan was in his final yr of engineering and geet just a fresher,, the 1st day he saw her, she was nervous, anxious about her surrounding’ he saw her clutching the bag to her chest, a smile forms on his face’.

He signal his group to see her who just grins to see their 1st bakhra for ragging’ all approached her and geet got scared to see they are coming towards her, she tried to ignore but sonam stops her’.

Sonam saw her dress, it was typical indial Patiala suit, her hair is in a braid, some locks on her either side of her cheeks’

Sonam: fresher ha? She nodded in yes, dare not to utter a single word’  hmm then u must be known with the regulation,, she looks at her in confusion’ her cute pouting face can melt anyone,, maan was not the lesser’ he just stars at her innocent face but geet didn’t saw him yet.. yeah u have to do something that we will say’ geet’s face became nervous to thoughtful to happy’ all were utterly confuse with her frowns’.

Geet: kya karna hoga hume? (what I have to do) her voice just click everyone’s attention, the elegance and beauty has became the attracting point of her,, she saw the crowd and gulp hard’ maan smiles at her and then came forward’

Maan: nothing much u have to kiss any guy in this campus’ all boy’s jaw just drop on the ground.. some started fixing their shirt some hair, though they has GF but her persona has a great effect on everyone’

Geet gulp her saliva: ummm wo..

Maan: u don’t have to give lip kiss only, u can kiss his cheek also’ still she was a little nervous.. maan smirks at his plan,, he knew he is the most hottest hunk in this collage so she will come forward to kiss him only, such a jerk’. Yes maan singh khurana the playboy, want a mere simple girl to kiss his cheek wow, that is a wonder, when he can get any girl just on the blink of eyes’.

Geet nervously looked here and there and then her face literally glows up’.

Geet: that can be any guy?

Maan: yeah sure’


Geet ran towards the gate where a person was entering the campus’ all their alarm get charge’.

Dev: gosh, ye kya kar rahi hain

Aadi: mar gaye shikayat karne gayi hain

Sonam: Principal, she whisper’ all stood their numb.. but to their astonishment he saw something beyond their imagination’

Geet kissed the kadus principal’s cheek and in return gift he kissed her forehead with a smile’ surely then all the jaw was wide open, they had never seen their strict principal smiling’ and now a mere girl is talking with him and kissing his cheek, the old man has gone everyone thought so, but then saw he was coming towards them and geet is beside him hugging his arm..

Aadi: what has she said yaar?

Maan: lets see’

Principal: hello maan,,, meet geet,, my,, he saw geet nervous smile and said my friend’s daughter’ she is new to the collage and to the delhi city so can u help her with everything,, being principal’s favorite student its surely is a big task to say no but who want to say no’. how can he say no to this smirking yet cute girl.. he agreed for it’. Ok then geet I m going will meet after the collage’

Geet: jee’

Principal: take care ok’ she nodded’



Aadi: wow yaar u did the wonder, princi and smiling and u actually kissed,,, geet giggle’

Geet: wo itne bhi kadus nahi hain’

Dev: by the way thanks for not telling about the ragging’

Geet smiles: its k,, u r doing ur REGULATION to welcome a new student,, and may I ask how was my task? good or not’

Maan: hmm quite a good job,,, but all others were waiting and u didn’t gave the chance to them,, he said looking at the boys who just looks here and there’ geet smiles widely’.

Geet: u never point anyone it was on my choice’ so the fault is urs,, she giggle,, the smile that catch everyone’s heart’ by the way I m geet’ ap sab se milke accha laga’ sonam extended her hand’

Sonam: hume bhi’.




From that day they became best friend,, geet became princess of heart of every person in the collage, and best friend of maan n sonam’ aadi n dev always treats her like a sister..


Maan comes of his thought with a sound of an anklet’ he lift his eyes to see the most beautiful girl clad in a very elegant dress walking towards then,, the dress was huge but it was giving a royal touch,, dadisa proudly welcome her’.

Dadisa: aayiye Geetanjali’ all the head shoot on her side and saw HER’.


Maan’s heart just missed several beat,, and then saw her eyes that was on him only’ she was shocked yet a eagerness was there but soon it replace by a sadness’ sadness of her past’

Rohan: beautiful

Unnati: I told u before,,, guys she is Geetanjali my best friend’.

Sonam with a chocked voice: geet’. Her voice was like a whisper but geet can hear that.. her eyes got moist but soon she wiped that,, showing she doesn’t know them’

Dadisa held her arm and with other hand on her back: baithiye Geetanjali’ hum aap hi k zikre kar rahe the’ (we were talking about u only)

Geet smiles a her: I m sorry dadisa,, wo chotu aaya tha so I couldn’t hold myself to going there, she shows her cute dimples that melt dadisa in a sec’ maan saw her same smile after 3 yr 2 month 18 days,, it was like same , her cuteness her bubliness but he can saw her eyes’ that smile was always sparks the eyes but now it has some sad scar’ though no one can see that as she plastered a smile on her beautiful always’.

Dadisa: inse miliye,, ye sab rohan k friends hain,,, Maan Dev Aadi Sonam’ and u have already met rohan’

Rohan: hmm 5 saal pehle,, when she was only 16 or 17′.

Geet smiles: kaise hain aap jijusa?

Rohan: good, and soon it will be great when finally I will marry ur friend.. unnati blushes and geet teases her with her eyes’

Dadisa: Geetanjali ye aapki zimmedari hogi insab ko Udaipur dikhane ki aur shaadi k sare cheese dekhna hain apko’ (it will be ur responsibility to give a tour to Udaipur and u have to see the arrangement of the wedding as well)

Geet: jee’. Dadisa got a call so she excused herself’ sonam wanted to talk with geet,, its being yrs she had talked with her best friend’ but unnati interfare’

Unnati: lets go to geet’s room now,, u know they wanted to meet u yesterday but u were in ur room and I wanted to show rohan the beautiful view from ur balcony’

Geet: it shows from ur as well, she said with a pout..

Rohan: hume to aapka room dekhna hain saali sahiba’ geet smiles nervously and took them in her room’


geet’s room


Maan enters the room,, the lavish dcor and the touch of royalty was giving him the memory of the past where she had entered KM 1st’.




It was after 4 month,, sonam invited geet to their home’ geet enter the house and smile forms on her face.. it was indeed beautiful.. she touches the work on the wall with her finger’ no one knew which background she came from,, but being a scholarship girl and staying in hostel they assumes her to came from a middle class family’

Sonam: geet ye Udaipur k ek bohot khas worker ne banaya,, accha hain na? (its made by a worker in Udaipur, its beautiful na?)

Geet: its really an unique work’ they thought she is talking about the design least they knew it was the same person who decorate her room and she was talking about the structure’.  


The day they had a beautiful time with each other,, sonam has became best friend of geet and maan also,, geet learned that their mother died when sonam was 5 yr age,,  and she feels sad for them as she herself lost her parents at the age of 10′. Maan got a very good friend in geet, though at first he was doing flirt but later they became good friends,, but later everything got changed’




Maan brought back from his thought when dev call him to come in the balcony,,, maan saw the radha Krishna painting and thought about her craze for Radha Krishna’. She always believes God’.

He smiles at the irony, she believed him also but everything changes as he broke her trust’.

Maan makes his way towards the open balcony where the whole Udaipur can be seen’ he saw her, angel will fall for her beauty,, she was nave sweet but now some kind of sadness has gulp her,, though that doesn’t hide her angelic beauty,, her dress was blowing by the air, and her hair was floating,, he never knew her hair is so long,, it was below her waist and long straight and thick’.

 geet’s dress

 Some locks was falling on her face’ he wanted to  talk to her,, wanted to apologies from her for hurting her unknowingly’ but kaise kahe abb jab wo itni dur hain, jab pass thi keh na sake abb pass ho kar bhi na jane kitni dur lagti hain’

They saw the blue water,, that was enchanting the beauty of the palace’. She saw him,, her eyes were still has the strength to capture anyone’s attention’ she searched something in his eyes,, but sadness was there only’

Geet’s heart wrenched to see him sad’ whatever he did still she always wants happiness for him.. she knew he wanted to talk to her but she doesn’t have the courage to see his eyes that still has the power to weaken her’ she looks away instantly’  

Sonam looks at maan n geet, the helpless is clearly visible in their eyes but she wanted to do something for them, though she has not talked properly with maan for 3 yrs but still she loves him the most’. And the 2 best people in her life have separated when they meant to be together’.

Rohan: its indeed beautiful’ no wonder geetanjali always prefer to be in the room’ geet smiles sadly’.

Aadi: tomorrow is holy any special plans?

Geet’s face lit up: hain na,, bohot bada jashan hain’. (there is huge celebration tomorrow)

Aadi can see the geet he knew,, the bubbly geet, who only knew to spread happiness and her smile can bring thousand smiles’


Unnatai: hmmm geet is waiting for the day for so many days’ hain na geet? She said teasingly’ geet smiles weekly’ geet now u r saying in so much enthusiasm but tomorrow in holi u will be in ur room only,, she looks away,, everyone looks at her in confusion’. Guys ye hamesha holi pe khus bohot hoti hain, krisna jee ki meera jo hain,, lekin holi khelti kabhi nahi’ she said in a sad tone where maan felt a pang in his heart,, everyone knew why she did so’ geet smiles monotonously and looks away’



Precap: holi and the final past’.


banner credit goes to tanu aka tanvi nangia my sweetheart,,,

place is Taj Lake palace Udaipur…

but for me think it as a plot of the ss


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  1. superb update Tich..love the Dialogues… past + Present & that saddness ;'(
    u made me cry Thats bad tich!!!
    i can imagine that ROYAL TOUCHED Geet there!!! So nyc describe u all…. Love the ragging scene… Geet kiss principle but he was her uncle LOL!!!
    waiting for next HOLI update Dear!!!


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