Kaise Kahen (part 4)


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A very happy and properous Holi guys,, hope u have blasting day…

Kaise Kahen’.


part 4




Maan was coming downstairs but a sight caught his attention,, he saw geet’s room door is slightly open,, he was in dilemma what to do, his heart wanted to see her condition,, and that can possible if he can see her room, is she still remembers their moment, least he knew that time can never fade away from her life’

He enter the and dumbfounded to see her in white anarkali suit, she was fixing her zip of the back,, he never thought about her coming to this room now,, but seeing her in the white dress that is giving her beauty to a chance for enchanting’

Unknowingly maan walked upto her and saw her struggling to fix the zip, she felt a cold finger brushing her back, a current passed on her spine’ she closed her eyes to feel Him’

Maan did the hook but intentionally lingered his hand on her smooth skin’ the deep cut neck was giving him a clear view of her back,, he traces her spine to his fingertip and geet’s breath became heavy, he came to her ear whispering,,

Maam: looking beautiful geet, he kissed her neck with his feather touch lips’ a moan came out from her mouth’

Geet: maan’

Maan: its sounds perfect from ur lips,, I missed it in this yrs he said huskily, still nuzzling to her ear and the neck’ his hand goes around her belly and pulls her close’ as usual she gave in.. he kissed her neck and then gave a light peck on her shoulder’

When they were in relation maan didn’t cross his limit for once but now finding her besides him after so many years he couldn’t control his emotion’  

Geet felt her knees will become jelly if he continues his sweet assault’ she tried to go away but instead land up on leaning on him’

Maan: don’t go away from me geet’

Geet: I had never maan, u were the one,, she stopped at her track a s reality hit her.. Instantly she took some step away from him, maan can saw the distance not only in their physical appearance but also her mind and heart..

Maan: geet will u play holi with me?

Geet looks away: I don’t play holi maan,, I did arti, u can enjoy urself down, there are lots of people around there..

Maan: but someone taught me to play color with ur close ones..


Geet: she herself didn’t knew who was her close one who was not’

Maan: geet can’t u forgive for once’ she closed her eyes as he snuggle close to her neck, tracing the white marvelous skin with the tip of his nose’ u wasn’t playing holi because of me’ past memory rushed in geet, the day she saw his love for anannya, the day he kissed her in front of her, the day she lost everything, her heart mind, the day she destroyed herself..

Geet: aapne sach kaha maan,, I couldn’t play holi because of u as I can’t forget the memory, what should I do maan..

She was so straight forward that left him speechless’. He doesn’t know what to say, she turn and stars at his eyes’

Geet: tell me maan what should I do, forget everything and enjoy my life?

Maan: at least give ur life a second chance’

Geet smiles: then I have already given that maan’. he didn’t know what she want to say, rather what she want to hide, her emotion her grief in her small smile? Will she be able to lead a life of past sorrow; he wanted to wash out but how? A person who is responsible for her misery how can he remove the memory when she herself is living in a hard shell that unbreakable’maan u can go down, I will be there to see everyone, I will be with dadisa so don’t worry about me, I m enough capable to take care of my emotion’

Her voice was soft yet it held firmness now, he just stars at her almond eyes which always adore him sometime but now she has blocked herself from any emotion’

Maan: I know u can’t forgive me so easily neither u forget the bitter memory I gave u, but trust me geet, I m repenting every min’ I never intended to hurt u but I gave a lifetime scare, I want to see ur smile geet, just like the day I saw u first’

Geet smiles sadly: I don’t know where she got lost’

In the mean time sonam and unnati barged in geet’s room, they saw maan,, sonam was a little scared now as what will unnati think’

Unnati: aare maan bhai sa aap bhi yaha? U must have come to take her for holi, and as usual she has refused it’

Maan smiles weakly’

Sonam: geet please hamare sath is saal holi khello’

Geet: sonam, she said in a pleading voice’.

Unnati: geet this is the last year of my being here with u people,, please give me this yr at least’

Sonam: geet I have also closed myself to do anything on this day as my best friend left me on this day, but finally I got her, will u not celebrate with me?

Tear threaten to fall as geet understood her meaning’

Rohan came there: at least for ur jijusa u can play holi for some time geet’ it’s a request from my side’

Geet shook her head: nahi nahi jijusa aapko request karne ki koi jarurat nahi,, next year maybe I will not get the chance to celebrate it with u people,, chaliye hum apke sath challenge holi manane’.

As she goes from there maan looked at sonam with gratitude’ she smiles at him assuring everything will be fine’.



Maan goes down and saw geet was smiling with other,, the people of the state are very happy to have their princess close to them,,, he saw the humbleness she have for others, she always had that, he never recognize that’ a princess brought up with the culture and humbleness and he took wrong opportunity of her soft heart.. how can he ask her forgiveness but now he only wants her happiness, that he knew is with him only. She still loves him, he can see it in her eyes’


Geet apply a pinch of color on dadisa’s forehead and on her feet as a custom and with return dadisa applied on her forehead like a tika, she is very happy to see geet playing holi 1st time in 3 yrs’

Everyone pulls her to holi ground, and she applied color on everyone, still she was not fully happy or open, everyone knew that and that’s why a little color was on her’ but then maan came with full plate of color, geet saw him with wide eyes’ she shook her head in negative’

Geet: no maan u can’t do this’.

Maan smiles slyly: yes I can,, he splash the color direct on her but she sat down on the ground and it goes above her head’ she stood up and smiles at him,, and then shows her thumbs down’ he get one more plate that was beside him,, and shows her that,, geet gulp hard’ and then he chase her ofcourse geet was fast to run off’

Maan: u can’t run very long, I will catch u’

Geet: catch me if u can’.

Geet stoped at her track so did maan, he was not sure why she has stopped, and then saw her mischievous smile, just like 3 yrs back’ last holi,, she was playing prank on him with a same mischief,, but the sad part is that was her last time to be so playful after that she lost all color’

Geet splash some blue color on him and that straightly went on his white kurta,,, he chuckle and shows that she missed his face and then saw her smile’. After that he narrow his eyes to see he is in a circle of 10 kids who was circling him with Pichkari full of water color’ he gulp hard and looked at her helplessly’ she laughed and shows her tongue’

Maan: teri to,,, ruk’ he ran with a  high speed breaking their circle,, he was so fast that the kids couldn’t understand what happen, geet ran off to save her life’ 


Everyone was happy to see her so happy, this must be the 1st time they are seeing her so happy’ dadisa saw the bonding between geet n maan but as per her princess happiness concern she is really open minded.. and she trust geet,, she is the Princess Geetanjali Handa who known for keeping her words’

Though geet is her son’s best friend Chandra shekher handa’s daughter but she loves her like her own grand-daughter.. her husband and geet’s grandfather was best friend and this goes from generation’ this state actually was Swarnalata devi’s (dadisa) husband’s family,, but once it has some crises and some outscore people tried to take it from them then geet’s forefather came and help them’ from then it became the rather and handa’s state’ and the generation always became best of friends’ so was geet’s case’.


Sonam saw her brother like 3 4 yr back the old maan, who knew how to smile and how to bring on others also.. but after geet leaving them he became so hard and closed himself from other, mano geet me unki duniya basti ho, lekin uss duniya ko hi nahi samjhe wo’ she didn’t knew what happen between him n anannya but she saw they broke up’ she was happy but didn’t react on it’

Now seeing the most fav 2 people like this she felt alive’.

Geet entered the ras leela zone when a dance has arranged’ its plays as a tribute to radha-krishna and all the gopis that krisha played holi with’ 

Geet looked at him helplessly and he only grins at her’ everyone insisted her,, and she smiles heading a bow to Lord Krishna’.


She tied a knot of her dupatta(scarf) on her waist from the shoulder’


Some men come in with dhol and nagada’. Geet took her sweet time to bow her head infront of radha Krishna’


Hey kha na na na na khankhanat

hey ta na na na na tantanat

ay ja na na na na na janjanat

chha na na na na na na na

ji ji ji ji ji hey.. haa



some girls came with manjira and started dancing around geet,, they were specially came here for the ‘raas leela’ dance, but to get to see dancing the best dancer of the state and princess geetanjali dancing after 3 yrs its surely a pleasurable sight for them



Jhananana Jhanjhanat Jhanjhar Baaje Re Aaj

Tanananana Tantanat Manjeera Baaje

Ghananana Ghanghanat Gori Ke Kangana Aaj

Chhananana Chhanchhanat Paayal Sang Baaje


Geet swing and and twisted her right leg infront of left knee in the air and with it she twist her hand to show her bangle with a pose’


Sar Par Chunar Odhe Niklegi Aaj Raadhe

Lehra Lehrake Gopiyon Sang


She took her scarf and rest in on her head and then walked in a elegance way with her hand swing in the air side by’.



Kaanha Bhi Peechhe Peechhe

Taang Koi Kheenche Kheenche

Murli Se Barsaaye Nasur Tarang

Dharti Aur Vo Gagan

Jhoomenge Sang Sang

Sabpe Chadhega Aaj Prem Rang


Someone tug her chunri and she saw backward a small boy was there dressed in a krishana’s avatar’  


Rangeen Gulaal Hoga

Socho Kya Haal Hoga

Nachenge Prem Rogi Dum Duma Dum Dum


He throw color on her but she dodged it sitting on the ground then she stood up and goes down 2 more time and with a swing end the step’

And then shows her ghungroo(a kind of anklet with sounding beats) by doing sound placing her feet with every beat’.


Dham Dham Datilal Datilal Dhidkit Dhidkit Dhilaal

Baaje Mirdang Dhana Dhan Dhan Dhana Dhan Baaje

Chham Chham Chham Chhamat Jhanjhar Jhamjhamat

Ghungroo Ghamghamat Chamak Cham Chamake

Hey Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re

Dhol Baaje


geet’s dress and her moves



She ended her kathak the pure Indian dance and bow towards lord Krishna and then pulls everyone on the place’ dancing is her passion that she has blocked after that day and now doing that she just broke a small barrier of her heart’ a smile to die for she gave everyone’


Hey hey..

Hey Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re




Rohan came with unnati and throws her on front,, though she was shy but started dancing’.



Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol

Ki Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Ki Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol

To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol


Rohan came to geet and tried to color her but she was clever enough to dodge him, and he landed on unnati’


Hey Hey Chhori Badi Anmol

Meethe Meethe Iske Bol

Aankhein Iski Gol Gol Gol Gol

To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol


Geet shows him her tongue and shows her thumbs and everyone laughed at him’ she sang and pulls unnati and sang with her..


Haan Haan Chhora Hai Natkhat

Bole Hai Patpat

Arre Chhede Mujhe Bole Aise Bol

To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol


Aadi came there with nagada and started dancing with it’.. everyone clapped for him to see him dancing with that’.



Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re

Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol

To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

To Dham Dham Dham Baaje Dhol


Sonam tried to color geet but still she didn’t gave up and ran from there,, only to bump her back to maan’. She saw the sadness in sonam’s eyes,, she knew only cause of her she was so isolate with maan’  she smiles at maan mischievously and put a full thal(plate) of color on his head,, everyone was shock and she hide her smile’ sonam was happy to see the old bubbly geet and she laughed at maan who saw the sight with amusement and thanked geet with his eyes’ but then geet smiles and tried to go away, least she knew what maan is planning for her’ he held her hand and twisted that ways she landed on his chest’



Rasiyo Ye Roop Taro Chhoo Loon Zara


She saw him and then the color on his hand,,


Arre Na


Arre Haan

Arre Haan Haan Haan Haan



She pushes him and dances with other people in the middle’


Raat Ki Rani Jaise Roop Mera

Mehkasa Mehkasa

Mehkasa Mehkasa

Udegi Mahak Mujhe Chhoo Na Tu Kyon

Behkasa Bahkasa

Behkasa sa sa sa sa


Maan tried to catch her but she was running fast,,


Paas Aaja Meri Rani

Tu Ne Nahin Meri Maani

Karoonga Main Manmaani

Mat Kar Shaitani

Arre rererere..

Sarre rerere..

Pare rerere..


At last he caught her


Ki Dholi Taro

Dhin Dhinak Dhin

Ki Dholi Taro

Dhin Dhinak Dhin

Ki Dholi Taro


Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol

Ki Dham Dham Baaje Dhol


He danced with her standing on her back and swinging his body with music,, he was indeed a great dancer and the way he is doing Indian beats amazed everyone’


Hey Hey Chhori Badi Anmol

Meethe Meethe Iske Bol

Aankhein Iski Gol Gol Gol Gol

To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol


He pushes her waist with his and she made a O and then she hit his shoulder like poking him’


Ho Ho Ho Chhora Hai Natkhat

Bole Hai Patpat

Chhede Mujhe Bole Aise Bol

To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol


Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol

Ki Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Ki Dham Dham Dham Baaje Dhol



Both dances together in a circle with everyone’..


Hey Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje

Dham Dham

Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje

Dham Dham

Hungama Hungama Ho Gaya Hai Hungama

Hungama Hungama Ma Ma Ma Ma Re..

Hungama Hungama Ho Gaya Hai Hungama

Hungama Hungama Ma Ma Ma Ma Re..

Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje


Geet was busy with sonam and dev dancing with them forgetting the surrounding and then maan came infront of her,, and splashed red color all over her face,, she instant covered her face with crossed arm but it goes on her head filling the forehead in the process and then her whole forehead,, her white complexion and the red color on her white dress was enchanting her beauty more’.


She looked at him shocked touching her forehead and he was just smiling at her’


Hey Baaje

Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje

Hey Baaje Re Baaje

Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje

Dham Dham

Dham Dham

Dham Dham

Hey Dham Dham

Hey Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje

Dham Dham

Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje

Dham Dham .


Everyone was busy in their masti, no one saw their act,, but sonam saw that, sh silently wiped her tears of joy and bowed against krisna.. geet’s eyes was glittering with tears but she ignore and turn to hide it’. But it didn’t get unnoticed by maan’ he pulls her hand and she saw his eyes,, her tears fall down but in the process some color goes to her eyes.. she tried to shut her eyes, maan saw that and he drag her to a tent beside’. No one notice that as the scene was full covered in various color’.

Geet: maan where r u taking me? my eyes are burning’

Maan: just a min geet’. He handed a bottle’ here splash some water on ur face,, she did so and all the color came out’. she wiped the water with her dupatta,,, and then something hit her’ she tried to take out all the color from her head’ Maan held her hand and brought close to him,, she was in dazed of his smirk,, his face was an inch away from her’. they are in a small tent like a green room to change or fix the dresses’ geet tried to step back but he pulls her holding her waist and she landed on him with a thud.. her hair falls on her face and he slowly tugged the hair behind her ear,, and cupped her face’.

Maan: I have missed ur smile, she smiles at him meekly’ do u know how much I felt empty when u left me, she can saw a sadness in his eyes’

Geet:u love her’

Maan: I broke up with her’ she looked at him shocked’

Geet: why?

Maan: because we never meant to be together’ I was blind in my play and ego that I want to get her,, soon after ur leaving we both realize we weren’t meant for each other’ though she doesn’t wanted to call it off but eventually she took this in positive as she can sense I was not in love with her’

Geet: still, u loved her once, she said but not looking in his eyes’

Maan pulls her more close: geet, do u see any love for her in my eyes,, her heart throbbed violently when she saw the truth in his eyes..

He held her one cheek,, and caresses with his thumb: I did a mistake and u punished me for that by going away from me, but in all that u have suffered much more’ a tear drop made its way down and he kissed it away,,, but not anymore geet’ please come back to me’ he rest his forehead on her, when u were not there I saw the emptiness in my life’ everywhere, every place I just wanted to see u, I searched for u madly’

Geet: but not enough to find me..

Maan: yeah that was not enough, he said in a whispering tone’ but please don’t punish urself and me anymore geet’ he placed his lips on her and she held the edge of his shirt tightly’ remembering the 1st time he kissed her in the collage’ he doesn’t deepen the kiss just lingered it like a rose petal with dew drop’

Then slowly nibble her both lips’. He didn’t remove his lips but said in the kiss,,

Maan: I realized I loved u when u were not with me.. geet looked at him with tears, mixed with happinees and sadness’. But I don’t want to lose u again, geet.. i m living in my demise for a long now I couldn’t handle myself anymore’ I won’t discard my feeling now.. I will accept it.. yes I m in love with u,, geet closed her eyes tight, feeling helpless’ not today the day u walked in my life, just took very long time to realize it.. but now not anymore,, I can’t live without u geet’ I love u only u’ will u be mine forever’

The word he said earlier still that has the depth now only,, the words she wanted to hear for so long still she feels helpless to hear anything or believe anything, the scare is very deep but before that she is bound to be in her limits’. 

Geet: stop it maan,, please stop it’

Maan held her arm close to him: I won’t geet, I love u geet, and i will say this again n again’ be mine forever please, his plead is making her weak’ she couldn’t see him so helpless.. what an irony, it was the same day 3 yr back when he walked off from her life decline their love.. it is the same day when he accept his love towards her.. the difference is she can see the truth in his eyes now still can’t give her fate a chance’.

Geet: I can’t’. it’s not possible’ I m bound not to be with u’. I m sorry’ her voice was like whisper’ he couldn’t understand why she is saying this,, it only angering him further’.

Maan couldn’t hold himself stopping her blabbering’ he just slammed his lips on her, she was numb and he kissed her passionately, but sometime later she gains her conscious and with all force jerks him’ he looked at her shocked’

Geet: its not right’ I don’t love u’ she said in a meek voice,, covering her own self with a lie’

Maan saw he has given a scar that will take a lot time to heal but least he what scar she is having now, a burden to refuse him, a burden to love him’.

Maan: why u r saying this when I know u love me’

Geet: I m bound to say that maan’. she just ran off shoving him away from her path.. he tried to stop her and then saw her running madly in the path’ and bump to well built man’

She was going to fall when he held her’ sonam and others also saw that.. geet lift her head to see the man’ happiness and shock both ran through together’

Aise koi bhagta hain princess, if anything happened to u what will I do then? He said in concern’.

Geet mumble: Veer’.

Veer: ha apka veer’ he pulls her in a bear Hug and she cringed him tight, fearing herself to get lost.. I never knew u have missed me so much’  waise color aap pe suit kar raha hain’ but I missed the 1st chance’ he said pouted’ geet pulls herself away,, and shows him her hand..

Geet: rang dijiye apni geet ko’

Veer smiles and took the color from her palm and applied some red color on her cheeks,, tear fall from her eyes as she saw maan’s hurt eyes: happy holi princess..

Geet: happy holi veer’ she applied a little on his cheek but he held her hand and rubbed it on his cheek more feeling her touch’. Geet just stars at his eyes which are now showing how happy he is.

Veer: I missed my Geet’ he hugged her again and she placed her head on his broad chest’.


Dadisa came towards others where maan and rest were standing’.

Dadisa: agaye Udaiveer’ hmmm aate hi apni geetanjali se milne chale gaye’

Unnati: dada aise hi hain’

Dadisa: bhagwan inki khusi banaye rakkhe (god always bless them with happiness)



Precap: what relation geet and veer has?



Now I want some comments,, tichu begging for likes and comment’. And tell me honestly hows this ss is going? Did u find it boring? Ur precious comments really needed for me to boost up’. Thank u for ur love that u showered till now’.


Sorry for not giving do me a favor lets play holi song,,, it was not going with the plot, the lyrics was changing the meaning of the situation and I wanted a tradition song and dance as a raas leela song need that, where the dancers are represent Krishna n Radha’. Hope u will support me with it’


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