Kaisi Kashish Hain yeh part 7



Kaisi Kashish hain Yeh



Part 7


He came to her naval and places some sensual wet kisses around her abdomen… she moans in pleasure and scream when his sharp teeth bite her soft naval….

Maan: I don’t want to harsh on u but u r making me break my rule… he came on her lips and captured it,,where his hand was busy searching her womanly asset,, he rubbed her hard bud over the thin material of her br*,, and then squeeze it,, she moans between the kiss,, and his tongue was tasting her sweet nectar,, after some more time when he felt breathless,, he came to her neck and pulling her br* strap down.. she meekly protested but he strongly pinned her hand above her head and in fraction of second he torn the material… his eyes were gulping her naked beauty and she looks away feeling flushed… he can see her faded blush…

Maan came near her and whisper: don’t u dare go against me geet,, u will pay a heavy price in future and for now,, u have to pay the for the ignorance and hugging that man, telling this he went towards her curves, harshly sucking it… she gasp at his demon weight,, his hot mouth was itching to have the beautiful curves in,, and his one hand goes down to pulls her panty.. she feels timid infront of his structure.. not only physically but the desire he is awaking in her that was boosting down her mind also… he pressed his hand on her womanhood and pressed it… she scream when his teeth bites her curves…he was wild and she couldn’t take it,, he kisses her chest and shoulder leaving his mark,, she tried to rolled over on him but he pressed his whole body on her petite one…

Geet: maan stop,, its hurting… he ignored her voice and latches the 2nd curve making her scream,, she felt in finger in her, and he was stroking it roughly,, she moans louder and he captured her mouth,, sucking and biting it,, it was becoming impossible to handle him for a timid body like her.. he was harsh on her, no mercy only pain… and then he entered her with a rough long stroke,, she almost screamed but he didn’t let her as his tongue enters her mouth… she dig her nails on his shoulder but it gave him more power to continue with more force,, he increased his speed and rock back n forth,, she gasp for air…  she was exhausted but he was nowhere ready for the orgasm.. but felt her limping and he soften a bit,, and then with fraction he hit the climax.. she screamed and bite his shoulder,, and then fall backward.. he collapse beside her….


She felt her eyes lids are going to shut and so she did,, she drifted to sleep feeling exhausted and sour… maan looks at her face that is sweating and tugged her close to him feeling content and soon drifted to sleep as the alcohol was making him dizzy..


Morning ray makes him open to his eyes and saw the her beautiful face, but it was blank,, geet was sitting on the bed resting her head on the head post…. He saw a sheet was around her and brushes all over her body,, he closed his eyes,, what have he done,, in his drunken and angry self he had treated her like this… when she was reciprocating it why he had to go wild,, what is the difference of forcing and making love now…

Maan: geet…

She looks at him and tried to go from there.. maan held her hand and she sat again..

Geet didn’t said anything wanted to hear him….

Maan: ohh I was harsh last ni8,, she looks at him like telling him, finally u know what were u doing… I shouldn’t do that… its paining kya? Wow maan singh khurana and worrying for a girl,, what an picture he thought,, but his expectation to see her a little soft goes in drain as she jerk her hand…

Geet: u did whatever u want last night,, now leave me….

Maan noticed her tone is cold: listen to me once..

Geet: what do u want to say maan? u didn’t wanted to force,,, naahh u don’t have to force me that u said na,, so this will be a mere se* which go a little wild,, right?  Then be happy with it and leave my hand…

Maan: no geet, u have to listen me,, she jerk his hand and stood up…

Geet shouted: kya sunu main? Aur kya sunna hain maan? whatever u said yesterday wasn’t enough? Whatever u did last night wasn’t enough? What u want to say maan, that I m a bitch that have to bear ur any order?

Maan roared: Geettt….

Geet shows her finger: Don’t,, don’t u dare shout on me,, u don’t have any right to do so Mr maan singh khurana… I m nothing to u and that lesson u have taught me really well… yesterday itself u actually shows my place… yes I came from middle a small town but u know what, I m proud of that… I m proud of my dignity, what I m, I m infront of everyone… I don’t have to hide myself in a mask like u… if I feel something I have the guts to tell everyone about that,, not like someone who just to hide their emotion can demolish anyone’s reputation…  what do u think I m dying for ur money? Huh, to hell with ur money,, and what did u said, my mentally is a middle class mentally,, I m happy with it atleast I don’t have to show my goodness or badness wrapped in a gift packet…  and of course,, I didn’t mind the bitches around u in a pool party but u do mind where someone help me in my circumstances… wow, how humble u r,,, u shows me the right place last night maan,, just a single hug can make u so jealous that u forgot ur self,, what would have happen if I did the same thing u do still now.. don’t tell me u r became patnibrata pati who hasn’t being with a girl after marriage,, huh, no one can believe that at least…

Maan: but it is true,, I never went to a girl after our marriage, she looks at him for an answer of a unknown question but shrugged it..

Geet: but u will go after u are satisfied with me… hain na maan? he looks at her feeling a pang… so what should I say? Did u enjoyed last night? He closed his eyes feeling a sharp pain inside… did I satisfied u and ur desire? M I done or u want more from me? she was commenting in a disgusting manner.. feeling disgusted on ownself.. she felt her throat will burn any moment and her eyes were burr.. bolo na maan,, if u r not still satisfied u can have more, she started opening her sheet that was covering her nude body… maan goes towards her to stop… but she was on so much fury she just snapped his hand.. ohhh u want to do this on ur own?? Waise bhi if I doesn’t allow u u will my cloth na? then be my guest, I will do it for u… she said and the sheet slides down,, giving him the full access to see her red brushes body,, her cleavage was soar.. and waist was covered in red n blue marks.. he closed his eyes and covered her with the sheet… and goes from there without uttering any words….


She sank on the ground and broke down… the tears she had blocked in her heart makes it way down..

Geet: I hate u maan,, I hate u for doing this,, I hate u for making me love u,, I hate u for making me hate myself for loving u….







After the heavy accusation maan couldn’t hold himself and he makes out to the office after changing in the joint room,, but all the while her words were ringing in his head..

He closed his eyes and her face flashed,, never in his life he felt something like this… he opens his eyes and saw her cabin is empty, she has not come yet… he called aadi and he came inside in few mins….

Maan: where is geet? She didn’t come yet? Aadi looked at him in confusion…. Maan was frustrated already and seeing aadi like this only angered him more… AADIII I m asking something… aadi nervously shook his head to get hold of the situation…

Aadi: sirrr don’t u know mam has resigned,, maan looked at him shock… she has sent her resign to the HR department today morning….. I thought u must knew it… maan closed his eyes and thought about his words, he regretted his words now,, at least before he can see her in the office, he couldn’t see her now…. Aadi take his leave and maan lost in his thought…




Maan came home after shouting and doing 0 work around 7 pm and then saw actually feel something is missing in the house.. he saw dadima and meera was chatting but geet was nowhere,, he thought maybe she will be in the room, he makes his way there but found it empty… he freshen up and then searched her on the terrace, there also found empty… he was frustrated and a fear started engulfing him,, MSK and fear what a joke he thought… he brushes all his thought and came down shouting Geet’s name….

Dadi and meera looked at him in confusion…

Maan: meera where is geet…

Meera: u are her husband and u don’t know where is she? She said in a teasing voice..

But it made maan more angry, he shouted: meera will u say where is she?

Meera taken aback: she is not here,, he missed a beat,, and looked at her with a little fear… she has gone to Mumbai, her friend’s place.. she told us the morning before leaving, her friend is not well, so armaan came and took her with him….

The word rang in his mind and fury ran through his spine… he makes a fist and dig his nail in the skin..

Meera: but she said she will call u,, I think she have forgot…

Before she can say anything else maan left from there.. dadima and meera was confused and looked at each other in confusion… they thought maybe he is angry for not telling him of course any hubby will be angry on that…. but they will solve the problem once they talk….




Maan smashed the alcohol bottle of his mini bar… he was sitting and drinking for 2 hrs now,, but the thought geet left him making him restless,, he wanted her right now,, he wanted to touch her smooth skin.. he wanted to kiss her madly… but all his thought went in drain when reality hit hard,, she left him… how can she… maybe for that man…  he hates this feeling of restlessness… he hates to be in sorrow but he himself had made this dark hollow for him… but why he is feeling this he fail to realize that,,but he doesn’t wanted to know it also,, he just want Her… but where is she,, she is not with him now,, he had hurt her and she is punishing him now,, she knows it very well that he can’t stay away from her now, that’s why she left him…. yes she wanted me to run behind her,, that’s why she left me,,, but I will show her what is MSK all about,, u will pay a high geet for leaving me….

He gulp down the drink and headed towards the pix where their wedding pix is hanging,, it’s a huge picture,, he traces her face with his finger,, he stops at her lips,, he remember how it felt against him, he was feeling hard t just think about it…. But then he think about the morning where her lips and her body was red and brushes was all over,, he hit his hand on the side lamp and in the process his hand slits,, he saw the blood and smiles bitterly…

Maan: u have to come back geet, I will make u come back to me…  




Precap: umm what do u think where is geet???? And what will maan do??

Umm I m little confuse what to do next…. Hope to see some suggestion…


8 responses to this post.

  1. awsem so geet accusing maan maan guilty geet resignation maan restless geet left hope maan will understand he love her


  2. Posted by akshata on March 8, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    very intresting ahead, loved the update


  3. Posted by Anamika SB on March 9, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Your FFs turning bette to Brilliant !
    keep it up 😀


  4. Posted by Anamika SB on March 9, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Oops meant better to Brilliant … 😛


  5. Posted by Najiha' Naina on March 16, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Amazing update tich… Superb description…
    This is force… He was to much harsh that nite. Geet is rite to leave him like that.. Geet ki halat dekhi, parhi, suni nai ja rai…
    He is such a monster yr… Wo kehti reh gai ‘its hurting Maan’ but he was so harsh n aggressive n jealous too…
    Maan ko samjna hoga ye ghalat hy. Muje to geet kly boht bura lag rha hy…


  6. Posted by Najiha' Naina on March 16, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Basicaly he is insecure n not realizing his love n feelings for Geet. Hope he understand n admit it soon..


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