Kagaz ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 32


Thank u to all of u,, I saw some new reader has commented on the previous part, thank u so much guys’. I m down with cold and sneezing like hell till now,,, head is paining, uff I m in full tuta futa haal so couldn’t reply everyone,, but u please keep commenting on every part, its motivates me a lot’..



Kagaz ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life



Part 32



After that day geet felt maybe God is kind on her that he has given maan and now this happiness on her fate, maan pampered her like anything, his love was blossoming with each day and time, geet was happy in her little forgetting her disease and every sorrow’ she forget her time span, maan’s love was filling her each cell ever so gently’ but how could she comprehend that destiny has something more in her store, god has decided something more for her’.


After 1 week of the proposal maan declare that they can arrange the wedding in their style’ he want to get married to her with all ritual and in front of the world’. geet blushed hearing his plan,, but he never leave a chance to tease her’ but in that the problem was her pregnancy that was making her weak and vulnerable’ once maan wanted to decline the marriage to see her condition but geet insisted that she will be fine’

Marriage was after 5 days so there are lots of arrangement,, though maan wanted to invite the whole world maybe but geet was uncomfortable with that, she always wanted a simple wedding with close family and friends’ maan agreed for it’ brij came from London and met geet’ he heard her disease from her mom and broke down completely,, then shouted on geet for not telling him’. somehow she manages him with maan beside her’ brij was thankful to him that he is doing all this for her.. maan simply told he is doing all this for his love, his life’. Brij smiles at him and thought what fate they both had, when she was fine she didn’t get him and when she is dying she gets the immense love that any girl can only dreamt’.


Dadima said geet have to go for shopping, she needs wedding cloth to collect and have to try fir fitting and then the jewelry,, thank god she has already ordered all for it as she knew geet couldn’t stress herself’ but maan was adamant for not letting her go alone’


Geet: maan I m not going alone ok,, annie meera nt di sab to honge na’.

Maan: still I don’t want u to go,, u can call them at home,, I will pay them double’

Geet: maan,, everything is not for money’

Maan: I know jaan,,, but I can’t let u go in this state’.

Geet frowns: then why u have arranged this marriage when I can’t enjoy myself in my wedding? She made a baby angry face and turn her back to him,, he sighed and came hugged her from back.. his hand was going to hold her from her waist but geet wacked on his hand and goes a little away’ he again pulls her and hugged her forcefully’

Maan: mishty u r a little weak jaan,, that’s why I m saying not to stress urself’ he kissed her earlobe smoothly’ she shivered in his touch’.

Geet: maan,, a moan came out, he smirks seeing his effect’

Maan: and moreover if u go with them what will I do in the house,, I specially took the day off for u, he said huskily in his ear..

Maan doesn’t wanted to break her trace so he made it more effecting by kissing her earlobe and then came to on her neck placing sensual kisses all around her neck and nape’ the sweet kisses were sending shiver down her spine and she moans his name that was satisfying maan very much’ he slides down her kurti from her shoulder a little and kisses her shoulder and bite a little portion’ she was losing herself in his deep elation and turn to hug him tight’. He nuzzle close to her neck from front and held her body close to him,, leaving no chance for her to escape’ he kissed her jaw senselessly and move upper to place some soft kisses on her face’ each kiss was evoking her like volcano, the heat was becoming impossible to handle’. He captured her lips and started kissing her with shear madness, madness of her love, the feel of loving her’


He nibbles her lips and she slipped her hand in his thick black hair pulling him more close,, he entered her mouth and tastes every corner of that, the sweet honey essence was driving him crazy’ his hand was massaging her waist and back, he touches the bare part of her kurti and with one swift moment ripped the string of her back, she arch her back as he sensually moves his finger to her spine’ she bite his lips felling anticipate, he groans with her aggressive gesture and pinned her to a wall beside’ he kissed her till then they felt sort of air and then came to her jaw, her chest’. He bite her cleavage over her dress, she moans his name’.

Their blissful moment got disturb with geet’s buzzing cell’ maan groan kissing her neck and bite that’

Geet came back to her senses: maan let me take the call

Maan kisses her earlobe slowly nibbling it: no’ please don’t take it now’ he kisses her neck down’ her eyes were clouded with desire but she have to push him, but the weight was so heavy that she couldn’t move him an inch, she pouted and twisted her lips but maan only smirks and kisses tight on her cheek’

Maan; u r not going anywhere, do u leave this moment, he said with devilish grin, geet gulp hard to see the demon but she try to put a brave face’

Geet: but I have to, u know maan I so much wanted this day to enjoy’ I want to do everything that a would be bride want to do’ maan the see the sparkle in her eyes’ her cell went off and in fraction of min it again buzz’ maan sighed in frustration and geet giggle’ he gave her a little space to take it and she attend the call to hear a shrieking meera’.

Meera: where the hell r u? she shouted,, maan rolled his eyes as he can hear her voice’ geet pushed him and goes a little far to talk with her but felt a tug on her waist, maan pulls her and she collide with his rock solid chest’

Maan: I gave u permission to attend the call but I never said I will let u go far,, he whisper in her other ear’ she looked at him helplessly’.

Meera: geet r u there? She shouted again’ don’t tell me u r again busy romancing with ur hubby’ geet looks at the grin on his face and got embarrassed.. maan kissed her red cheek’ will u say something damit?

Geet: uhh meera wo,,

Meera: don’t u dare say jiju doesn’t want u to come, nooo’ idhar jay n sujal mera dimag kha rahe hain and u r saying u r not coming’ don’t do this with me’.


On hearing the names maan’s facial expression changed’ geet can say he is not so pleased with the approach but she can’t do anything’

Geet: meera I m coming in 20 mins, please manage till then’

Meera: yeah ok’.

They hung up and geet looked at maan’

Geet: maan I have to go, meera is waiting for me, she needs me’

Maan: and what about me geet? I want u also,, infact I need u more than her’. don’t go, he said nuzzling close to her neck,, how stubborn he has became now a days she though so’

Geet: why u r behaving like this maan? its just some hrs’. now let me go’

Maan: some HOURS geet, its not so easy’ I don’t want to leave u for a second also’

Geet was getting frustrated now: then cancel everything na,, If there will be nothing according my choice what is the meaning of getting married again’.

Maan knew her mood swing very well and now he is cursing himself for teasing her beyond limit’ he knew she want to do everything like a would be bride and he is happy with it but seeing her getting weak in front of his demand he decided to tease her further but its getting over board now.. and the sudden blast of geet was expected’

Geet’s face was becoming red with anger and frustration’.

Maan: I never said that’

Geet: what did u say? U don’t want me to go there for the selection of wedding dress n jewelry, its my wedding and I can’t do anything on my wedding wow,, its so great’ what is the use of getting married again when I can’t choose anything’.

Maan: geet it will be ur choice only, I can ordered everything in the house’. Oops again’. He is surely planning to death by her hand’ she gave him a angry glare’.

Geet: mujhe apne tarike se shaadi chhaiye maan, not with the tag of mrs MSK’ he frowns at her’ that made her more frustrated.. u know what? cancel everything’ I don’t want to do any shopping’ even I don’t want to marry u now’

His eyes goes big’..

Geet: when there is nothing with my choice I m not interested to marry u’ I don’t want this marriage again’.

Now its turn for her to getting scared to see his eyes that are spitting fire’

Maan: what did u say? U doesn’t want to marry me? he said with greeted teeth and takes 2 step towards her, automatically she started going backward’. Soon she felt there is no room to escape, she hit the wall with her back and maan came on her pinning her to the wall’. U doesn’t want this marriage take place, hain na geet’ geet gulp hard’

Geet: nahi maan mera matlab wo nahi tha.. he came to her lips’

Maan: to kya tha geet? Her breath caught in her lungs, his manly scent was driving her crazy’. He smirks seing his effect but soon he hide it’ bolo geet..

Geet: wo main,,,

Maan: listen geet, even if u doesn’t want this marriage to take place I won’t let this happen’ she gaped at him with open big eyes’ don’t u dare to say that again, I might land up doing something that u regret,, she gulp her saliva and he came to her lips not touching but the slight brush was arousing her, get ready I m coming with u’.

He said and left the room with a devilish smile’

Geet: ye maine kya kar diya? Hay babaji aap mere zuban pe thoda control nahi de sakte hain’ he must be angry on me now,, he have done so much only for me, the proposal that I have dreams only he make it in real, this marriage is a special occasion for us and he wanted make it special for me only an di have hurt him by saying that I will cancel everything’. Why I have a big mouth ufff’

With her cursing program going on she changed her dress and both drove to the mall,, nt and aniee was with meera ‘.

All the while maan was silently torturing her by not speaking a word.. geet started feeling guilty and maan was enjoying her little effort to talk with him’ soon they reach the mall and maan open the door for her, she tried to say something but he started walking towards meera who was approaching them only’.

Meera: u guys are so late and geet is this ur 20 mins its 45 mins now’. Geet made a cute pouted face’ and mumble a sorry,, meera took her in the store and she was seeing only maan but he was busy on a call or so he pretends’..



Meera was showing her some dress but her eyes were searching maan only,, sujal saw that and then he walked upto her’.

Sujal: so getting married again’ geet looked at him guiltily,, he smiles,, u don’t have to be guilty, I know how it feels when u r in love and I know u love him only’ she smiles and lowered her lashes’

Meera gave her a green dress to try she made a yucky face and then ruffle some more dress,, meera looks at sujal with a cranky face, they knows its very difficult to choose for geet and she herself always got confuse that’s why she were never insist her for shopping and meera wanted her to come as its really difficult to impress geet in dress or jewelry’

Sujal assured her and choose a pink lahenga which again she made a face,, jay came and took a black dress, geet gave an angry glare’.

Meera: meri maa tu khud choose karle tujhe kya pahenna hain’

Geet: idk, I don’t know’.

Jay: yaar u r rejecting everything and now u r saying u don’t know what u actually want? Jay looked at her like she has two horns above her head’.

Sujal again gave her a white color dress again she discard making a crying face’ it was more than 1 n half our but not a single dress she had chosen’

Everyone was little worried as she was looking tired and pale still she is still stick to her point, want something special for her wedding’.

Sujal: u should not stress ur self geet,, try atleast one for once, u haven’t tried anything’

Geet cribbed: I don’t like it’ the boutique owner was passing by giving her an angry glare,, geet immediately turn away and annie nt gave a nervous smile’.

Nt: choose something atleast’ she felt helpless seeing her so strobborn’ annie something to nt n meera,, they thought geet can like this but she again refused that’. now they are in hell worry, 1st about her health then maan who was not there busy with his mails and phn call’. If he gets to know it what will he think’. What if he gets angry as he hates shopping’

Geet was cutely pouting when two hand close to her putting a dress in front of her’ her eyes twinkle to see the dress,, it was red and dark pink,, heavy work but elegant’

Then she saw the person who was holding the dress,, it was maan’. she looked at him with worry face but he only handed her that and makes his exit’ unknowingly tears rolled down her eyes’ but she doesn’t wanted to show it to others so she wiped that before anyone can question anything’. She silently took that and went for the changing room for checking the fittings’.  But she didn’t know that someone was watching her with hurt eyes’. It was maan’.

Few more tears came out,, his coldness and avoiding was making her sad and his not talking with her breaking her nerves’.She closed shut the door and leaned on the door without locking it’.

I m sorry maan,, she whisper and look at the dress.. its beautiful, a smile came on her lips,, he knew what is her choice but she failed to realize what he want’.

In her absent mind she forgot to lock the door’ she was staring the dress only and drop of tear going ot fall on the dress when a palm took it’. Her vision was blurring but the smell she knew it’.

Geet: maan a whisper came out,, but he placed his finger on her lips’

Maan: kitna bolti ho tum,,

Geet removed his finger: I m sorry maan, I didn’t meant to hurt u’. before she can say anything maan took her petal lips in his kissing her madly’.

He was regretting teasing her so much that made her cry’ she held his shirt for support and he held her waist tightly close to him’..

After a long time they broke apart from each other’.

Maan: I m sorry geet’ main tumhe rulana nahi chahta tha’. I was just teasing u,, but its kills me to see tears for my stupid prank’. She cried more and hugged him’. and hit his chest with her tiny fist’.

Geet: aisa koi karta hain kya? U r so mean, so bad,, pata bhi hain main kitna guilty feel kar rahi thi, I thought I hurt u’.

Maan: I m sorry jaan’ I didn’t meant it’ but now u r hurting me’. she frowns and loosen the hug but before that he pulls her more close hugging her with equal passion’ I m hurt to see ur sad face,, ur tears jaan’. She smiled and wiped it’.

Geet: really I m not going to marry u,, aap dust danav ho’. She punches his chest and he held it and then pinned her to the wall’.

Maan: shaadi to tumhe mujhse karni hi padegi mrs Geet Maan singh Khurana’ he again captured her swollen lips in his kissing her insanely’

She kissed him back with all her love and then after some time he broke the kiss’.

Geet: maan aap bahar jao, I m coming after changing it’.

Maan: u can change in front of me’. I have seen u in ur birth cloth’ her cheeks flushed and she looks away,, he kissed her cheeks’ ok I m going out but u lock the door not like this.. she smiles and he went out’.



Sometime later they finalize that dress only’ and took a sherwani for maan, it was not difficult as geet has already decided that the time she enters the mall’ maan happily accepted that’.

Annie: wah bhai,, apne to kamal kar diya, u know bhabhi was rejecting each n every dress that we have selected but ur one dress made her so happy’ geet looked at maan lovingly’

Maan: because I know her more than herself’. Geet blushed with his word and he pulls her close slipping his hand in her waist’

Nt: ok ok enough of romance now come for the jewelry shop,, geet was least interest and that can anyone tell with her face’.

Maan: u guys select that I m taking her home’

Nt annie meera: nahiii in a dramatic tone,, geet giggle and maan narrow his eyes on the drama’

Nt: no way veer ji she will eat my brain if we didn’t select according her choice’ maan smiles,, he was liking the pampering for her’. she has became her true self now’

they were going to enter the jewelry shop when jay mumble’.

Jay: where is sujal’. Everyone turn to see sujal was arguing with a girl on top of his lungs’.

Jay: abb kya hogaya’ he started to proceed towards him when he saw the girl was going and sujal is coming towards them but he was very angry on something’.

Jay: what happen dude..

Sujal: nothing, these girls na good for nothing.. and then he realize there are 4 girls around him’ he ignored for any conversation and left for the store’




Geet was again trying each n every ornament but not satisfied’ she told nt whatever she like she can choose for her’ maan didn’t like that, he came close to her and placed a necklace on her necka dn she smiled at him,, he again few more and choose the best for her’.

It felt amusing MSK doing shopping that he hates the most only for his Wife’ yes he can do anything for his love’ and he was not irritated at all,, in fact he was doing everything patiently’

No one has ask anything about the girl to sujal as it clearly seen he is in a foul mood’ so after grabbing some food they headed towards the car’

But as soon as they reach the parking geet felt her a panic attak,, her head was spinning and she started sweating,, she was not feeling well for a long time but this was beyond her control.. her heart felt heavy’. She tried to call maan’s name but nothing came out’ meera saw her state and shouted’

Meera: Geettt’.

Everyone gave their attention to her and maan saw her sinking on the ground’

Maan shriek in horror: Geettt’..

But before she can hit the ground he scooped her in his arm’

Maan: geet ankhe kholo, mishty’..

But her eyes were close and pulse was getting weak’

 Nt: lets go to hospital’

Annie: I m calling arjun’.

Yash and sujal came forward but maan didn’t let anyone to touch her he scooped her in the back seat and tried to come in the driving seat’

Jay: maan u sit at the back I m driving,, sujal come with meera nt n annie’. He nodded worriedly’. Maan sat at the back placing her head on his lap’.



Precap: she is sinking”


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