Kaise Kahen part 7


Kasie kahen


1st I want to clarify something,, there is 2 past of geet,,, 10yrs back she has lost everything means her parent,, when geet was nearly 11 yrs her parents died and when she was 13yr something has happen that gave her a hatred that she never wanted,, she is a humble person who doesn’t lose her calm in any condition but there is something that always opens the wound and she blast only on herself, full past will reavel in next 2 updates means part 8 n 9′.. dadisa though knew something but not fully’. The person who knew everything is Veer, the bond geet n veer share will unfold the mystery soon’.


Disclaimer: the scene and place are true but I m just using it as my plot but they are not belongs to be here, it’s a famous place so maybe lots of people will recognize the place’  if I hurt anyone’s feeling then extremely sorry, I never intended that’


Part 7


All are set to go Jaisalmer,, they have to take the air way for Jodhpur 1st as Jaisalmer doesn’t have any airport facilities except one air force plot, so they have to take 1st way to reach jodhpur and then the privet cars will take them to Jaiselmer in 4hr..

Maan saw her coming down with unnati and sonam, looking absolutely gorgeous’ her blue suit was cringing with her upper body where the flow on the lower’ she looks at him and saw the admiration.. Unknown heat started rising in her stomach with his gaze’.


geet’s dress

Maan revere got broken by dadisa’s voice’

Dadisa: aaiye Geet’ she caresses her face’ apna dhyan rakkhiyega’ she nodded with her eyes.. aur ek baat’

Geet: jii?

Dadisa: as u r going jodhpur 1st, u shall visit rohan’s parents place. Rohans smiles as them and winked at unnati’ geet smiles at them.. his mother wanted to see unnati, long time she doesn’t seen both of u. and u know she loves u n unnati both like her daughter’.

Geet: hum jante hain dadisa,, we will visit them 1st and after a day or 2 we will start proceeding to Jaiselmer. She said the last word greeted teeth’

Dadisa: bte Udayveer wanted to take u Mumbai after staying in jaisalmel,,

Geet looked at veer with knotted eye brow’

Dadisa: it’s the last yr of ur single state after this month both u will be tied in sacred knot’maan looked at them shocked’

Unnati giggle: yeah 1st time a princess will look after her would be sister in law’s wedding at the same day of her wedding’ maan cleched his fist,, so they are going to be married after 3 weeks only..

Dadisa: unki chinta aap log mat kijiye,, I will take care of that, geet veer wanted u to enjoy the single time,, and u have many friends in Mumbai so that will be the best place for that’

A small smile came on her face and then see veer who just winked at her’ its all his plan’ he bow his head silently,, and geet smiles broadly’



But she didn’t notice another person was smirking on the whole situation’

Maan (st): I got my chance geet, I will make u mine in these 3 weeks.. this time I won’t let u go so easily’





They reached Jodhpur in 1n half hr,, flight was 50 mins but to reach the place it took some more time’the palace is beautiful,, the work of white marvel only mesmerized everyone…


rohan’s mother did the arti and took them all in the palace.. maan was known for them so he bowed and to take blessing from his mother ,, she kissed his forehead and then he hugged his dad who was proud to hug his fav child’ all maan’s sibling and aadi also very near and dear to this family, and they have visted the place numerous time’ rohan’s dad always admire maan for achieving so much in a small time span.. its only 3yrs and he established himself all around the world which was next to impossible’ but his dedication and hardwork payed it all’

And then geet came and took everyone’s blessing so did unnati’ rohan’s mother love geet more than her own son and so was his dad’ both blessed him and his mother immediately bind a heavy gold chain around geet who was just shocked’.

Geet: maasa(mother) ye sab,, she called her maasa ever since her mother died’ and so did maan’. but he calls her maa’

Maan: maa u gave her a chain what about all of us’

Geet cutely pouted and looks at maasa’

Geet: u know I don’t need all this except ur blessing..

Maasa: but its my love only,, u came here after 8yrs’ do u know I much I missed u, she said with tears.. geet also cried hugging her’

Geet: I missed u too maasa’

Rohan father: koi hume kyun nahi miss karta.. geet smiles and look at him

Geet: babasa(father) humne apko bohot miss kiya,, he hugged her and kissed her forehead’

Rohan: wo someone just forget their own son’.  All laughed at him’


After making comfortable themselves all started chatting and admiring the palace.. maasa showed the jewelry and cloths for meera that she has selected for her.. the boys are also mesmerized by the choice’ maan started imagining geet with the lavishing cloths’

Maasa: geet humne aapke liye bhi kuch select kiya hain’

Geet eyes goes big to see the heavy jewelry and cloths,, she smiles meekly where unnati and veer suppress their laugh,, geet gave them and angry glare and veer cough to gains attention’

Veer: kakisa dadisa has sent some thing for u guys,, some men enters the room with full of sweets, cloths n jewelry and some more things’ wo shagun unho ne mere hatho hi vej diya, hope u don’t mind’

Maasa: veer why we would mind, we are obliged to have it from a son like u’. 

Babasa: ok so where are u going after staying here for 2 days as kakisa(veer’s grandmother) said’ she told us u will leave after the day or 2 only’

Veer face was a little apprehensive: wo we are going to,,

Geet: Jaiselmer’ she said coldly’

Unnati: and after that Mumbai’ she said excitedly’

Maasa’s face lost all color she looked at geet and veer unbelievingly’ geet pleaded with eyes no to say anything’.





After the lunch maasa enters geet’s room’.. she was caressing the chain maasa has gifted her,, everyone saw it’s a gold chain but never saw the locket of maa durga in it, it was a blessing from maasa and she believes it will protect her’


Maasa: geetanajli aap ye sab kya kar rahi hain? why r u going there?

Geet: maasa it will be good if u ask that from veer,, she pointed veer who was leaning on the door’

Veer: we need them to sign the papers’

Maasa: but geet? Why u r taking her, u know how they are’

Veer makes her sit on the bed and he himself bend down on the floor: kakisa do u believe me? she nodded then trust me nothing will happen to her’ history won’t repeat itself in this matter it will  reverse’ 

Maasa: I hope so, she is ur responsibility’ I won’t be able to see her like 8yrs back’ geet looks away’


In the evening they explode the place’.



Geet wanted to stay there for a little,, they will start their journey for jaisalmer after next day.’ maasa was very happy and so was other’ sonam had never knew this side of india, traditional yet lavish’ the food and places were awesome’ unnati got some time alone with rohan of course all friends help them,, rohan knew the place’s every inch so its easy for him to sneak with unnati’

Geet has visited her few months here, 8yrs back, the time she always tried to forget but couldn’t.. bitter memory is difficult to forget when the person of its reason is there to scratch the past’ rohan was in delhi in boarding so he didn’t met her in the short time span’.


The sunset was beautiful,, she was walking on the ground corridor where no one comes’ she was lost in her thought where felt a tug on her arm and next she found herself behind a pillar but beneath of a hard chest’ her eyes were close due to fear and sudden jerk but to know who is the person she doesn’t need any eyes’

Geet: maan a moan came out as he slipped his hand on her waist’

Maan comes close to her face: umm’ so I have only 3 weeks ha?

Geet looks at him in confusion: geet the wedding is after 3 weeks’.. she looks away feeling a lump in her throat, but her looking side away brought maan more close to her as he came to her ear’

Maan: u don’t have to worry geet, u will be mine only..

Geet: maan,, u r playing with fire, if veer comes to know,, he placed his finger on her lips’

Maan: I said u will be mine, no one can make MSK to take his words back’ she stares at his eyes and he caresses the corner of her lips, feeling tempted to capture it’  like geet read his eyes,, her cheeks went red in blush’.

He traces her cheek with his finger’.

Maan: geet what had happened 8yrs back’ her face lost all color but replaces it with anger and disgust’ he was reading her face’

Geet: kuch baate na jaana hi accha hain maan’ her voice was cold’ she wanted to push him but he held her tight and pressed her on the wall with his body’.

Maan: if u don’t want to say be that way,, but geet come out from past’

Geet now know why he was asking, she soften her eyes’

Geet: its not easy to forget ur past’

Maan: but when u wanted to leave ur past of 3yrs then why not the deepest secret also? She looked at him with teary eyes’  he cupped her face,, u can’t leave any past,, hain na geet? Naahi mere sath bitaaye huye pal aur naahi wo waqt’

Her tears rolled down but he licked it’

Maan kissed her cheeks one by one and then eyes’

Maan: I promise I will erase all the pain from ur life geet’

Geet: maan please.. her hand was on his chest trying to push him’ but he held her tiny wrist and pinned it above her head’

Maan: geet how much u deny ur eyes can’t lie’

Geet: maan go please’. U will hurt urself in this’ he smirks

Maan: so Miss Geetanjali Handa is worrying about me?

Geet: geet is worrying about maan’ u know I can’t put veer on stake but I can’t hurt u either then why u r testing me maan’ I can’t take it more, please’.

It was the 1st time she opened herself, somewhere maan liked it but somewhere to see her tormenting he was feeling apart from his heart’

Maan: then leave all this and accept ur feelings geet he said huskily,, his breath was fanning her face’. He freed her hands and held her waist with one hand and other on her neck pulling her close,, she rest her both hand on his shoulder’.

He was lost in her innocence and she was lost in his deep eyes’. Both their lips were only an inch far from each other’

He wanted to seal the moment,, before he can close the distance a sound broke the esteem’ geet was in panic to hear unnati and rohan’s laugh’ they were coming towards them’

If she sees them like that what will happen next no one knew but can imagine’ but before geet can say anything maan took her hand and drag her out of there.. he knew this place so its not difficult to hide themselves in any corner’


He pinned her on another corner and pressed his body on her, she gasp to see the proximity’

Geet: maan,,

Maan: sshhh, he closed her mouth with his palm and signal to unnati and rohan who was still there, she lowered her lashes and maan smiles at her’ he freed her mouth but didn’t move his body’

The closeness was making her weak and maan judge that’ he smirks and kissed her forehead’ she was too lost to say anything and he continue showering his feather touching kiss on her face where his hand was moving her on her waist’



He pressed his lips on her.. she clutches his shirt tight and he started sucking her lips’ he wanted to deepen the kiss but didn’t wanted to broke her trance’ then started making pattern on her waist and back.. she opens her mouth and he entered it’. He just got his life in the kiss’ he didn’t left any corner of her mouth to explode’ she was numb, didn’t know what has happen’ but when she felt his pulling the string of her back she came on her senses.. she tried to free herself, but he was not ready for it.. she couldn’t shout on him as unnati and rohan will heard them,, though they are quite far but they can hear her voice with the distance’ he felt her breath getting stuck and he left her lips but didn’t lose her instead he came on her neack’ her chest was going up n down’. He planted some wet kissed on her neck and jaw’

Tears rolled down from her eyes’. Maan tastes some salty water and came back to his senses’ he saw her tearful face’. Maan cursed himself making her cry,, what was he doing, how can he lose his control like that’.

Unnati and rohan has gone till that time’ maan tried to say something but geet just pushed him and ran off’.

He ran a frustrating hand in his hair’ and looks at her retreating figure feeling helpless’

He wanted to wash all the pain but instead threw her in more pain with a guilt’ he knew how soft she is from heart’. And again she will feel torn between her heart and her responsibility’







Geet ran to her room and broke down,, crying her heart out’ how can she lost herself, how can she forgot her boundary? She is a princess who have to fulfill her promise, the promise she made to the people of Udaipur to be the queen of them,, the promise she made to dadisa to continue the name and hold the family respect above all’ and veer who loved her all his life but never voice anything only for her,, who trust her more than God’ how will she face him’ again n again she losing herself to maan, she is crossing her limit but couldn’t blame anything on maan as she herself was lost’


She heard her room door click open’ she immediately wiped her tears but that doesn’t goes unnoticed by veer.. who ran ran to her’

Veer: Geettt,, what happen’ she stood up and looks at him with a nervous smile’ don’t try to hide, u were crying, tell me what happen?

Geet: kuch nahi veer..

Veer: I know u r depress geet,, but what happen tell me please,, he plead again n again,, she was feeling more guilty now, her tears comes out and hugged him to hide her own guilt’. He just held her tight patting her head to sooth her pain’ calm down geet just relax,, nothing will happen to u I promise u na’ please don’t cry baby, I can’t tolerate tears in ur eyes’.  She cried holding him and he continue soothing her’  geet is this related to jaisalmer,, she just nodded her head in negative.. its HIM? she didn’t said anything but just held him more tight’ unknowingly few tears comes out from his eyes which he wiped instantly,, doesn’t wanted her to get worry more’




Maan in his room was cursing himself for giving her tears once again, but his cursing session got disturb with his buzzing cell’

Maan: hmmm,, whats the improvement’.


Maan: send me all the details and all the contacts also’. And the history I wanted to know about the Rathod and Handa relation, did u have all the information?


Maan: am I paying u for ur semi work?  I want full information about Veer singh rathod and his family, from starting’. Hmmm I m doing that’.


He hung up the phn and opens his laptop’.


He checked his email that the person on call has sent him few mins back’. he smirks devilishly’

If I want geet back I have to find all about her past and her forefather’s past’. Why she is so close to Veer when she loves me and knew she can’t stay away from me’.

But only the sake of her family reputation I won’t allow her to sacrifice her love’. This life is ur geet, and I want ur happiness only, I will not allow u to sacrifice ur love on ur friendship’





Precap: few more moment in Jodhpur and then starting of JAISELMER’.

The past that always give geet hatred that she never wanted to have’

The past that give veer a fear to lose her’

The past that bind them for an unconditional relation’.

What do u thing what is her past that gave her a scar and unbreakable bond with veer?



banner credit goes to tanu aka tanvi nangia my sweetheart,,,

place is Jaswant Thada palace in Jodhpur

but for me think it as a plot of the ss


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