Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh part 12



Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh


Warning: please maitani the age for the update,, its content highly raw intensity, so ppls under age of 18 please avoid this stuff… and whoever are not so comfortable with intimcay please saty away from this part,, this has some really intense and ahem ahem partLOLLOL

i don’t want any bashing after it so i m begging u all if u r not comfortable don’t read it but please don’t bash afterwards…



Part 12



Maan: that is something I should give u making me flinch in spice,, now u will see what is punishment call…


Geet was looking at his mischievous  eyes which was glaring at her head to toe… her thin to has soaked in sticky honey, but that was giving maan a pleasurable view… geet was lying over maan and he was holding her waist tight,, she tried to get up but he didn’t let her….

Geet: maan.. she called him like a whisper.. maan was sweating due to spice but the naughty smirk can’t hide in it.. geet was gulping hard to see his smirk but she can’t do anything now.. let me go maan, she said meekly, but man captured her eyes with his tantalizing gaze… his finger were brushing on her waist continuously… she bite her lips to control the moan…

Maan smirks and came close to her earlobe: geet now u will see what is the punishment for making MSK flinch in spice…. She gulp hard but soon her saliva caught in her throat as his hot and spicy mouth touched her neck….

His tongue was very warm so was his saliva,, he started to lick the honey from her neck and started making pattern with his tongue…

She tried to hold something but he held her hand and didn’t let her touch him,, she was like a feather on him, her weight doesn’t matter now, only her creamy skin was all her desire… he tasted the honey that was more sweet with the touch of her skin… geet’s heartbeat rose with his each stroke of his tongue… he came down on her chest touching on her upper cleavage,, a small moan came on her lips and she arched her back more to have his touch more places… he smiles at her but didn’t touch the way she want,, he rolled his tongue on her collar bone and sucks the place ever so passionately… she was wriggling to free her hand but now seems like she herself doesn’t want to be free from his hypnotic touch… he slowly let her hand go and then held her waist rolling her top a little,, she clutches his shirt for support… his fingers were crushing along her waist line to her spine line under her top where his mouth was busy tasting her upper portion…

Maan was rubbing the honey on her belly with his finger sensually and then he took that finger to touch her lips, he saw her lost in his touch and then he rubbed her lower lips with his finger.. her soft supple lips felt so heaven under his finger… he wanted to crush her lips under his rough one… she was breathing heavily and eyes were closed… she was fighting with herself but was failing miserably… her desire was taken over her anger… he just observed her facial expression but didn’t touch her lips until having her permission… she felt his burning gaze on her lips but didn’t found him near so she opens her eyes to see him admiring her beauty… something was in his eyes that get wanted to know but he was hiding perfectly… she tried to read but couldn’t as he came really close to her lips but didn’t touch it.. he was teasing her senses with his closeness, where his hand was busy caressing her waist and belly bottom… he traces her face with her other finger treasuring her every curves of the face, she closed her eyes to invite his lips but he stay quite… she digged her nail on his shoulder and he crushed her lips taking her command… it was not only him, she was equally anticipated his touch with the sensation he was ingesting in her….


He kissed her roughly, the way she wanted… he took her petal lips in his, sucking it hard.. making her crave for more… he was rough but it doesn’t hurt her strangely… because he doesn’t wanted to hurt her maybe… he swing his tongue in her mouth tasting her sweet nectar… for geet she can feel the honey taste that he was tasting from her body and the spice that was still burning his lips… she rolled her tongue in his kissing him and playing with him for winning her own battle but for maan he was too lost for it… he kissed her tight not wanted to break apart.. She was feeling short of breath but he was so dominate… maan felt her whimper and left her lips feeling rigid…. He came on her neck pulling the top down for better access of her shoulder…

He lift her a little and she held his neck for support,, he face on the crook of his neck…. He rolled down her loose top little down and started placing hot wet kisses on that area… she find herself drown in the passion and then bite his neck being anticipated… she kissed his fiercely, biting sucking making him groan… his hand goes around her back taking her in a bone crushing hug… he made her seat front of him making her leg go either side of his waist and her chest infront of him… his hard manhood was pressing on her softness over the thin materials but it was making both mad in passion….  he pushes her a little so that he can have her full front on his eyes… he wanted to rip her dress right then but his devilish mind has some more plan… he kissed her breast above the dress making her moan…


Maan: I so missed it geet….. he said huskily… geet tried to understand what he meant but the desire was taking a tall on her… but then she jerks him remembering his words… he looked at her with confusion… what happen?

Geet: so u missed this? Se* huh… that what u missed always… she stood up urgently before she gets herself lost again.. but this time maan is not a easy thing to handle… he also stood up and jerk her holding her elbow…

Maan: I didn’t mean that geet, u know it..

Geet: huh I know everything Mr Maan Singh Khurana,, mujhe pata tha if anything u can ask is just Se*.. ur lust only….

Maan: GEETTT,, he roared.. do u know what u r saying… u were also reciprocating with me, its not that I was forcing u…


Geet: yes u are… u were forcing my mind my body to reciprocate ur lust… but not anymore I m going.. she turn to leave but maan jolt her and she landed on his hard chest…

Maan: u r not going anywhere samjhi tum? Nowhere… she tried to wriggle but he didn’t let her… instead he lift her in his arm and headed towards the bedroom…  fear started drawn in her,, she tried to squirm in his arm but he held her tight.. nothing matter to him,, her small fist that was hitting him was pleasure for his body.. he enters the room… geet’s eyes goes big…  it was dark just like him but desirable too… full black n white mixture… black bed with white n black dcor was enchanting the beauty of the room…. She was gaping it only forgetting that she is in maan’s arm and he was heading towards in it… looks like someone is lost in the aroma… maan chuckle when geet gave him a murderous look…


Geet: leave me maan, if u think I will share the bed with u,, huh just forget it…

Maan: I haven’t ask u anything,, she looked at him confused,, but he smirks.. I don’t need to ask when I m getting without asking…. Geet felt banging his head now but he is right she was ready to give herself sometime before…


Maan enter the bathroom with her and make her stand on her feet… or rather say throw her harshly… she was dumbfounded with the rudeness he showed… but it was for her only… maan was controlling himself from the moment he saw geet entering the mansion…

Maan: u can’t go like this… then geet realize her position, the top was cringing her body and that was sticky…  maan took a step towards her and she took two step back ward…. He raises his eyebrow… Mrs Khurana fearing her husband’s proximity? That was like a blow for geet.. she become offended..

Geet: I m not afraid of anyone.. he knotted his one eye and came more close to her… by this geet hit the bath tub and then found herself trap between the bath tub and maan….

Maan smirks: really?

Geet pretend to be strong but inside she was losing every moment.. maan body touches her slightly, his hard chest was visible from the see through white shirt of him… she closed her eye feeling his finger on her back brushing softly…  he came too close to her lips but didn’t touch it….

Maan: maybe u not afraid but u should be because if I lose myself,, maan came more close touching her cheek with his nose tip,, then I might hurt u.. his voice was sincere…. Geet was breathing hard feeling his warmth near her skin but soon it vanished as he withdraw himself…. Maan took 2 step back and was going slowly… freshen up,, ur dress is at the closet… his face was blank but she can see some kind of emotion,, fear? Fear of hurting her or getting her rejection… geet was confuse but now seeing him withdrawing himself is a slap for her…

She felt annoyed with his antics, one min he came so close and 2nd moment he is hell bent of going back… what she will think now…

Maan turn to go but felt a tug on his hand… her soft touch makes him realize its geet who is holding his hand,, he turn and saw her angry eyes.. she came straight to him and pushed his chest with her small palm in anger…

Geet: what do u think of ur self ha? Kya samjhte hain apne aapko ko? Jab chahe kareeb agaye jab chahe dur chale, what m I for u maan? m I a doll for u that u have played and threw after using it fully… her frustration was taking over her mind now, she herself doesn’t knew what is happening to her but she is putting herself in a big mess only.. maan tried to raise his voice but she was nowhere to hear it… why u r doing this to me maan?

Maan: geet what have I done…

Geet: u,, u only know how to play with emotion…uses them for ur benefit and after using it fully u destroy it… that u did to me maan.. now u wanted to prove how much I craving for ur touch.. u will again use me and will throw me in the garbage just like others…. Her anger was so much that she forgot what effect her word is having on maan… geet was frustrated with his behavior because of his goody goody behavior was making her angry as he didn’t touches her after arousing her… on the other side maan was fuming in anger now… her words are like niddle for him…. he glared at her… I think I m over now,, I can go from ur house now and from ur life also… she said last word with hoarse voice… geet tried to go but this time maan pulls her harshly to him…

Maan held her arms and brought her close to him: what did u said? How could u think of urself like that? I have told u numerous time geet, that if I wanted I would throw u long back but I didn’t do that…

Geet: yes because u found my body more attractable but maybe u r finished now…  

Maan grab her arms: don’t u dare utter any word now…. I don’t have to give any explanation but if I had bored with u then u wouldn’t be here till now.. and I m fed of ur accusation…

Geet: but…. Her words caught in her throat as he slammed his lips on her…


(Song from blood money try to hear that, rahat fateh ali khan’s song main to bas)



main toh bas teri chaahat mein


chahoon rehna sada


main toh bas teri kurbat mein


chahoon rehna sada

saaya bhi tera main, hone na doon juda

maine tay kar liya



he pushed her to the wall but her back touched the glass door of the bathroom and both landed on the shower area… geet hand touches the tab and shower goes on drenching them in the water… geet was looking at him with angry eyes so was his… how can she say something like that and that too again n again…. He harshly kissed her making her lips bleed, she was too wild to understand his harshness… her demanding finger was pressing its nail n mark on his skin…. He placed his one hand on the wall to balance them and one hand on her waist to pulling her closer… she scratches his arm but he give her an angry glare only again drowning in the hot kiss…. He was enjoying her honey taste where she was confused with his behavior….

He nibble her lower lips in urgency… she sealed her lips but maan knew his way.. he squeeze her thigh rubbing it sensually, he sensitive spot, she gasp at his hand was creating a havoc above her jeans…. He entered her mouth relishing her every hidden corner…. Her eyes were getting drowsy with his continue stroke of his tongue… soon he finished the kiss,, she thought he will leave her now but he has some different plan.. he pushed her to the glass wall and ripped her top… geet was shocked and fear engulf her…. he saw her in black lacy bra,, her creamy skin was so inevitable… but she twirl and hide herself hugging by her hands…her lips were shivering where his eyes were gulping her nake wet beauty,, his well tone body was visible through the white shirt and his top 3 buttons are open exposing his toned chest…



tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe


bas haqq hai ik mera


teri rooh pe, tere jism pe


bas haqq hai ik mera

bas haqq hai ik mera

bas haqq hai ik mera


he came on her back tracing her bare with his hand,, the bra has a string only, he can untie it with the finger tips but maan didn’t do that… he came on her neck and pushed all the hair aside having a full view of her white skin… he traces her spine ever so slowly with his fingers, the water dripped on that place over his finger… she arched her back soon felt his hot mouth on her skin …he started drinking the water as well as her beauty with his hot lips…



main toh bas teri chaahat mein


chahoon rehna sada


main toh bas teri kurbat mein

chahoon rehna sada


he started planting hot full mouth kiss on her back from her nape to down,, a moan came out when his lips touched the string of her bra…. But he didn’t unclasp it but goes down on his knees kissing her waist line… his tongue was playing on her marvel like body taking her a different world… he bite her waist curves in a small portion making her moan louder… and the he kissed it lick it with his tip of the tongue…

he turn her slowly, her eyes were closed and head was leaning on the wall.. then kissed her naval… going down for the button of her jeans… before she can say anything he unclasp it… she looked at his eyes with fear and longing together… he brushing his finger down her abdomen like drawing something,, then stood up and with his hand pushes her jeans down and it slides off her slender leg…. She was nearly naked in front of him but he was in full dress…. He smiles at her and put her hands on his shirt… she looked at him feeling anticipated he undid few buttons with her hand,, but then he started kissing her neck leaving the work for her…



yaadon mein tujhko rakhun


baatein bhi teri karoon


itna deewana hoon tera


ho raaton mein jaaga karoon

din bhar batakta rahoon

main toh yahaan se bas wahaan


she ripped his shirt and throws it on the floor… her hand was moving on his perfect body,, his abs and his well toned masculine chest and shoulder…. He was kissing her neck madly where she was scratching his body insanely…her confidence was coming back with him and her hand was going down to rub his manhood and she felt his bulging eruct… he was hard and her touch was making him mad… he held her hand and pinned it to wall….

Maan: don’t…… he was gulping hard.. I will loose myself….

Geet payed no head and started stroking with her knees,, giving him the same treatment he was doing long time… and he started kissing her chest harshly….



haa..tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe


bas haqq hai ik mera


teri rooh pe, tere jism pe


bas haqq hai ik mera

bas haqq hai ik mera

bas haqq hai ik mera


main toh bas teri chaahat mein


chahoon rehna sada


main toh bas teri kurbat mein

chahoon rehna sada


he squeeze her breast lightly and then teases her hard bud above the this material…. She cried n pleasure,,, her arching back was prove that she want him to touch her skin but he was busy in teasing her… he uses his long tongue to seduce her going down between her cleavage still not touching it fully… she moaned loud…. He held her kneed and pushed it back sitting on his knees and kissed her naval and coming down her panty line…. She gasp for air as her throat went dry… he was touching her like never before and with very care and gentleness yet with passion… his took kissed her thighs making her toe twist…. He drank the water that was pouring continuously on them…

he came on her lips taking it in a soul touching kiss… then again knead her cleavage…. She pressed her softness on his chest begging him to touch it…

geet: maan please….

 He took her command and unclasp her bra in few sec…he rubbed it with his palm playing with it and the hard pink bud was making her desirable,, he didn’t waste a sec and took the mount in his mouth giving the pleasure of heaven…





bahoon mein tujhko rakhun


dhadkan main teri sunoon

aa itna nazdeek aa zara


she held his shoulder and kissed it brutally,, biting licking his toned body… he latched her curves giving her pain n pleasure.. it felt heaven for both, they were dying to each other,, 6day without touching each other was not a small thing and at this point of time both wanted to forget every inhibition… after much time he left her curve turning it red and soar and took the other one full in his mouth… after satisfying his hunger he looked at her pleased face….


ho jis mein duwayein rahein


har dam vafayein rahein

dun tujhko esa ik jahaan

he kissed her face everywhere madly,, and pecked her forehead.. for geet it was new side of maan… she was feeling content to see his care… her hating night was slowly washing away with his care…

geet: Maan.. geet pleaded to enter but he doesn’t hear anything…


tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe


bas haqq hai ik mera


teri rooh pe, tere jism pe


bas haqq hai ik mera

bas haqq hai ik mera

bas haqq hai ik mera



main toh bas teri chaahat mein


chahoon rehna sada


main toh bas teri kurbat mein


chahoon rehna sada

saaya bhi tera main, hone na doon juda

maine tay kar liya




geet: maan please…. I want u now…

maan: sshhh geet.. just feel this closeness…. She felt his finger was playing with her panty line… in one swift moment he get rid of their remaining cloths…. she looked at his full body… she has missed it… maan saw the longing in her eyes and took her on him giving her the access of assaulting him… she roamed her hand on his chest and then started licking the water from his bare body… she kissed him furiously biting sucking in the process.. she had left her mark on him today and he took it feeling happy… she came to her torso and kissed it, then going down on his waist line placing wet kisses on it… he held her and came on top of her… she thought he want to enter her… she parted her legs but he locked her on leg with his waist… he felt her dampness with his finger… she moans loudly… she is all wet perfect for him but he wanted to driving her to the level of ecstasy…. He entered her v***** with his finger thrusting it again n again… she screamed in pleasure but beg him to touch his hardness… he didn’t let her speak as he sealed her mouth with his…he slowly n gently exchange his one finger in 2 and started stroking more speedily.. she bite his lips making it bleed and then licking the blood in her mouth… he rubbed her womanhood making her groan and then in fraction of second touches her with his manhood… her whole body just shivered with the touch… he was making love to her like never before… he thrust in her deep and hard… she parted her legs more for him and he continue his stroke deep inside her… he was rocking back n forth in full rhythm taking his time but each stroke was powerful.. geet cried in pleasure, and her moan was loud… she moan his name that was pleasing him deep inside, he was feeling happy and fulfilled… she rubbed her palm on his body to continue him and he was filling her body with warmth… soon they felt the orgasm… it felt heaven… she screamed his name where he groan dipping his mouth on her neck kissing it hungrily… both stood there under the shower breathless…


geet hugged him tight so did he feeling her every inch under him… he turn the shower off and scope her in his arm taking her to the bedroom…. He dried her with the towel and tucked with the duvet, then slipped beside her hugging her waist tight….

Maan: I haven’t sleep peacefully the time u left me.. I want to sleep holding u in my arms, will u allow me geet… how can she deny it when she herself wanted it…

Geet: i m sleepy too maan… she hugged his hand that was on her waist, her back was touching his chest…..

Maan kisses her earlobe: geet I want to say something?

Geet: kya kehna hain maan, I hope not about the love making…

Maan smiles thought about she used love making instead of se*….

Maan: no not about that…

Geet: then?

Maan: I, I wanted to say… I Love….. geet’s breath caught in her lungs hearing the words…. He smiles as he saw her expression… I Love Your name Geet….


Geet felt disappointed but something hit her…

Geet: matlab

Maan: u won’t believe but u r not the 1st geet I met… I actually love the name from  3 n half yr back when I came Mumbai for some project… I love this name from that time…

Geet heart sank as something started bothering her… HE still Remember my name…. only this came in her mind

Maan: I think I didn’t met the girl but she was interesting… he observes her facial expression was saying how much pain she is carrying,, what happen geet? If u r thinking she is present in my life so sorry to disappoint u but I had never met with the girl but yeah someone has came then but trust me I never felt anything for her but I agree we were in a relation with mutual consent… tears rolled down of her eyes… geet tried to get up maan held her and pinned her to the bed…

Maan: geet..

Geet: don’t think by telling ur list of affairs with ur GFs and that on the bed of ur wife  does count ur innocence…

Maan: I m not saying anything to prove my innocence geet.. I have never regret it because ethose girls never wanted anything beyond money, but u.. u are special, I feel like telling everything because I don’t want to u think me a cheater… geet looked at him in awe…

Geet: does it matter what I think about u?

Maan: yes its matter.. for me its matter the most now… why how I don’t know but u have become a important part of my life and I want u not to think anything about my relation as I want to forget my life behind and lead a life with u… yes geet I want to lead a life with u just like a lovable husband wife though I know I m not so pure but I really want to wash my sin and only u r capable of it… please don’t leave me now,, because if u run now i myself don’t know what will turn in me then and I will be same devil that has somewhere lost in u…



Precap: what had happened in the past? How did maan n geet both know each other but not fully?

What will be geet’s answer?


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    Soooooooooo Hot Hot nd Romantic
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