Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 37


thank u so much for all the comments and greeting, its only because of u that i have completed 2nd thread as well now need support for this thread also…


Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life



Part 37


Geet: umm, she started knotting her dupatta’ maan raise his eyes brow and lift her chin by holding it with his finger’ maan I want to eat green mango’ maan’s face was blank and then it goes shocked.. she want to eat green mango at 12 in the night’.


Maan: geet u want to eat mango at the middle of the night? She cutely nodded her head’but jaan itni raat ko kaise,, maan noticed the change in geet’s face,, her face became grumpy and pout came on that’

Geet: u can’t do this little thing for me? she said in a low tune and turn her face’

Maan: madad karo geet ke babaji, he said looking up with a complaining face’.

Geet looked at him with puppy cute eyes: please laadijiye na’

Maan: geet I will bring that for u but in the morning jaan, look its more than 12 now, u should sleep mishty’. He tried to touch her arm but geet jerks it’

Geet: main sab samjhti hu maan, u doesn’t love me anymore’. Maan rubbed his temple in worry’. She started crying silently.. no one can care for me and baby.. I only ask for green mango, is that really so difficult’ she sat on the chair giving maan her back..

He came in front and sat on his knees’

Maan: jaan raat ke 12 bajhe ye difficult nahi most difficult cheese hain’

Geet: huh badhe apne aap ko MSK kehte hain now see MSK can’t bring one mango for his wife’

Ouch that hit his ego’.

Maan: ok fine’

He started dialing some number’ geet held him in excitement’.

Geet: aap sache mere liye mango larahe ho?

Maan: ha jaan’

Geet: u r the best hubby in the world’

Maan raises his eye brow: u were saying I don’t love u n all that now suddenly ur hubby is the best hubby.. dal badlu’. He said under his breath but geet heard it’

Geet: maan u call me dal badlu’ but I haven’t team up till now’

Maan: actually it should be baat badlu, u change ur mood and talk with your mood swing’

Geet: maan don’t change the topic please I want to eat green mango right now’ her eyes were sparkling when she said that and licks her lips to feel the taste of gree mango’ maan was seeing her lips and then her eyes, he felt a urge to kiss her madly but to see her irritated face he thinks it better 1st arrange her desirable mango’

Maan: why don’t u ask dadi, is there some pickle or not’

Geet was now pissed off: maan there is no pickle no mango at all in the mansion that’s why I m saying it to u, other wise I would have taken that’

Maan: ok ok don’t shout,, he was calling someone numerous time but seems like the other person was in dream land’ (helo common 12 baje normal person so jaate hain)

With few more attempt finally the person took the call’

Maan shouted: WHAT THE HELL WERE U DOING’ geet jump from her sit holding her stomach’. Maan looked at her worriedly where she gave him a murderous look’ he mumble a sorry and continue with phn with an arrogant voice’.  Geet raise her eyes to see her husband’s rough n tough voice which automatically turn meek in front of her, she was feeling proud of herself’.


Maan: Aadi I don’t know from where u will arrange but u have to bring the green mango right now’

On the other side aadi was sweating profusely’ it was 12.30 in the night how can he arrange mango in the middle of the night’

Aadi: bu-but si-sir-sirrr itsss impossible too order nowww’ itsss 12.30′.

Maan: r u saying NO to MSK?

Aadi: sirrr,, he was slipping badly from his bed now’.

Maan: ek to tum itne late se phn utha te ho now u r giving lame excuses..

Geet with a hush voice said: maan its mid night, he must be sleeping na, how can he know that u want green mango now’

Maan gave angry glare to geet: its not me its u and ur alien wish that u want to eat that in middle night so I m arranging it’

Geet corrected him: ordering it’

Maan: whataever’.

Aadi: sir markets are closed now and moreover next day market has a strike so u have to wait 2 day’.

Maan: 2 days

Geet: NO WAY’ she shouted which made maan n aadi both jump’ her face was pouting again with a cracky voice’ I want now,, I don’t know where but I want now’

Maan looked up again for help but nothing came when aadi spoke’

Aadi:sir we can do one thing, we can get that from a mango tree and this is the season so we can get that easily’

Maan: WHAT?? u want to steal mango from other’s tree?

Geet: wow, maan its fun lets go’

Maan: geet pagal hogayi ho,, maan singh khurana n chori and that too mango its impossible’

Geet looked at him with anger visible eyes: look mr maan singh khurana if I don’t get my mango I will never let u live in peace’ samjhe aap?

Maan feel frustrated and trapped, he cursed aadi for giving this idiotic idea and mentally cursed himself for saying it aloud’ and then he came with a brilliant idea..

Maan with a puppy sad face: but geet we don’t have any mango tree and neither any of our farm house or locality then?

Geet made a face: kya locality hain ek aam ka phed nahi hain’ then something flick her mind.. maan meera k ghar pe mango tree hain.. lets go’

Maan now seriously wanted to murder aadi for it’.

Maan: jaan this time it not look good..

Geet: meera is my best friend maan, she never think anything about me’ lets go na’

Maan: but is halat me’

Geet: aap saaf saaf kyun nahi kehte u don’t want to go,, u don’t love me at all now’

Aadi giggle to hear their cute fight’. It make maan angry’

Maan: aadi be at meera’s place in 10 mins’. His eyes goes big like any moment can popped out’. maan smirks and self thought abb meri biwi ko idea dene ki galti ki hain u have to pay for it aadi’

Aadi’s place was close to meera’s so its easy for him to go there but at this hour,, its quite awful thought’ he cribbed for his mercy to god though its on maan’s hand now and he knew he couldn’t be safe now’


Geet: haw maan u are so heartless,, bechara aadi, its middle of the night and u sent him to meera’s place that too alone..

Maaan murmured: meri biwi ko mere ilawa sabka chinata hain..  she has concern for everyone but not for me, great’ geet raise her eye brow to ask what happen but he ignored and started dialing someone again’

Geet: now whom u r calling?

Maan: meera’

Geet: what but why?

Maan: meera be ready we are coming there’

Maan: ur lovely friend want to eat green mango so we are coming rigt now, will talk to u later’

Geet: what was that’

Maan: hello, its her house which has mango tree and so we have to call her as well, and more over I don’t want to be called a thief’ just think MSK and thief that too mango’. Maan made a weird face.. now lets go’


Maan carefully took geet and made her sit on the front seat, and took driver seat’ the place was not so far but it take 20 min to reach the place’ as expected aadi was sleeping in his car’


Maan wrapped a shawl around geet and took her out’ she felt guilty when he saw aadi sleeping like that and meera was sleeping on the gate so was jay’

Geet looked at maan with guilty face: maan I have troubled everyone’

Maan: exactly’ her face fell more dull.. maan smiles and hugged her from back’ but u know what we love to pamper this cute geet’ she blushed and kept her head down’

Geet: maan I shouldn’t have said u to bring mango at this hour, see everyone is suffering because of me’ I m sorry’.  Maan kissed her cheeks and whisper huskily’

Maan: I know my baby is making u this demanding’. Don’t worry I will get what I want’he bite her earlobe and nibble it giving shiver down to her spine’  but 1st my baby need what she want’ lets go now’ she nodded her head’


Maan : oye hello love birds,, jay jerks his sleep and stood in a fighting position’

Jay: kon hain kon hian’

Meera: uff Brusie lee k bacche maan jiju hain’ she stood up’ jiju what happen and why she wants to eat mango at this hour’

Jay: food craving’ geet nodded her head cutely’.

Maan: be prepare bte,, ur day is coming soon’ that made meera blush furiously’

  Geet giggle softly’

Jay: u better don’t laugh’

Maan: excuse me u r talking to Mrs Maan Singh Khurana’ jay looked at geet with complaining face’

Jay: I can’t even complain to her’.


Aadi came rubbing his eyes: aam khana hogaya ghar chale, I want to sleep,, he yawn stretching his hands’

All were silent and maan was gazing at him soon aadi feel it.. he stops at his work and saw maan’s tighten jaw’

Aadi: so-sorryyy si-sirrr’..

All burst in laugh except aadi who was gaping at them only’.

Maan: lets go now, mission mango hunt’.



The three was huge and the question is who will bring it and how’

Jay to geet: yaar tera craving 2 din k liye postpone nahi hosakta? Geet looked at him irritatingly, her mouth was watering seeing the mangoes hanging on the branches’

Maan smiles at her, then remove his shirt and started climbing the tree’ geet’s mouth went a O’..

Geet: maan what r u doing? Its dangerous.. come back now’. Her heart was throbbing violently but maan just smiles at her and continue at his track’.

Meera was gaping at him wide eyes,, his each moment was like panther.. he was moving one branch to another in few second like he has a training for it’. His each biceps was reflexing with sweats making him more hot n sexy’

In few min he collected dozen of mangoes and throws it on aadi who was ready with basket…


He came down and saw te two girl geet n meera was gaping at him,, he winks at both and both looks away.. meera saw jay’s fuming eyes’ she smiles meekly but jay looks away’


Geet was only staring at her husband with mouth open’ maan wears his shirt after swiping his sweats’ he came on geet’s side and hugged her sideway’ he whisper in her ears and saw her flushed face’

Maan: jaan I m all yours u can drool later’.

Geet felt embarrassed maan was loving it’.

Geet: how can u climb the tree maan?

Aadi: geet he can do anything, he has a training and he has done so much tracking.. ye nahi janenge to mere peo(forefathers) janenge?

Geet: accha ji,, but if u knew everything what was the need to call aadi?

Maan: because he is my assistance in every work.. he always there for my every work’.

Geet shook her head in disbelief: I m sorry aadi’

Aaid: its ok geet’ I can understand ur craving, my wife also gave me a lot of headache and I can do anything for maan sir’.

Geet admires the relation aadi n maan share’ aadi really respects him a lot’

Geet: if u want u can take some mango for pinky’

Aadi: he he he no no she is not pregnant now’

Maan: ok now shall we go to home or u want it here.. geet looks at the mango and took it immediately’

Geet: mujhe abhi khana hain’.

Everyone laughed at her.. meera ran to the room to get a knife and maan cut the pieces for her’.

Geet was enjoying her mango sitting on the bench where maan was niharoying his cutey wifey’. And jay meera n aadi was discussing something’

Maan gave his attention to jay n meera’

Maan: what r u doing here jay?? I haven’t call u here’.

Geet: aunty ko pata hain tu yaha hain?

Meera n jay looked at him disappointedly’.

Meera: nope mom doesn’t knew it,, she is not at home’. Geet’s eyes went wide’

Geet: u were staying over her place.. dare u guys share one room I will tell aunty everything’ jay looks away where meera gave have murderous look but geet doesn’t give a damn she was busy licking her mango’.

Maan smiles at her cute complain’

Meera: let me complete 1st’.

Geet: hmm

Meera: mom was not here and I was alone, when jiju called me, I thought to tell it to jay and he said that he is coming to my place if maan need anything’.

Geet smiles foolishly but a teasingly also to which meera only glare her but jay made weird faces’

Jay: like main chahta bhi  to ye maan jaati’

Maaneet giggle where aadi looks away and meera was having killing look’

Meera: aur ek shabd and I swear I will kill u jay’


Maan: ok ok don’t fight now’ have u both decided when will u tell this to u parents?? Akhir shaadi karne ka irada hain ya nahi?

Meera: he can’t propose properly shaadi kya karega huh’.

Geet: meera don’t underestimate my brother’

Maan: then if u guys want I can talk to ur parents’

Meera became shy and jay hugged him’

Jay: ohhh u r a savior dude’.

Geet n meera chuckle at them”.




Precap: baby is coming’.



Guys I want suggestion of baby names and what it should be boy or girl??? shall we stict to maan’s possession as girl or should we prefer geet’s necessary as well?



So many of my frnds like tanu divz naji di n many more wanted to see maan stealing mango for geet so here u go but in tich’s style, common yaar, he is MSK chori bhi karega ya phed pe bhi chadega to shaan se’..though it was not stealing but imagining maan sweating body with black vest’.


hey guys i m have started a new story  Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein specially for geet season 2,, its for a page called Geet Beginning of a New Era

but i can’t pm u the link and thats for u have to come to the page on FB and see the update, don’t worry update are in both IF thread n FB NOTES… 


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