My Mistake (OS)

Again with an OS guys,, I have started my writing with poem and then OS,,, here I m again with it’ a new try’ as a writer we always wanted to go beyond limitation so I want something that will satisfy me’ yes I m really bored of writing same thing so I had tried to try something new’.


Ok I have colored it, geet’s monologue in red color and maan blue,, but in between some black also’ and I thing u all will have to read it twice to understand whole OS, because its past n present mix’ it will go with present but both are thinking their beginning to till now journey’. This OS mainly followed by geet’s emotion but u can understand maan also as his monologue will be at the end’.


One warning: weak hearten people please stay away from the OS as I can’t promise u will love the whole OS’ the story pricked my heart but can’t say about u’

Now enjoy the story





My Mistake





It was my Mistake that I Loved u’



This is the last words I said to HIM’. yes I loved him with my all strength, but the strange part is I can hate him with that much sanity.. still I love him, after his all deeds I still love him? I loved him when I didn’t knew what love is,, and I love him when I know he BETYAED me’. I loved him when I didn’t wanted to, still I love him after knowing it was farce for him’ I loved him’ I loved my husband.. I loved my MAAN’.

Maan this word that make me feel breathless,, the name I would never hesitate to take in any condition,, but now I know this name was never belongs to me’ now I know his all Betrayal that I faced without knowing,,, now I know he was never mine’.




Puttar, tere liye ek rishta aaya hain,, munda bhi accha hain aur family bhi’

Mom, I don’t want to marry now, please don’t force me na’.

Geet puttar no one is forcing u,, just meet that guy and if u don’t like him we will cancel this alliance’.

Geet smiles at her father “thank u papaji”




“Geet beta this is Maan, aapko hamare pote kaise lage?” Asked the older woman’ but geet was dipping her head down she couldn’t see his face, rather say she doesn’t wanted to’

Geet(st): babaji main kya karu? I don’t want to marry now,, I want to continue my studies and I didn’t even seen his photo and now I can see his face’ uff geet tu bhi na.. ohhh she is again asking how her grandson is, abb kaise batau kaisa hain, maine to shakal tak nahi dekhi, chal beta geet move ur eye balls and see the guy first’.

“Can I talk with her alone” maan asked’

Great now,, I can ask him to back out from this marriage.. so that way mere mamma papaji ki izzat bhi reh jayegi’ thank u babaji’







Maan: umm geet right’.

Geet: ji dekhiye, I don’t want t marry u,, wo mamma papa wanted to meet u 1st,, but I want to carry my studies and after marriage its difficult’ so please can u say NO for this marriage’ please please please???  I said in one go with close eyes’ but I can feel his heated eyes on me’ I opened my eyes to meet his chocolate brown deep eyes’ gosh he is indeed very handsome.. handsome is a small word for him’ I guess he is looking like a Greek God’ perfect structure, light stubble giving him raw sexy look, his dressing style is amazing and the thick lashes, I feel drowning in those deep eyes.. the perfect M shape lips’ oye geet kaha ja rahi hain tu, sambhal ja puttar,, u don’t want to marry this fellow so better keep shut ur eyes and mind’ after taking a deep breath she turn other side’ please say No to this marriage’


Maan: if I don’t say that? she was shocked to hear that,, geet instantly turned’.

Geet; oye hello kyun nahi na karoge’ I don’t want to marry u’

Maan smirks at her and sat on her bed comfortably:  but I want to marry u only’. Her mouth went wide open’ he walked closed to her’ if u don’t want to marry me say NO by urself ‘ he came close to her and with his index finger closed her mouth’ if u want to continue ur study we can have our marriage after ur exam’. But shaadi to main tumse hi karunga’.


I felt something in my stomach with his teasing gaze, I bite my lips to control the heat that was rushing to my cheeks’ I guess I m blushing’ never in my life I had gone through something like that’ why babaji is doing to me,, what is this feeling? I m feeling thousand butterflies dancing in my stomach’. God what he is doing to me’. he started walking more close where I was taking back step.. I can’t recognize what is in his eyes but some mischievousness was playing there’ soon I got trapped between his body n the wall behind’.

Maan: ever in my life no one has reject me,, but u did that,, kuch to baat hain tumme’

Geet: do u want to marry me to take revenge of that?? he chuckle’

He traces his face with his finger’ it felt so smooth under his skin’

Maan: no geet’ sach to ye hain, till then all girls wanted to marry me because of my wealth,, u r the 1st girl who decline me for ur study only without knowing its Maan Singh Khurana’ who can give u the best of the world.. still u didn’t wanted that’ ur innocence pulls me towards u’ I want to feel u geet.. and I know u r the perfect girl for me and my family’

I was staring at his eyes.. lost in my thought’.  His eyes were showing so much emotion, I couldn’t deny him’.

Maan: I will wait for u’. he peck my lips’ sudden shiver ran through in my spine’ blood rushed to my cheeks covering my face’. He smiles’ should I take this a yes? I was breathing heavy due to his closeness but he was making it more difficult by coming closer’ bolo geet’. Should I take this a yes?

Unknowing I shook my head, he smiles and kissed my forehead..

Maan: lets go then’. i followed his demand’.




After 1 yr of dating we finally got married, I had completed my studies also’ he was a great help.. he helped me in my studies’. In this 1 yr we became very good frnd.. he often discuss his office problem with me’ I tried to give some solution and he liked it a lot’ now I can say I really love him’ his decision of making me his was the best decision in my life’.


Its our suhagraat.. and I m waiting for my husband for past 1hr but he is late’ WOW’ my husband is late on our 1st night’. Dekh lena maan singh khurana chun chun k badle lungi’. Oops think of the devil and devil is coming.. the door is clicking, its mean maan is here’.unknowingly my heartbeat started rising highly’. It not the 1st time I will see him so close,, we were intimate before also but never crossed our limits’ I wanted to surrender myself on our 1st night and he happily accepted that, but few kisses passionate hugs and few more intimacy is not bad for experience’. I chuckle on my thought’.

He entered the room and saw his bride sitting in the middle of his bed’ correction their bed’ now every night will end with her and every morning will start with her’. he knew she is nervous’ he smiles at her and slowly walked up to her’. he sat beside her on the bed’

Maan; geet’ her breath caught in her lungs’. Geet abhi bhi tum mujhse sharmati ho? He lifted her long veil and saw the angelic face’ the room was dim and moonlight was coming through the window’. U r really looking beautiful’ her cheeks were red like cherry’. He kissed her cheeks one by one’ whenever u blush and that cause of me I felt like biting ur cheeks that very moment’ she lowered her face more’ no hindrance today geet’ toni8 I will make u mine’ I want u in my arms today and no one can stop me, not even u’ she twisted her toe as his words were arousing her’ her whole body was on fire with his simple touch, what will happen when he make love to her.. the very thought pass current in her body’.

Without delay maan unpinned her veil making her eyes shut tightly’.

Maan: do u know geet how much I craved for u in the yr’. it took my every ounce to control my desire for u’. he kissed her cheeks near her ear’ he took out her bangle one by one’. And then kissed her hand’ when the girls were applying mahendi on u, I was admiring u hiding myself behind the pillar’ what u did to maan singh khurana geet’ she giggle softly’. He can see her nervousness was going slowly’ he kissed her palm’. He traces his finger on her palm to her arms upper ever so slowly,, she closed her eyes feeling him’ her eyes were closed’ he unclasp her necklace and kissed her nape’. Her breath became heavy’. Toni8 I want to love u in my way geet’. He kissed her earlobe took out earings and bite it making her moan his name’.


Geet; maan’. she said huskily and that was enough for him to feel heaven’. He traces his finger down her spine and with swift moment pulls out the string that was holding cleavage’. The blouse was slipping when geet hold it from front with her hand’.. he smiles and kissed her back’. the whole milky white back was so tempting for him’ he kissed several time and relish every inch of her body’ his hot mouth was driving her crazy’. He was placing wet kissed all around her nape and back spine’. Where his hand was roaming under her long lahenga’. She could hold herself and twirl to hug him’. he held her tight in his embrace’.


Her blouse was hanging from back where her front was pressing in her chest’ he broke the hug and placed her hand on his sherwani.. her hands shiver but with guidance she undressed him’. her hands roams around his perfect body and he kissed her jaw and chest’ with one hand he ripped her blouse and throws it to the corner of the room’. His hand cupped her full mount and starts teasing her hard buds’ she moans his name and bite his shoulder in anticipation’


He undid her lahenga skirt and throws it other way’ now both are in their knickers and he was sucking her breast in urgency’. He bite her and latched her so strongly that it was sour’. Still his thirst was not complete’ geet gave herself happily’. Whole night their love goes to the peck of ecstasy and bring in the heaven’ he was rough yet passionate’ both couldn’t have enough of each other.. with whole self they made love to each other promising of fulfilling each other whole life’.


But he broke his promise’.






“maan u will never break my trust na?” asked geet cuddling close to her hubby’.

“geet jaan I can never do that, u r my life how can I break ur trust, it will lead me destruction of myself’ I love u mishty”

“happy anniversary hubby, I love u too”

“happy anniversary to u too jaan,, now where is my gift?”

“don’t u think u should give me that 1st?” asked a frowning geet’

“I don’t believe we are going to be parents geet, u are more than a child”  said maan kissing her tummy’ she is 5 month pregnant and it their 2nd anniversary’

“maan I want my gift ok,, no matter what happen u have to give me” geet said with a  complaining frown’.

” ok madam ji, I will bring ur gift now stop complaining nahi to meri baby jag jayegi.. she is sleeping and u r disturbing, bad mommy”

“Ouch” she shrieked in pain’

Maan was in panick’ “what happen geet,, is it paining? I m calling doctor”

He was going when geet held his hand and kept it on her stomach’.

“baby kicked 1st time” she said with tears’.

Maan looked at her excitedly “Really?”‘. she nodded her head’ he kissed her lips and then her stomach’ “I Love u,, love u soo much geet” he kissed her tummy numerous time’..




I was so happy then maan’ u were looking so excited’ it was our gift from our baby on our 2nd anniversary’ but””’.


Why did u do this maan?

Why did broke ur promise?

U didn’t came that night on our anniversary also’ u promised u will give me my gift,, was that ur gift maan? I had waited for u whole night, u didn’t came’ i remember I was so mad at u but ur charm got my nerves’ I was so blind in ur love that ur betrayal never came to my eyes’.

Did i fail to satisfy u’ then why did u do this maan? what will I answer arav who is waiting for u on his birthday’. What will I say to him now? Our son who is craving for u but u were least interested’ u were never present when we needed u, but I m thinking when n how u went so far from us maan??






Geet: where were u maan? I was waiting for u the whole night? Did u forgot it was our anniversary?

Maan: ohhh god geet.. I said I m sorry, I was struck in a meeting’.

Geet: pure raat konsi meeting chalti hain maan?

Maan looked at her with rage filled eyes: what did u mean? Is that meant I m lying to u? ek to ye sare hectic schedule and upar tumhara rona’ I m fed up with all this.. i was in a business meeting then they said they want me to come in the party as the client was leaving india next morning, I wanted to talk to u but it was quite late so I thought u were sleeping’ is that a crime to think not to disturb the person whom I love??? But how can u think that way,, u were thinking where was I,, what I was doing’ with whom I was,,

Geet: MAAANNN’.. he saw her tear filled eyes’. He closed his eyes…

Maan: I m sorry,, she sobbed’. I didn’t meant that’ I m sorry geet.. wo’

Geet: how could u say something like that’. I can’t tolerate any other person’s name with u’ and u were saying’ he hugged her tight’ she hit his chest with her tiny fist’. U r only mine maan’ agar kisine aap ko dekhne ki himmat bhi k I will kill her.. don’t u dare to take any other woman’s name I will kill u both’.

Maan chuckle at his beautiful yet cute demanding wife’ and took her in his arm to lead her in the bedroom’


Maan: accha itna pyar karti ho mujhse?

Geet: isse kahi jayda’.

Maan kissed her bosom…

Geet:never leave me maan.. I will die without u’.

Maan chuckle: now u were saying u will kill me if I dare to take any other woman’s name and now’ geet has tears’

Geet; I can’t survive without u maan’ I love u’ and yes I won’t tolerate any other woman with u’ ek ladki sab kuch bardast kar sakti hain but she can’t share her husband her love’ never break my trust maan.. I can’s survive without u’

Maan sealed her lips refraining from talking much’

Maan: I can never leave u geet.. u are the only person in my life and I will be the only person whom I loved in my life’





U broke ur promise maan’. actually u broke that before making it.. I was so blind that never recognize u’ I never recognize u when u were not there for us night after night’ aur main pagal sochti rahi hamare liye hi to aap ye sab kuch kar rahe hain’ why u have to do this maan’ why u killed my trust? Why u killed me knowing I can’t live without u.. was that my mistake I loved u selflessly?





“Maan I saw u have changed'”

“jaan sach me tum ye sab kya keh rahi ho? I m the same maan u loved”

” nowadays u didn’t give any time to me n arav, he is 2 yrs and need ur attention,, till when I will say u are gone for business, he need his father”

“geet jaan u know my hectic life, and I m doing all this for u 2′ I want best for my wife and son’. Ao it necessary”

“but we want u only,, please maan, we don’t want money, we need u only”

” ok jaan I will try to spend more time with u n arav'”

“tom is his birthday, u will be there na?”

” hmm yes, but I have a meeting at 10 am'”

geet frowns at him “kal bhi?”

maan smiles at her ” but I will meet u both at 12 and rest day we will enjoy the day'”

“okkk.. but is baar apna wada mat todna, warna I will never forgive u”

He kissed her cheeks “ok jaan”





Again u broke ur promise maan’. u proved we meant nothing to u’. actually was I anything to u in ur life? Maybe I was wrong thinking u loved me’ maybe I went wrong somewhere’ mybe it was MY MISTAKE’.








She again woke up without him.. he had gone to office early morning, its became her habbit now, not seeing him around her is something that pricked her heart but what can she do,, he chosen it for her and she happily took it like anything in her life’. But she never knew this day will change her life entirely’.


Geet called maan reminding him to come sharp at 12 in the noon’.

Geet: maan can u bring a cake for arav?

Maan: mishty I m really busy with work, please jaan send some servant, they will take it’.

Geet half heartedly: ok,, but u will come at 12 na?

Maan: yes jaan, waise bhi main abhi office me hu,, its work load is really hectic’

Geet smiles sadly: I know, that’s why u don’t have time for ur family’.

Maan: geet’

Geet: its ok maan, I understand.. love u’

Maan: love u too’ bye’



Geet decided to go to the some for a special cake for arav,, her life,, her maan’s love.. their 2 yrs son’. Arav loves dark chocolate cake, so she thought she will bring it by herself’.


It was then when geet was coming out from the shop but something caught her eyes’ her heart stopped beating as she saw the sight’. HE was going in a hotel right opposite of the cake shop but with a girl’ Her heart was pounding like volcano, but she assured it can be any client or business meeting.. but the temptation of meeting him pulls her towards him’.  before she can call him he went in the lift’. She saw the floor 20th’. Instantly she checked the receptionist’.

Geet: hey could u tell me where mr maan singh khurana will be available’

Receptionist: sorry mam may I know who r u?

Geet thought for a second: I m his frnd, actually I want to surprise him,, its his birthday and I just came to india today so it will be really good if u can help me, but don’t tell him I m here’ it will ruin my surprise’

The receptionists smiles at her and told room number 224′



Don’t know why she had lied to the receptionist but her heart was pounding heavily’. Her breath was rapid and was crying but why she don’t know’. She stands behind a pillar’224′. This is the room’ she saw a woman of house keeping department standing infront of the door’ geet stood behind her.. she has bribed that staff and said she wanted to give surprise to her frnd and it will be so great of her if she help her.. and that woman agreed for it’ the woman knocked the door and voice came’.

A female voice “Who is that”

The staff woman: Housekeeping’ ur order mam’


“ohhh Wait”


Geet’s heart was throbbing so violently that can hear from the room also’. Just then she saw the lady that was with her husband comes out wearing a silky night gown’. Her heart stopped to see the scene’. The lady allowed the house keeping woman going inside’ geet was praying that whatever she is doing it becomes all a nightmare only’ she was praying from her babaji but alas now he also can’t do anything’. she opened her eyes and saw the sight’.


Tears breams in her eyes’ her husband is hugging that lady from behind just like he did with her always’ he was bare body with jeans on and kissing that lady’s neck’. Tears rolled down from geet’s eyes’ they couldn’t saw her but as he was at the door step with that girl she can see him’ the lady was giggling and he was kissing her madly’ the house keeping staff came out wishing them good day where maan handed a 500 rupees notes on her and smiles at her’ the woman was very happy and then looked at geet’s direction’. Maan n the lady was going in when he follow the house keeping woman’s gaze’.


His world stop at the sight’. He saw the teary eyes’ something break in him’ strength was not there anymore in geet that she can hide herself anymore’. He saw her shivering body leaning on the pillar’.


The housekeeping woman saw him and then at geet’ she understood the situation with the staring of them’. She handed the 500 rupees note in his hand’.


Woman: I can’t take this money,, he stares at her’.. my husband earn enough money to satisfy mine n my children’s life, maybe we are poor but we are happy in life because my husband loves me n my children only’. U can earn money lots sir but breaking a woman’s trust u will earn hatred only’ she walked out leaving a staring maan n broken geet’


The lady comes out from the room’

Lady: What happen jaan? Lets go,, I was waiting for u so long’ she said kissing his care shoulder but he was lost in HER eyes’. The eyes once shows love, immense love and surrender,, today is showing self hatred’.

Geet looks at the lady and her antics and then at her HUSBAND’ tears couldn’t stop today’. Her whole world has crushed down under her feet’.  She is alone in this mean world now’. One she wanted to find his embrace for warmth today it hiding in a shell that can never open’ she didn’t said anything, only stares at his eyes’ questioning him, what went wrong? What was her mistake?


With a sigh she turn towards the elevator and walked in it like a dead body’ maan saw the cake lying on the floor’. Arav’ today was his birthday but today he snatches his happiness.. his mother’s happiness’.








I heard him calling me but nothing more can be hear from his mouth now as darkness is engulfing me’. maybe its better to sleep in darkness than waking in his embrace’. All the past was playing in my mind but only his blurry face is infront of my eyes’.


I saw his panicking face’ but why? He was cupping my face saying something but I couldn’t  hear anything.. I wanted to come out of his embrace but couldn’t lift myself..its paining’ but the pain of her heart is much more stronger than this body arch’.. maybe its good to be sleep in this moment.. I closed my eyes welcoming the darkness’.






I saw her walking out like a dead body’. The moment I saw her leaning on the pillar, my whole world was spinning’ I had never imagined it will pained so much to see her pain’ she didn’t said anything but her painful eyes were enough’ I know I had commit a sin’ unfortunately I had never felt so before but today seeing her like that I felt what I did’ I BETRAYED her’ not once but numerous time’ she had never doubted my love’. But what I did with her’


I remember her saying “Never break my trust,, I will be shattered”‘..  I broke her into million pieces’ I broke her trust, her immense love’ it was My mistake’  I know I did a sin which can’t be washable’.


The day I saw her in her place I fell some spark in her, she had refused to marry MSK,, how could I let this happen,, then I came to know she is in her last yr of architecture so I gave a suggestion.. we can marry after 1 yr and she accepted happily, not happily but unconsciously.. I chuckle at her seeing my effect on her’ but I can’t deny, I felt something seeing her eyes”


Now those eyes are full of tears seeing my betrayal’


On our Suhagraat we made love like that was end of heaven’ I can’t say how I felt but it was different’. Her pure beauty has attracted me like no one’. Yes I was not a pure man before also’ I never believe in purity but she taught me what called purity and sincerity yet I failed to recognize it’. She was the life I always wished for but when I get her myself betrayed my soul’..


I betrayed her day after day but she didn’t complain at all,, my one loving stare was enough for her’ but still I couldn’t recognize that’. I take her for granted but now I know what I have done’ the moment I saw her painful eyes I came to know how much pain I gave her’. how much damage I had done’.she gave me a reason for live, OUR ARAV’ but still I snatches her meaning of life’


She loved me unconditionally

I gave her pain involuntary

She loved me with her soul

I cut her soul into pieces

She gave me her pure self

I took it and throws it in garbage

Now I know I m nothing without her

But alas its too late to forget n forgive

Its my mistake but u took it

Again calling its only my mistake




I saw her walking on the busy street like a lifeless body’ I called her’ I couldn’t stand in the room entrance anymore’ so I rushed down wearing my shirt to catch her’ I know I have to do a lot of thing, but I promised I will do everything’ main sab thik kar dunga geet’ I kept murmuring that, least I know what punishment she has store for me’ I know my geet can’t stay angry on me’. but least I know the damage I have done can’t be rectify anymore’. Her heart has broken in to so many pieces that can never be attach in one single piece’ but least I know she will cut my heart in those place’

I saw her walking down the street,, I called her numerous time but seems like she is lost somewhere’. But then suddenly my eyes caught a truck coming to her way’. I ran for her but destiny snatches the last chance and the truck hit her hard and she rolled down the street with blood all over her’. I ran to her and took her in my arms’ her eyes were droopy’

I called ambulance doctor, I shouted on the ppl’. But they were staring at us’. I called her name madly shouted on everyone like insanely but no one was coming’.. I prayed to god for the 1st time in my life’.

I will do everything but please save my geet,, god save my geet’. But maybe God is also angry on me,, he should be , how could I broke an innocent’s heat when she had loved me with all her life’ in return she expect nothing only love for her but I betrayed her’

I cried holding her in my chest: Geet ankhe kholo jaan.. please don’t leave ur maan’ I can’t live without u geet.. please don’t punish ur maan like that’ I will do whatever u want but please don’t leave me’ geet open ur eyes jaan.. please mishty’. I kissed her forethead.. utho na mishty’. Not for me but for arav’. He is waiting for u geet’. He is waiting for u’ what will I answer to him’. open ur eyes mishty’.

I was kissing her face continuously but no response’.






I felt Him kissing my face, I wanted to console him’ no matter what happen I still love him.. yes after all his deed also I love him’ this heart is betraying me I love him’. but with that my heart also saying I can’t live with him’. I said him earlier,, a girl can take everything but she can’t share her love her husband’ so m i’ I have to leave u maan’ I know my arav has done nothing but this heart is betraying me’ this heart that only knows beats for u is all shattered’ its not having the strength to see u with anyone,, its better to stop here rather being a dead soul’

He was kissing me endlessly I felt my lungs got some oxygen,, I opened my droopy eyes’





She said whisperingly’ I smiled’

I know u can’t leave me geet’ please I m sorry’ u can punish me geet but don’t leave me’. se smiled

“I got u maan,, today I got u” she said with her heavy breath’

“Yes jaan, I m only your urs, please come back”

She smiled ” I know,,, u only loved me,, but I m sorry it was my mistake to bound u with me, my feelings.. today I let u free from all boundary maan’ I m sorry'”

“nooo please’ it was not ur fault,, it was my mistake,, I betrayed u, I m sorry’ ur boundary was my reason of living but don’t let me free to burn myself in it please”

Geet smiled ” no maan, I m freeing u from my life but with a responsibility,,, promise me something maan..”


“Promise me please”


“Promise me 1st u will not break ur promise this time” he shook his head in yes’ “promise me u will give arav the happiness that he wanted from u n me,, promise me u will never let him feel alone the way I felt in ur absence,, promise me u will never betray him the way u did to me,, u will always be with him in his every path’ u will give him every happiness in the absence of me,, h=u will never let one single sorrow to touch him’. promise me maan'”


“I love u maan, I truly loved you,, and I can leave peacefully knowing u loved me also,, this is enough for me to go from u”

“Don’t leave me Mishty please”

“I have to maan,, I have to,, I can’t stay here anymore knowing my heart has gone long before,, but remember I will be always with u, in ur soul in ur heart”

“no please”

“don’t u want to give me a last happiness maan”

He cried like a kid “yes”

“then let me free”

“I love you Geet’

“I Love you too, it was My Mistake that I Loved you,, but it will be my favorite also”






Dekhna maan ek din aisa ayega jab tum mujhe apne pass chahoge but main nahi rahungi, u will crave for me like the way I had craved for u but then u won’t find me anywhere’ tab samajh ayega what was the mistake’.




The echoed in his heart his mind,, she left him finally showing him his mistakes in life’.

Life is not about only happy ending, it has betrayal, it has mistakes in it’.







I actually cried writing this OS,, never in my life I thought I will write something like this but as a writer I want something to satisfy me’ I know many of u want to throw chappals and rotten tomato on me,, I will accept them whole heartedly’

I had start my journey with a sad OS “LAST GIFT” where maan left her’ now this OS is something that I had never imagined I will right,, but it has some reality also,, but in reality a girl can’t die also, with the name of her children or family she had accept everything’. But some can’t bear this but the question is how many man realize their MISTAKES??


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Najiha' Naina on April 21, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Superb tich… I was crying 😥
    again u stole my heart with ur words…
    Very sad OS…
    Means Maan ka character shoro se dheela hy… Uff tich… Hate u
    Maan.. itna bura kia tmne…
    Again Geet’s heart betray her as still beating 4 Maan…
    Very mix feelings i have for this OS… Agar share karne behti to ek or OS banjaega NAJI OS =D


  2. Posted by mishtiii on April 25, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    this was really awesom ………………..and true it is a real picture of life ….:)
    no matter hw much u love some one but his bretyal almost causes the worst where u punishing him also causes the pain to u only ………….and i must say even if u had given it a happy ending …..i would have thought the same to punish maan in one way or other …and indeed it was the best punishment for him ..:(
    i luved it …<3
    making a reader cry is also a reward for the writer i guess ….:)
    the only thing which came to my mind after reading this ……


    • i love that last quote dear,, life is indeed painful in this situation than death…. thanks a lot for liking my story 😀


      • Posted by mishtiii on April 29, 2012 at 7:45 pm

        i just read out last part of ur story SIRF MERE LIYE some days ago when u posyted that on fb i really found it beautiful ….hopefully i ll be reading it after my exams ………ur stories r really nyc ..keep shairing with us it difinitely make us smile …:)

  3. God ..another emotional one… so heart wrenching.. If Geet had been alive , Maan would not have received the realization needed to know the importance of relationships, For the first time I am ok with a tragic ending… Some mistakes are never ok…


  4. superb i cried towards the end, yes sometimes when we loose something we come 2 know its worth


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