Kiasi Kashish Hain yeh part 15





Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh


Part 15



 Geet: dusht danav and giggle showing her cute dimple’ maan just leaned on her neck tickling her with her beard and making her laugh and plead for mercy’ soon his teasing replaced with his hot sensual kisses’ he kissed her jaw and shoulder and then nibble her curves.. both were drown in passion like they can’t have enough of each other but soon a ringtone wake them from their romantic dreamland’..


It was ringing continuously but maan was not ready to leave her, he was licking her skin of her nape’

Geet: maannn’..

Maan looked at her frustrated: what??? geet tumhara phn kitne baar bajta hain, I hate it’

Geet: maan its not mine, its ur’.

She gave him a meaning look and he saw his phn was ringing’ but he wasn’t ready to go, he ignored it and continue exploding her’.

Geet: maannn’.

Maan made a sound of frustration: I will not pick it, if u want u can go n pick it’

Geet smirks: are u sure’.

Maan returns his smirks: yes but like this, without any cloths’ her eyes went wide’

Geet: shameless’

Maan: I m seeing my wife’ she hide her smile and stood up but she took the spread also’ she was so fast the spread came with her leaving him nude’.  Geettt he shrieked where she laughed,,, she ran laughing’.

Geet: what happen mr khurana?? I m seeing my husband only’ he smriks’.

Maan: ohh,, now when u are so happy seeing ur hubby nude I will walk around like this only.. he stood and geet turn other side hiding her blushing face’.

Geet: shameless’.

Maan: ohh really, he whisper huskily to her ear’ he kissed her earlobe’

The phn that went off due to their chasing started ringing again bringing both of them back to reality’.


Maan nuzzle close to her neck signaling her to take the call’

Geet: r u sure?

Maan: hmm very much’


She took the phn where he covered both of them with the sheet holding her from her waist’.

Geet: hello’

Meera: GEETTT’.

Geet: Meera? Chilla kyun rahi hain’

Meera: u guys r hopeless’. Not one call in this whole week,, tune to pehle din kiya fir u forgot us but bhai, how can he not call us for once?

Geet looked at maan angrily’ he motion her what had I done look’. She switched it on speaker’.

Geet: meera it will be good if u ask this to ur brother’ here is he’.

Meera: oohhooo love birds ek sath’ maan saw the blush on geet’s face and he kissed it softly..

Maan: hmmm meera anything urgent’

Meera: bhai u could have called us for once, dadi was worried u said u are going to meet geet as it will be ur mini honeymoon but seems like u forgot us in ur honeymoon’ geet looked at him shocked’ he lowered his gaze’

Maan: now u talked with us.. we are perfectly fine’

Dadima: maan humne ye umeed nahi ki thi k biwi aate hi aap apne dadi ko vul jayenge’

Geet: nahi dadima aisa nahi hain.. it just he was doing some work so he said me to call u but I forgot’ maan looked at her unbelievably where she was not meeting his gaze’

Dadima and meera burst out laughing’

Dadima: its ok beta, u don’t have to save him,, I know my grandson too well’ and I m happy that both of u are happy with each other’ spend some time together, it will help to grow ur relation’  but I have called u to inform u guys that tomorrow u both have to go our relative’s home’.

Maan frowns at that: for what? u know dadima I hate it’.

Dadima: but maan u have to’ it s ur mother relatives,, her long relatives and u have to go there with ur wife means geet’ unke baby ka namkaran ceremony hain, aap jayenge to unhe accha lagega’

Maan dipped his face in geet shoulder’.

Geet: dadi u don’t worry we will go’. but what time’

Dadima: tom at 4 pm’.

Maaneet: okkk


Meera: geet I want to talk to u’

Geet: yeah tell me na’

Meera: not like this’ I want to talk to u personally’ maan frowns at her..

Maan: what do u mean’

Meera chuckle: we girls do have some privet talk, u stay out of it’. Geet I will call u later bye, love u’

Maan: ha sirf bhabhi se karo mujhse kyun’ geet kissed her cheeks but he extent his lips to which she slap on it playfully..

Meera: why u need my love when my bhabhi is there.. she giggle and cut the call’


Maan: geet I want that’

Geet: maan I have to go now’

Maan’s face become hard: why? U can stay here.. u r my wife damit’. He said holding her arms tight close to him’.

Geet sighed: maan,, I have to be back to my frnds’ they need me now’ and more over I need some time’

Maan bring her more close to him holding her waist: can’t u believe me once? She stares at his eyes which was showing his truth but still she is afraid of believing him’ he sighed’ ok,, lets go I will drop u but tom we are going to my relatives place and then party’. She nodded’ he was leaving her when she held him and kissed his lips passionately’ he was shocked to feel her so close,,, she was kissing him’ she had taken her 1st step towards him’



Maan drove the car and both reached geet’s house’ he half hearted left her and she came out from the car’ both were reluctant to leave each other but they have to part for sometime’ geet had insist he will stop the car few step away from her apartment, but he can see the apartment from far’ geet got out of the car,, she was expecting maan will also come out but he didn’t’.  with a sigh she turned and started walking away only to grab by maan and she landed on his chest as he had pulled her force’. Her hair falls on her face’ she slowly looks at him and he caresses her face’

Maan: I will miss u’. her heart felt the shudder as he stares at her with longing n love’ she closed her eyes,,, he kissed her forehead and then pecked her lips’ I love you’.. smile formed on her face’ he touches his forehead with her’. I will wait for ur words geet’ He again kissed her forehead’ I will pick u at 3pm’

Geet: but’

Maan: from the caf store’.

She smiles and bid good bye’..







She was walking in her room after meeting with armaan n abhay, cooking some story about her stay till that time when she saw ridz sitting infront of the window’ she was staring at something’.  Tears made its way as she step in the room’.

Geet: ridz’ abhi tak soyi nahi tu?

She follow her gaze and her heart stopped’ she stares at ridz who was having tears in her eyes’. Geet stares at the open window from where maan can be seen,, he was still there waiting for her to reach home securely and now he was going inside the car’ from ridz’s room that road can be seen easily but maan can’t see her room’.

She sat on her knees infront of ridz and saw maan’s going,, his face wall dull and glancing at their apartment for the last time he started his car’.

Geet: I m sorry’. I didn’t mean that, but pata nahi kaise,,, please don’t get angry on me, I know its not right, but,, I m feeling weak in front of him ridz’ I m really feeling timid’ u r also not with me to support like always’ please come back to me,, please ridz hold me before I drown in his passion’ I can’t get rid of him ridz’ I don’t know what to do? Its all becoming blurry for me’. i m sinking in past ridz,, hold me before I lost myself’

Only tears make out from ridz’s eyes.. geet couldn’t hold herself and hugged her’

Geet: I m sorry I m really sorry’. I promise I will make him pay for ur state’ he will repent ridz, I will make him suffer the way I m suffering for u’ I will make his life hell the way he made urs and us’. Geet said with determination and left the room urgently’. Ridz looked at her helplessly’ her face was showing how restless she was’. A fear was covering her face and she was trying to mover her hand for the 1st time but before she can stop geet, she had gone.. frustration n helplessness ran through in ridz’.



In the room geet completely broke down closing the door’ her tears couldn’t stop,, she has torn between heart and mind’ her mind knows she have to take revenge where her heart can see the change in maan,, its knows if she pushes him away now he can never be return’.  He truly loves her now if she pushes him he will definitely go very far away’..






Ridz: ohhoo so MSK is coming tom, and that’s why u were all this’.

Geet: hmmm,, u know ridz with how much difficulty I got his email number’.

Ridz: but mila kaha se?

Geet: geet handa knows her way,, his one of the employee is my frnd and he got this’ very few ppl knows it’. Chalo now lets see is mr khurana online?

She sign in her acc and and email him her whole project plan but with some loop hole for that he have to contact her’.

Geet: kaam hogaya,, now mr khurana kya kaehte hain’



Next day geet was sitting in her room sipping black coffee just then she thought about signing in and she did so,, and one msg popped up in front of her screen’ she knows who is it, her heartbeat started beating fast’ she opened it and saw the name Maan S Khurana’.


Hello miss,

Ur project idea is really unique and profitable but why don’t u contact any company directly’ is there any reason for that’. and I will appreciate if u tell ur name because I can’t work with a person who doesn’t have name’


A sweet smile came on her lips,, she never thought he will be so humble to reply so fast and that too in so humble manner’.

She immediately replied..

Naam me kya rakkha hain, u can see the work 1st then decide what is good or not and when I getting the owner of the best company to talk personally why should I waste my time in any company taking appointment n all’


Maan saw it and smiled,, 1st day in Mumbai and a chick is impressing him, yes he knows it’s a girl because of the way of her talk, and he is badshah in his world,, if he knows its good he will grab it any how and he knows this idea will be very good for any company’ and that’s why he is talking with her’


Hmmm good attitude girl, but if u waste my precious time with not so impressive presentation then? What will be the compensation?


Geet bite her lips and smiles foolishly’

Anything u want’.


Maan smirks seeing it..

I want to meet u


Her eyes goes widen,, ‘pervert’ the word came out from her mouth’

U r a true businessman’.



Any doubt?? Okk miss we will surely meet one day and this is a challenge’

Geet: how do u know it’s a MISS not Mr’

Maan: MSK can sense the vides sweetheart’ hmm I know u left some loop hole because I will need u to complete it’. My team will research about land and ur idea of the surrounding also,, but for that we need to meet’

Geet: definitely Mr khurana, but 1st we will work in email only I need my degree which will be complete next month and then I will talk to u directly’

Maan: U don’t need degree when u have so much talent’

Geet: But don’t know why there is a slight fear that maybe u will reject me for those incomplete loop hole’

 Maan: Reject u?

Geet: I mean my work’.

Maan: don’t worry maan singh khurana knows what is best for him’

Geet: then we will discuss the project detail here in email and after 1 month we will meet’

Maan: okk’ but remember u are the 1st girl who made MSK sit infront of a chat for more than 1 hr, I can take revenge also’

Geet saw the time, its 1 hr and they were talking more than a hour’ and she can sense the mischievousness in his words’ she wonder ‘hain kya cheese yeh’

Geet: hmm I think I will let u decide that’

Maan: u know my name but I don’t’ don’t u think its can be my disadvantage’

Geet: mr khurana sach me u r a real businessman, har baat me advantage’ hmmm my name is”..


Geet: GEET J

Maan stares at the screen for sometime,, on the other side geet was hoping maybe he will remember after that rainy night’. Maybe he can remember her name, but it 3yrs now’.

Maan: nice name miss geet’.

Geet felt disappointed but she smiles knowing its hard remembering a name u met only once that too u didn’t even saw her face’

Geet: then see u later’. Msg me whenever u need my correction’.

Maan: sure’.




After they sign off both were smiling’.

Maan was thinking how can a girl made him smile only chatting for some time’ hmm she is a gem, her idea and attitude is really good.. he immediately made aadi and sasha work on it’.  They start their research but maan couldn’t wait for the research complete so he started talking to her casually,, actually tried to know how is she from inside’


After 2 days’

Geet receives a msg’ she was alone and it was 11 pm.. she never thought this time anybody will send her msg’ but when she opens it shock covers her face,, she had never imagined HE can sent her a personal msg without work’ but for surety she tried to behave normal’


Maan: hey how r u? I hope I m not disturbing u’

Geet: not at all mr khurana’ I m perfectly fine.. any progress’

Maan: its doing well’

Geet: that’s good’

Maan: waise geet, u didn’t told me anything about u’

Geet smiles and bite her lips in excitement, she pressed it so hard that blood oozed out’

Geet: what do u want to know mr khurana?

Maan: anything n everything’

Her eyes widen: Mr Maan don’t u think u r asking personal question, we doesn’t have the deal yet’

Maan smirks; its better, mr khurana is too old, I was feeling u r talking with my dad’

Geet laughed at his statement’..

Geet: Mr Maan are u this humble to everyone or I m getting the special treatment’

Maan: this special treatment for special persons only and u are one of them, I don’t know why but u have some personality and I liked that.. and it will be great if u can call me Maan’ when we will meet in business matter u can talk like that but for now its better knowing each other’

Geet smirks: hmmm u r right’



Whole night they chatted’ for geet it was 7th heaven nd for maan its something new and crazy though he liked it a lot’.

They became good frnds in this month,, both chatted almost everyday no matter how much tired they felt’ it was an unknown attraction that pulls them towards it,, it was some kashish that made maan do something he had never imagined and for geet it has become her life to talk with her idol’ days passed by and its more than 25 days… the project was also slowly rising up and maan was happy with it, but in all this he was feeling the urge of meeting her’. they had shared a very good bond in this days and maan found her very interesting’ for the 1st time MSK is not interest in a girl for sex or her body but for her intelligence’. On the other hand geet get to know how the man he is from inside, they often shared all their personal problem but one thing that both didn’t mind.. asking phn numbers or any detail about family’ they were spending good time with chatting and they both knew at the end of the month they will meet for further discussion on the project’.


But she never knew these days will snatch her meaning of happiness’ her one silly craze will lead her best frnd to destruction’.





Its almost 2 pm and geet was staring at the blank, she is not ready yet’. She is lost in her thought of right and wrong’ she don’t know what to do’ one side is ridz whom she loves more than her life and one side maan who loved her now insanely’. But leaving all aside she stood up to get ready,, she had decided she will try to know the real past’ she has a gut feeling that maybe maan is innocent because the no one knows the real truth except ridz n maan’ ridz can’t tell her and she can’t asked maan’ with a sigh she goes to get ready for the function’

Looking in her suitcase she panicked, she doesn’t have any Indian outfit, great when she was leaving she had packed her all western outfit only except that one she was wearing leaving delhi’now what??

Just then her cell rings,, its 2.30 already, she saw the ID’ maan’ now what will she do’.

Geet: maan’.

Maan; r u ready?

Geet: ummm wo main’

Maan: what happen geet’

Geet: I don’t have any Indian dress all are western..

Maan: hmm bas itni si baat’ come to my place’.

Geet: but’.

Maan: no argument, we are getting late’

Geet: okkk”




Precap: sari ya suit??? Naughty maan’.


do u like the name riddhima? Or ridz

Good name’

Do u ever heard the name maan?

Idkk hmm I don’t think so’ I haven’t heard this name 1st‘ unique’


Truth from geet’s side will be out in next 2 updates but don’t worry something is hidden in maan’s side as well’. And that will be coming really soon my be after 3 4 updates because then a big TWIST is there’


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