Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 41






Part 41



Its almost 1 n a half month and geet health progressed a lot’ in the mean time maan has taken care of her and not a single work is done by her’ sometime geet felt irritated that no one is letting her do anything’ they are treating her as princess,, looks like samaira matter doesn’t exist in their life though geet knew she is upto something, this project is needed more time than it should be’. Little mahika is life of everyone’ though maan doesn’t allow anyone to touch her everytime’ and geet only chuckle on his possessiveness and care’ he is really afraid for this little life’ meera and jay often comes to visit mahika,, sometime sujal also accompany them’ he showed his happiness for geet through his eyes though she know there is hidden pain also’ but he never let anyone assume anything,, he took care of mahika like his own child’ maan doesn’t mind him around mahika because he knew his pain’ he wished someone good for sujal’. Sujal was handling geet’s company very well and when needed her signature or approval he came to KM for that and no one has any objection with that’


Its another day when maan is in office and little mahika is playing in everyone’s lap’ the time maan is in office the family gets the opportunity to hold her that’s why no one wanted to missed the chance at all’ specially nt,, she loved mahika more than her son prem who only gape at mahika like she is an alien.. but he can do everything to bring a smile on her face.. such cute relation they have started spending’ geet said prem will be a perfect big brother’ and nt said mahika will be the princess of this house’ no one understood where the cunning nt has gone but later they found she was a shell that real nt had put to protect herself for this real mean world’.


Nt was pacing right n left in the kitchen when geet came and saw her like that’

Geet: what happen di?

Nt: geet dekho na, veer ji n dev forgot to take their lunch now not a single person is here who can take this lunch,, I wanted to go but I need to go prem’s school to receive him,, der hogayi to wo rone lagega’

Geet: di don’t worry, I will go’ u don’t take tension’

Nt: WHAT??? no no no,, tum nahi’ u r not well yet, its just 1 n half month u should take care more.. I will send some servant.. don’t worry, or my driver will drop the lunch’

Geet: dii pleaseee’ I m perfectly fine now,, I have healed up and I m feeling bored in this house now’ dadima is looking after mahika’ and I will be fine’ I will take the car and my driver’. Please.. it won’t take time to reach office’ I can surprise maan’ please di let me go’.

Nt looked at her pleading face: okk go.. but be careful ok’

Geet smiles: yes di..






She was really happy to come in the office as in these days she can’t even go to any place ofcourse with maan’s restriction who has the power to take her out when she is not well and doctor said 1 month rest will be good for her but this is Maan Singh Khurana who can assume 1 month to 2 3 more’. now she had reached office soon to his cabin’ she had missed it a lot’

Receptionist saw her and greeted her.. it was not pinky as maan has appointed pinky for her company’. She saw aadi who’s face was dull,, he used to be so happy looking at his wife often, their cute romance with eyes geet had seen them but now all is missing’ and just then she saw a lady coming wearing a short skiny dress’..

Geet: haye haye babaji maan inko paise nahi deta kya,, look how short she is wearing’ just then the lady stood right infront of her and her eyes widen in shock where the lady smirks at her’ geet made a face, Sasha’ uff isse bhi mere palle padhna tha’.

Sasha: hello geet’ how r u?

Geet made a straight face: don’t u have any manners sasha? Sasha looked at her baffled where all the staff are really happy to see geet’ they greeted her and geet nodded her head’

Sasha: excuse me.. u r here?

Geet: for ur kind information this whole company’s owner is my HUSBAND Maan Singh Khurana’ and being his wife u should call me mam or Mrs Khurana.. u don’t have the rights to call me Geet here’ is that clear’. Sasha was taken a back to found geet retorting like that’. and again I m saying that I m his wife so I can come here any moment I like and I don’t have to give u explanation for that’.

Sasha: but,,,


All the head turn to see the person with manly authorities filled voice’ sasha shivered to see an enraged maan standing on the door and staring at the crowd’ maan had heard everything, before she can say anything to sasha he heard geet’s demanding voice.. he was really happy to see his geet answering back’ and just then when sasha was going to say anything more he interfered’ he looked at the whole crowd’

Maan: is that any musical show that u guys are standing over here,, I m not paying u for attending any argument’ just get back to ur work,, he shouted and the crowd disappeared in secs’ and Sasha do u want any special invitation to go to ur cabin and make the project file fast’.

Sasha: sorry MK’.

Geet raise her eye brow and before she can saw anything maan slides his hands in her waist pulling her close to him and started walking in his cabin’. Sasha and whole stuff saw this,, some girls were sighing in disappointment that maan loved her a lot and some gape at them in admiration as they look perfect with each other and his loves shows in his every gesture’. Where sasha is fuming in anger’

Sasha: after long buttering my dad he make me work here,, I will get maan, tum dekhna geet, I will get him infront of u’ (tich wonder how many have to come to say so, ufff sasha grow up)


Maan saw his fuming wifey with red cheeks’ he found it amusing to see her cheeks n nose went red when she cry and when she got angry’ he chuckle and she gave him angry glare’ maan coughed to divert his gaze and then saw dev sitting in his cabin’

Dev: hello bhabhi’

Geet: hey dev,, she said calming herself’ umm nt ne lunch bheja hain’ she handed him a lunch box and dev smiles at her..

Dev; she had informed me a little before’ geet smiles’ okk I will take ur leave I need to do the file by evening, then I n nt have some plans to go out’ geet smiles widely’ and dev left the cabin’


Geet remember maan’s hands are still on her waist’ she instantly tried to remove it.. maan saw this.. she is still angry on something’. Instead of leaving her he brought her infront of him and bring her more close holding her waist’

Maan: kya huya jaan?

Geet: ye sab mere hi palle padhna hota hain,, now what is sasha doing here’ maan smirks seeing his jealous wife’ not jealous but angry wife’

Maan: why? R u getting jealous? Geet looked at him’ then it hit her, how she is reacting.. she give a fake smile’

Geet: why should I be?

Maan: wo to dikh raha hain’ it was making her more angry’

Geet looks at him angry: I don’t like her’ she is hell bent on proving me wrong everytime and she thought she can snatch u from me’. she blabbered in her rage making maan give a glorious smile where her cheeks went red in embarrassment’ she looked away not wanting to look at his teasing gaze’ and then started freeing his hand from her waist’  maan let me go.. I want to go home’ ur lunch is there.. and,,, but maan bring her so close that there is no space between their body’ he nuzzle close to her neck kissing it softly’

Maan: I m only urs jaan’ he said huskily and geet stopped her protesting’ she was lost in his scent and his feather touch’.

Geet: maannn,, she moans his name’.

Maan kissed her collarbone: she is just a employee who’s father is dad’s frnd and he wanted to work her here for some time to gain some experience’ she is here only for few month jaan’. He said kissing her neck with feather touch’. Geet was so lost to register any words’ she encircle her hand on his neck and leaned over him maan unpin her sari pallu kissing her chest losing himself’ she scratches his scalp making her back arch in anticipation and moaning his name again n again’ he scooped her in his arm and make her lied on the sofa’.

Geet: maan, we are in office’

Maan: my office’ he said while closing all the blinds and door with a small remote’ and then leaned over her capturing her full lips in his’. he was really calming her senses.. he knew her weak points and his one touch is enough to melt her’ his hand slides in her waist roaming all around her curves of waist and belly and his mouth was exploding her’. he nibbles her lower lip and pressed her tongue inside’ he tasted her every inch and bite the corner of her lips making it bleed’ she winched in pain and he licked the salty taste’. He was in high on passion,, he had not touched her till the time doctor said to rest her and to stay away from physical contact for 1 month atleast’. And he had controlled himself more than that’ but now she is making him vulnerable by her demand’ she unbutton his waist coat and then shirt sneaking her hand in his chest,, feeling his perfect body with her hands’ her each stroke from her palm was setting fire on him’ he kissed her neck and bite it making her moan in pleasure and then came on her bosom placing wet kisses all around’ in a swift he unclasped her blouse hook and took out’ she gasp at his urgency’. He sealed his lips with her where his hand was assaulting her curves ina  sweet manner of teasing her holding it and giving her pleasure’.

Geet moans his name numerous time and it was so soothing’ they forgot the time and place in their passion’

He unhooked her bra and captured her curves to feel the ecstasy under him and he relish every moment of its’ he licked and bite it claiming his love and she dig her nails marking him as her’ both couldn’t get enough of each other’ he came on her lips marking it again n again when a loud bang came on the door’ a frustrating groan came from his lips’. Where geet was breathing heavy’ she tried to push him but he pinned her hand above her head and kissed tight on her lips leaving her breathless’. And then help her to sit properly,, his hungry eyes were roaming around her skin, a deep blush came on her cheeks and she turn her back to him’ he kissed her nape’

Maan; I m not over yet’  He said huskily’.

Geet: maan’ she moans as his tongue licks the skin of her shoulder’ she parted a little with very difficulty’

Somehow she took her belonging and rushes inside the bathroom leaving a frustrated maan behind’ he made his mind to fire the person who has disturbed his time’ he settle his dress and did his hair and then sat on the chair relaxing a little trying to calm his rapid heartbeat’ again the knock came on his door..

Maan opens the lock with remote and shouted: who is the hell is this,, I told everyone not to disturb me then, he looked at the person and anger covered his eyes’

There standinga  smirking samaira holding the project file,, she had gone to see the sight and just return few mins before and came on his door.. she didn’t knew geet is here’

Sam: its lunch time, I thought we can share it’ she smiles shamelessly’

Maan: I don’t eat with my employee’ u can leave now and don’t disturb me with ur stupid antics’

It made sam angry, she marched in front of him close enough to touch him’

Sam: why the hell u r doing this maan’ is that not enough we are separated for so long’ I know I did a mistake marrying u with that bit* before she can complete maan stood up’

Maan: ek aur shabd nahi samaira’ dare u say a word against my wife, I will show u what is MSK all about.. I had tolerate ur all nonsense because of geet and now when she knows everything I can see u now’ u wanted to play games, I played’ don’t insist me to play dirty I can stoop very low and u know that better’

His each words was enough to shiver anyone’

Samaira tried to be cool or atleast showing him her cool state.. she tried to touch his face where he snapped her hand’

Sam: maan please, I don’t like when u call samaira instead of sam.. u used to call me only sam, and it felt heaven from ur mouth’ are we gone so far that u can’t even call me sam now?

Maan: that was my mistake to stay close to u but now I m happy to stay far from u and the name game don’t play with me’ sam was my frnd whom I loved but I get to know she was a farce only,, she knows to use the maan singh khurana,, u never loved me that I should feel sorry but yeah I m glad that because of u I met geet whom I loved beyond my life,, who loved me against all my mistakes, she surrender me with all her dignity knowing me too well’ and now I m happy with my love my life my wife Geet’


Before the argument went far the door clicked open and sam saw geet coming out from the washroom doing her saree properly’ the sight her with him burned her’ geet looked upto see maan but her eyes caught samaira’s burning gaze’ she didn’t said anything and inches close to maan who held her waist closely’

Geet: maan do the lunch first, I need to go also’  

Maan: hmm I m really hungry’ he said looking at her lips’ geet tried not to blush in front of samaira at least but couldn’t help when her hungry husband is staring at her with intense gaze’

Geet: maan,, she said in a low tune feeling his finger playing with her skin, tickling her.. she warned him with eyes but he ignore’ she was uncomfortable around samaira and maan sense that’

Maan: anything else samaira.. I need some time with my wife and we will do the lunch together , so if u excused us we need privacy’

Sam’s eyes roamed on his hand over geet’s waist and then she saw few marks on her waist and then she follow her neck where the love bites are visible’ her eyes were burning but maaneet are least bother’ maan saw her not going anywhere, he took geet on the couch and pulls her sit on his lap.. it was so sudden and she lost her balance falling on him completely’ she was embarrassed and more over she is not comfortable around samaira atleast’

Maan: now why u r waiting samaira,, u can go to ur cabin’ she stomped her foot and left from there fuming where geet was lost in her thoughts’.

Geet: Maan ye kab tak chalega?

Maan: what geet?

Geet looks at samaira’s retreating figure’. Maan assured her with his eyes’

Maan; just a little more.. the project is going good but I m not getting a solution.. geet looked at him with curious eyes’ geet we are finding some problem with the land.. it was finalize but now there is news that there is an old age home and the ppl are not ready for it’ all are set, the investor are ready and in this project KC has a big share in investment so it’s a really big project if it failed,, but geet didn’t let him complete’ she placed her hand on his mouth’

Geet: u can never be fail maan.. geet k maan kabhi har nahi sakte’ maan looks at her eyes where immense love and trust is oozing out.. he kissed her palm and assured with eyes that he will make everything settle..  accha now finish ur lunch.. she tried to lift herself but he tighten his hold on her waist..

Maan: 1st eat with me,, I know u haven’t eat anything’ geet smiles’ geet why u came to office, doctor said to take rest and u’

Geet: uffo my possessive hubby ji,, I m all fine,, I was bored and was missing u so thought about visiting u, but seems like u are not interested meeting ur wife. Thik hain main chali jaati hu’ she tried to lift again but maan jerks her to his chest’

Maan: u think I was not missing u,, can’t u see the desperation for u in my action’ he teases with his words and she hugged him hiding her face in the crook of his neck’

Geet: maan’. she said hitting his chest’

Maan: ouch geet’ geet panicked’

Geet: sorry zor se laga kya? She said in concern where mischievousness was playing on his face’

Maan; wo to laga hain, n u can give me the medicine only’ she looked at him confused where he looked at her lips only’ she understood his intention and again hit his chest’

Geet: aap na badhe besharam hogaye ho’ now let me free, so that I can serve u the food’

Maan abruptly left her and she sat beside him serving the food on the plate.. he took the 1st bite but fed her forcefully.. they lovingly fed each other oblivious with the fact one pair of eyes are looking towards them with flame in there’ after the lunch got finished he wiped her lips with his finger lingering it there for a moment teasing her lips with his fingers.. geet shied and tried to make distance where he pulls her towards him’ just then geet eyes caught a pair of eyes’ it was the next cabin which is for samaira’

Fuming geet looked at maan who just taken a back..

Geet: maan what is she doing there, that was my cabin.. it was the same glass partition cabin that geet sometime used when maan took her here in KC for her work’ and no one has the permission to go there’.

Maan: geet I tried not to open that cabin for anyone but u know her’ and the other cabin was under construction so we had to give her that.. geet didn’t said anything but maan can see disappointment on her face’

She was leaving the office when maan pulls her and make her sit on his lap’ geet tried to smile and maan kissed her forehead’

Maan: taking a cabin won’t prove anything.. she can’t take me jaan.. when I have given myself to u how can anyone take me from u, u r inseparable and I won’t let anything to separate us’ geet’s eyes were watery and she hugged him tight’

Geet; I love u maan, more than anything but I have some fear also, don’t know why but the fear is there, not because I don’t believe u but I can’t trust me my destiny my fate’

Maan: geet remember ur destiny only brings u to me then how can u say something like that’ we are meant to be together with all hurdles’ I love u mishty’


On the other hand samaira who was watching them from thin distance of the blinds was fuming in anger’

Samaira: I will make u mine maan, no matter what u do I will separate u guys’ maan geet ka kabhi nahi ban sakta’ she called someone and smirks evilly’




Precap: new entry’ bad or good???? What do u think,, umm it’s a male’.


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