Kurbaan tere Ishq Mein Part 2


Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein


Part 2



Its 9 am when geet came down the stairs all frustrated,, he saw her danav  Maan Singh Khurana discussing something with her father.. her blood boiled remembering his action last night,, she couldn’t go out and top of that he kissed her’ no not proper kiss but that was a kiss also’ she shivered remembering that when she saw him smirking on her’

Geet murmured: khota ullu da pattha’ she cursed him under her breath but gave a fake smile to her father who was just waiting for her’

She came and hugged her father’ he was expecting she will touch his feet atleast on this day but his wish only flew with her hugging him’. he smiles sadly and blessed her’

Mr handa: Happy Birthday beta…

Geet smile cutely: thank u papa’ but where is my gift?? Maan looked at mr handa sympathetically,, he knew what he was expecting and both knew it was very big expectation from her as she doesn’t knew all this, for her all is casual’

Mr handa: ur present is waiting in the lawn’ she smiled and kissed his cheek’ geet was running when mr handa called her’ geet bte take maan also’.

Geet frown: isse kyun?

Mr handa doesn’t liked her audacity: Geettt he said sternly’ Behave with maan’. maan take her with u and she can have that until u r satisfied,, ok’ maan smirks’

Maan: yes sir’

Mr handa: ohho bte I m ur uncle in the house, u can call me sir in the office’ and by the way everything is ready for the party?

Maan: yes uncle’

Geet was fuming in anger: ek to mera birthday hain but isiko sara vao mil raha hain, wah kya kismet hain iss phatichar ki’. And look at my dad, he is scolding me on my bday and that for this looser’ I so hate him’



Both walked the big hall way when maan said’

Maan: geet u should have taken blessing from ur father

Geet: u stay out of it maan, I don’t want outsider’s advice’. He clenched his fist in anger but pain was only thing his heart felt’ soon they reached the lawn where a red sports car was waiting for them’ geet’s eyes went big seeing the car’ it was beautiful’ her mouth went wide’. Its beautiful’.

Maan: hmm, indeed beautiful,, and uncle got it from New Zeeland’ geet smiles proudly’

Geet: papa kiske hain?

Maan: but for it he canceled his 10 crore deal, because this was his clients fav car, he wanted it for himself but uncle took it first so he canceled the deal’

Geet went in a deep thought but then said: Weird’. Ek car k liye ye sab.. and the burst out laughing’

Maan looked at her angrily: for u it’s a joke only, hain na geet? She looked at him not interestingly’. But do u know what pain he went through entire his life to see only one smile on ur face? Its not a deal or loss geet, it was his love and what he wanted in return? To get same love, but how can u give that,, u only know how to grab everything’ 1st everyone’s attention and now love’ but in return what u give to everyone?? Nothing.. it’s a casual thing for u’ Love is Casual for u vale hi koi kurbaan kyun na hojaye apne pyar k liye it will never matter to u’.


Tears rolled down from her eyes’. But with that anger and frustration was also there’ rage just goes through her vein and hatred for this man only increase’.

Geet: how dare u talk to me like this,, maan u don’t have any rights on me that u will behave like this’  who r u ha? Only a mare employee off my father who doesn’t know the difference between family member and office staff and only cause of pity he took u here 17yrs before’ but u seems like know how to take advantage of that’.

Anger rushed through in his vein’ his eyes were red in fury but couldn’t say a word to her, she was hurting his wounded heart so much that time can’t heal it or not that is a question only’

Geet: do u get them maan,, u r nothing infront of and u nothing without my papa so stay out of MY PERSONAL matter’. She was turning her back when maan grab her elbow and crashed her in his chest’ his scent that always tried seducing her but now only making her more angry’.

She struggles to free herself but he only grip her hard’

Geet: leave me maan, or u will regret it’ but maan was only bringing her close to his face’ geet couldn’t hold herself and raise her hands to slap him’.

But maan was enough quick to hold it, it made him more angry’. He locked her hand backward and with one hand brought her head close to him’. their lips was only millimeter away’ her long tears make him jerk her and she landed on the ground looking at him angrily’.



Maan: I don’t touch a filth like u,, maybe u r rich but only because of ur father, jis din unka hath tumhare sar se uthega us din tum kuch nahi rahogi, u r Geet Handa because ur father is Mr Mohindar Handa, when ur name will not be associate with him u will be nthing but a mare girl name GEET’.. with that he walked away’.  

Geet stood up walking away angrily but a driver came running to her’

Driver: mam’ maan sir has appointed me for ur new car’

Geet: WHAT??? but I can drive my car

Driver dipped his head down: but sir doesn’t want u to drive the sports car, so I will be ur driver’













Mr handa: maan do u thing that was right? I mean u know her,, she will not tolerate any bodyguard around her and this driver also.. look at her face, she is fuming in anger’.

Maan: the driver will give us her every details and her guards will follow them silently’

Mr handa: sach me maan, tum na hote to pata nahi mera kya hota, I don’t know when this girl will grow up.. I mean look at her she is 21 but still behaves like a 2yrs adamant girl’

Maan: sab kuch thik hojayega uncle, give her sometime’ he smiles looking at her’



Both were talking in the party that mr handa had thrown for his only daughter Geet who is now fuming seeing her father with maan’




Geet was glaring at the crowd and trying to get a drink which is impossible in front of her father,,, actually correction MAAN’

Pari was sitting beside her: what happen, why ur mood is so angry’like angry young girl, she giggle but soon get a angry glare‘ sorry, she said meekly’ her eyes were on maan who was staring at her intently’ she looked at the man who is wearing black tuxedo looking HOT,,, every girl’s eyes on him only but his eyes on her’ both were busy giving angry glare to each other’. Just then a tap came on geet shoulder’  maan gave the person a look but just ignore that and got busy with another business guest’

Geet irritatingly looked at the person but soon a smile came on her face’

Geet: SID’. 



Sid smiles charmingly but soon it turn into horror as he saw the anger filled eyes of geet’

Geet: kamina gadha itna late, do u know how much I have waited for u’ what r u doing, no lemme guess firse un bimboos k piche ghum raha hain, now seriously u r good for nothing’ brainless creature do u have any idea how bored I was feeling’

Sid shouted: HOLD ONNN’.. Geet don’t u feel its necessary to take breath between talking and look at u girl how much u can talk, I know I know u talk like a fat cat but seriously give me a break,, I m late I know but that not because my GFs,,, its because of u’

Geet greeted her teeth: its better be good otherwise I won’t take a single sec to think for breaking ur nose’.

Sid gave a nervous smile and took out a packet,, she took it instantly and saw the beautiful diamond bracelet’

Her eyes were shining like glitter: wow mr Siddhant Modi,, tera choice sach me accha hogaya hain yaar’. Thank uuu,, she hugged him tight and he left her breath in relief and reciprocate the hug, but soon felt the heated gaze of maan on them,, he smiles nervously and tried to act he is innocent she is hugging him but if look can kill maan is able to do that,, sid’s face was half smiling half crying’ he know if this continue 2 more mins he will be dead’ if he will not leave her maan will kill him and if her tried to come out of the hug geet will never leave him beside she will cut him in pieces and never mind to eat that to sharks’.

Sid: bachao babaji’.


That is SID/ Siddhanth Modi’. Geet’s best best best frnd’ both are best buddy from childhood,, he is her partner in crime’ everyone knew no one can separate these 2′ he loves to pamper her, taking her all anger.. they did everything to make anyone’s life hell’ for sid its geet’s command and he will definitely follow her or fulfill her before she can think of it be that right or wrong.. he never get angry on her because its her right only and no other person can talk with them the way they talk to each other’ if geet’s any other frnd try to be over frndly with him she will never think before destroying their life’ though sid is very sweet,, but if anyone try to harm geet he can take that person’s life’ 

But one person he feared in his life is MAAN’ he knew some kind of possessiveness maan carry for geet so he never interfere in their matter’ he knew maan is a good guys and secretly he admires him for his works and reputation.. Basically he is very nice guy who love his frnd dearly’ only one frnd of course that is geet. Though they had got good amount of frnd but geet n sid is best buddy’  but one thing sid can never understand, maan doesn’t allowed any other boy to talk or touch to her where sid can meet her or touch her any time, why? he had never came to conclusion, maybe because maan knows how much he is afraid of him’..

But for maan he is a good boy who knows his boundary’ maan knew sid inside out’. he knows they are only frnds and sid can never take opportunity of her’. maan can sense ppl, he knew sid is a sincere guy who love to pamper his frnd but he also want her good’ so he never mind seeing them close’.


Sid: yaar kharus singh khuarana ne aaj angry glare nahi diya? Pari giggle at him where geet pushed him away’ abb isse kya huya?

 Pari: mat puch,, I m asking her the same question from the starting of the party but she was bus giving angry glare to him’ uff I can’t understand them yaar’. Jaise wo isse dekhta hain kash mujhe bhi dekhta’.


Pari Sinha’ geet’s childhood frnd,, only sid and pari is her real frnd’ pari loves her like a sister but her one problem is her mr dreamy’ she feared him like hell but admire him also,, that is none other than Maan Singh Khurana’ pari knew him when she was 5yrs old,, she became geet’f frnd and met sid and maan in the handa mansion.. from then she find maan dreamy because of his angry look.. though maan had never looked that way but still she finds him her mr right though she know it will never be true’..


Geet: I think u guys forgot this is my birthday not ur mr dreamy’s.. I don’t know what u see in him I simply hate him’

Sid: u never looked at genuine thing’ geet raise her eyes brow,, sid coughed,, i mean mr handa thing he is genuine..

Pari: and handsome too’

Geet: handsome my foot’.

She took vodka and gulp it without noticing maan was seeing her with angry eyes’.

And then her eyes caught something and she smirks’. someone was talking on phn but staring at her only…

Geet: now that is call something’ sid and pari looked at the source and saw a man was approaching them’ a smirk came on geet’s lips’.



The rough look yet with cuteness attracted her and she knew its the perfect man for her’ she stares at his eyes and bite her lips’. I m gonna get him’.

Pari: geet’.

Geet: yaar banda hot hain n look like our status will match also’. She stood up and her knee length dress fell above her knee exposing her milky white legs’ her floral dress with her white body complexion was giving her extra beauty and her smile was enchanting it’ the man came close to her unknowingly and offer her hand to dance’ she elegantly too that offer and walked on the dance floor’. She placed his hand on her waist and her hands on his shoulder’ and then winked at sid n pari who was now hell worried..

That time all the elders shifted their business talk in some big table and mr hand asaw his daughter dancing with a guy’ he looked at maan but maan’s face was expressionless’


The man: u r really beautiful miss

Geet: GEET’. Hmm I know.. but may I know who is giving me the compliment’

The name is PREM’.



And the music began’.



Precap: oopsss jealousy game???


Behke behke nain

Cheene dil ka chain

Toh ye pyar hai

Koi intezar karde bekaraar

Toh yeh pyar hai



Pyar hoga ya nafrat???


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  1. Posted by Najiah's Naina on May 11, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Sucha a spoiled she is, tich…
    Poor Maan pata nai konsi yaadien yaad dila deti hyn ye…


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