Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 3


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Part 3



The man: u r really beautiful miss

Geet: GEET’. Hmm I know.. but may I know who is giving me the compliment’

The name is PREM’.



And the music began’.


Dance floor set with the light and it was holding the beat, the DJ start the music on fast number as geet has indicated him and she smirks looking at maan who was fuming now’


Prem placed his hand on her waist and one hand was holding her hand for a salsa dance’ both swing there hand in a round to forth and then he twirl her three time pulling her close to him and then left her to  back then again she collide with his chest as he pulls her to his embrace’ geet smiles at him and dance with him’



Behke behke nain


Cheene dil ka chain


Toh ye pyar hai


Koi intezar karde bekaraar

Toh yeh pyar hai

Yaadein dil ko tadpaye



Her back was touching his front and he was holding her waist moving in a rhythm’ he twirl her holding her waist only and she shake her body holding her shoulder as her front was touching him now’.




Saansein ulajti jaye


Aankhen sapne dikhlaye


Jab anjaane


Aankhon se tu ghabraye

Raaton mein so na paye

Hathon ko malta jaye

Tu deewane


He twirl her and held her hand moving right and the stop to move left with her,, she was giggling laughing and dancing in full swing’.



Hote hote oh yeah

Ho jane do na pyar

Maan saw her and gulp the drink that he was holding,, its his 2nd drink and he was frustrated with her game’ her hold and the way the guy was holding her was really burning him so much that he can punch that idiot’ he saw her dancing with other boys as the beat was changing she was changing her partner’ now again prem got her and she held her back tracing it with her palm where her eyes were on maan only,, she was giving an evil smirk seeing him like that,, don’t know why she is doing all this but it was really satisfying her’.


Prem brought her against him and she twist her knees standing in one position’ and then lock her leg around his waist,, she swing her back in the air where her head was swinging in the air’ and then both her legs on floor and he was holding her waist with both hand where her hand was on his shoulder’




Shh shh shake that booty


Till I wanna get summer back duty


Everybody know user queue


Everybody get little bit movie

Now your body your revenge got style

Tell me wonder in the about all dua

She just fuse the way that you move

She got gang she got the moves

Just bombay just bombay


The sight caught fire in maan,, he stepped in the dance floor and all the attention goes towards him,, he threw his coat and now his shirt is half open as 4 buttons of his shirt torn in the rage only..  he was close to geet and slides his hand to her’ she was staring at him but before she can do anything’

He pulls pari in it who was gaping at him with wide eyes’.pari was on cloud 9 finding him as her partner’  he held her waist and pulls her towards him, she was so numb to do anything but when u have the best partner who want to learn anything, he was sliding her through the crowd, twisting and turning her elegantly’.


Geet saw that where whole crowd was clapping for them’ don’t know what but something burn in her,, her rage was on high,, the sight was filling her more hatred’ maan saw that and smirks at her’. she left prem who was just baffled with her act’ she was leaving the dance floor walking pass maan n pari when she felt a pulls in her hand and next moment she found herself in maan’s embrace’.

He was holding her waist tightly and her soft breast was crushing on his hard chest as there was no gap between their bodies’ her breath fans on his exposed chest making him jolt with her’.



Dhoondti hai nazar


Ek haseen ko agar


Koi armaan leke


Toh prem mein nagar ki taraf hai safar

Dil ka sauda leke



She tried to free her but his rage took over,, he twirl her pushing her shoulder for a round and then caught her in chest’ she was furious too’ she held his hand and in full force dance with him matching his beat’. The audience just gaped at them as they swing their body together’



Pighla sa pighla sa ho ju man


Sundar sa sundar sa ho ju tan


Dil jo dhadakte hai


Shole bhadakte hain

Hosh toh khota hai

Pyar jab hota hai

She pushed his chest but he held her wrist pulling her close’ and then throws her far and again pulls her’. then he held her waist moving it with his hip in a circular motion’



Hote hote oh yeah

Ho jane do na pyar

she turn for the next turn but her held her back and make her head go down backward holding it firmly’.



Behke behke nain


Cheene dil ka chain


Toh ye pyar hai


Koi intezar karde bekaraar

Toh yeh pyar hai

Yaadein dil ko tadpaye

Saansein ulajti jaye

Aankhen sapne dikhlaye

Jab anjaane

Aankhon se tu ghabraye

Raaton mein so na paye

Hathon ko malta jaye

Tu deewane


He stretches his knees so that a good gap was between her leg and his thigh n knees are bent’ geet sat on his thigh from back and lift her leg upwards,, and then coming down he swings her infront of him closing the gap between their body’.



Hote hote oh yeah


Ho bhi jane do na pyar


Hote hote oh yeah

Ho bhi jane do na pyar


She stood there expressionless,, she was numb about the surrounding as she can only saw his eyes, it was so deep and emotion full,, she wanted to read what is it but failed miserably making her more wounded,, yes wounded because she always tried to read his eyes and face but nothing came in her mind as she is too nave to understand his feeling, where he believes to cocoon her in him but never tell her the real feeling,, he is a hard shell and its impossible to break it’.


The music ended and the whole audience broke into clapping and applauding’. Both came back to reality’. And maan left her waist abruptly,,  all were going at them only’ then geet turn to see all the pl,, her few more frnd has joined the party who was hooting for them,, she can see the teasing gaze of them,, it made geet angry’ she looked at maan disgustedly’ where maan was hurt seeing her gaze, he knew she thinks him as low profile person only where geet was going different kind of emotion’ she doesn’t know why she is feeling like these’

Just then her other frnds joined her’

Rahul: hey geet,, I thought u will wait for us to enjoy as I know u only touch those ppl who are worth for it, but I was so wrong, u have started spending time with ur father’s employee’.

Maan looked at geet only’. But geet was only staring at the blank space’

Richa: but if an employee is so hot who mind to take a little advantage’ all other laughed at her where richa was gaping at maan’

Subham: actually geet is a princess, if she touch stone it will turn to gold so it will be good for him’


Geet looked at sid who was shaking his head in disbelievingly’ his face was indicating how much he is frustrated with her so called this frnds’ geet is studying in last yr of engineering and they all are her mate where pari and sid is doing mbbs’.


Pari came there: don’t u guys u should have wished her 1st,, but u all are busy in hooting for their performance, and maybe maan is a employee but much capable than u’.

Anita: geet we wanted to gift this’.. she handed a box’

Geet took it,, she was holding it but her eyes were somewhere else’. Maan was just passing the crowd when someone enters the place’

Maan looked at her shocked: Maa’. One word came out from his mouth’



There came Priti singh Khurana,,, Maan’s mother’. She has worked for geet’s dad for few yrs’ though he didn’t wanted to but for maan n his sister’s education she insist that she will work household work for geet’s father’. At an age she did the cooking for them and she took care of geet like a nanny though maan never liked that’.


Maan: aap what r u doing here’ one thing that maan doesn’t like is anyone insulting his mother, she had done a lot for them,, he loves n respect his mother’

Priti: maan bte today is gudiya’s birthday how can i resist to come here? She looked at geet who was expressionless’.

Rahul: oops I think she got some present for princess’. Ummm I would like to see that’

Richa: yeah,, present her na that’.

Sid: guys I think u should remain ur limits. Its their personal matter, u should not interfere in this’

In all this there starts the chaos’.

Rahul: we just wanted to see the present this down market ppl are presenting,, show na please, he mocked and tried to hold the piece priti was holding’ she was a bit hesitant,, then everyone see a small homemade cake’.

Before anyone can say anything maan marched: maa I said leave from here,, why u have to come here for this girl who is just standing and letting her frnds insulting u..

Rahul: oye excuse me,, we didn’t started insulting her yet’. Insult to aap log kar rahe ho ye sab basi maal laake’


Just then one loud sound came’.



Everyone was baffled to the scene’..  everyone is shocked to see an enraged geet slapping rahul hard making his lips bleed’. Her eyes were burning’.

Geet: get lost’. She throws his gift on his face’. Take this and get lost from here’.


Before anyone can resist anything she marched to priti and hold her hand harshly dragging her out from the party’ maan was too confuse to react anything and when he started running behind them they are gone’. He searched for geet n his mother but they were nowhere’.  


Maan: geet’ this time I won’t spare u,, u can do anything to me but if u hurt my mother I swear I will make ur life a living hell’ I swear geet I will never forgive u if my mother shed one single drop of tears cause of u’.


Geet closed the door and ran to hug priti’.

Geet: I m sorry mamma’.

Priti hugged her to and patted her back to sooth her pain’. She was sobbing holding her like a small kid’

Priti: geet bte,, why u r saying sorry, u didn’t hurt me’

Geet: but they hurt u and I can’t tolerate anybody saying anything to u’ aap yaha kyun aayi’

Priti: bte I was out the whole day,, NGO me kuch kaam agaya tha’. She is handling a NGO now which give shelters to woman who doesn’t have any place to go’.

Priti cupped her face: geet aap itni acchi kyun hain’

Geet: mamma don’t insult me,, I know what I m’ priti shook his head’.

Priti: aap aur aapke funde life ke’

Geet made her sit on her bed and she herself sat on her knees in front of priti’.

Geet: mamma I missed u,, u know I hadn’t cut the cake yet, because I wanted to eat this’ she snatches the cake priti made for her’ she carefully placed it in a plate and took a candle to blow’ she placed a knife beside’ her face was glowing’ challo mamma cake kaate’.

Priti: geet ek baat puchu,, aap har sal aise kyun karte ho, I mean alone from the crowd,, every yr u cut the cake made by me first and u didn’t late anyone know u called me mamma’ u took maan’s all wrath whenever u are around me,, he said harsh words but u just showed him ur anger where u only tried to suppress ur emotion for me, why? We always cut the cake in this room alone’ why u didn’t invite ur papa here’

Few tears spilled out from her eyes’.

Geet: when mom died I was so alone, papa was there but always in his business’ he never had time for me because he thought earning money and giving me all luxurious he had done with his responsibility,, he always takes me as responsibility mamma,,, but when u came here I feel a mother’s love’ I was harsh on u,, but u never scold me then,, u always treats me like ur own daughter’ for so many years I behave rudely but atlast u found why I behaved like that’ I was scared, if I show my love towards u,, maybe u had left me like mom’

She sobbed hard, and I don’t wanted to lose u’ u are the mother I always need,when I did something wrong and maan n papa scold me u were the one who take me in ur embrace and protect me from everyone.. I wanted love but they showed authority’ and thats why I made myself like this’ a hard shell who doesn’t know about emotion’ I m happy that ppl think I m hard because if they know the real geet is so timid they will ruin me under their feet’ so its better to show strong rather showing my vulnerable sight to gain sympathy,, I don’t need that’.

Priti hugged her tight: I m sorry bte,, who knows u better than me.. I know whom u love u can give ur life but ppl are not they seems to be sweety’ ur papa loves u a lot’ and showing ur love towards him doesn’t make u weak’ so was maan’ he is exactly like u’ he pretend to be hard geet but he is very soft from inside’ he is not so mean he pretends to be’

Geet: pls mamma don’t try to defend him,, I know u r his real mother.. but I hate him still’. He always shows I m vulnerable in front of him,, he always shouts on me,, he always shows how much dependent I m on him where i can handle myself’ and u know mamma u always snatches papa from me, papa loves him more than me’

Priti: ye to koi baat nahi hui geet bte’ I love u more than maan.. but that doesn’t mean he hates u’

Geet: he hates me mamma, he hates me really, I can see it in his eyes’

Priti: geet u r very innocent for all this’ u don’t know the real world and its culprits’ and that’s why u never understand maan’ I will not force u but one day u will know him better than me’ aap unke ankhe aaj nahi padh sakti lekin ek din jarur padh payengi’

Priti(st): u both can’t understand each other bte but no one can understand u both the way u know each other’ 

Geet: ufff mamma lets leave all this and cut the cake, I m hungry and I want to relish this moment with u only,, fir sabke samne natak jo karna padega’ uff I m too good in acting u know,, she giggle’

Priti: hmmm acting k sath sath kapre bhi acche pahenne lage hain’ geet’s face glowed’ she stood up and turn around to show her dress,, she was wearing  red long top and short skirt’ she is looking like a princess a cute doll’ priti smiles at her childishness’



Geet: u know mamma maan hates this cloth so I love this dress’. She giggle and priti stares at her with love ‘. She think till now she is only thinking about maan only and she did this because maan hates it’. But priti doesn’t said anything instead she said to carry on’

Priti: okk now blow the candle and before it make a wish’

She did so’.

” God please give all the happiness my family need and all my frnds will stand beside me like this,, ha aur ek baat give some brain to that kharus singh khurana and ummm nothing,, ha mamma n papa ki health hamesha thik rakhna, bas itna sa khwab hain”

She cut the cake and make priti eat first and then she herself ate that’.

Geet: mamma its too good,, u r the best caker maker in the world’ no one can make cake best than u’ love u,, I love it so much’ she started eating it vigorously’

Priti: slow down girl,, uff don’t u want to give it sid?

Geet: oops main to vul hi gayi,, only for him a small piece’

Priti: and pari?

Geet: no way, uss idiot ko nahi milega’ she remember pari dancing with maan and she don’t know why but she don’t want to give it to her, why she don’t know’. She made a face like ‘i-m-so-right’ and continue eating her cake’..


Pagal hain, anjaan hain, ek ajnabee ehsaash se’ kya pata jab is ehsaash ka pata chalega tab kya hoga?



Precap: twist’. One announcement’.


 Drashti’s pic credit goes to Naji di,,aka Dreamy Princess

Okk so how u thing about geet?? Is she soo mean?


I want to say one thing though she loved his mom but no one knows it,, about sid that will reveal in next part, and no matter how much she love priti, maan’s mother she hates maan still’. She believes maan is an arrogant and he hates her,, that’s he portrait all these yr so that she can never laugh on his feeling and for geet she is too nave for all this feeling’. So she hate maan,, but did she knows the definition of HATE?? where maan can’t understand geet’s fear as she has shield herself with hatred so that no one can hurt her’.


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    Wow… Maan’s mom to Geet ki mamma nikli as she love her like her real mom… Thats sweet…
    Kitna ajanbi sa rishta hy dono ka… Maan Geet ek dosre ko na jane kia samjate rhte hyn.


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