Kurbaan tere Ishq Mein Part 4


Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein



Part 4


Geet was coming downstairs to the party place when she felt a strong tug on her arms and next min she found herself harshly pulled by a strong pair of hands and pinning to the wall in a dark corner… she was afraid of the dark room,, she tried to protest but the grip was very tight…. Geet tried to scream but a palm covered her mouth…. The room was dark and sight ray of light was coming through the window…. Her horrified eyes are something worth watching… she was trying hard to free herself but the man was pressing her more with his body weight… she saw the eyes, that was showering venom with it,, she gulp her saliva and stop protesting as if she knows the person can never harm her… he saw her eyes that are lost in him and he freed her mouth from his hand….

Geet; Maan,, came a whisper from her supple lips… he snakes his hand in her stomach and then slides in her waist puling her close to him…. she shivered with the touch but couldn’t said anything infront of his rage filled eyes…..

Maan: where is maa geet? He said merely as a whisper… but it was dangerous… she gulp her saliva…. He came close to her face touching her cheek with his nose tip…. Tell me geet, where did u took her? I have warned u geet, don’t ever misbehave with my mother… I can take anything but one tear in my mother’s eyes because of u and think u are finish…. I will destroy u… geet shivered with fear…. His tone was threatening and the posture they are in now is neither helping her….

Geet: woh,,, she tried to say something but his breath was making her vulnerable…   she don’t know why she is feeling like this but its new for her, its not hatred but some kind of pull that was driving her towards him…. maan saw her eyes that was showing her confuse state but with that there is something more but what?

Maan’s hand automatically goes under her top and caught her flesh… it will be the 1st time he is touching her like that and it will be the 1st time she is not protesting at all… all this is very new for her… he rubbed her flesh with his rough hands giving her Goosebumps… her breath became quicken as his finger stroke her spine upper, it was going up and her breath caught in her throat… she was feeling weak on her knees,, she closed her eyes trying to control something but he was making it more difficult by coming towards her lips… his breath fan on her pink soft juicy lips that are really tempting for him…. he rubbed her lips with the other hand and she moans unknowingly… her voice was so soothing for him… her unconscious mind was playing with her body, the urge that till now no one had awaken, just by a simple touch of maan has arouse her so much… she breathed heavy and it make maan lose his self control… he kissed the corner of the lips,, a soft moan came out from her mouth covering his heart….


He kissed her cheek with sensual wet kisses…. Geet felt something in her stomach… like thousand butterflies are dancing in one rhythm…. She held his shoulder for support because she was feeling dizzy with the over whelming pleasure… maan kisses her closed eyes and then her forehead…. He came back to her lips that are shivering now… he wanted to captured it right then… it was hardening him like anything… he slowly inches closer to her lips and now if they move a millimeter the lips will meet…


Just then a loud voice broke their trance….

Geettt,, Geettt…….


Geet’s eyes hsot open and saw the compromising position of them… anger rusher down her eyes and she pushed him with all her force, it was so sudden that maan wasn’t prepare,, he stumble 2 step back… then reality drawn in both of them…. Maan came back to senses why he is here and her anger take her on because he kissed her again.. though it wa son cheek… but she was angry more on herself,,, lekin maanti kaise Miss Geet Handa…. So her all rage came on maan who was looking at her with equal gaze…


Geet heard sid and pari’s voice and tried to go from there when maan harshly pulls her towards his rock slid body and then pinned her again on the wall…

Geet: leave me maan… she said in a low but dangerous tone….

Maan: if I don’t then..

Geet: ready for the consequence then….


Maan: where is my mother geet… tell me 1st….

Geet: ur mother u should know that…

Maan: don’t test my patience…

Geet: leave me, she tried to hit him with her tiny fist but maan pinned her hands on the either aide of her head…. She was staring at his eyes which are covered with unknown desire but she choosed to ignore… if u don’t move I will shout on top of my lungs and then see what will happen to u, I can case a file of harassing me…. that’s it maan’s eyes were spitting fire the anger can burn anyone… geet gulp her saliva but return his gaze with equal anger…

Again they heard sid’s voice….


Geet made a wicked plan and pinched his palm that was holding her palm,, her nails dig in his flesh he instantly let her free… he hissed in pain as her pinching was so hard that it left a mark cutting his flesh,, blood oozed out.. it made him more frustrating, he saw geet smirking and trying go away but he pulls her again and this time she tried to shout sid’s name…. finding no other option to stop her he slammed his lips on her… she was shocked to death feeling his rough lips on her soft supple ones…. his hand were pressing her waist squeezing it roughly… her eyes were wide open,, when she gain her conscious she find him lingering on her lips,, she tried to push him but it made maan press his lips more on her…. she tightly sealed her lips not letting him in but he was nowhere to leave her today,, the demon has awaken by her only…. He sucks her bottom lips hard making her bleed ,, he bite her softly, she gasp in pain when he entered her mouth relishing every hidden corner…. Like he has found a secret of her… she was controlling herself not to respond back but the way he was doing his magic is unforgettable…. His hands were tightly holding her wrist and pinning it on the wall…

He rolled his tongue inside her mouth capturing her tongue with it…. he chewed her upper lips and then again dance with her tongue making her wonder how can he do it so affectionately… she looked at his eyes which are giving her angry glare….. an idea stuck her as he is not leaving her she had to make a plan in it… she thought of biting his tongue inside…. The evilness in her eyes like he read it and smirks… she move her tongue to captured his… he felt alive feeling her unknown respond… she was playing her own game but in it she was responding him with equal passion… he hide his tongue and she came on his lips chewing it hard,,, she don’t know what she is doing but to take revenge she thought to hurt him, least she know what pleasure she is giving him…. he freed her hand and she encircle it on her neck digging her nails in it… he rubbed her waist arousing her more.. she was lost in the kiss nibbling sucking and biting making it bleed hard then take the salty wetness n her mouth…. She tried to found his tongue to bite it but he was dancing with her… she pressed her nails in his flesh but he didn’t flinch, it was soothing him more…. they open their mouth more to have access of their mouth… she didn’t know when it turn to a passionate kiss… it was their 1st kiss and it was full of anger but yes it felt heaven…. Her soft breast rubbed his chest as he was pulling her close n close to him, her petite body glued his demon like structure… but she didn’t recognize anything as she was lost in the kiss….


Atlast maan accept his defeat giving himself to her,,, she found his tongue and bite it hard making him groan in the kiss…. He left her mouth and she smiles evilly…. Maan looked at her unbelievingly,, he had kissed her and all she knew was making him accept his defeat…. He smiles at her childishness but soon it covered with guilt as he saw fat tear rolled down from her eyes… geet suddenly remember her act, what she was doing…. She had kissed this man…. She forgot everything and surrender herself to him… she was taking her anger but that was a kiss that meant to be for her love,, the one whom she will give her everything… her prince charming…. And what she was doing kissing the man she hates most…. Guilt and self disgust covered her…

Maan: geet… he called her,, feeling hurt to see disgust in her eyes…..

Geet: I hate u…. u feel disgust, I hate u maan….. she ran out from the room and he ran his hand through his hair feeling frustrated,, but feeling her lips on his it was perfect…



After a long time maan came to the hall where party was still going, he saw her standing between sid and her papa… she was trying to smile but her eyes are red due to crying, he felt miserable seeing her like that, why can’t he control his anger and desire….

He saw her cutting the cake,, sid was looking at him,, maan saw his staring at him,, he looked away… mr handa called maan to stand close to them, he went to stand beside him… geet gave the 1st bite to her father who happily accepted and then she gave it to sid and pari who fade her 1st….

Mr handa: geet challo maan ko bhi do… geet looks at her angrily and then took a bite,, she was going towards him, maan was little hesitant but was feeling happy… but his happiness didn’t last very long as she walked passed him and gave the bite to prem who was lost in her… mr handa shook his head with a big sigh and then smiles…

Mr handa: ok so time comes for the special announcement… geet looked at her father curiously… a half smile was there on her face as she stood beside prem…  as u all know it’s a very special occasion for me as its my daughter’s birthday but the thing u don’t know is today I got a new relation…. Everyone looked at him curiously…. He smiles… today I got a perfect match for my beautiful daughter Geet… shock ran through maan n geet both… today I want to declare that my best frnd and I changed our frndship in a new relation…. Geet looked at him confused…. So here is mr Lalit juneja and his handsome son PREM with whom my daughter Geet will a tie a knot very soon… I had dreamt for this day for a very long time and I know my daughter will fulfill my one wish to see her as a bride of Prem…. He let out his hand stretch and geet walked to him for a quick hug….

Pari and sid was confused and shocked to hear that and they stares at maan who was blank… his eyes lost its spark… his face was dull like something snatches from him… like his heart is empty now… he only looks at geet who was avoiding his gaze and trying her best to smile in front of everyone… yes she agreed for this alliance the moment her father declare it and he knew it very well geet can never refuge him… she is too nave for all this, she will accept anything her father decide for her…


Sid tried to talk to maan but he instantly left the party…. Sid smiles sadly… yes he knew maan loved geet and he was genuinely happy that a person like maan loved her but he sighed as she can’t even recognize a true love… he silently prayed for this two, he want the best for his best frnd but he knows maan in not the best only he the destiny of her and for that he will do anything… he only wants the two soul the meant to be together find their way for each other… and for that he have to do something… he smiles looking at geet who was engrossed in her thought looking at maan’s retreating figure…



Precap: chat magni fat shaadi????


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  1. Posted by stinna on April 27, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    luv this ff… u r jst amazing tich…
    update sooooooooooooon….


  2. Posted by Najiah's Naina on May 11, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Oye hoye., kiss myn fight, hehehe… 😀
    nyc update!


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