Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Prologue





Ishq mein duba raha

Rooh se ibadaat ki

Tere ek ishare pe apni zindegi Kurbaan ki,,

Kabhi na kahe mohabbat to shiddat thi

Tere ek nazar pe apni zindegi Kurbaan ki..

Pyar ki gali se guzre to bohot

Bas pyar ki chah khich laayi tere taraf

Lekin samajh na paaye galti kya thi

Tere pyar pe apni zindegi Kurbaan ki’


Love says let go the one whom u love, if he/she come think its ur or it was never yours, but what if someone ask when u love someone how can u be so cool when he or she going away from u’

yes HE ask that, for him Love is not only Sacrifice but gain n win ur love going beyond all the odds’ its your need to have her,, love didn’t ask to sacrifice it ask surrender yourself for your love.. he surrender himself to gain her but what will be the circumstances afterward he doesn’t know’ love actually need forfeit of yourself,, but he knows his love has the power to achieve any hurdle’ But the thing he doesn’t know is the biggest obstacle is his LOVE’. Will he ever be able to win HER going against all obstacle’ or LIFE will teach him or LOVE will taught the biggest lesson that we intended not to know,, Love can makes ur life heaven but when it turn bitter it can make hell in heaven’ will he be like this to get HER or one day he have to erase himself for her happiness’ kya usko bhi kehna hoga Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein’..ya hona hoga Kurbaan ishq ke naam’



Mit gaye mohabbat me tere

Kabhi shikayat na ki

Apne sar ankho pe liye

Tera ilzam bas tujhse mohabbat ki

Keh na sake arzoo to bohot thi

Lekin jal gaye mere armaan

Mohabbat k gali me bas kho gaye meri zindegi

Bas reh gaya ye deewanapan

Ye jonoon ye ashiqi

Abb hum to yehi kahenge

Huye hum

Kurbaan tere ishq mein’





SHE the princess of every heart or rather say HIS heart, still doesn’t know what is LOVE.. for her it’s a fairytale, one a day a prince will come and take her to his land of love’ the thing she never knew that the prince she want was always surrounded her with his protectiveness’ but she thought it’s a mare dust which she want to remove as soon as possible’ she herself didn’t know what LOVE feel but whenever HE came around she felt the shiver which cause her to move to her shell’  

But will she ever be able to understand what real LOVE means? Will she ever understand HIM? his LOVE? Or one day his destruction will teach her what she lost’ what will be then when she actually find the meaning of the heaven but maybe that is verge of collapse’ will she have to demolish herself to rescue him of eradication’ kya usse bhi ye kausati pe kehna hoga Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein?



Love is the ecstasy that can lead u to feel heaven

But it can taste u the bitterness beyond the hell can hold

It was your destruction with Surrender of existence 

Love needs to fill the hollowness of severity

It itself can make the castle of heaven

But break u apart when it turn as bitter as it can’

Still Love is all we want

Love is all THEY need’

Will they ever come together to say

They will surrender to the heat of love

Let it be the hell or heaven’.








What the fu**’ just move ur bloody bump or I will blast it’.

Ssshhh language geet’.

Geet: to hell with ur language pari’ its my birthday and I can’t go anywhere without that moron’s permission’

Pari:  your family believes him’

Geet: just shut up and stay quiet, we have to be out till this alarm went on’

Pari: I don’t want to be kill,, hamesha main hi kyun bali ka bakhra banti hu’

Geet: bakhri’

Pari: what?

Geet: u r a female so its bakhri in hindi,, goat’.

Pari: grrr I hate u geet’

Geet: I know, and now can u shut ur fat mouth, ek to tera bakbak and upar se this darkness, can’t belief I m running from my own house at the mid of the night to go for disc’

Pari: yaar tere baap ko itni badhi haveli banae ki zarurat kya thi, can’t u ppl live in a decent bungalow?

Geet: hello we are HANDA, one of the richest people in india, puri delhi mere papa se darti hain’

Pari: not one person’. She smiles slyly where geet gave her a murderous look’

Geet: yeah because papa loves him more than his own family, grrr I so hate that moron, sometime I felt like banging his head on the window pane’

Pari: window pane tut jayega, he is so solid yaar’

Geet: ek baat bata pari, u r my friend or his??? pari smiles nervously..

Pari: of course Yours’

Geet: good,, now shut up and lets go’ this gate and we will be out of the haveli’ geet’s eyes were dreamy, and then..

Pari smiles: and then’

Geet: and then’


A manly voice came from back’

Pari shivered and turn to see the person, her small smile swift off and she just disappeared’

Geet: pari why your voice is sounding like that danav’s voice?

Because the danav is standing right behind u’

Geet shivered with the voice and turn slightly to see her night mare standing blocking her way, his hands were wrapped in his chest’

The demon with well toned body and tight jaw with light stubble making him more hot and desirable, correction for others not for geet (tich scratching head,, ye description geet de rahi hain na )’ his deep dark eyes and thick lashes any girl want to drown in them,,, any girl can do anything to get one glimpse of those deep ocean’ but not for our sherni’. Geet was gaping the man in front of her eyes, his six pack was visible from the see through black shirt’.

The man smirks: checking me out’ that brought her out from her reverie’

Geet: checking and u? huh get a life Maan’

Maan: I can see that Geet’

Geet: maan just buzz off I m getting late,, lets go pari, she turn to se pari who had long gone’ geet looked here n there, where is pari?

Maan: your friend u will know, she is like u only Fuse bulb’

Geet made a O: u call me a fuse bulb..

Maan: no ur frnd..

Geet: no u called me’

Maan: as u wish fuse bulb’

Geet: grrr maan I hate u’

Maan: tell me something new’. By the way ur friend is behind the curtain’ geet looked at pari who was behind the curtain praying to her god’ maan saw her.. funny girl’ he made a weird face’

Geet: isse bhi mere hi palle badhna tha, she murmured under her breath’

Maan: by the way where are u going at 10 o’clock in the night?

Geet: tumse matlab? maan takes one step ahead..

Maan: to aur kisse matlab hoga’ geet saw his intense gaze and started taking few step back’

Geet: don’t come near me?

Maan: why?? Kuch kuch hota hain kya? He asked looking straight in her eyes’

Geet: ha, she said looking lost, but maan’s chuckle brought her back’ ha sar phod ne ka man karta hain tumhara..

Maan: good way to hide emotion and changing the topic’ now tell me where were u going?

Geet: disc.. its my bday I can go anywhere’

Maan raise his eyes brow: ur bday is on tom, it still has 2 hrs’

Geet: wohi to, we will cut the cake at 12 in the disc’         

Maan: your papa knows it?

Geet became nervous and started knotting her car keys: yeah I, I told hi-him’.

Maan smirks: good then I can have a talk with him’.  he was going when geet held his hand’ he looks at her angelic face that was visible with the shimmering light of moon’ the whole hall was dark but the big windows were helping him to see her trembling lips’ he stares at her hazel almond eyes which is mirror of her heart.. her hand that was touching him is so soft that can give competition to petals also’

Geet follow his gaze and remove her hand: umm wo actually’

Maan: 1st talk to uncle than u can go..

Geet: nooo,, u know he will never let me go this hour’

Maan: then?

Geet: umm what about u also don’t tell him and I will be back soon, promise’. She can see he is not so satisfy with it‘ ok I can give u something else’. Tell me how much u want..

Maan: bribing and Maan Singh Khurana?

Geet: yeah yeah I know its impossible, bachpan se dekhti arahi hu..

Maan: then kosish kyun karti ho?

Geet: look maan I want to enjoy my life  with my friends and those boring party of papa I really feel yuck’ so let me go, I will give u anything u want’

Maan smirks: Anything?

Geet: ANYTHING’.. Geet Handa promising u’

Maan gave his killing smirk, and geet felt she had done some great mistake to say this’

Maan: ok then’ u can go’ geet smiles broadly but her smile fade away with the last words’.


But for that u have to KISS ME”







Precape: what u do think?? KISS or MISS?



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Najiah's Naina on May 11, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Interesting intro n prologue… GEET HATE MAAN… How is that possible?
    Tich i think is fic myn kuch to baat hy…
    Maan k pyar ka naya andaz ya sirf kurbani…
    Geet kitni nadanan hy…
    Now i m starting ur this ff…will feedback to u time to time as i started rite now! 🙂


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