Kaise Kahen Part 16


Kaise Kahen



Part 16



Geet came out wearing a small white dress with diamond cross over her one shoulder’ the dress was coming on her thigh and giving a sexy look.. her shoulder was bare and her hair was curly but open’ she was looking smoking hot’ maan gulp saliva looking at her and unnati shook her head’



Unnati: I wonder what will happen when dadisa will know u wear this’

Geet: who will tell her? she said teasingly and saw unnati’s dress.. red tight fitted dress above her knees’

Unnati: I guess no one’ both laughed where veer rolled his eyes’

Veer was looking at geet wide eyed but unnati whisper something that made him blush a little’

Unnati: dada she is all urs u can drool over her later’

Sonam didn’t like that but shifted her gaze on geet’.

Sonam: u r wearing this?

Geet smiles: yeah,, I always wear this when we were in USA’.

She smiled sonam indicate her about her collage days’

Unnati: but u know she had never wear this kind of dresses in her collage,, she prefer those dress who actually portray her heart, the way she is’ she always love to be dressed in Indian and she fulfill her dream in her collage’ she told me her frnds loved her the way she was’ wish I could meet them once’

Geet face fell so was others’ maan saw the pain in sonam’s eyes, he squeezes her hand a little.. she smiles at them and all headed towards their destination’.


All entered the disc,, geet was looking here n there,, veer was keeping an eye on her but she was very excited’ The crowd was heavy and light was dim’ everyone was enjoying their heart out’ but in all that one person was there who was only praying her enjoyment, that is maan’ he had planned this only for geet because he wanted her out from any tension’ when he get to know she will love to come here he instantly made arrangements with security and other stuff’ but the problem was veer was never let her go alone anywhere’. Sonam sense his restlessness’ and saw maaneet were stealing glances of each other only’ she sighed and pulls both of them to the dance floor’ it was so sudden but still geet looked at veer who assured her with his eyes’

It was awkward,, the whole past memory was coming in front of their eyes’. The way they danced in past and then anannya’s coming all made geet lost in her thought.. maan knew what she is thinking’ his heart was breaking every min to see her lost face’. Somehow they came more close as the crowd was pushing them to each other.. soon geet land on his chest, maan protectively wrapped his hands around her waist.. she stares at his eyes like questioning him for all his deeds’ in all these days geet never questioned or accuse him but don’t know why she wanted some answer like her heart is bursting’. Hum jawab bhi mangte hain to sirf apno se, kaise kahen kab ye dil samakar apne ban gaye pata hi nahi chala’ both swing on the rhythm but soon someone request the dj to turn it in a soft number as he dedicate it to his Girlfrnd,, the crowd cheered for him and it turn to be a slow number’

maan brought geet more closer to him, both seems lost in her thought..  his hand was making pattern on her back over her dress’ she closed her eyes and maan saw the red cheek flushing making her completely eatable’. He moved and pecked her forehead’ geet instantly opened her eyes and look here n there but saw veer was engaged in talk with some lady who back was facing her’ he again looked at maan.. veer’s talking with any girl didn’t bother her at all,, she knew she should feel jealous to see her future husband talking to a much exposed girl but weirdly she didn’t and this moment she surrender to the man who is holding her protectively in his embrace’ she knows its wrong still she want to do this sin’ she looked at the immense love maan was having in his eyes’ unknowingly tear rolled down from geet’s eyes but before it come down maan came forward and licked her tears away kissing her cheeks’

maan: I can’t see u in tears geet’ I m sorry’.

Geet; maan’

Maan: I know I have gave u a mark that left a mark but trust I m doing my best to erase that’

Geet kept her finger on his lips,, maan was baffled with her action but felt a jolt with her touch in his body’

Geet: aap humse itna pyar kyun karte hain?

Maan looked at her piercing her heart: because u taught me how to love, I m stepping on ur mark’ once u loved me so much that now giving me strength to love u more’.

Geet: ye jante huye k hum

Maan: u r mine geet’ few tears flicked as she closed her eyes’ he leaned over her forehead,, I don’t know about our future but I will love u my entire life’ I don’t know what God had store for us but I will love u no matter what happen no matter how broken I will be’ geet looked at him in awe, the person who never believed in God today talking about God and fate’ maan smiles,, yeah I m talking about God,,  because he gave me a 2nd chance in life geet’ when I beg him for a chance he gave me 3yrs later and when I saw u in Udaipur I started believing in fate and God’ because it gave U’.

Geet: if fate snatches me the?

Maan: it can’t’ Maan singh Khurana will change his fate’.

She smiles, he is taking like 3yrs before old Maan’.


Soon the number changed and both brought back to reality’ maan offered his hand to go out from the dance floor and she accepted feeling tired’

Both went to their table and then geet saw the person’ maan only watched her facial expression which goes shock to weird and then anger’ she gave a killing look to veer who smiles meekly’

Veer: hey geet’ u have met her before,

Geet: yeah how can I forget her’. she greeted her teeth.. hey clara how r u? and hows john?? I guess he is ur current boyfrnd’.

Clara looked at veer and then geet’

Clara: geet u r still angry on me but’

Geet: ohh no no clara, u r taking me wrong, I m not angry on u babe it just I pity ur current boyfriend that he has only few week with u’.

Clara sighed and looked at veer for help’ she was with geet and veer in US and veer’s supposed GF, umm that a long story’ (tich doesn’t want u guys to feel bore :p)

Now maan was confused’ what is going on, his plan is backfiring’  he looked at clara frustrated who was now gulping hard’

Clara: geet it was our mutual consent and we were relation just for month, when veer is not so much effected then u,,

Geet: ohh cut the crap clara.. he is my best friend I know him, and when u said those hurtful words I know what he went on’ veer just shook his head and scratches his head and plead clara to shut her mouth for sometime who was giving him killing glare’ clara was trapped between veer geet and maan who was feeling murdering her’.

Geet: u never thought anyone except u,, right??

Clara: ok geet that’s it’ whatever it was it was for his good, and our mutual consent’ we didn’t felt anything towards each other and we broke up and u are extending it till now, grow up girl,, open ur eyes and see ur surrounding’


She stomped her feet and walked away leaving a fuming geet and disappoint maan’

Maan excuse himself saying he will come with some drinks’

Sonam joined geet and veer’

Sonam what happen geet, why ur face is so red?

Sonam: its HER? she point a hand towards clara’

Geet: Veer’s ex GF clara’. I hate that bitch

Veer: Language Princess’.

Geet: hell with that,, she is a bitch, she broke up with u after dating 6 month saying she doesn’t like u and u r boring,, grrr’.

Veer only gulp his drink in nervousness and thanked his star that clara didn’t said anything’.




Maan: what was that clara, I brought u here to break up them and u’

Clara: I m sorry maan’. I know, and I tried to converse with veer but he was not ready for spending a day, I asked him that we could spend a day before I get married’ but he just said he can’t’

Maan: great’. But what was that, geet knew u broke up with him and she was frustrated for that’

Clara: its amusing she still remember me, it was some 6 yrs before’ maan actually one thing u didn’t know that’.

Maan: what?

Clara: we were never dating’.

Maan: WHAT?????

Clara: it was actually geet was 16yr then and veer wanted to see does she get jelouse seeing him another girl and I helped him as he was my frnd and then I got my BF so we declare the deal off and veer did the drama of having a heart break cause he wanted sympathy from geet’

Maan looked at clara like she was an alien who was talking in alien words’

Maan: then why u said u can help me?

Clara: I thought I can create misunderstanding between them I mean umm,, wo

Maan: sleeping with him??

Clara smiles cheekily’.

Maan(st): geet was right she is definitely a bitch’

Maan: clara I didn’t want that,, I don’t geet to disrespect a man who gave his life to save her’ I want to broke up them because geet’s happiness matter the most for me, not that I hate veer’ I want the best for him but not geet’ I want her to tell our relation to veer and I thought u can help us because u knew them’

Clara sighed: maan I knew them for 3yrs but that was the longest time anyone spend with them,, both are best frnd for yrs, its impossible to separate them like it’ and sadly geet is still a kid.. she still doesn’t know the depth of veer’s love’. Maan looked away’ she smiles.. neither urs’. Maan instantly looked at her’ I know veer loves her and trust me no one can love her like that,, maan frowns’ but I know the extent u love her veer also can’t match that.. maan was amused to hear that’ maan I never saw a lucky girl like geet, one side its veer who never looked a girl beyond her and one side is u who left his all dream to fulfill her dream,, a man who is living for her only, in her dreams and want only happiness for her’ u wanted to do hotel business but geet wanted to built home for the middleclass family and u fulfilled her dream by choosing construction’ maan looked at her shocked’ she smiles’ what do u thought I will help u without knowing ur history’ I know I m a bitch but I love my friends’ and I can’t hurt them.. I get all the information form ur frnds that how extent u can love her’ I know it was not easy for u to built a construction world for ur own when ur father was in hotel business’ yet u didn’t’ in only 3yrs u made urself world’s one of the richest person only for geet, not only that every state has ur facilities for poor class family to middle class family’ u loved her so much that after her going u drown urself in work’ and when u got her u only want her happiness.. and maan I know her happiness is lying with u’ I saw u both on the dance floor she still loves u’ if she get married to veer both will never be happy’ but she is stubborn kid who can’t hurt her best frnd.. she is forgetting it will hurt veer more’ I just want her to realize that.. we don’t have to do anything else.. if she realize that she can’t live without u she will go beyond everything to come to u’.  but her friendship is more powerful which is overpowering her love’. I just wish she accept her love before its get to late’.

Maan: I don’t know how can I make her understand that..

Just then their eyes met with a fuming pair of eyes’ maan and clara turned to see the person’. Maan froze in his track where clara tried to say something’. Geet point a finger towards her’.

Geet: don’t’. she looked at maan’ I never thought u can do something like this maan.. she said in a hoarse voice’

Maan:  geet waisa kuch nahi hain jo tum soch rahi ho’.

Geet’s eyes were fuming red in anger but a tear spilled from that almond eyes..

Clara: maan can u leave us alone for sometime’. Maan looked at geet and then clara and then nodded.. they were in the deserted lawn where no one comes..  geet whatever u hear was right’ maan had done a lot only to fulfill ur dream’. Now stop thinking about others and hear ur heart’

Geet: I don’t want ur suggestion’ she said meekly and turned to leave’

Clara: veer said me to do that drama for loving him,, we were not in a relation geet ,,, it was not my fault still u think me guilty? Geet sobbed but control her tears,, clara make her turn and see her face’ we were so good frnd geet just a small misunderstanding and we were apart for more than 6 yrs’ don’t do this to ur love’. Geet looked at her with teary eyes’.

Geet: but’.

Clara: maan called me here to break up u 2 but I know its impossible to apart u from him, and trust me he also don’t want that,, when I met him I saw the love he has for u’ the craziness I saw once in veer’s eyes I saw the same for maan.. I was confuse whom to help because all I want ur happiness and then I saw his room’. She giggle,, don’t worry maan doesn’t know that I went to his bedroom’ geet smiles a little’ clara continue’ I saw his love for u geet’ u didn’t knew when I came to ur house because u all were here and I went for last check up before helping him’ and all I saw immense love for u’ if possible go to his room for once’.



Precap: a small remorseful story


thank u sooo much for al the comment and likes…

I read all the comment and came to know that everyone is confuse like geet,, whom to choose’ but what shocked me I myself didn’t knew how stronger I made veer’s chr in this story.. trust me guys I never knew this unless I read the comments some of my frnds who pointed that they are feeling hurt to see many readers want geet to be with veer not with maan’ but I will only say wait for one more update’ that I will give u tom'(update is up,, wink’ but will give u tom) then u all decide who deserves geet’. Just one more update jhel lo’.


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  1. Posted by Najiah's Naina on May 1, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Haye… Tich kia twist n turns de rai ho …
    As usual great update…


  2. Posted by Najiah's Naina on May 2, 2012 at 6:30 am

    Geet’s new avatar… Imagineing her killing style looks .. Totally fida on her… Specially Maan n Veer hehehe…
    Maan ka breakup plan… Uff Geet is not J she is just protective over her frnd veer.. But again shd saw maan n clara.. Superb tich,. U describe Veer n Maan importance by clara point of view…
    Ose bi pata hy Geet ko realize karna hy bs phr sb thk hojaega…

    Waiting for that how u realize her…
    But i m still feeling bad for veer he is so nyc…

    Update soon… Waiting… =D


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