Kaise Kahen Part 17


Kaise Kahen


Part 17



Whole drive was in silent…. They reach KM and all went to their room for a good sleep…. Veer wished geet good ni8 and then goes to his room…. Maan didn’t have the guts to meet her so he went to his room..


It was half past 12 and still geet can’t sleep, she was feeling restless… clara’s words were ringing in her ear,,, she have heard them all,, she wanted to drink something and maan was not coming, she went to the counter when she saw maan dragging clara away from the crowd… she followed them and heard all…. And now their words are keep ringing in her ear….

She decided to talk to maan 1st…. didn’t know why she is feeling very lonely and feared…. Don’t know why but she was feeling very afraid….

She without disturbing anyone went to maan’s room…. Clara’s words were having a mark on her, what is in maan’s room that made her feel so…. She looked here and there and knocked the door,, but with a single knock the door open, it was not locked from inside… she peeped in and saw there was no sign of maan,, she sighed and turn to go but something caught her eyes… she saw the room… she stepped in the room and her heart sink to see that…. no one can come to his room it was a rule but why,, the reason she got to know now….


The whole room was decorated with her picture,, some lyrics with music sign… her heart felt heavy when she saw the cloth once by chance ripped by his watch from her scarf… that was hanging on the wall with her card that she gave him on valentine… her smiling face thousands of photo that no one knew when he took….

But there was something else also… her eyes widen to see the blood strains on the wall…. It was written something….


I snatches her Smiles leaving her broken

Now my life is strains with the blood of her bleeding heart

I left her to live a life with sorrow n tears

Now my eyes are burning with those snuffles

I was engrossed in my laugh forgot her whimper

Now my life echoed with cry that slits my heart leaving a whisper

She loved u and u tore her heart

It will be ur remorse to see her far…..




Her heart cried seeing the words… she snakes her fingers on the words that was now dried… it was long time he wrote this…. her hand touches the lamp post and saw something lying there… she looked at it closely and saw the Paaje(Anklet) lying on the side with a dairy… maybe he was writing it sometime before….

She sat on the bed and took the dairy….


November 2007


Today I saw a girl,, I guess she was new comer, she came in mid turm,, she was nave innocent sweet but bubbly and loud,, her name is geet,, its so musical… hmmm 1st time when I saw her I felt something,, don’t know what but something that I never felt…. We ragged her and guess what she actually did what we said with so much enthusiasm,, I never saw a girl feeling happy to be ragged… it was funny but she actually kissed that buddha khadus princi and he smiled at her… amusing, what is in her that make all of us do frndship with her…. yeah I tried to flirt but I guess she never realize that.. I m glad that she didn’t understand and we became good frnds…..



. (there are lots more but can’t explain everything)



Jan 1st 2008


We had a great time,, we celebrate new yr… geet was looking so beautiful,, but dare I say this to her, no way,,, MSK and complementing someone its not my style…. Sometime I thought what is happening,, I m doing frndship with a girl,, I mean only frndship, duh…. But geet is different… she is the 1st girl who never judge me with my act but like me like the way I m… I really liked her as a frnd and I felt a protectiveness towards her, maybe because she is too nave…



March 2008


Today I felt geet blushing,, it was weird,, I complement her for the 1st time and she was smiling.. but it touched my heart,, I wanted to captured the moment but she was not ready to give me pose so I was taking her snap without knowing her or anyone, she is such a photogenic…



April 2008


Today I saw a girl,, her name in anannya… god such a attitude girl… I went to talk to her but she was giving MSK attitude,, huh, what she thinks of herself… I will teach her a lesson for ignoring Maan.. but she was sexy n hot… no wonder she has attitude,, she is a model,,  get to know that from her frnd….. I saw her talking to geet and a wicked plan came to my mind, I know I m wrong but ,,, umm sorry….. my ego is fat and I know that….


May 2008


I saw geet is changing from some days, she is behaving weird… her eyes are saying something, but I didn’t understand that… what is that?



June 2008


I commit a sin today,, and I m feeling something is bad gonna happen… I did a sin for using Her,, geet…. My Geet…. She is so innocent and I m taking opportunity of her innocence…. I know it was wrong,, I saw her sketching my picture, I guessed right she like me… I saw her red cheek when I ask her that… but when I saw her pink trembling lips,, I felt something,, without thinking anything I kissed her…. she was shocked, I guess it was her 1st kiss,, she responded the kiss sometime later and I felt thousand butterflies in my stomach, what was that I don’t know but never in my life I felt so,, I was so drown in her I forgot everything,, I forgot my plan and just kissed her like there is no end… i forgot about geet also that when she will know the truth how will she feel… but I know she is my best frnd,s he will support me no matter what happen….

Then I saw anannya looking at us with anger filled eyes… I felt happy to see her jelouse I gave her my famous smirk but don’t know why I didn’t feel good about it, especially geet hugged me hiding her red face… I felt something broke in me…. what was that….



September 2008


Today I saw the concern for me in geet’s eyes,, we are in a relation now, but the truth is its for outsider, I didn’t feel anything still I love to spend time with her,, sonam is really happy with the relation, she is fond of geet, she loves her very much, I wonder when she will come to know about my plan how will she react, I know I m using her to get anannya but I think I m in love with her(anannya)… yes hell I m…..


November 2008


Today I got scared seeing the truck approaching her,,, I was hell petrified thinking if anything had happened to her what would have I did… I saw her scared eyes,, she was looking at my wound only…. I thought to divert her mind and I asked her that normally in this situation any heroine would have tied a cloth on the hero’s hand,, but she said her cloth is unhygienic,, and it can caught germs,, I laughed at her innocence and she cribbed like a baby,, I tell u my geet is really too cute… but I saw her scaring for me when doctors were doing the dressing… I held her hand tightly, not that I was feeling pain but her pain was visible in her eyes….






Today was holi…. I felt a big sin I had committed,, I broke her heart I guess… today anannya expressed her feeling towards me in front of everyone but she thought I loved geet,, she was going, how can I let her go, I held her hand and accepted my feeling for her… I know no one has expected this specially my frnds and geet… I was so lost in my happiness that I failed to see the pain in her eyes… I saw her blank face and I felt something broke into million pieces… anannya was hugging me and I too reciprocate it but later when I came from her hug I searched for one person.. that was geet… but I didn’t find her… I guess I have hurt her too much…. I saw her anklet lying on the ground I took that and kept in my pocket… I will meet her tom,, I will clarify everything… I will beg for sorry… I will make up with my best frnd…. Sorry geet, but I know u will forgive me… I know u can’t be angry on ur best frnd…



April 2009


I LOST HER….. in my foolishness I lost the precious thing in my life…. My geet.. today I know how much hurt I gave to her… my heart is crying for giving tears to that almond eyes,, the innocent eyes which was looking at me for one loving look,, I broke her heart I got to know how big crime I have committed… after holi when I went to her hostel she was not there, I met princi, he said she has gone.. but where he didn’t know, she just took her cerficate and collage leaving… I have searched for her in the whole city,, I couldn’t found her… I went to those places where we went alone.. she was nowhere… all I heard her unheard muffle… her cry… like she has come to those places after that day… the place where I saw laughter today I saw her cry only and that because of me… I hate myself….


May 2009


Again a month still I couldn’t find her… where r u geeet… please come back… I m sorry… today I broke up with anannya,, actually there was nothing that I can call break up… the day geet left maybe we officially declare couple but only I and she knows we never shared that what call a relation… she saw me everyday suffering… and it was she who has make me realize that  I LOVE U GEET… every day is becoming burden for me.. ur eyes are haunting me, ur smile is haunting me… ur cry is haunting me… I need u geet.. come back please…


July 2009


4 month without u geet, I wish I could see u once,, I want to hear that u are safe, I want happiness for u geet,, wherever u are please be happy for me.. I will pray to god for giving me all ur pain and only happiness for u… today I got something to live,, I got ur project file.. I know u want to built a construction company… I will do it for u geet… I will fulfill ur all dreams… this life is now urs, till the time I find u I will live for u….


Agust 2009


Janti ho geet sonam doesn’t talk to me now, even she doesn’t want to see my face, I know I deserves this, but can’t u wait one more day geet… I know I m so selfish na, but u know how much stupid is ur maan still u left me… why geet? Itna badha gunaah kiya tha ke hamesha ke liye chali gayi.. maybe its my punishment for breaking ur trust… I deserves this.. I m sorry…



10th Jan 2010


Today is ur birthday geet… Happy birthday… see what I brought for u, ur fav roses… hmm tum hamesha choti choti cheese chahti thi and I gave u a pain the can never repent in life… I missed those days where we had wished u and celebrated with u… then I never got to know what felt wishing before everyone, but now I know… see its 12… but dekho na what misery I put myself in it, when u want me to wish u 1st I never came and when I m ready to wish u before the world rise u are not in front… I wish I could hold u once and kiss forehead to let u know u were always special and will be always… I will celebrate this day geet and in ur fav place that only I know….


At ni8…


It was tiring still sleep is far away… what will u be doing at this hour.. did u still love me?  I know I m stupid, still measuring ur love… no that’s not true… ok… I know u loved me still now… I can feel that in the air… today I went to the orphanage.. I promised them to built the new home for them with best facilities.. they were really happy.. but they were asking for u… what should I answered.. I told them I lost u… we cut the cake for u and they played the whole day.. I was watching them from far… I was seeing u playing with them… but the moment I could touch u,, u were vanished… tears were making way but I know I deserves this… I missed u geet please come back…




Feb 2011



Today is valentine day,, I m missing u geet… I brought something for u… a ring… I know u doesn’t like expensive gift but it is really close to me….  but now when I realized what u meant in my life u r not here with me… no one knew what pain I m going through… I m alone geet.. I m in Mumbai,, alone from everyone… I know if dadima see me like this she will know how much alone I m feeling,, I have given u pain enough I don’t want to cause another person’s sadness… I love u geet… I m missing u soo much… I have decorated the room with ur fav red n white rose… the chocolate cake… and the scent candle… it was looking so romantic but its so empty without u… I m alone sitting in the middle alone from the world, come back geet.. please…. I promised I will never hurt u… but please come back….





August 2011


Today I got best businessman award,, can u blv it geet? In only one 2yr I got it… but its for u only, today the world is celebrating for me but I m alone… alone in my grief,, I m missing… I wish I could have see u today. I want to hold u and place my head on ur lap. I missed those days when I slept in ur lap and u just massage my hair to sooth my headache,, today also I m feeling pain,, actually its not only today I felt it every day, this heart cried every day for ur one glimpse…my rnd are with me my family also, they forgave me for my deeds, but not sonam and me myself… she doesn’t talked to me in 2 yrs…. But I can’t say anything to her knowing it was my mistake,, because of me she lost u….




Feb 2012


Again a birthday and valentine day…. I have decorated the room today.. its my birthday… I know if u were here u would have done better… but I want to feel u today… in this scent, ur picture ur fav flower I only smell u… sometime I felt why I m living still when my soul has gone,, but next moment I got the answer.. this life is not mine now.. its urs.. and only u have the right to take it… I m working hard to fulfill ur dreams… but every day I m feeling more empty from inside… now sonam talked to me but to hurt me more.. her words are hurting but strangely I feel happy,, because of that atleast she is talking to me… where r u geet… I m craving for u more now a days… I m feeling that I can never meet u in my life… but just once I want to meet u before I close my eyes.. this life has being burden for me now… everyday I m feeling more suffocated… but everyday ur love give me the energy to live for u…

I remember the day when u called me 1st on my birthday… I didn’t expect that,, and we talked hrs… today I want to talk to u for sec at least… my ears are dried to hear ur voice… i m feeling lonely like never before… it felt death will be sweeter than this… but I have to leave a remorseful life….

Miss u every moment I take breath

Miss u every moment I see the sun

Miss u every moment I feel the air

Miss u every moment I see the life….


I love u geet…. Please come back…





There is nothing more,, geet closed the dairy and cried…. She cried her heart out feeling her maan’s sorrow… she saw every page was smudged with tears…. He had cried all this yrs… feeling alone… atleast she had veer with her but he was alone.. all alone…. She cried holding the yellow rose she had gifted him once,, he always loved her knowing or unknowingly but pain was his fate… his one wrong step and it shattered… their beautiful relation was broken and they both live a life of sorrow… she only thought about her life where he was living a life for her…. she closed her eyes and brought the dairy close to her heart hugging it and crying… she looked her and there to look for maan… but he was not there…. She stood up and wiped her tears…. She ran from there… the dairy was lying on the floor and she ran for her life…




She saw him sitting in the corner of the terrace… he was lost in his thought looking at the stars,, maybe finding his parents… he always did so whenever he feels lonely….

Geet: maan,, a muffle came out from her mouth… instantly he turn and saw her state.. his heart shudder seeing her… her eyes were showing his pain…. He was confused… he took one step back but geet ran to him and dashed in his arm sobbing hard…. His hands were hanging in the air either side of him.. he doesn’t know what to do… he saw her crying hugging his chest…. Her each mourn was leaving him broken…. Maan… I LOVE YOU…..


He closed his eyes and hugged her tight…. All these yr of yearning left both of them exhausted.. both shed tears holding each other…. His pain has left her broken… all this yr both had suffered a lot but now when they met they can’t even say the truth,, because destiny is playing a game with them…. Both didn’t said anything but held each other tight….



After sometime both broke the hug……



Maan: Sorry…. But gee kept her palm on his mouth where her tears were still flowing…. He kissed her palm… she closed her eyes and took out her palm…. He kissed her eyes one by one… then her cheeks cupping her face in his palm…. I missed u so much… she stares at his eyes and all she saw craving for her…. she slowly comes forward and sealed his mouth with her….

He closed his eyes feeling her after like ages…. She kissed him with all her strength…. She nibble his lower lips passionately, she was loving his closeness,, his holding her by slipping his hand on her waist and tugged her close to his body was giving her relief… the yearing was showing in the kiss… he rolled his tongue in her mouth feeling her honey nectar deep… her tears rolled down, tears of yearning grief for letting him suffer alone…

She crushed his lips with her where her hands were securely wrapped around his neck pulling him more close….he sucks her lips for the last time and end the kiss with a peck…

Maan: I love u too he whisper against her lips…. I missed u geet,, I missed u so much….


Both hugged feeling each other presence in their arms oblivious with the storm that is waiting for them the next moment….



Precap: breaking Down…..

Now tell me is this enough painful or should I give u more to feel maan’s pain… now I guess who were saying they want geet with veer… umm they will be a little confuse who geet should go now… ok I admit I m not so good expressing in emotion, I tried my best to potray maan’s pain, and when I was writing few tears spilled out.. I m such a cry baby….

Negative positive, comments question whatever is coming in ur mind please give ur view at least…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by stinna on May 16, 2012 at 4:34 am

    hy tich……
    dear m in luv with ur writingggggg….. yr i didnt beleive in love. i think its bookish only.. bt u made me beleive in tht… i jst luv uuuuuu dear…
    u knw tody i read this story at 8 by hiding my mob.. can u imagine???? n 2moro is my xam.. bt i want to read this so i read this in my room.. lights off… hahaha…
    i luvdddddddddddd ur writing.. ummaaaaaah tich..


  2. Posted by beena on August 18, 2012 at 10:21 am

    tichu… watt are you girl how can you write something like this??? how can you think so much??? I’m amazed 😮 what magic do you have yaar in your fingers your too good. hmmm I’m usually a silent reader but i couldn’t stop my self from appreciating you. you’re too good mam… thank you for writing such a good story especially dis beautiful part 🙂


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