Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 19


Kaisi Kashish Hain yeh



Part 19



Both entered the KM together, geet was feeling tired and that was showing on her face… maan saw that but she gave a smile assuring him that she is ok….. but maan was maan, he can’t take his love’s sad face.. he immediately lift her in his arm… geet was amused with his act and then saw his hard muscle… it was so manly and the smell she always craved for…. She wanted to read his face but it was hard yet it showed only worry for her…. she encircles her hand on his neck and placed her on his chest…. Maan went to their room and placed her on the bed…


Geet was dozing off till then,, the day was hectic for her and he knew it… he went to his cupboard and took out his shirt to change and a nighty for her… but when he return he saw the most beautiful sight in his life, geet was cuddling like a small baby and sleeping like an angel lying on the flower…. Her locks were disturbing her and the saree was very heavy… she need to change the saree and jewelry but she was not ready to wake up…

Maan: geet jaan wake up… change ur dress 1st… but she was more cuddling to him now… when she unconsciously put her hand on his waist like hugging him in her sleep, his breath caught in his throat… no matter how many time they made love or how many time he saw her naked but still her one simple touch is enough to set the fire in him…. he saw the saree pallu slides from her waist revealing the white soft skin… he was so tempted to touch that but he knew how much tired she is feeling… he controlled his desire and patted her cheek softly…. Jaan common get up….

Geet: sone do na maan….

Maan: bas 5 min, change karlo fir so jana…

Geet: I m not feeling to change…. I m tired…

Maan: do u want me to do for u? he said huskily in her ear… he can see the effect of him on her,, she is in deep sleep still she shivered with his touch…. A smile came on her face and he caresses her face sweetly… geet…. But she was nowhere to wake up… with a sigh he saw the white silky nighty that he brought for her,, he gulp his saliva and placed it on the bed beside her….

He bend over her and kissed her forehead… and the his hand slipped in her hair… he with slow rhythm came on her ear and took out her earrings one by one… she tossed and turn other side, he can see her blush in the sleeping state also… he came more close to her nape and taking few moment he unclasp the necklace…. Then kissed the place sensually… geet twisted in her sleep feeling ticklish…. He smiles seeing her like this and kissed her shoulder making her turn and hug him…

Maan: u r awake…

Geet: u r making me awake maan….

Maan smiles teasingly: how? He whisper in her ear… he kissed her neck softly and she arched her back pressing her curves more in his chest…. With finger tip maan came to her back, tracing her back spine… what u made me geet, I m feeling arousal with only ur breath… I had never felt so in my life the way I feel with u.. being close to u I feel every moment is OUR…. I forgot every tension… every rage… I just need u geet every second I need u in my arms crushing u beneath me… I want to see u panting and moaning my name only….

She shivered with his demanding voice and already it wet down between her thighs….. he licks her neck with the tip of his tongue giving a chill down her spine,, a moan came from her mouth,, maannnnn….

Maan; what u r making me geet? I m not able to hold myself… he tried to unclasp her blouse hook from back she smiles and whisper in his ear….

Geet: I made u ranjha for me… she pushed him and ran to the balcony… he smiles like a full smile that came after a long time.. it was coming from his heart, no one had ever touched his heart like the way she did.. actually she made him ranjha of her….



Tune the song ranjha ranjha from ravan




Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha saddo ni mainu heer na aakho koyi




He heard her singing where her sexy back was moving in rhythm infront of the big glass wall, that was showing the whole city from the room….

Her one sexy glare was enough for him to feel hard and in haze he walked over her….


Oo ranjha ranjha na kar heere jag badnami hoye

Patti patti jhar jaave par khushboo chup na hoye



She came close to him tracing her finger from his torso to his chest and then to his collar holding it in a fist and jerks him to her,, he was amazed by this seductress…. Her face was few inches away but she jerks his face by a slight pat on the cheek….



Begunah pakda gaya (yaaro), ishq mein jakda gaya (yaaro)

Aankh ke dosh mein dil (yaaro), bewajah pakda gaya (yaaro)



Before she can held his collar again as she was approaching that he held her hand and twirl her so that her back was touching his chest now… where he was still holding her wrist and she was trying to free herself… he gave his famous smirk seeing her baby face….

He left her hand and came down to her stomach holding it tight and she bend over him on her back…. he took her all weight on him and arch his back….


Aankh se hatt ti nahin, arrey hatt ti nahin, arrey hatt ti nahin


Sotey sotey bolta hoon, kabhi bolte bolte sota hoon


Kya jaane kya hota hai, kabhi jalti aag dadolta hoon

Ek baar to aake dekhe woh bhi




He roughly pushed her from him and she land on the couch and then caresses her hair that was coming on her face blocking his view…. She turn and now lying on her stomach….

he came on her back and crushed her petite body with his rough palm,, caressing and squeezing her waist in it… she turn and pushed his hand away then again held his collar tightly but pulls him on her as she was lying the big couch… without any delay he came on her kissed her cheeks…


Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi


Ranjha ranjha saddo ni mainu heer na aakho koyi


Oo ranjha ranjha na kar heere jag badnami hoye

Patti patti jhar jaave par khushboo chup na hoye




She smirks and pushed his face away from her,, but he held it tight in his hand and pinned both her wrist above her head….. he looks straight in her eyes like penetrating through his eyes…


Jal ja, jal ja ishq mein jal ja, jale se kundan ho

Jalti raakh laga le maathe lagey to chandan hoye




He kissed her forehead and then came on her eyes… his wet kisses was becoming more intense with each kiss… his hold become lose as he cupped her slender waist and then his finger touched the cold metal… he came on her belly bottom sliding the sari pallu from there… he saw the gold waist chain lying on her smooth skin happily… sudden jealously rushed through him but he started teasing her more by tracing the waist chain with his finger tip making her moan in pleasure….



Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main


Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha saddo ni mainu heer na aakho koyi




He roughly pulls the chain and it fell on the marvel floor…. He licks the area that became red with his harshness… he was soothing the area with his sensual wet kisses but she felt the burning fire caught her whole body…. Her breath become quick but she was nowhere surrender so soon… she pushed him and ran to other side of the mansion.. whole mansion was deserted as not a single servant was there….

He saw her leaning on the huge glass that was showing a beautiful sight,, behind the glass there was artificial small fountain that was lighting like moon light… whole dark place was glowing in the light of shimmering moon… his shirt’s 3 buttons were open exposing his perfect body… the hard chest was inviting her to caress and licks the skin… but she controlled her desire… before she can run he held her hand and pinned her to the glass wall leaning over her…..



Waqt katt ta bhi nahin, waqt rukta bhi nahin


Dil hai sajde mein magar, ishq jhukta bhi nahin


Bina tere raatein, arrey raatein kyun lambhi lagti hain

Kabhi tera gussa, kabhi teri baatein kyun achchi lagti hain

Yeh jalte koyle, arrey koyle ab rakhna mushkil hai





He kisses her cheek and then came on her neck placing soft feather kisses making her tummy feel the sensation….  He heard his name from her mouth that was soothing him.. he continue kissing her neck and jawline but in more aggressive manner…. His rough beard was scratching her soft skin but it was filling her in desire…. He came on her waist sliding the pallu kissing the belly bottom harshly.. she bite her lips to control tha moan but his each kiss was demanding yet hot n sensual…. He come up and traces her face with his finger….




Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha saddo ni mainu heer na aakho koyi


She tried to push him but it was making him angry and more aggressive… he just held her hair and pulls it back making her hiss in pain….



Oo ranjha ranjha na kar heere jag badnami hoye

Patti patti jhar jaave par khushboo chup na hoye


He traces her face with his nose tip making her gulp hard as he came to her lips but he didn’t kiss her instead he licks the corner of her lips….



Jal ja, jal ja ishq mein jal ja, jale se kundan ho

Jalti raakh laga le maathe lagey to chandan hoye


It makes her angry and she tried to walk out from him but he was nowhere to leave her so soon…. He twirl her twice and then in a jerk scooped in his arm lifting her to their room….





Chal, chal junoon chalte rahein, tu kahin theher nahin


Dil agar aa bhi gaya, woh tera shehar nahin

Bina tere saansein, arrey saansein kahin khatam na ho jaayein

Sabi teri yaadein, sabi yaadein kahin basam na ho jaayein

Sulagte koyle, arrey koyle ab bujhna mushkil hai



He placed her on the bed with a thud,, she make a pouting face but it was inviting him more… he took out his shirt in a jerk and threw it on the floor… her heart shuddered t see the urgency in him… he was looking like a sexy devil but the desire was making him extra hot and eatable… she forgot her all resolution and surrender herself in the heat of passion…. He came close to her but she was going back on the bed only where a sweet smile was playing on her lips… he was having a smirk on his face as he step forward… he crawl on her but she was going back only….




Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main


Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha saddo ni mainu heer na aakho koyi

Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi




He held her ankle and pulls her beneath him, the bed was silky and so was she, in one pull she came under him and he harshly takes out her saree kissing her chest in aggression…



Oo ranjha ranjha na kar heere jag badnami hoye


Patti patti jhar jaave par khushboo chup na hoye

Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi

Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi




Maan: I told u never try to go away from me,, u will land in me only…  he said with venom in his voice that can shivered anyone…

It was clear he can’t see her going away from him…. she looked at his eyes as he was looking at her only while kissing her bosom…. He unclasp her blouse aggressively,, his eyes were devouring her beauty where his fingers were busy exploding them,, geet tried to touch him but he pinned her hands with one hand above her head and then kissed her neck harshly but yet soothingly…. He came on her throat placing feather kisses…. Her breath was becoming heavy with the soft mix aggressive kisses… she toss n turn her leg to control her desire but it did nothing…. With one hand he opens the skirt’s string… he slides it roughly like he doesn’t like anything else touching her…. his hands roamed on her belly, down her panty line and the on her womanly asset…. She let out a gasp as he pressed it little….

Geet: maan… ahhh,, let me free…

Maan groan; nooo…. He said dangerously…. He saw how vulnerable she felt with his soft kisses… he smirks finding her weak point….

He turn her and freed her hand but pressed her body with so that she can’t sat up…. He let go of her last barrier that was holding her curves… her gasp gave him satisfaction…. He traces her spine with his finger and she held the bedsheet tight in a fist…. He unclasp her bra and kissed it softly…. His palm was roaming on her full back making her shut the eyes to feel his manly touch… he slipped his hand under her arm and held her curve squeezing it lightly…

Geet: ohhh maan…. she was all wet only with the teasing but couldn’t do anything as he is at command…

He stared placing wet kisses over her back and the licking her skin with his tongue… he was enjoying her skin with his mouth where his hand was busy playing with her hard bud… he was rubbing it and pinching it making her cry in pleasure…. her moans were so soothing for his eardrums… he couldn’t hold himself and turn to face her, at once he took the curves in his mouth relishing the softness…. The contentment  was oozing out form her face but his sucking become aggressive and demanding… it felt sour but he was nowhere to leave it… while biting and nibbling it he took off his pant… and then took out both their knickers….

She felt the teasing his manhood was doing with her.. the tip of it was teasing her wet form still holding itself… she gulp her saliva and scratches his back to let him know she is ready for him… she parted her legs but he was still in a sense of teasing her….. her hands roamed on his back making him groan but then his lips were dying to meet her….

Geet was restless not finding the heaven she was craving for but then he closed her mouth with a sour serene kiss but throbbed his tongue in her….

Geet moans in the kiss and then felt a irresistible sensation  thrust in her womanhood… she let out a gasp and finding the chance he entered her mouth kissing her madly…. He danced with her tongue letting her know how much he goes insane when she was not around… he went deep inside, everytime harder…. She was screaming in pleasure so was he…. The whole room was sets on fire of their overwhelming pleasure…. he moved back n forth taking her so high that feel heaven still not exploding the sensation coming near… it was one of the best orgasm they ever felt…. She let out a shriek as both hit the climax…. Maan held her tight as the passion flood them… both were panting badly…. Maan collasp on her bosom kissing it softly…. Her eyes were close and both dozed off like that….







Morning ray hit her giving a hot sensation in her body…. She stirs a little and saw the sun was burning heat on her body but the warmth was missing… she turn to see maan but he was not there…. Just then he saw him coming out from the bathroom with wet hair few droplets emerging in his well toned masculine body…

He saw her waking up and he can say she was looking more cuter than a baby itself… he gave a smile to her which she return with a dimple smile… she saw her state… her full body had turn red n blue…. Maan saw her looking at her nude self… he came close and sat beside her on the bed slightly pushing the locks behind her ear…

Maan: sorry I was aggressive last night.. she smiles…

Geet: I made u that by going away and teasing u….

He smiles and kissed her forehead: it was my desperation to have u always with me….

Get closed her eyes as he cocoon her in his embrace….  But then playing with her finger maan said something…

Maan: geet, I have to go to for a meeting… its really urgent and I will come back at ni8 only, it will take a lot time..  Geet nodded…. But I want something…. Geet looked at him with question filled eyes… I want u to move with me today… say ur frnds whatever u want but I need u every second with me…. it make her lost in her thought but immediately she gave a fake smile and nodded… maan smiles and pulls out the hug…. Now don’t look at me like this I will end up having u again… he winks and her cheeks flushed with the heat…. Don’t worry sweetheart I have to go as its urgent but we have all ni8 for ourselves…. He smirks but didn’t notice the changes in geet face… and then he went to got himself dressed…

After few mins maan got ready, geet wanted to make some breakfast but he said he will have in the hotel as he has a meeting with important delicates who are returning toni8 only, they were staying in that hotel only…. Geet smiles and he bid good bye after kissing her passionately…. She was having a weird feeling that everything is gonna change after that day…..  something worst is going to happen in her life… she prayed to her babaji to give her strength because now whatever she is going to do will be a big step in their relation….



Precap: u r under arrest for molesting a girl mr khurana….

U will rot behind the bar Mr Khurana….



Shock Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana????


i know lots are having lots of questiona nd sorry i was held up with studies to couldn’t reply anyone, i think some of u r thinking why knowing it that ridz also had ditched her geet didn’t hate her but she is ready to take revenge on maan,, but sweety its our heart,, not everyone thinks with mind,, she loves ridz more than herself and thats why she is not finding her at fault and more over her state was tormenting her, whatever she did is not sooooo big that takes her life or make her a lifeless dead body… if u love someone so deep that maybe teh person went wrong sometime but can u see her/his on death bed? no atleast not i… so she is thinking with her heart and whatever happened she just want the culprit(tha she thinks is maan) to be punished….

and more will be out in nest part with BIGEEST JHATKA of this ss….



U all be thinking why I had given the passionate night instead of reaviling truth but dearies its really needed for the next update and trust me next update will be a full jhatkadar update… wish I could update tom, hopefully yes…

Thanks for all the overwhelming love for this ss but for few updates I m not receiving good amount of likes still whoever pressing the likes and commenting as well a big thank u to u all… only u r the ppl who are giving me the enthusiasm to write, warna sometime I don’t feel like typing as I thought maybe u r not finding it worth reading….


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  1. Posted by monikaseth on May 7, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    wonderful hot and passion full update ..geet going to finish maan by accusing him for riddhi rape…maan going to break down …but i want one thing he should not free any one who think he is culprit …i want maan strong and proved himself innocent …i want he show geet he is not cheep what she think for him///// please i dont want broken maan in front of geet if he love her like mad person he should show her how strong he is when come to his dignity …


  2. Posted by afrin maneet on May 7, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    update was so much paasionate… tich dear please 1 req, plz show maan is innocent n geet feel guilt for not trusti her love MAAN…

    n surely waitin for ua updates… great work… luv u….


  3. Posted by Maaneet on July 4, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    what is this ??????
    Its full of passionate
    Rathr i should say sexy 😉
    Bt wht is tis i saw its part 12
    Tis saw is over na ! Nd it wasn’t in it :/
    or tis is a serial or novel lik writin by you

    I appriciat if u ll give me whole this serial/novel till end

    Thanx in advance


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