Devil’s Darkest Posseion

Devil’s Darkest Possession

A story filled with hatred and sins…but sin can turn to be pleasure,, the pleasure SHE never intend to give in,, a pleasure HE always want in his world… a story of two opposite people met together for an eternal tale…Nope its not a damsel in distress and a knight in shining amour… it’s a story of 2 individual but HE is at power who binds their fate tighter making HER devil’s darkest possession…

It’s a story about

HIM who make HER his…. not by winning her heart by winning her FATE….

SHE who never conquered the feeling called PLEASURE or DESIRE, still fate or rather say HE make her his object of Obsession that turn to be POSSESSION….

Love is good when it’s PASSIONATE…

It became suffocating when it’s OBSESSION

And it became worth of death when it’s come to be POSSESSION….

HE is the RULER of this world / SHE is the QUEEN of heart…

HE is PASSIONATE  / SHE knows how to spread SMILE

HE believes in LUST / SHE is afraid of LOVE

HE knew to make ppl afraid / SHE doesn’t trust ppl


HE knew how to POSSESS things / SHE is NAÏVE


Burning ashes from my lust filled lips

U became the possession that sealed the darkness in it

With the luscious lips u mould me in ur embrace

Tasting ur sweet nectar made u my obsession….

A Devil that u indeed hate to love..

U become my darkest possession

Passion that filled my lust;

Love is a word only nothing enormous

Immense desire that only I want,,

You have to come in this ominous den

Welcome to my World



Okk some of u will think I have gone mad,, starting a new story again, but guys this story will start after Kaise kahen will end… and now please tell me how is it….


I m officially declaring the DEVIL to be Aniee’s (Anshra H Aniee)

I believe she is the main founder of this devil (we all know devil in desire)

And this is a small tribute to my frnd guide fav writer and a sweetheart Aniee….

I know no one can match a slight bit of Aniee’s devil and I can challenge anyone about it… that was my 1st ff to be commented in IF and then I had started writing also… DIL was my all time fav story and its coming to be a novel and I m damn excited about it…. and guys please pray for my dear aniee as she had injured her hand and a little bit ok now…

Now come to the point,,

Market me itne sare devil hain why u should read my devil….

The answer is,,

Umm ermmmm,, I don’t know…. Hehehehehe I will say read at ur own risk…. Accha lage to padhna warna gutter me dalna….. I had thought about writing it long time but my previous work just held me… and now I m taking some day off…. Coming from holiday I will update this but I need response, good bad, criticism everything… I will accept whole heartily….

Now some of frnd to be salute,, TANVI aka tanu my sweetheart who made the banner with so much patience after my so much cribbing…. I had actually eaten her tasteless head… and she made this between her exam, love u loadssssssssssss

Naji di ur turn will come next day when I will give chr sktch but I love that pix…. But love u muaaahhhh for the special pix….

Divz,, ufff this is the one girl who was eating my head to start this ff right now,, actually she was waiting for so many days,, and mere devil ka intezar karte karte khudka devil start kar diya now I m craving for it….. jaldi de kamini….

Sumi sorry jaan I m starting it but promise I will update after Kaise Kahen get last update…..

(All Rights Reversed for the story) if i come to know about stealing the material I will be force to complain about this to higher authority and will take legal action,, now it had been regular to copy any content so I m begging u if any one found any story similar to it please inform me…


3 responses to this post.

  1. w8ting for it to start ……reading about a devil is my fav topic coz i luved dil n its sequel 2 …….:)


    • hey dear its not aniee’s devil, so its not a sequal but a new start and i can never touch a slight bit of aniee’s devil, he was just too perfect 😀


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