Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 6

Kurbaan tere ishq mein


Part 6


Geet was busy in complaining to her babaji when a loud knock came on her door.. she kind of jump on the bed only then wiped her tears’.

Geet: who is this? go away I don’t want to meet anyone’.

Maan smirks seeing her pouting face,, he barked in the room without any hesitation’.

Maan: I have not asked u to meet me, uncle wants u to go for shopping as tom is the engagement and I will accompany u’

Geet was furious to hear that,, maan saw the red color on her nose that was indicating how much angry she is right now, but he can see its not because he will accompany her to shopping but its something different’

Geet(st): khota kamina, abb ye mujhe shopping pe lejayega, yeah I was right.. it doesn’t matter to him whom I m going to marry or when I m going to marry,, he will be the happier person to see me belongs to someone else’.

Maan knotted his eye brow: if u r done with ur cursing program shall we leave?

Geet: I can go on my own, I don’t need u’.  she said with greeted teeth’

Maan: yeah that I can see’ stop ur drama, get ready I m waiting for u in the car’.

With the last consent he stomped out of the room but a beautiful smile was lingering on his face’

Geet cursed him under her breath while getting ready for the shopping’ but she can’t refuse an unknown sensation was developing in her stomach, she was feeling ticklish with it’ she doesn’t knew what kind of feeling is this because she never come to touch with it but she was feeling excited’

Geet: maybe I m excited because of my marriage, every girl got excited in these days, whats new about me’ she shrug off her shoulder and changes her dress into jeans and a red top’.



Maan was getting in the car when pari and sid met him’

Sid: so whats going on, how is our plan?

Maan: perfect,, we are going for the ring’

Pari: but uncle?

Maan: he only told me, he wink at her and she understood it was his plan’ and with very good knowledge about mr handa it was not a difficult task’

Pari: hmm but we are coming with u’

Maan frowns: why?

Sid chuckle: to help u only’

Pari giggle and maan rolled his eyes’


Just then geet walked down to them’ maan was gaping at her only.. her curls were coming on her cheeks and touching her lips sometime’ he felt jealous with the locks,, he wanted to touch her like that and here they are the lucky thing to touch her rosy lips.. sid coughed to get his attention and that brought him back, maan looked away feeling embarrassed’

A smile came on geet’s face seeing pari and sid with him’ she ran to them and hugged both tight’.

Geet: u guys are coming with me?

Pari: yup how can we leave our best friend in this situation.. it’s a special day of ur life’.

Sid: yes and we will accompany u in hell also.. geet smacked her arm’

Geet: I m not going hell, samjha?? But yeah hell is coming with me now’. She said looking at maan who gave her a murderous look’ she ignored and went to sit in the car’ she was going to sit infront as maan was taking the driving seat but sid signal something to pari and she smiles’ next moment pari disturbed geet with her sweet n salty talk’

She drag geet a little and whisper in her ear: geet I want to sit in front.. geet looked confused.. are buddhu I want to sit with maan u know my dreamy’ anger rushed down in geet’ pari can see the changing color of her face, she knew her friend and her weakness’.

Geet thought something: pari I think u should sit back u know samne baithna thik nahi hoga, if he wants to do driver’s job let him na,, stay with me’ pari smiles inwardly but she is not going to loose in fornt of her intelligent yet dumb friend’

Pari: ohhooo geet I don’t mind him being driver also, look at him he is sooo dreamy I wish I can get him and see he is smiling at me, I think I have a chance with him, please let me sit’

Instantly geet follow her gaze but maan was gaping at them only, from where she thought he was smiling.. he hardly smile geet thought and tried to remember when he had actually smile.. ohh it was then she fell on the water tub full of colors and that because of him only’. She pouted her lips’

Geet: dust danav,, she murmured’  pari was controlling her laugh that was spilling from her mouth and sid was scratching his head’.

Sid: marwayegi ye’

Maan: what are the important thing they are talking so mutely? Sid smiles nervously’.

Sid: u will get to know’. But maan gave a warning look to which he gulps his saliva only’


Pari: geet please na, yaar this is a golden opportunity for me to impress dreamy, soch ye hogaya to he will be in love with me

Geet shout: kyaaa

Pari: shh geet be quite aage sun fir he will propose me,, geet made a cranky yet cute face while cursing maan under her breath ,,, pari noticed that and continue,, and then’

Geet made a face: and then?

Pari looked at her with the corner of her eyes: and then’ hamari shaadi’

Pari looked at geet who’s eyes were popping out from the socket like that can jump out any moment’. (tich rofling imagining geet’s state)

Geet: nooo’

Pari almost laughed at her: kyaaa,,, tu nahi chahti mujhe mera pyar mile’

Geet looked at her with a small fake smile: ha I mean yeah I want ur happiness but that moron u know, he doesn’t deserves u pari.. she complete the sentence with great difficulty and fumbles’

Pari: let me decide that na’ geet felt ground slipping from her feet.. she can’t do anything and seeing her best frnd’s face she just nodded her head and went to sit on the back’


Maan noticed geet’s dull face and then saw pari sitting in the front sit’. He gave a confuse look to pari who assure him with her eyes to continue the drive’

But maan can’t see the sad face of geet who was looking outside of the car’ he gave a threatening look to pari and sid who just smiles nervously to see his rage’

Sid clears his throat and started the conversation’

Sid: so maan when u r going to marry? It brought geet back to senses,, man shot a glare to sid but he just plead with eyes to carry the drama and point towards geet who was looking at him with the corner of her eyes’ maan saw the with rare view mirror’ a smirks came on his face’

Maan: I m thinking about it, u know it will be good to settle down as maa also want that’ geet gulp her saliva to control her anger’ and the small lump forming in her throat’

Pari: and which type of girl u want? She said with smirks’ everyone was watching geet’s expression only’

Maan: that girl who can respect my maa and can take my all tension with her smile’ a small smile came on geet’s face but suddenly it vanished with 2nd set of words.. maan continue’ I hate those who continue nagging in all matter and I hate anger so she should be calm and mature unlike someone who jump in to conclusion without thinking and behave like a stubborn kid’

Geet mouth open in a O shape,, she cutely pouted her lips like it was taunting her’ she looked at maan was rare view mirror to give him angry glare but maan smirks staring straight in her eyes’ she can see some spark in it, she was feeling lost with the stare but a halt came and broke her reverie’ they reached the jewelry shop’

Geet(st): what were u thinking geet, to hell with this moron, jaise ladki chahiye asmaan se utarni padegi sayad, but shy should I bother with his choice’ its not like I m going to change myself’ her eyes widen holly shit what m I thinking why should I change and this is not making sense I m joining my life and style with him’ rehne de isse iski dream girl k sath.. u r going to marry prem who himself like a prince charming’ she took a deep breath to calm her sense and smiles thinking that is the best thing to ignore’


Maan noticed the changes in her face, he was happy yet sad to give her sadness’ how much she want to hide the disappointment on her face she failed miserably and her state become more vulnerable when pari held maan’s hand’ it literally burn geet to the core’ on the other hand maan was equally shocked with the touch, pari was holding her arm from elbow, he gave a confuse look to pari who grinned foolishly’

Pari: see the pendant maan.. its so beautiful’ his eyes goes to thing.. it was a gold chain with small blue heart shape attached diamond pendant’ geet’s eyes glued with maan as he approach the area’ geet was never fond of jewelry but the spark in maan’s eyes caught her attention.. she saw the pendant’ it was beautiful’ unknowingly she walked up to maan and stood beside him and watched the piece’



maan felt her near and pari smiles at both of them.. she was going to leave them when maan held her hand’ she was confuse and sid was praying he doesn’t do any stupid that will ruin their plan, but maan was having his own plan’

Maan: it will look better on u, I think I should buy it for u’

Geet felt her heart will crushed if she see the nest scenario, only his words are pinching her like niddle what if he make her wear with his own hand.. and soon it was going to fulfill’

The sales person gave the necklace to maan who was approaching pari with it, pari was dumbstruck with this and geet felt some wetness striking her eyes lashes’ anger rushed through in her and with no word she walked away from them..

Maan saw that and smirks and gave the pendant to the salesman’

Maan: pack it’


Pari: what was that?

Maan: enchanting ur plan’

Sid gave a proud smile to maan: but don’t u think she is very angry..

Maan: good for us.. pari gave a high five to sid and maan only watched the creature who was trying to control her anger but was failing miserably.. so she was shouting on the shop owner itself’




4 of them settle on the couch where the owner himself brought the finest ring for geet.. she was rejecting everything’ they had come to chose ring for prem but geet was looking for himself only’

Pari: geet tere liye tere hone wala hubby choice karega, try to choose ring for male yaar..

Geet: yeah I m doing that’.

Sid and maan was the disinterested person who watched their every antics with making various faces’ sid was checking the beautiful girls but eth girls were drooling over the hot hunk beside him, who was busy is admiring his jaan geet'(great triangle, ohh should I call it triangle? Chaddo yaar)


After lot of time geet select one ring but the sales person ask her about the size,, she made a face’

Geet: I don’t know’. Instantly idea popped in pari’s head’

Pari: I guess u should place it on maan finger, I guess his size is same as prem..

Without thinking geet took maan finger who was sitting next to her.. and slipped the ring in his ring finger’



maan’s heart pound like volcano’ he stares at geet without blinking,, what had she done she herself is unaware but the smile was enough to melt his heart’ he knew she is innocent and her face was showing that’ he saw the ring that was shining on his finger’.

Sid smiles at pari who winks at him’

The owner: its perfect mam’ I think it made for ur fiance only, look its looking good on him’ then only geet realized what she had done’the owner was thinking maan to be her fianc and thats why he is saying this, anyone would think so and her placing the ring the finger proved that, how dumb she can be’ she tried to say something but sid interrupt’

Sid: if the ring is fix can we go now, I m feeling hungry’

Pari: sorry sid I guess u have to wait little more’ sid looked at her with knotted brow when she indicates to see the door’

Prem was entering the shop’

Prem looked at geet who gave a small smile to him, ohh it took his heart.. he hugged her to greet her oblivious with the fact that one pair of eyes glaring at them with anger’ geet was dumfounded to see him hugging her but she couldn’t do anything’. but one thing she felt that its not right, she had imagined so much about her prince charming that when he will touch her she will feel goosebumps but nothing was there’ she simply didn’t react with the touch.. it felt odd’

Somehow maan controlled his anger,, prem saw the they were selecting ring for him’

Prem: uncle told me u all are here for the engagement ring.. so I came here’ can u show me some ring, he said to the shop owner who looked baffled at them’ pari tried to suppress the smile that was coming seeing the owner scratching his head to understand whom going to marry whom’ prem saw him gaping at them only.. he repeat, can u show me the best ring for my fianc?

Owner smiles weakly: sure’.

Maan made a fist to control his rage’

Geet was observing maan’s facial expression and was feeling happy to see his lost color seeing prem’. After some time they select a ring for geet but maan wasn’t please with it.. he was looking the whole shop and then in a corner his eyes went on the ring’ geet was least interested in all that,, she tried every ring that prem handed her but her eyes went on maan who walked to the corner and now holding the ring in his hand’



Geet thought he is choosing it for his dream girl or maybe for pari.. anger started coming to her soft cheeks’

Geet: prem tum select karo, I m coming in a while’

Geet walked to maan: do u think it will suit ur budget? Maan instantly looked at her with blank eyes’  maan its seems to be expensive, ur whole 2 month salary will go with this ring.. she said rather rudely’ and I m sure whoever will marry u like the small budget glass piece only, she point some small budget ring’ she gave him a smirk..

Maan gave her a tantalize gaze that was burning her soul’ she tried to look away, something was burning her, but what that is unknown to her’. she tried to go away but maan held her hand and pulls her towards him’ she looked at his eyes for a brief moment and then her eyes widen in shock as he slipped the ring in her ring finger’



Precap: stuck in lift, darkness n cockroach’.


So tell me how was the engagement’. Hahhahahhahaha I m laughing at the faces of everyone, this will be the 1st engagement that had done without knowing or realizing anything to anyone’. Heheehehehe chalo magni se pehle magni hogai maaneet ki’. Now lift me kya hoga it up to ur imagination’.

Thanks for the support and love u all had showered with ur comments’. Thanks for accepting it like the way u had accepted my other work J


And after it I m taking 5 to 6 days off from updates’ so I hope u will miss me’ sorry guys I need a break to refresh my mind and my disaster life which is miserable.. but will come back till then miss me and yeah today one surprise after some hours,, hmm at ni8 in Indian time’.



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  1. Posted by Weldon on August 23, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    Where did you find that mans ring? I love it.


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