Kaise Kahen Part 18


 part 18


Both hugged feeling each other presence in their arms oblivious with the storm that is waiting for them the next moment’.


Maan whisper: tum yaha kaise?

Geet hugged him more tight: I wanted to talk to u and,,

Maan broke the hug and cupped her face: sorry geet, I never had the intention to hurt u or veer’ I was just,, but geet kept her palm on his lips’

Geet showed him the yellow rose that was in his dairy.. he was shocked to see that in her hand’ his heart was telling him that she had read his dairy but his mind was praying it to be false, he knew if she had read it she will feel the same pain he went through in all yrs and least he want that for her’.

Maan: geet’

Geet: aap humse itna pyar kyun karte hain? she said sobbing’ the pain he never intent to give her unknowingly she went through with that only’

Maan: m sorry’ geet hugged him again’

Geet: I should have wait a little more but..

Maan: I know geet it was my fault and it was u who’s love was more stronger, ur love taught me what is real love.. u loved me selflessly but I, I was so engrossed in my happiness that I failed to realize what had I done’ tears were flowing from his eyes’. I m sorry for everything I cause u geet..

Geet: no maan u had suffered same like me than why u think u should repent only, it was my mistake to leave u that day’ If I had waited a little more time maybe we would have been together all these yrs’

Everyone is thinking about geet’s pain but atleast she had smile in these yrs be that for her frnds but here maan was all alone in his grief, he had suffered alone all these yrs where no one was there to ask him how he was,, to see own family and frnd refuse to acknowledge u and reject staying close is the biggest punishment anybody could have then why no one ready to forgive him, everyone did mistakes in their life maybe more than it but they get 2nd chance,, but did he commit so big sin that never be repent or forgivable??  

Geet: maan u loved me only me in ur entire life and for me u had gone through so pain to establish this company that to for me only, because it was my mare dream still u think ur love is not stronger than me, I was only crying and living a life because my family wanted but u had lived for me only,, knowing I might not come in ur life anymore u loved me and did everything that I loved.. no man can do anything like that’ In love being close SOME can sacrifice his life for his love ones but staying miles away WITHOUT EXPECTATION,, NO ONE CAN SACRIFICE HIS LIFE FOR THE NAME OF HIS LOVE’.

I love u maan.. I really love u and today I don’t want ur words to know how much u loved me then or now.. Because I know ur heart always belongs to me and will belongs to me only’.

Maan crushed her petal like lips with his preventing her to talk more’ he kissed her like eternity is going to stop if he didn’t kiss her’. he passionately sucked her lower lips and she parted her lips to let him explode her inside out’ his hand slipped in her kurti caressing her waist’. Her one hand was cupping his neck and other was in his hair scratching his scalp to make him insane’ his one hand was under her kurti while other was on her back pulling her more close to him’

They kissed ever so passionately while both of them didn’t wanted to part away.. after so many yrs they actually got each other’ after few mins both break the kiss with maan pecking her lips’. Her face was red in shyness and she hide her face in his chest’ he smiles from his heart after so many yrs he feels content’

Maan: geet but Veer?

All her smile vanished with the mention of veer’ tears spilled out feeling guilty being so selfish in love, she looked at maan helplessly’

Geet: I don’t know what to tell him’ I m feeling guilty.. she sobbed and that was unbearable for maan.. he cocoon her instantly’

Maan: u don’t have to worry I will talk to him, if he get angry be that on me only, I can’t see u in tears because of our love’ I will take his all wrath,, if it needed I can beg for my love from him’ geet looked at him shocked, where tears were flowing from her almond eyes.. he wiped it’ I can do anything for u geet’ but I can’t see u standing infront of him as guilty for ur love’  I know ur friendship is precious and who can know more than me, we were best frnd in collage and I know the depth of ur love’ and trust me veer will understand our situation he only want ur happiness’

Geet held his hand: u will not be alone maan, from now I will be with u in every path’ I know I have to face veer and it will be difficult but I have to’ I can’t betray him.. after this whatever he will say I will do that but I need to clarify everything’.

Maan nodded: now lets go, u need sleep’.





Next morning’.


Geet comes out from her room and collide with someone,, she was going to hit the door as she fell backward but instead backward she fell on a hard chest’. Her heart beat rose finding His breath fanning on her forehead’ her scared eyes were closed tightly,,, she knew this scent and blush came on her chubby cheeks feeling him kissing her forehead’

Maan; u r ok,, he said huskily’ she opens her eyes to meet this most desirable eyes in the world’ he was wearing a white shirt with 3 buttons open’ and she was clutching the end of the collar’ she instantly left it and tried to balance herself but he pulls her close by holding her waist’ she looked at him innocently where his eyes were speaking mischievousness’ her lips trembles feeling his cold hand on her back caressing it.. it was driving her crazy to feel the cold palm against her thin material on her’.

Geet: maan.. she moans feeling him so close’. He extend his other hand on her face’ her soft white skin was inviting him to touch it’ he caresses her cheek with his fingers letting her know how much he is craving for her’.

He presses his thumb on the corner of her lips: sambhal ke geet, agar kuch hojata to?

Geet looked at his eyes that has concern and love only’ she knew the longing maan is having from so many years but now after getting her so close he doesn’t want loose her again’

Geet: I know u will not let me fall’ he caresses her lower lip more sensually making geet gulp her saliva’.

Maan pushed her in her room shielding her with his body’. He pinned her to a wall beside the door’.

Geet was confused and the intensity of the situation makes her worry about surroundings’  

Geet: maan ye, but he didn’t let her complete by keeping his palm on her mouth’

Her eyes widen as she heard someone’s voice’

Unnati: Geettt’.. Geet r u in ur room? Where r u? I guess she is in the hall’


Geet now get what maan was doing,, unnati is standing on her door step searching for her, if she had noticed them like that she may feel odd’ her eyes only stares at maan with love and admiration where maan saw unnati had gone now he freed her and closed the door with his leg’

He again pinned her to the wall and rest his forehead with her’

Maan: how can I let anyone to see us or think bad about our love? She only stares at his eyes that show thousand emotions’ he kissed her forehead softly’.

Geet clutches the end of his shirt tightly’ feeling his breath on her face’ he cupped her face and slightly kissed her both eyes’. Coming on her both cheeks’. Her breath was heavy, heart was pounding like any moment can pop out’. his one hand was on her waist pulling more close’ accidentally her hand slipped in to his shirt from waist making him jolt’ her one innocent touch was enough to set fire in him’ he groans her name and it was a soothing effect on her.. she was so lost in him that forgot what she is doing’ slowly she rubbed his strong abs and he nuzzle in her neck’ her hands slipped in his back rubbing and scratching it’ he let a out a moan and kissed her neck’ her small palm was roaming on his back and then came infront tracing his perfect toned muscle of chest’ he bite her neck in anticipation and then started placing open mouth hot kisses’ her body caught fire with it and she started moaning his name’. he nibble her skin of her neck and then kiss the sensitive area behind her ear’ she dig her nail in his skin making him aggressive in love’. He started claiming her more sensually,, her hands were under her dress caressing the back and making its way to her bra hook’ her breath caught in her lungs as he snapped open it without any warning’

Geet: maan aahh,, she moans as he rubbed her womanly asset with his palm’. But not stopping his hot wet kisses.. he was too lost to think anything’. he played with her curves making her moan his name in pleasure and finally he captured her lips’ he pressed her throbbing tongue inside her mouth’ she reciprocate it with the same urgency’. He sucked her lips hard making it red and then bite the corner of it’. both was not having enough of each other but a loud noise made them separate’

Geet heard the voice,, and then saw their proximity’

But next voice caught her breath’

Veer: Princess’. Where r u? unnati tumne usse apne room me dekha?

Unnati: ha dada, but she was not there’

Tears welled up in geet’s eyes thinking what she was doing’ if veer finds out like this what he will think and more over how much hurt he will feel’. Maan saw the guilt in her eyes, it slits his heart.. he felt he is at fault’ the guilt was clearly evident in his eyes’. The pain for seeing his love like that torn him apart’

Maan: I m sorry geet’ his words like niddle piercing her heart’. She can see the guilt in his eyes.. she instantly hugged him’

Geet: no maan, its not a fault, it just my worry for veer’ we love each other and I can’t word our love as guilt.. I don’t want anyone accusing u for anything, aap jaiye yaha se’

Maan: no geet never, do u think I will let u face everything alone. My love is not so tiny’ whatever happen I will handle it’ geet heard they are coming more close..

Geet: maan don’t be stubborn,, u have to go, if they see us like this everything will be shatter.. please maan we have to face veer but not like this’ please go maan’ he saw the pleading eyes and with a sigh he kiss her forehead then make his way from the balcony in her room’ geet ran towards the bathroom to fix herself’


Veer: where is she? Pure mansion me nahi hain, god kaha hosakti hain geet’

Just then geet comes out from her bathroom’

Geet: veer aap yaha?

Veer ran to her and held her arm: where were u? do u know how much worried I was not finding u anywhere’ geet saw the concern in his eyes and her guilt was rising not for loving maan but not letting veer know the truth’.

Geet: sorry veer, I was in the bathroom and I didn’t hear anything’.

Unnati: sorry dad I haven’t check bathroom, her door was open so I just called her from door step and I think she must be in the shower then’

Geet nodded not meeting his eyes,, she knew he will catch her lie if she looks at his eyes, but strangely he took a sigh relief and left her arms’

Veer; princess I have to inform u something’

Geet: veer I also wanted to talk to u’

Veer: kya kehna hain princess’

Geet: woo hum, actually’. Unnati make some excuse to leave the duo and went to the hall knowing they need privacy to talk’ veer wo I wanted to say’

Veer: ohhoo princess from when u has to be scared from me to say anything? accha leave it’ first let me tell u something’ I have to go USA for an urgent meeting’. Geet looked at him shocked’ veer sense her tension’. Don’t worry princess, its just for 5 days, and u will stay here,, then we can go to Udaipur’.

Geet: but veer’

Veer: princess I have to go Now’ so u will be here, I know u will be safe and maan is also here, I m appointing few more security so don’t worry about anything’ I will call u once I reach there’

Geet half heartedly agreed with him, because she can see he is in hurry’.



All accompanied veer to the airport’



Veer: apna kheyal rakhna princess’. She nodded her head with a sad face’. He came close and cupped her face,, hum jaldi ayenge, wait for me ok? she weakly smiles and nodded’ he kissed her forehead and then turn to unnati who was very sad’ she hugged him tight and he assured her he will come really fast’

Veer turned to maan: I hope u will take care of my life maan’ maan looked at geet and unnati’

Maan: more than my life veer’ he gave a friendly hug to maan and other also hugged him’

Geet saw him bidding good bye,, unknowingly tears came out from her eyes’ maan held her hand under her duppatta assuring her everything will be fine but her heart was beating fast like something is gonna change,, or something going to happen that will change their life’.


Precap: breaking down (sorry for the same precap)


And finally I m back,, sorry for keeping u wait guys but I m held up with my studies and that’s why couldn’t reply any of ur comment’. Sorry once again’. And thanks for supporting this ss’ with ur love we reached in teh 2nd thread but i guess in 4 5 update it will bif good bye to u all… 


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  1. Posted by stinna on May 16, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    hy tich… lovely updte… hayee in strtng i was like jumpinggggggg…. m so happy 4 maaneet… cant express in words.. n their lovly hiding moments r awsmmmmmm….
    hy bt i really dont want this ss will end… no no no… its simply amazinggggg


  2. Posted by stinna on May 16, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    hy tich… lovely updte… hayee in strtng i was like jumpinggggggg…. m so happy 4 maaneet… cant express in words.. n their lovly hiding moments r awsmmmmmm….
    hy bt i really dont want this ss will end… no no no… its simply amazinggggg…


  3. lovely….

    veer ko kuch ho toh nai jayega na???? i mean plane se jaa raha hai toh kuch bhi ho sakta hai… hai na??


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