Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 22


Kaisi Kashish Hain yeh



Part 22


Maan was walking away from the hospital when he felt a tug on his elbow,, he turn to see a weak ridz trying to stand properly and looking at him with tears’ immediately he held her and support to sit on the bench beside’ she looked at him in awe where he was just checking if she ok or not’.

Ridz whimper: maan’

That was last thing to bring him back,, his eyes were red in anger and he jerks her hand and stood up’.

Maan: don’t take my name with ur filthy mouth’.

Ridz: sorry, she whisper’ I m sorry for everything’

Maan looked at her and gave a mocking smile: that’s all u want to say.. u both frnd had wasted enough of my time’. he was trying to leave but again her voice caught her’.

Ridz: meri galti ki saza usse kyun de rahe ho? It was my fault then why she is suffering maan?

Maan: because u both had hurt me the same way,, ek ne dosti me aur ek pyar me’ u both are not worthy enough of my frndship or love but anger and hatred only’

Ridz: she is innocent, meri galti ki saza usse kyun?

Maan smirks and came close to her: because if I hurt her u will feel the pain, just like her, tumhe dard hota hain to usse bhi hota hain’.

Ridz: please maan pehle meri baat to sunlo’

Maan: I had have enough’. He called a nurse and shouted on her saying how can a patience walk out from the room without anyone’s noticing.. the nurse forcefully took her’.

Ridz loked at maan retreating figure,,, some time we destroy a beautiful moment with our own hand”








Senior doctor: armaan geet had gain her conscious,, armaan finally took a sigh relief but it was for sometime’  next whatever the doctor told him shook his him literally.. but,,

Abhay: but what doctor? Abhay was restless to see his frnd who is now a state of a lifeless statue’

Senior doc: but she is going from a nervous trauma’ u see she had been facing nervous breakdown for which we had to treat her some hours before and now,, I guess something is bothering her, that’s why after gaining conscious she is screaming something,, like she wanted to save herself’. I guess she had suffered a lot, more than physical it was mental’ her whole existence had shaken and if she wouldn’t come out from this state, I m afraid that’. with a deep sigh he continue looking at armaan n abhay,, that she might lose her memory or even worst can happen’.

Doctor patted his back and left them to handle geet by their own because he knew only her frnds can handle her now’.


Armaan completely broke down feeling so helpless that he couldn’t save his best friend who always cared for him, who was always there for him in every circumstances’ abhay sat beside him and patted his back to convey that they have to be strong’.

Abhay: armaan, u can’t break down like this, we have to save our geet first’.

Armaan: what was her fault abhay, she is a kiddo who only wants her friend’s happiness’. She is like a baby to me,, we had gone through every chapter together, I can’t see her like that’ it was all my fault,, if I was there with them this wouldn’t had happen in this life, mujhe Chennai jana hi nahi chahiye tha’.

Abhay: armaan then it was my mistake also, main to yaha tha firbhi I couldn’t save them,, our small life has destroyed and all this is cause of Maan Singh Khurana’ the small family I got after so long, I just lost it’

Just then they heard a shriek,,



No don’t do this, u said u loved me’. please leave me’.


Armaan and abhay rush to see geet holding a knife sitting on the bed at the corner and looking at the nurses with fear’ she was showing the knife to them but it was a small one so it was digging in her palm’

Armaan shout in horror: GEETTT


geet: leave me, chodo mujhe, u can’t do this, chodo mujhe maan…

Armaan ran to her and tried to touch her, but she was moving back’. abhay was moving back in fear,, the state was can’t bearable’.


armaan: gudiya what happen, please bol na? see i m armaan,, ur buddy,, i m here,,, i will protect u but please come out of this… but geet looked at him suspiciously’. And then it went blank’.

tear rolled down from his eyes to see his little gudiya’s blank stare… her frighten move like she want to shield herself in the furthest corner of the world… he had taken her innocence,, he had taken his revenge by destroying her heart…


armaan: Geet, he whisper… he touched her hand and took out the knife’.


Don’t come near me,, MAANNN





He closed his eyes: Geet’ a whisper came out from his lips but instantly he opens his eyes’ no it can’t be, my heart now refused to feel for her then why I m feeling something paining inside’ she destroyed Maan with her own hand’ now its only MSK,, rude arrogant shrewd businessman’ who only knows how to take revenge’ he closed his eyes remembering her numb face and her fainting in his arms’.




Darkness engulf her, after his harsh words there was no strength to handle his torture on her body, her heart was bleeding and body was arching’ the set of events left a mark on her’ after so much emotional and physical torture her brain stop protesting or responding anything’. he saw her fainting on the bed’ he couldn’t move an inch’ her pale face and nude body cover in pain that given by him torn him apart,, he wanted to punish her but in his angry situation also he can’t move forward to hurt her more’ but her limping like this gave a severe pain in his dead heart’he kissed her forehead and then the peck her lips,, he saw the collarbone had turn blue in his harshness, he softly licks the area to sooth her pain’. He goes lower and placed a kiss on her heart and then he heard its beating really slow’.

 he checked her pulse and saw its dropping’ he immediately called the doctor to be ready and then makes her were a fresh dress that was in his cupboard,, as he had had torn her last dress’. He scooped her in his amrs and rushes to the hospital.. he saw abhay running to armaan talking for something who was equally busy in rushing to OT’ they were handling ridz and look like abhay just came there, yes his guard had informed him that abhay went at the mansion 1st but not getting any entry in it he rushes here again’ they were in complete mess,, their life is in mess only’ mess created by Maan Singh Khurana’.

He walked like nothing happen, he gave her to the doctors and smirks on abhay who was petrified to think anything’. before he can make a move maan’s bodyguards covers him and he walked out from there’

But later he met with the doctor who said she went through a nervous breakdown and if she couldn’t get conscious she might lose her memory or slip in to coma’.

He felt ground slipping away,,, he tried to calm, not showing how afraid he is but deep inside he knew he want her, no not for love for revenge only’ he want to destroy her’ whatever he did was in his anger but from now he want to see her dying each moment in front of him, but not like this’ her dying mentally,, her dying soul to see him in front of her but in his way’ basically he want her all for himself for his hatred’.


End of flashback


Maan smashed the glass that he was holding in his hand sitting on the counter of his mini bar’. His eyes were filled with anger and anyone can say he can burn the whole world but the world is only GEET for him’..

Maan: I will finish u from ur soul geet’..





Armaan Immediately hugged her not letting her move and inch’ she struggle but soon she felt weak in her body, his scent she knew who can it be,, she looked at abhay who was in tears leaning on the door frighten to see all this,, and then saw armaan who was rocking her like a 1 yr child need sleep’. Tears welled up to see them’..

Geet: Armaan.. she whisper as a large whimper escaped from her mouth’

Arman smiles through his tears: gudiya u r safe now, I m sorry I couldn’t do anything,, it was my fault I m really sorry’.

Geet: but he, wo mujhe’

Armaan: he didn’t’ his one word was enough to told that she still have her dignity, she knew how much maan tried to be cruel or tried to show he doesn’t care deep inside she knew he still loves her after all that’.

Geet: ridz?

Abhay: she is fine, use hosh agaya hian geet,, he smiles sitting beside her’ after whatever Maan singh khurana had done we finally got her, she is fine now, our ridz can talk to us geet’

Armaan:  but main usse chodunga nahi, whatever Maan did u to and ridz I will make him suffer for that’ he ruined everyone’s life and he can’t get away from it now’ whatever he did to ridz now ridz can file a case against him and we will see him behind the bar and now for real accusation’


And what if I say he had done nothing to me?


Everyone turn to see ridz standing on the door step’ with a help of a nurse she came there’. Abhay run to her and support her to stand where the nurse left them’.

Armaan: what r u saying’

Ridz looked at geet who was in tears,, she sat beside geet on the bed and armaan abhay took the stools to sit’ ridz hugged geet tight’.

Geet: I m sorry, she whimper’.

Ridz: noo,,, the person should be sorry is me geet’. Everything just ruined because of me’ I m the main culprit’

Geet shook her head where armaan and abhay looked at her baffled’

Armaan: what do u mean ridz? After whatever he did to u still u r saying he is innocent’

Ridz stares at armaan straight to his eyes: yes he is innocent,, whatever he said was right, he had done nothing except treating me a frnd’ in fact I was his only frnd whom he called BEST FRIEND’..

All were shocked to hear that’.

Without knowing anything u guys took so big step,, I know geet is still a kid and for me she can go any extent but u 2 were mature, atleast u should have warned her,, playing with maan means playing with fire that turn ppl to ashes only’ why u both let her do all this’ geet was only staring at her like she have two head or she came from mars’ where armaan n abhay was hell confuse what she is saying’. Ridz knew this will change everyone life now’






i have to say something but i will only say after the whole truth will come out…



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  1. wowwwww. mast tha matlab mere maan ne dosti me bhi dhoka khaya aur pyaar me bhi woh bhi bina kisi galati ke….

    tich mast laga, i mean mast mast mast n mast lupdate diya hai….


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