Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 11



Part 11


He tasted the salty water that was coming from her eyes’.  He kissed her cheeks sensually whispering huskily..

Maan: don’t u love me geet?

Geet lowered her lashes and blushed profusely,, maan smiles but soon a naughty idea strikes in his mind to make her confess’.


He made a serious face and stood up’ geet was confuse with his action but couldn’t dare meet his eyes’ he started walking away from her once again and geet’s heart was throbbing more violently’ maan stopped a few feet away from her’.

Maan : I guess u never loved me, I m sorry, I shouldn’t have force u’

Maan was smiling giving his back to her where geet was too shocked to react,, her heart felt a lump in it,, her maan thought he was forcing her’ how disgusting it can be, it was his love for her and her love for him’

Not having any word from geet he continue his word not knowing what affect it was having on her’

Maan: I shouldn’t have gone so far,, I guess I should go away from ur life so that u can live in peace and no one will bother u or will try to control u like I did’ maybe I don’t deserve u’. but his words caught in his throat when her petite body crushed his well toned back,, he smiles broadly feeling her soft body against him, hugging him from back.. he knew his word will give her the courage to voice her love, but the thing he never knew it had pierced her heart’ soon he felt something wet on his back,, his shirt was clutching to his body due to the wet thing,, and it hit him.. he instantly tried to turn but geet thought he wanted to go away so she tighten her grip around him forcing him to stay like that’

Maan: geet’. He said and held her hand above his biceps’.

Geet: don’t leave me please maan’ it was not forcing, it was ur love and I was afraid to voice it because I m afraid to lose u’ bachpan se jinhe pyar kiya wo mujhe chod k chale jaate hain,, dekho na I couldn’t even see the warmth of a mother and then papa,, I love him so much but when I showed it he had gone through heart stroke,, I can’t afford to lose u maan.. but I really love u’. I LOVE U MORE THAN ANYTHING,, MORE THAN MY LIFE, DON’T LEAVE ME’..

She sobbed holding his back,, maan couldn’t control himself anymore and turned forcefully  and then crushed her petite body in his embrace’.

Maan: shhh geet, don’t cry,, I was just joking,, I can never go far away from u, tumme to meri jaan basti hain, tumhe chodke kaha jaunga main? And I will never let u go from me in any life be that with ur consent or not,, agar mujhse dur jaane ki koshish bhi ki na I will steal u from the world to make u mine’ geet innocently looked at his eyes,, he smiles and her snaking his hands on her bare back making her ticklish’. He brought her face close to his holding it in his one palm’ his lips brushed over her slightly red plump lips of her,,  I wanted to hear those words from ur mouth but not like this’ don’t ever cry geet, I like my rough n tough sherni geet not a cry baby geet’.


Geet made a face and pouted her lips’

Geet: I m not a cry baby’

Maan: yes u r, that’s why u took my joke to ur heart’ now her face changed and anger took place,, but it was cute anger’ she hit his chest with her tiny wrist’.  Ouch geet, kya kar rahi ho, he said still holding her tight to his chest, though it was not hurting him but seeing his wild cat he couldn’t stop his antics’ geet what r u doing’

Geet: u know I was right u r such a creep, yaha main dar se mar rahi thi and u were pulling my legs,, just wait mr maan singh khurana I will teach u a good lesson one day’

Maan smiles slyly: I can teach u some lesson now..

Geet try to suppress her blush,, it doesn’t go with the hard geet though it was quite obvious infront of her maan her face will betray her’.

Geet: its ur turn to learn because of u I had cried’.

Maan: nope,, I have to teach the lesson because u were the one who always built a wall between us, ur anger and those idiotic thought was the reason we were so far yet so close’ he said the last word huskily in her ear making his intention clear’ but geet was nowhere to submit so easily,, she pushed him and turn to run but only to be harshly pull by a strong pair of arms’ she tried to wriggle but he pushed her on a wall and then pressed his half naked body on her’ the spread was tied above her cleavage but as his body pressed that become more visible as it slightly rose up’ with that her breath become heavy so that her chest heave up and down touching his tanned chest’

He placed his one hand around her waist and other one was on the one pinning her body with his’

Geet: Maan,, she moans as his eruct manhood poked above her womanhood making her breath caught’ he lowered his face and nuzzle in her hair kissing her ear softly’

Maan: I had waited for u so long geet,, don’t ever try to run away from me’ I will never let u go’

Geet: will u love me when my beauty will be not with me, my hair will grow white and the skin will be wrinkled’ she said innocently,, maan smiles in the crook of her neck giving wet kissing’

Maan: more than it’. I will love u when u will be fat like a elephant and cranky like hippo’

Geet’s mouth fell to the ground,, she tried to push him but his grip was way to strong’ he laughed seeing his jungle billi’

Geet: hawww maan, u r so bad,, u call me hippo’

Maan: I said when u wil be like that..

Geet: shut up u ullu.. I will never be fat, samjhe?

Maan chuckle and huskily whisper: when u will carry my baby u will put weight na’ I was talking about that’ he kissed her red cheeks sensually.. and geet was all sharam se pani pani’ her cheeks was the peck of the color red and her eyes were wide like any moment can pop out’ he smiles slyly and look at her eyes,, but I don’t want my kids to be like this, u know the eyes should be in proper place not like any moment can comes out’ geet lowered her eyes but hit his chest’

Geet: u r so bad maan, she said hitting his chest.. maan took her wrist in his one hand and pinned that above her head..

Maan: what bad, I m directly proposing u to be mother of my child na’ geet made a O shape and murmured’

Geet: besharam’

Maan smiles and comes close to her lips’

Maan: Besharam nahi Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein’ and with that he sealed her lips with his in a soul serene kiss’ it was demanding, hot, and way to describable’ they were quenching their thrust for not having each other like this for so many yrs.. she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close n closer to her so that air can’t get the place in between them’ his hands were roaming on her every place’ his tongue deepen in her mouth tasting the sweet corner with an urgency’. Geet pulls his shirt out from his body and he was untying the knot from her cleavage’. In no time his shirt and her spread join the floor followed by his pant’ he left her mouth and came on her curves devouring them with his hot saliva’ geet cried in pleasure as he strongly sucked the curves making it red and his fingers were playing on her panty line’ both were still standing against the wall’ he felt her limping as the pleasure was making her knees like jelly that can’t stand her weight also’ he instantly scooped her in his strong arms and kissed her lips’. Her eyes were close as they proceeded the bed he didn’t break the kiss’ he make her comfortable on the bed and then covered her nude body with his well toned body’. He lowered himself and once again captured her lips that are swollen now’ she digged her nails in his skin making him groan’ he came on her neck kissing it vigorously and then going down’ his mouth not having enough of her curves and she willingly gave up’. Her throat went dry as his fingers found its place removing the last barrier of her’ he rolled down her pant from her silky legs’ she moans louder feeling his fingers playing with her C***’ her breath quicken and pleasurable moans surrounded the room’

Geet: maan please I want u now’

Though it was not easy for him to control his urges but he want to pleasure his woman’ he kissed her lips’

Maan; sshhh,, enjoy the moment.. and he pushed his one finger in her wet c***’ he pushed it harder and sometime taking its time, and massaged the above portion in a circular motion making her insane with his assault’

Geet: ohhh maan’ I love u so much’ her words were so soothing and he kissed her neck still moving his finger in her’. she spread her legs for more and he gave in her demand replacing his one finger in to 2 and pushing it harder’ she held him tighter feeling the jolt in her body’

Maan: u r mine geet’ he groaned as he paced up the movement’

Geet: don’t stop pls.. her voice was hoarse and he bite her collarbone kissing her madly’. And then felt her coming out’ she bite his shoulder trying to not scream.. but it failed as she comes out with a jolt’ she screamed in pleasure and fell back on the pillow throwing her head back panting heavily.. her body was crept in sweats and he was on her resting his head on her cleavage’  I love u maan..

Maan kissed her chest: love u too’

Geet: maan but’

Maan; I know what u want to say, I had controlled cause I want to make u mine in front of the world first and anyway we are one now’ ur love is my possession geet’ geet felt a smiles form on her lips and tears flicked out seeing this man’s extent of love’. He kissed her forehead and then her eyes… he saw her slowly drifting to sleep with the exhaustion’. He covered themselves with a duvet and held her in his arms.. geet cuddle more to him and both fell into a sweet peaceful slumber’ it was indeed a beautiful night where 2 soul finally became one, not with physical but emotionally and it was beyond any worldly pleasure’ they are one because their heart always s belongs to each other’ being love or hatred both only want each other, and destiny finally bring them closer breaking all walls.. but the question is will destiny play fare game with these 2 or made them say Kurabaan Tere Ishq Mein’.



Precap: Haldi Mahendi and the romance’ 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Shalini on June 6, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    Loved it awesome update love mini hot romance


  2. wooo ….awesom update ..chalo singh khurana ka idea kaam kar gaya ..
    n i agree with maan our real geet is actually a cry baby ..:D
    thnx a ton tich for this lovely update ….i needed it at this point of my life …god i opened ur blog with such an awful mood and i started laughing with her dialouge BESHARAM ….. 🙂
    luved it …. do cont soon 🙂


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