Devil’s Darkest Possession Chr Sketch




I m your Devil,

Tempt u with my Lust

Till you’re fill with only me

My voice in your Heart a must



Hotness Personified will be the word for him but it may become timid in-front of him,, at the age of 28 he win the world with his finger tips,, smocking hot looks that can melt any girl who die for his one look, yet he never gave any damn to anyone’ but but but he is priest of Lust, never a girl can leave this chance to be with him on his bed, yet knowing that will be for only once in life..

                                                 A businessman to the world,, but for him the world is a business for him,, a man of few word yet the words can shiver anyone, who doesn’t know the words call love affection respect’ it never exist in his thesaurus,, Lust Venom and Victory all he want’..


his one glare can make the world quiver,

his one smirk can stop anyone’s heart’

he is a ruler of this timid earth where

he is a devil of his warren that called the World’.



An Innocent Girl who will be posses by a devil…



An angel descended from heaven but for whom?? beauty that can make GOD and DEVIL lose their sanity’  and she did so,, she make the devil come to his feet to feast her beauty with his naked eyes’ 22yrs sweet angel who only knows how to spread love but for herself love was never in her fate’ no she is not a damsel in distress but a girl who forced to become a woman for the world, who craved for love yet it never occur in her fate’. She is afraid of Love but never concur the feeling lust’


Heaven is her playground,

Nature is her essence,,

Her one smile can melt any heart

Yet fear is her clay mould her to be a pray of the Devil



Welcome to see how is the Devil’s Darkest Possession’.



When 2 same ppl fall in love life become easier,, but when 2 different ppl clash 2 different world Love Become a History’.



More character will introduce as per the story unfold’ update on Saturday’.




i m in love with my Chrt pics,,, Naji di aka Dreamyprincess made those pics specially for this ff,, so thank u sooo much di,, a tight hug to u… u r awesome just best… muaahhh


Aniee thank u sooo much sweetheart for ur support and the because of u i got so many new frnd,,,u said i have a golden heart then i will say u have a diamond heart because u r such a humble person and who are ready to help anyone, thank u sooo much sweetheart…  hope i will take the responsibility in my small shoulder… a bit nervous because already many of ppl are thinking about ur devil so i m little afraid now, because its nothing compare to ur effort and ur devil,, love u a lottt muaahhh 


Copy Right Reserved by Tich Mg


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by monikaseth on June 7, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    wow another dhamaka love it waiting dear and congrats for this one also …


  2. Posted by Najiha's Naina on June 7, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    OMG…Thud dead…
    Officially dead in DEVIL’S STRONGE ARMS =D

    WHAT A LINES N TAGS OF DD.. My heart beating DHAK DHAK.. %) :>

    Then my angel Geet… Sweet n matured as life make her woman as in days of dreaming… :*

    Tich thanx ki koi baat nai hy… Anything 4 my Maaneet… And what so big deal in dis as i have pix as u want 4 CS… So i gave u… 😉


  3. awesom characyter sketch ………i am looking forward to it ……..:)


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