Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 2





Thanks to all for the lovely support to the ff, I had noticed many new reader here, can’t tell u how much happy I m,, please share ur likes and dislikes about the update’.



Part 2



his thumbs pressed on those petal making her eyes shut giving an unknown sensation’. His other hand went to her waist pulling her close to his body in a jerk so that her bosom pressed on his hard chest’. Geet gasped at the sudden contact and opens her eyes suddenly’ looking at the stranger she tried to free herself by pressing her palm on his shoulder but it was making his body burn in desire’.


He thought what power she posses that only a simple touch can make his body warm so much that he can feel the heat down his groin’ he ignored her futile attempt of freeing herself as he brought his face close to her,, his eyes were roaming on her beautiful feature of her face’ her milky white skin that is glistening in the moon light and the water drop on the various places was making him mad in aspiration’.  He looked at her eye lashes that has a drop of rain on it,, his throat went dry and then he chubby pinkish cheeks, that is looking utterly delicious to bite’ her cute nose that is red in anger now and her supple lips’ the pink lips are so natural’ he licks his own lips feeling his whole mouth is becoming dry just to looking at her’.


She looked at the stranger that is now holding her tight from her waist’ she was trying hard to free from the cage that pretends to be his arms,, but was failing miserably’ he was just staring at her face.. Unknowingly heartbeat raised to see the intensity in those dark deep eyes’. she was so engrossed in her wriggling that she could perceive the features of this demon’ yes for her he must be some Casanova who will throw money and tried to take her for bed’ yes she knew this mean world and she hated it’. just as she was succeeding releasing herself he brought her more close,, his lips were mere inches away from her’ she gulp her saliva   feeling his breath on her lips’ just then her captured his dark eyes’.


It was dark and deep like ocean’ but it has mystery in it,, just like deep ocean that conceal many secret in it’.her eyes went on his lips that he was licking,, a shudder goes through her vein to see that compassion in those eyes’ his perfect M shape lips are perfect to devour,, maybe that touch would be the heaven for any hell still that warmness was not there in her eyes’ it just some kind of fear in her’ maybe losing herself in it is the most dangerous thing she can ever imagine’  and then her eyes moved to the sharp features of his rough face,, like God had Himself descended in his gorgeous texture.. but least she knew he is the King of any DEVIL she can ever imagine’ maybe for the rest of the world he may presents as a Greek God but for her He had came all the way from his Devil’s warren’.very few ppl knew that sometime Devil is more attractive and handsome than any God and he the king of that world’ strangely she knew he can’t be any God in disguise but her distress in camouflage’. 


He saw her captivating gaze on his sharp features’ he smirks seeing his effect on him’ so she is not any different.. he thought in his mind and lowered himself closed to her lips’. Just then saw her looking at him with angry eyes’. Then he noticed her big doe shape hazel eyes’ for a second he thought he had missed a beat’ but is that possible for a devil who’s heart is already frozen’. How can frozen heart miss a beat of it when it doesn’t have any reason to beat’ but he forgot that world’s largest frozen thing also melt with the hit of sun’ her warmth is melting his frozen heart’. He felt a light push and then he came back to his senses’


As he lowered himself to her lips,, she came back to her senses and got his intension.. she looked at him with fire in her eyes and pressed her palm against his broad hard chest’. She felt a electrical shudder in her spine but soon compose herself and pushed him,, it was very light because all her strength also can’t nudge his demon like stricter, its just he was lost somewhere in her’


‘Leave Me’it was the 1st word came out from her mouth’. He heard the sensual voice which was enough to turn the devil on,, but then he saw her backing 2 step,, without warning he again grabbed her slender waist and then pushed her against his car trapping her between his hot body and cold metal of his car’.. her breath became heavy.. she had never come across something like this’. and to be frank she is not a fan of M & B or any romantic story or novel’


If any girl would be her place she would think she had seen heaven under her but for geet feeling of death can be more sweeter than this’ she looked at him with anger and disgust and tried to push him again’ but to her dismay maan smirks and leaned on her chest making her gasp’ his hard chest touched her soft breast making’ he can feel the heat his body was passing in her cold one’ but it was badly affecting him’. he looked at her eyes straight piercing her soul with his intense gaze’


‘Not now Babe,, what is the hurry?’ he asked in a husky voice,, but it doesn’t effect geet’ she only gave angry look’ maan touched her face with the tip of his nose and started tracing her face’s curves’ ‘U r really worth for my night,,’ he kissed her cheeks wetting them with his tongue’. She tried not to react but her body only disgust his touch and she jerks her face from him’. he pressed her more to the car making her tremble on her feet’ her eyes was wide to feel his manly hands roaming on her back rubbing her body and caressing it sensually’.


‘Let me go’ she said firmly’. But he smiles at her, a crook smile and came really close to her lips’ she was frighten for a moment as if she move a slight muscle of her body her lips will definitely touch his lips..  for a moment he just look at her eyes that are showing thousand of emotion,, Fear, Confusion, Hatred, Disgust, Anger.. but still he try to find something else.. but what he doesn’t knew and he chose to ignore’ and then his eyes shift its gaze on her plump utterly delicious lips’. Might be very juicy’ he thought and spoke right infront of her lips’.

‘Not before I Taste u’ with that he smashed her lips with his’ her went wide and breath got stuck in her lungs’. She tried to think something but blocked her all way’ she couldn’t believe what is happening’ some traitor stole her 1st kiss’. Its not she had imagined some kind of fancy thing but its just she can never allow some predator make her as his pray that is surely happening now’..


Descending from the heaven u came to my warren

To slake the Thirst of Your only Devil

Want to devour your lips with my burning passion

Just a touch and I make u My Darkest Possession’



She couldn’t move an inch as he captured her bottom lips between his teeth’. She hit his chest with her tiny wrist and he let her do whatever she want till he is getting what he need’. She was keeping her lips firmly shut so that he can have the full access of her lips but he only chewed her lips,, looks like he is relishing her each nectar’. His one hand went to her nape that has deep cut neck’ and one hand was on her waist squeezing her flesh’ his tongue licked the honey sweetness’.

‘U r too Sweet’ he spoke in her lips and started nibbling her bottom lips’. She was feeling so timid in front of this devil,, she wanted to come out from his clutch but he didn’t let her instead brought her more close if that possible’ she felt his hard manhood poking on her stomach, and she gasp for air as it was going all out of control and he was not leaving her lips for past some mins’ grabbing the opportunity maan throbbed his long tongue in her mouth capturing her tongue dancing with it’. her eyes became shut and her mind was slowly covering with a fog’. Her breath became more heavy and he can hear her heartbeat also’ his hands were roaming on her deep cut back and he pulls the string of her back’ she jerks her eyes and remember what he is doing’ she saw he was lost in the kiss,, she tried to push him as he was lost but only get shock to see his smirking face’. In fraction of second he grabbed her hand and pinned it to either side of the car beside her head and started kissing her mercilessly’. Blood oozed out but he was nowhere stopping his assault’ she felt her own blood and tears came out’ but the devil was so lost to see anything’ just then his tongue tasted the blood and then the salty water’.


He saw her red eyes and those idiotic tears,, yeah he thinks it as idiotic feeling that only blocked our thinking system and he hates it, neither geet is fond of it’ it was not for any fear but anguish and anger for letting this monster stole her 1st kiss’. She so hate his touch’.. he licked the area where he gave her the pain’ he was astonished with his own act that how can he worry about her pain, he always liked rough sex’. But today he felt something,, he didn’t liked her tears’ he left her lips after caressing it with his tongue,, for sometime geet was losing herself in his concern’ but soon his word brought her back’


‘I will not be rough for u’and he winked at her’.

She couldn’t handle anymore and pushed him with her all might’

‘Just Shut Up,, what do u think of urself, I m not ur keep or slave got that’ who r u and why did u do that?’  she shouted frantically’.

‘Sshhh chill babe,, so many question in ur little head’ think urself lucky to have me for a night and tell me ur price”

She was out of control hearing those disgusting words and raised her hand to slap him hard’.

Just as her soft hand was going to her hard face he just caught her hand and started caresses her palm’ she shudder but just then his hold got tighten around her palm and he make it twist behind her back pulling her close to him’ rage was visible in his eyes and in this moment no can save her form his wrath now’.

‘Don’t dare to do that with MAAN SINGH KHURANA’

Tears made their way from geet’s eyes due to pain ‘Never Mess with GEET HANDA’

He brought his face close to her face’ ‘nice name’ he whisper and geet mentally kicked herself for telling her name to the stranger.. ‘but don’t do that again, might push u in big trouble’

‘Let me go and I don’t want to see my face’

‘But I want to do many more thing,,’

‘Not every girl is ready to be ur keep,, I m not in the list of ur slave for sex’. U can never have GEET HANDA at any cost’.’

‘Time will say,, there is nothing that MAAN SINGH KHURANA can’t buy’ ur whole existence will belongs to me one day,,, be ready for that’.’


And he let her go away’ she just ran from there not believing him anymore’ yes he can do anything that his eyes were showing’ maybe it was bad to challenge that man’. His eyes,, she can’t be misjudge his eyes that will now haunt her’ somehow she knew he can go any extent to break her after receiving her challenge’

Some kind of weird possession was in his eyes, or she is thinking too much’ no she can’t allow that,, whatever it she will fight for the last,, she is Geet and she never learn to accept defeat’.


We can never understand our heart when we chose to hear our mind but what will u say when the devil chose to select mind because he knew his heart was dead long back’

What happen today that made this devil to think of something that his mind never will obliged,, why he let her free,, no one can deny this devil then why she denied, is she in love with someone else?? Oh common be that what’s the need to know that? he need her for once to warm his bed not that he will take her forever’.


But will his dead heart allow him to leave her either after using her???



Precap: 2nd meeting with the devil’ or 2nd kiss or something more?



Ok I know all of u wanted a SLAP,,, But guys this devil’ its not so easy to get a slap or anything,, remind u he is a DEVIL who know how to win only and he is cruel also’

And for geet maybe u r thinking she will be damsel in distress but if u r thinking so u will be wrong’. Because she is much stronger but yes pain will captured her as the devil with engulf her’ she will shed tears but yes she will not accept her defeat soon’ but we can’t say about the Devil,, how can he break her or Possess her time will tell’..


So how many of u hating this DEVIL MAAN? trust me u will HATE him MORE,, but can’t RESIST urself drowning in his passion and possession’.

Next update Tuesday’.

Thank u for reading it’.


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  1. oopsss …does he even belong to this world ……god this devil is soo un-predictable …n so as u Tich …teaser parh kar mujhe seriously laga tha ke kiss nahi hoogi ..:D
    but no one can guess u ….. 🙂
    awesom update …. the way u expressed each n every moment n emotion was too good ……
    n I AM hating this devil big time …
    now lets see .. hw much gutz does this geet has to stand a devil …….. indeed challenging HIM was nt good … :p
    w8ting to discover more about this devil n his possession .. 🙂


  2. Tich……update…..10 days already…


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