Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 29


Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh



Part 29



They entered the party just like a couple but geet knew the relation has torn brutally,, not because any outsider but because of her… her one misunderstanding has snatched the beauty of the relation… but sometime she forced to thought was that relation meant to be for them? The marriage was not succumb on any love but lust and revenge… maybe it is the destiny to the relation… but maybe it would have been beautiful if she knew the truth or he wanted to the truth, but both was blind in their rage… somehow she had realized her mistakes and she knew what have she done… she is repenting her deeds but will he repents knowing his mistakes not trying to know what was the truth… yes she is at fault but what he is doing now? When his anger will come to an end he will eventually regret for this days… when they could have solve their difference he was busy in his revenge… but she knew once his true self will come up he will love her no one like before… yes she still has trust on him… but the question till the will her love survive, will her heart survive.. she had promised herself to bear any pain for him,, the pain he will give her but with that she will gulp his pain also, so that he will be able to overcome his rage….


Her thought become a halt as he slides his hand in her bare waist pulling her close to him,, but she knew its not out of love but his rage and resolution of hurting her…. his grip was hurting her,, she looked at his eyes in pain but he ignored her pain and gave his crook smile…


They met with Mr Verma,, the man in 30 with fair complexion and a pair of lusty eyes…. Though he was displease to see the perfect couple, yes both are looking beyond perfect… maan was wearing black shirt with black armaani where black pants… the handsome features and a beautiful wife beside him was giving him raw power to get attracted by every man and woman in the hall… mr verma was checking geet head to toe but was highly disappointed to see her heighted a point with sindoor… she had applied a pinch of sindoor on her mang and small tight mangalsutra with single line black beats with diamond pendant…. Her blue saree with blue embroidery…. But the perfection was on her face,, she had applied very minimum makeup with kohl in the eyes and pink lip-gloss… but the eyes had no emotion in it but a pain is there,, but no one is able to find what is that as a sweet smile was adoring her beautiful smile…


Mr verma extended his hand for a shake but maan took it in his squeezing it little to give him a idea what he was heading… geet smiles seeing still she effects him… she can’t herself falling in immense love with him, still oblivious where this love will take her…


After few moment everyone joined the dance floor… and then mr verma approached geet… she was alone standing in a corner as maan was not with her,, he was chatting with other associated but she knew his all concentration was on her only… she can feel his gazing heat on her but she pretend to ignore… just then mr verma approached her…


Geet: I m really sorry mr verma,, I m a very bad dancer and if anyone can dance with me that is my husband….


Mr verma: 1st of all please stop calling me mr verma, my name is siddhant… u can call me that and trust me I can be more good partner,, he looked at geet raising eye brow, and he corrected himself, I mean in dance… u will enjoy the dance…


Just then the heard a manly voice: No thanks,, My WIFE have the pleasure of dancing with me… with that he didn’t waited for any answer and pulls geet on the dance floor pulling her close to him holding her waist….


Everyone was looking at the perfect couple.. geet try to be calm but he was hurting her again n again not only with his grip but his words,, she has become numb with his harshness,, she couldn’t say anything but never showed her vulnerable side to him….



Maan: what happen sweetheart, apna chehra to thik karo, bring a smile on it, I thought u were really desperate to come here but what was the reason that is really a mystery…  was it because of ur new admirer? He said with sly smile…..    ohh lemme guess coming with MSK as Mrs Geet Khurana, how can u leave the opportunity right?


Geet smiles at him: I don’t need opportunity to show I m Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana…. I knew the tag belongs to me belong my husband belongs to me…. aur baat admirer ki,, I would have been happier if that admired was my husband… but seems like my destiny doesn’t want that,, I have ruined it with my own hand….


Maan looked at her baffled,, he tried to look deep something in her eyes but she had concealed herself,, he can’t see any pain in that but a blank smile was there….


Maan: yes u had ruined it urself now I will never give the power to destroy me or my name in any chance…. Now it my turn to shatter u geet, the way u did… I will break u geet to the extent u will beg for forgiveness and will count those days u have plotted those plans for me…

Geet: what if I say I m ready to beg ur forgiveness till the point my sleep for destiny engulf me?  maan immediately stiff,, geet smiles seeing his stiffness… what if I say destroy me till the point u want…. But maan never regret that later… I know whatever I did was my mistake that can’t be repairable but without knowing whole truth whatever u r doing will shatter u later that I definitely never wanted….


Maan: its not my breakpoint any more geet, its urs,, but geet cut him


Geet: Break me till the point u can collect my shattered pieces maan… I will be happy to destroyed by u just like I had been happy destroyed by ur passion… that made my heart to be ur prey for eternity… her words were so strong that make maan missed several beats…. She freed herself and left the dance floor slowly, slipping in the darkness….



A deserted area,, where nothing seems to clear, just a fatigue figure lonely sitting on his knees on the hard ground…. Trying to figure out the mystery of his life….


Why,,, Why she is doing all this? isn’t she happy breaking me now why the hell she is showing her love on me? I know geet u r doing this to get the little heart I have,, till u break it with ur hand u will not be happy…. wasn’t u have done enough damage, now I can’t think rational,, there is mist of my hatred that had over powered my love for u geet, now this heart had betrayed me, my mind want to see u shattered the way I felt when I was hoping ur love by my side and what u did, u smashed it with ur own feet… the time I was just watching u for ur one fear ur one glimpse of love but what I saw satisfactory of taking ur revenge….


He recalled the events when police had arrested him and he was hoping seeing geet only and she just smirks at him,, his hands slipped from her face and his ear became deaf…. He was searching something in her eyes but she had concealed with dark glasses…. And walked out from there.. maan was shattered feeling dejected… he was numbly going with the police when meera called him and said dadima went through a heart attack,, and then his anger had no bound… no matter how selfish he showed to the world but inside he had loved his all relation… specially dadi and meera who was his only support after his mother’s death…


Why u did this geet,, if u hadn’t commit this sin we would have been happy in our life,, u have forced maan to become Maan Singh Khurana again that I never wanted… I had shared all my life to u but what u did?  u just came to tear me apart.. what was my fault? Was that my fault that I thought u r innocent,, or that I made HER my best friend.. I made a friend who’s name still I don’t know, actually I was never interested knowing her name after her betrayal but what u thought that I,, u thought I raped her…. how can u think so geet,, how can u?


When I was highly betrayed by my so called best friend I was really irritated with myself…how can I let someone rule over me and that too in just 14 days, its true when I was chatting with her I thought to have a good company for bed,, she was intellectual,, to be precise the girls I had for my bed was just to satisfy the body hunger and they were expert on that field… no one was enough intelligent to talk or share some intellectual talk,, so it was better to keep them for bed only…..     and then I met Geet through Internet… I met so many girls but she was different, I was not so keen in chatting with girls or anything but her words and then her work stuck me there… I wonder how old she is,,, her rough work was exceptionally good and I felt a pull towards her,, maybe to her dedication of work…


My all imagination came to halt when I first met her,, the so called geet,, she was really different what I thought, but a genuine person so I thought…. 1st time MSK has been wrong in recognizing a person… I thought it was common,, thinking about a person through chatting and meeting with her,, and whatever we thought doesn’t match with the personality it not wrong,, it happens and I thought give her a fair chance for work as her work was good… her innocence was something that reminded me of meera only, and I had decided to think her as a frnd only…


Those 14 days was really beautiful for me,, I thought the only thing I missed in my life she had completed that,, I found a friend….i still remember when she hit that bitch,, I called her lady hulk,, yeah she definitely behaved like that, but I was happy… I didn’t knew who was the girl, but then she told me she was working in my company along with her brother… it hardly matter for me,, I m running 40 branches all over the world,, and lacks of ppl are working for me, its definitely not a thing to remember a face of a girl.. Things were great with her, we did all the things I had never imagined… but I forgot that my destiny had never agreed for any happiness… she Betrayed me in my Friendship…


I was feeling some differences in her behavior, maybe something was bothering her but she was not ready for it… so I let her solve on her own, I always believed to be independent, and if she couldn’t solve then she was always welcome t me…. she was my frnd I would love to share here problem least I knew what she was preparing for me…


Next day I had received some photographs.. and a note… he was shocked and disgusted t see those pictures… and the notes concealed it was from GEET,, I couldn’t believe my eyes… I was not ready to believe it… no my frnd can never do that…. it was really cheap photographs and then the note said I had to give a big share of the new venture,, it was huge…. 300 crores….  It was the 2/5 portion of the whole project…. Money was not the fact but the betrayal was the fact that I hate…. I wasn’t ready to believe that note… I saw the signature and then something strikes… I called the signature expert, I had geet’s signature on the main project as she had prepared that…. and the signature expert had declare it the same…

I was in dilemma how to blv that,, how can his best frnd do this to him, but it was not rare thing, I  had witnessed my frnds using me for their benefits… but I had never expect that from her….  I wanted to confront her 1st….




Precap: I wanted to destroy her and her frnd geet but I couldn’t because somewhere I felt can’t hurt my frnd…. And I decided to leave india for sometime to set my mind and I did that…..



I know new angel to the story about 300 crore but need to justify maan’s behavior….  Next part also carry the monologue but will show the present also,, and don’t get confuse with 300 crores,, it will be solve when maan come to know the whole truth,, and one more thing…. As because he MSK doesn’t mean he have to know about each n every employee of his company,, he is running 40 brances in all over india so it hard to keep track about lacks of ppl… about pari and shekhar, he doesn’t know anything because they were never so important for him to remember them… it quiet common sense….


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