Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 51

Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 51

by Tich Mgon Monday, June 18, 2012 at 4:32pm ·


Kagaz ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life



Part 51



It was the morning ray that force her to opens her eyes,, last night was beautiful,, geet recalled the events of their passionate love making and after that maan’s break down… she had cocooned him whole night and he had slept holding her like a kid…. Geet eyes shift to maan who was holding her hand while sleeping… it was 7 am and maan didn’t went to Gym… geet was worried and she went close to his face caressing it with her soft finger.. she touched his rough stubble but he just grabbed her palm and again slept… she chuckle and kissed his nose-tip softly without disturbing him…. she kept watching him…. he was sleeping like a cute baby… she couldn’t stop herself kissing his lips… it was just a peck but its effect was high…..


She slowly tried to take her hand and she was successful,, as she was stepping out from the bed after wrapping the bed sheet,, she felt a tug on her sheet and before she can recall what happen she felt a force pulling her and she fell on the bed on her face… she closed her eyes welcome to hit the bed with her face but it never came…she felt something hard under her stomach and then opens her eyes to see she was on him and he was holding her waist,, her whole body was lying on him but her  face was mare inches away from his face….


Geet: Maan…

And he rolled over her….

Maan: if u always woke me up like this who want to sleep more… she blushes and hide her face in his neck but it was making him mad… he instantly snuggle in her hair giving luscious kisses on her neck…

Geet; Maannnn… she moans but he was all over her… his hands were busy freeing her petite body from the spread and his lips were busy marking her soft skin….

Maan: I had missed ur warmth geet…. She can feel insecurity in him and held him tight…. Her hands were on his neck where he was kissing her throat…

Geet: m-maan… her voice was hoarse as he was filling her with his warmth… finding no answer she again called him… M-Maannn….

Maan; hmm,,, that’s all he manages to say…..

He was too busy to taste her…. his hands were already in her spread separating the thin material from her silky body… she was breathing hard as his hands cupped her full br**** and started kneading them…

Geet: maan please,,, I,, I need to talk to u….

Maan: not now geet… he said and then captured her lips for a full mouth kiss….

His kiss was making her vulnerable,, he bite her lower lips making her flinch in pain… and then instantly sucks the saltiness murmuring a sorry….

It was swollen from last night and his never ending passion is flowing again…. Not that she didn’t like it, but yes she needed to talk to him…. he peck her lips numerous time and then came on her shoulder, her chest placing open mouth hot kiss…. Her breath was really high and any time she can lose her control…. She cupped his face and force him to look at her eyes… he was not at all ready to have talk right now at least but at last for her he tried to listen her….

He kissed her lips again; kya huya jaan?

Geet: maan I wanted to talk to u about last night our conversation…. Maan become stiff as the mention…. He released her body and sat up… geet too sat up covering herself again with the bed sheet…. She hugged him side way and placed her head on his masculine chest…. Maan please will u start singing again??

Maan: geet its not easy… his voice was calm and geet knew its dangerous also…. She cupped his face between her palms….

Geet: please maan…. She will be happy to see u singing again… please sing for me at least….


It was making maan frustrated; he tried to calm his anger but her again n again persuasion is making it difficult…

Geet; please maan….

Maan: kyun zid kar rahi ho geet, why u again trying to bring the topic, I said na I m not comfortable with it… I will not sing geet….

Geet: but maan…

Maan stood from the bed wearing his track: enough of this geet,, u don’t know what emotion I have with this,, please stop pressuring me,, for u it will be a mare timepass but for me it was something close to my heart… and I m not comfortable discussing it… I won’t sign for anyone in this life…


His words were calm but deep,, that was doing a deep scare in her heart.. did he thought it was mare timepass for her…. last night words are not having any effect on him,, will he ever consider her as his frnd? She wanted to become more close to him but guess sometime its better to be in ur place,, no matter how close we are to the person we love the most but sometime there are still thin line around them that they themselves doesn’t wanted to break…


Geet: u r right how can I know what is emotion, what is frnd’s memory and love,,, u r right maan,, I shouldn’t have insist in ur personal matter… I m sorry for interfering in ur matter, I forgot its ur heart that u want to conceal in a shell….


Geet was frustrated with his attitude and that’s shows in her words…but with that there was pain, not coming more close to the person whom she had given everything not her own self but her life, her frnds, her everything but he is not ready to share his memory only…  maan looked at her and regretted his words,, he had again hurted her….

Maan: geet mera matlab wo nahi tha,,

Geet: its ok maan, I m use to it now… just then she heard mahika’s crying and she hurriedly walked pass him not giving any look… with very care she scooped mahika in her arms and gave her back to him… maan cursed himself under his head knowing he had again hurted her deep,, without saying anything he left for the washroom,, and geet looked at his back….


Geet(st): maybe this way u will open ur real self maan, and I have to do this… I know u never meant those words but I have to make u feel this,, if u can’t share ur memory of ur frnd with me then be that,, if u can’t give the place of her to me then be that but I had promised her and myself I will bring the real maan who loved music…. She kissed mahika’s cute forehead as she sucked her breast… but rembering his words she felt a tug in his heart… did her really think it was just a timepass for me? what r u thinking geet, u know ur maan… he always blabbers wrong thing when he is upset or angry.. waise wo kis waqt gussa nahi hote…. she tried to console her heart but deep inside she was hurt,, yes not being a part of his memory making her really sad…. She just stares at mahika where she sucked her 2nd breast like she had not had any food for ages….  Finding her satisfied with the food mahika again drifted to sleep… geet was patting mahika’s head lovingly but all her concentration was on maan’s word… will he ever consider her as his frnd?


Maan was looking at her from a long time,, she seems lost in her thought and that’s why couldn’t realized he had come long back… he can see a hurtness on her face… her sadness was piercing his soul and he stood behind her… geet sense the aftershave and brought back to reality.. she is roaming in the room with tying a bed sheet around… she stood up and tried to leave pass maan though it was tempting to hold him and lost in his scent but its not the correct time…. as she was passing him maan held her wrist and slowly pulls her close to him… his bare body was utterly feasting to her eyes but then his words came between,, she need to do this….

Maan; I m really sorry geet… mera wo matlab nahi tha jaan, he said as his one palm cupped her face while slowly rubbing her cheek with his thumb…. She looked in his eyes….

Geet; its ok maan,, how many time u will say sorry and for what… I m really used t it.. it was mistake to bring the topic, if u r not comfortable sharing ur frndship with me I should not bother u more… I will not insist anything now on….


Saying this she rushed in the washroom… breathing hard… how she had controlled her rapid heartbeat seeing his toned body with those water drop-let only she knew….  But then his words again n again starts coming… did she really interfering too much in his life… god what she is thinking,, his life is not alone,, she has the equal right not for his memory or past but to make him happy in his life….






He was just observing her from so many hours,, she seems like really disturbed… they had quite breakfast, whenever he wanted to say sorry she just shut him with saying its ok, don’ repeat it.. with others she behaved normally, smiling talking even laughing but as her eyes met with him he can saw a tint of sadness there, though she didn’t stop talking with him but it was very less, she is trying to talk with him normally and that is the problem, she never needed trying that but now she is doing it,, silently torturing him,, he sighed he deserves this only… when they had gone to hospital after the breakfast,, there also geet had behaved normally with others knowing who are those for whom KC had organized sponsors for treatment,, and then met them talk with them….. and was going to home after that when maan asked her to accompany him to office for few hours… she agreed quietly, again making him guilty for those words… and now finding ur own beautiful wife who is looking utterly delicious, mouth-watering,,  just sitting few feet away but emerged in work and not giving any look to u only pierced the heart…


Geet was engrossed in her work as she called pinky to come to office with her files and she did that…. and now aadi n pinky are spending sometime alone… geet smiles at the seen when pinky’s eyes literally sparks seeing aadi at this hour… so she gave them a little privacy.. she knew maan’s heating gaze on her only but she mentally challenged herself not to look at his eyes that will surely melt her…



Just then shiv entered the room like tornado….

Maan shouted on him: what the hell can’t u knock before bark in? shiv’s entry and maan’s shouting literally shocked geet and she was nearly having a heart attack….   Shiv n maan both looked at the horrifying geet and both murmured a Sorry… she rolled her eyes and again sat on the couch…


Shiv: I was calling u past 2 hours and u said to the receptionist that u r busy,, agar romance hi karna tha to ghar me rehte office kyun aaye… shiv looked around to signal geet, but then gulp his saliva seeing the angry eyes of geet…. Shiv instantly looked at maan who just looked at geet with pleading eyes but she ignored both the men and left the cabin not to forgot banging the door behind her.. shiv was looking at her with wide eyes…. Ye kya bala hain yaar…

Maan: what do u want to discuss? He said ignoring the his taunt….

Shiv: 1st tell me whats going, she was looking upset.. maan sighed and sat on his chair where shiv occupied the chair against him….

Maan: she is upset with me…

Shiv raised his one eye brow: and what for?

Maan: I just blurted something that hurt her… shiv gave a sly smile,, like he is having fun seeing a couple fight… but it made maan irritated he threw the paperweight towards shiv which he instantly held it with his breath otherwise it would have broke his nose… shut ur idiotic smile… she is hell upset…

Shiv: so mana le what is in this?

Maan: and how?

Shiv; gave her fav chocolate or flower, simple, he said and look at him like he is the most unromantic duffer who can’t manofy his wife….

Maan: its not so simple…

Shiv: huya kya saaf saaf bol….

Maan sighed: pata nahi kasie she came to know I used to sing and now she want me to pursue singing… don’t know whice idiot told her about it,, I wanted to murder that person… he said with highly angry eyes which make shiv gulp the water from the glass in front of him…. maan looked at him suspiciously… and then caught the thing,, shiv talking with geet and giving her something… he gave one angry glare and shiv lifted his bump to run…

Shiv: maine kuch nahi bola….

Maan, yes u did it…. and he started running the whole cabin behind shiv who was literally running like a bull is behind him and any moment can crush him…. the scene was worth watching…. No one realized what are they doing, its like old days….  shiv was running here and there to hide himself where maan was running behind him,, shiv threw a chair infront of maan who dodged it skillfully and then shiv ran out from his cabin but maan didn’t let him go and ran after him…


The whole office was watching them in awe,, some girls dropped the file they were holding some jaw were dropping to the ground and some patted their head to know what is going,, was the scene is real or they hallucinating… 2 best enemies are behaving like two best buddies, least they know its just the starting….

Shiv was laughing and running but maan was nowhere to stop,, he was almost catching shiv where he slipped away…

Shiv: maan stop,, see I have not done that… mujhe nahi pata..

Maan: yes u know that, u r the real culprit,, u gave her the CD,, shiv I m not going to spare u today,, I will kill u… rukkkkk….



He-he-he-he mam m I dreaming?? Is this happening right in front of my eyes…

Yes aadi u r seeing the right scene,, both are rejoicing their childhood again,, and I promised both will become frnds again……

The idea was great geet mam…

Nope pinky their frndship is great…..


Geet smiles to herself forgetting all her pain,, hayyee for this cute scene she can do anything and that’s why she had informed the receptionist to say maan was busy… she knew shiv wil come as aadi had informed her they have a important meeting to attend.. and thing just grew with her plan….




No precap?? But need comments and like,, next update in few hour….


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  1. awesom update Tich ….
    i luved it ………well who else it can be other than GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA to make MAAN SINGH KHURANA do something against his will ….
    tich girl u agained surprised me ……i was thinking who will step 1st for the friendship again n here nobody needs it … 🙂
    simply awesom …


  2. Awesome update tich loved it so much 🙂


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