Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 52


Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life


Part 52




Atlast maan caught shiv against the staircase and held his collar from back…

Maan: told u, u can’t match MSK in running…. And specially when its matter of catching u… lazy bump…

Shiv: oye hello I m not lazy bump its just adat nahi rahi, 5 saal se tu piche nahi bhaga na…


Just then both realized where they are and what they were doing… It was just so natural thing,, they use to do it from their childhood… both were best friend when both didn’t knew what is the meaning of frndship…. Maan left his collar and looked away setting his hair and shirt where shiv too gave his back to him and started fixing his messy dress….  and then maan’s thought come to halt,, what did u said to him,, he had shared a lot of things today,, somewhere frndship is talking place of enimity…


Maan recalled why they were chasing and then it hit him… he immediately looked at shiv who was expecting something blast…


Maan: why did u gave her that?

Shiv: she wanted to know our past, UR PAST,, and she has the right to know everything,, but u were not ready and she doesn’t want to know anything from outsiders so just to let her know what her husband was I gave her that,, at least she will find some peace…

Maan: u shouldn’t do that shiv, this time maan’s voice was really calm and deep, shiv knew he is very much serious…

Shiv took a deep sigh: maybe we are enemy but in my enimity I don’t want that innocent girl’s suffering… she should know everything as she is ur wife,, and its ur duty to tell her all… when she gave u everything of her can’t u share ur past with her maan… did u ever noticed her frightened eyes whenever she sees us? She is not used of it maan stil she never questioned anything,, but that doesn’t mean u will conceal her from ur most desirable past….


Maan: most painful past shiv…

Shiv: ohh how can I forget u r so lost in ur grief that u forgot the good time with HER just the misery u want to live… Geet just want u to live in those beautiful memory and Sanjh also want that maan,, tum maano ya na mano sanjh and geet jaise ek dusre se alag hain waise hi ek bhi hain, ajeeb sa connection hain unme…

Ok leave that but atleast for geet try to come out from past…

Maan: can u leave the past behind shiv?

Shiv looked at maan sadly: I can never leave the past because I don’t want to lose those last memory of her of our frndship,, but for that I m not mourning because She taught me to leave in beautiful memory not sadness of past… and this time this SHE is GEET… maan looked at shiv amused and then in respect… now he knew why shiv respects geet so much..


Shiv :  tomorrow is the inauguration of the project…..  u need to come,, it’s a big day…. And ha try to rethink about geet…. She need u only… he left from there living a thoughtful maan…

Old friends and friendship can never fade with time… and both proved it….





After freshen up Maan entered the hall and saw everyone is busy with mahika,, geet had left the office after shiv had gone as she need to feed mahika, and his meeting just held up further.. he saw geet smiling and talking with nt,, seems like they must have cracking jokes, where aniee was busy playing with mahika… maan went in and met with everyone,, geet saw him,, he was really looking happy.. his smile just took her heart away but she can’t show it and made a grumpy face…. Maan sighed and took mahika…. He said he wanted to spend some time with mahika…


Here in the room maan was talking with mahika who was looking very interested in her dada’s talk…



Maan: do u know mahi dada again hurted mamma…

Mahika: wwooo,, oohhhh… mahika made some sound with her chubby mouth like he did very bad thing, her complaining face was looking like she understood everything what he told…

Maan: I know mahi… dada did it wrong but u know dada’s anger na? now what should I do to set ur mamma’s mood?

Mahika pulls his shirt and tried to chew: mummmummmaammaa….

Maan; abb main iska kya matlab samjhu?

Iska matlab hain she is hungry… geet came from back and maan turn to see his angelic wifey clad in a pink saree,, her pallu was tugged in her stomach showing her perfect flat stomach… she had reduced all her weight drastically… maan gulp his saliva looking at the perfect curves… geet read is intension and hurriedly took mahika in her hand…

Geet murmured: inko har waqt yehi sujhta hain kya?

Though it was meek but maan heard it,, he coughed to get her attention but she moved away holding mahika….

Geet: I need to feed her..

Maan: hmmm..

Geet: ufff,, she again murmered where maan was lost in her… can u get down in the hall,,

Maan: hmm,, all he said and then it hit him, what he told,, nahiii I mean why should I go, its not the 1st time I m seeing u feeding her…

Geet pouted her lips: dust danav,, maan raised his eyes brow.. geet looked away and then said,, wo dev wanted to talk to u so…

Maan: I will talk to him later u carry on… geet twisted her lips and then gave her back to him setting mahika on her lap… then started adjusting her saree,, but the hook was not opening just then she saw his hand…

Geet: maannn,,, she almost screamed…

Maan: shhh geet mahika dar jayegi….

Geet: what r u doing?

Maan looked confuse: helping u…

Geet made an angry face: like this….

Maan sighed and looked at mahika who was looking at both of them with her big doe shape eyes…

Maan: see mahi I was just helping ur mamma and she is shouting on me….

Geet: mahika told ur dad I don’t need his held…

Maan: dad nahi dada,,,

Geet greeted her teeth: maannnn…


Just then mahika started screaming with weird voice..

Mahika; woooommmmm wwwoooooo,,, ohhhhhhaaaaa ooowwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Maan: geet my baby is hungry just fasten up…

Geet; baap beti hamesha mere piche hi padhe rehte hain…


Maan smiles at her where mahika felt satisfied finally having her food….



Geet settle mahika in the crib and was going out when maan held her hand and pulls her close to him,, it was so sudden geet lost her balance and straightly fell on maan’s chest… her hair came on her face… maan slowly removed all hairs and cupped her face….


Maan: I m sorry jaan, please maaf kardo….

Geet looked at his eyes which is full of regret and pain; maan…. she wanted to say she had forgive him long back she can’t stay away a single min from her,, but she controlled her desire… maan leave me,, koi ajayega…. But maan tighten his grip

Maan; koi nahi ayega… please jaan, I m really sorry, u know my anger,, I m bad very bad but please don’t treat me like strangers.. her heart pained to see the pain in his eyes….

Geet: I can never make u stranger maan… whatever it was my mistake only, and I had forget that… don’t feel guilty now,, I shouldn’t have interfere in ur personal matter, ur past… she was trying to go when maan held her arms more tightly…

Maan: u have full right geet,, only u have the right mishty, please forgive me,, he said while kissing her cheek sensually,,, he can see his effect on her but she was resisting it too much…

Geet gulp hard to control herself and then slightly pushed him….

Geet: no maan, not this time,, u really thing ur memory was just timepass for me,, sirf itna hi jante hain mujhe…

Her eyes filled up with the thought but maan hugged her tight…. Not wanted to see her breaking…

Maan: I m sorry mishty, please jaan, I was just angry with myself, my frustration took a toll.. please believe me, I never meant that… forgive me, he said kissing her neck softly… it just u were saying about singing and I was not ready,, I will never say something like that but please talk to me…

Geet felt a pang in her heart,, she couldn’t held herself anymore seeing his pleading and hugged him…

Geet: sorry maan,, it was my mistake the sensitive talk,, I was so engrossed to bring ur old days back I had forgot that it will be painful for u.. geet sincerely apologies as she was thinking it was going too far… she cupped his face…. I will never insist u about singing, u don’t need to do anything that ur heart doesn’t say u to do.. I m happy being ur wife, ur love,, the mother of ur child… I don’t need anything beyond ur love…

In maan’s pain she forgot everything but unintentionally she made maan realize how much his happiness meant to her… and he promised himself to complete her all wish and give her the place she wanted… not sanjh’s place because geet had already made her place in his heart more than frnd,, she is his life….





Maan had informed geet she need to come with him to the party,, geet was a bit nervous… it’s a HUGE party where thousands of ppl are coming,, maan’s and shiv’s both company’s all employee are invited and when 2 big company came together its wonder for business world,, and 2 enemies becoming partner in project are attracting the rivals company so they are also coming in that party….


Though geet was little apprehensive but maan made her little relax… mahika was with dadi and nikita,, and prem will be also with them as dev nt and aniee are accompanying maan n geet where abhinash was staying home only..



As the car stopped all the ppl’s eyes glued on the couple,, if heaven comes on the ground everyone had must said they are living in heaven only,, yes heaven of their love… maan slides his hand on geet’s waist pulling her a little close where geet gave him a look… he cheekily smiles at her… the smile was enough to faint any girl but right now they are busy in envying geet… where all men’s lust filled eyes were roaming on the perfect structure of geet… but they were all well aware of the living terror  MSK who can snatch anyone’s life if they dare to point  his eyes on her….



Geet spotted shiv who was looking at them only,, the party was one of the happening party in the town and most of the media are outside to take some snap of them…

Soon maan met with mr tondon who’s project he and shiv are doing in merge.. mr tondon called shiv and then they formally shook their hands.. where whole world was having a heart attack to see 2 best enemies jelling so good with each other.. 1st time both are talking normally to each other least they knew what they are up to….


Geet was talking with nt and shiv occupied the place beside maan on the bar….


Shiv: so set between u 2….

Maan: hmm.. he said as he gulp one hard drink…

Shiv took his glass: I owe a thanks atleast….

Maan looked at him with sheer amusement: and what for?

Shiv: for setting u 2… common it was my effort and everything is allright…

Maan: sapne dekhna chod,, nowadays u r dreaming too much…. Maan said arrogantly but shiv saw a tint of a small smile on his lips….

Shiv: oye hoye MSK and smiling, the thing we couldn’t even see in collage often….

Maan: nothing like that,, and why u r alone?

Shiv laughed: who will like to be with me?

Maan: ur sister is not around u….

Shiv made a serious face: do u still think about sam?

Maan: never its just she always stayes glued with u and u came here for her only…

Shiv looked amused: u knew it?

Maan smirks: what d u think of MSK?

Shiv smirks equally in arroagence: then why u letting her stay in ur company, u know what she can do…

Maan: I had seen her,,

Shiv: matlab?

Maan: she gave the passes to geet…. And that’s it for shiv,, blood started boiling as he looked at sam who just entered the party in a short red dress…. maan followed his gaze and saw sam looking at him only….

Shiv: how do u know its her…

Maan: u can be blind in brotherly love, I m not.. and finding anything is not a issue for MSK… u need to learn a lot… atleast to tackle her dirty mind….

Shiv: she will pay for it….

Maan looked at him amusingly: u will set scores to her because she had tried to manipulate geet? Wow that amazing?? I mean u haven’t change ur decision for sanjh also when sam was in front of u and now…

Shiv looked at maan with some unknown emotion…

Maan: u r missing sanjh….

Shiv instantly turns towards the bar…. Away from maan…. for a moment maan was blank,, sis he really saw that….

There was complete silence for sometime…..

Maan: u r doing this because geet reminds u of her and u,,

Shiv: stop it maan…. just stop it….  I think u should get going to geet,and then maan looked at geet but his eyes were spitting fire to see sam there…



Sam: so geet,, enjoying life with hubby?

Geet smiles at her politely: fully…

Sam: hmm,, ek handsome n billionaire  husband… aur kya chahiye…

Geet; his love… that is only for ME… she smiles where sam burnt in jealousy….

Sam: so he loves u ha,, can do anything?

Geet: my love is not so weak that need any dare to prove that…

Sam; yeah yeah I know,, he can do anything u want… and that’s why he didn’t start singing for u,,, right?? Sam smirks where geet was confuse, how did she know this….

Actually it was then when sam was entering maan’s cabin and heard his talking with shiv,, she was really shocked to see them sharing their problem as they were ready to kill each other some days before,, but then she was happy to know there became tiff between maaneet….

Sam: bolo geet, maan tumhare liye kuch bhi karega?? Then why can’t he start singing again??

Geet doesn’t have any answer for that…. just then the light went off… and a spot light came on geet… and she heard a manly voice….


I want to say sorry to my beautiful wife,,she was all the way my strength every time…. Never ask anything,, only gave in my demand,, but few days back when she really ask me something but I denied her… I want to say many of things to her… where every wife demand jewelry or luxurious outing my wife only want a smile on my face,, little happiness for our family… and behalf on that I couldn’t even fulfilled her one wish…. But today I want to give her the little happiness to her and that too infront of everyone….


Do u ready for it Geet?


Unknowingly geet’s heartbeat rose and then heard the piano sound and saw shiv was sitting in front of the piano….. a smile was playing on his lips and then he winked at her… she couldn’t understand anything but heard a voice and missed her several heartbeat….


Song from Jannat 2, (Rab ka Shukrana……)



Tu hai ab jo bahoon mein


Karaar hai


Rab ka shukrana


Saanson mein hai nasha


Khumaar hai

Rab ka shukrana




Lights were dim and she felt some finger playing on her back that was having only one strap and a broach to hold her upper body…. She felt a jolt in her body and then met a piercing pair of eyes that were burning her whole body just with the stares….



Tu hi ab mera deen hai


Imaan hai


Rab ka shukrana


Mera kalma hai tu


Azaan hai

Rab ka shukrana


With fraction of second he pulls her close to his body by holding her waist…. Geet saw his face was glowing,, small mouth speaker on his mouth …. She just forgot everything and looked at his eyes only…. His voice was intoxicating…..


[Rab ka..shukrana]


He placed her hands on his chest and swing with her holding her waist almost her hip… she felt current going through her vein as the intensity of the voice was drowning in him… don’t know why his voice was making her go mad…. She wonders what magic he has in his voice….



Tu mila toh sab mila


Ab kisi se kya gilaa


Tujhme simtoon


Aa mein bikhroon

Teri bahoon mein


He held her hand and make her twirl 2 time, without letting her stop he pulls her in his embrace and then twirl her again making her back collide with his chest…. Then again make her came to his face,, he held her neck with one hand and pulls her face close to him kissing his face sensually with softness of his lips…



Tu mila toh sab mila


Ab kisi se kya gilaa


Tujhme simtoon


Aa mein bikhroon


Teri bahoon mein

Fanaa ho jaon main





His hands were on her hips and tug her belly bottom with his waist swing together with music but she can feel his hardness above her abdomen….  She shied and tried to go away just to pushed against in chest….




Tu hi ab duniya meri


Jahan hai


Rab ka shukrana


Khwaabon ki khayalon ki


Udaan hai


Rab ka shukrana



he pulls her close to him locking her waist with his plastering his body with her,, she shallow her saliva feeling thousand of ppl’s gaze on them but he was least bother… his naked palms slides on her bare flat stomach ticking her senses and pulling her close to him… she felt his nose tip tracing her face lines and his humming lips were guiding the lines… her chest heave up n down but he nuzzle close to her neck placing a wet kiss still humming his lines….





Rab ka shukrana


Tu hi ab mera deen hai


Imaan hai


Rab ka shukrana


Mera kalma hai tu


Azaan hai

Rab ka shukrana



Finally feeling embarrassed she ran out but again his voice captured her and she rooted on the spot….



Sab se ho jaon parey


Jo ishaara tu karey


Ab toh rehna hai

Tujhi mein gumshudaa hoon main


He came in front of her and held her hand kissing her knuckle and then puling her in his arms…. she looked at his eyes deeply where his lips touched her forehead and then met his forehead…

They didn’t stop moving on the rhythm…. He move his one feet back and she took forth and then right,, he was moving in t=rhythm where she was moving with his love… just staring at his eyes she was moving to a world of his magnetic pull….




Sab se ho jaon parey


Jo ishaara tu karey


Ab toh rehna hai


Tujhi mein gumshudaa hoon main

Ho teri bahoon mein


He makes her back towards him and smiles in her neck feeling the blush on her face…. His hands were doing it magic as he started caressing her abdomen with his finger tip slowly making round patterns….. she tried to warned him and shoved his hand but he was tightening his grip only snaking his hands on her stomach….





Jazbon ka ab toh naya


Bayaan hai


Rab ka shukrana


Naya rutbaa nayi shaan hai

Rab ka shukrana


He came on her earlobe and slowly bite it making sure no one seeing them as the light was going up n down…. He traces his wet tongue behind her ear and she shudder with that.. he hold on his hand went tight giving him pleasure…. he moved down with soft kisses where everyone thought he was just singing as his lips were moving….




Tu hi ab mera deen hai


Imaan hai


Rab ka shukrana


Mera kalma hai tu


Azaan hai tu

Rab ka shukrana


Geet looked at him with teary eyes and he smiles with love… the smile maybe she had never witnessed…. he hide her face in his neck and then looked over his shoulder where siv was smiling not looking at them but atlast capturing geet’s eyes….

She muttered a thank u making shiv surprise….



[Rab ka..


Rab ka..


Rab ka..



In all their love they failed to realize one pair of fuming eyes…. Sam…. She wanted to make geet embarrassed in front of the world but all her plan went vein and shiv came in front of her… the look was enough to shiver her soul…. She looked at maaneet who was happily hugging each other in front of the world….




Precap; Maan Shiv,, I told u guys about my Cousin sister… here she is SANJH……. My twin maasi’s daughter…. Maan and shiv looked at her blankly….




I know shocking precap,, but now need long comment after 2 update…. No,, nice, good job, superb, awesome words will not work and not shocking precap,, eager to know etc etc….. I want to know about update not only precap.. how was the song ??and the dance…

Actually I m crazy about mohit chouhan’s coice so imagined Maan in it… hayeee I m dreaming now… please comment chor dena….

Now don’t expect update in 3 days…..

I need 190 likes in 3 or 4 days and then only I will update otherwise,, J aap samjhdar ho…. Nahi karungi update….


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  1. mind blasting ………i’ll thnxx sam 4 her idiotic item …
    itleast maan ne gaya tou sahi ……woh bhi full onn apne passionate style mien .
    hayeee mien tou fida …..lovely song choosen by u tich ..its awesom ..
    n shiv n maan back 2 normal ….wooo i soo happy with it ..
    geet n shiv’s relation is soo good …having nothing b/w hem yet all ..
    opssii i am eager to knw wht shiv is gonna do with sam ……..atleast koi tou ussko kuch lesson do ……..she deserve every bit of it ….witch ..!!
    PRECAP is indeed scary ……….bechare devils …
    ab kya huga…………………………


  2. awesome update dear and i’ve commented u in IF go and read it…


  3. it was really a mind blowing update…this song is one of my fav.. n maan singing dis song…OMG i really really loved it a lot………nd m really happy seeing sam’s condition.. she deserves much more dan dis…nd precap… OMG…
    is she alive…..?????? i don’t know why but once dis thought came in my mind too…. dat may b sanjh is alive nd both man n shiv r unknown 2 dis…
    really loved the update….
    plzzzzzzzz continue soon eagerly waiting 4 d next part


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