Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 14


Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein



Part 14



Maan: I know I m jerk, but this jerk Maan Singh Khurana is incredibly in love with you….

Geet couldn’t say anything but removed his hand from her waist….


His words are ringing in her eardrums making her deaf,, will he ever believe her,, actually its not his faulse also,, she had concealed herself for so many yrs that no one can feel her real emotion…. Maan can feel her in deep thought, he doesn’t want her to stress anymore because of him….

He came over her and make her face him so that now she is lying on the bed and he was top on her…

Maan: Mishty…. It click instantly,, geet’s eye-brow switch into confusion…. He can see a tint of jealousy on her face an dthen gulp his saliva as she directly looked in his eyes in a warning view…. Anger was visible their….

Geet: ye mishty kon hain? she asked with authority but with a cute pout… maan just wanted to crushed those petals like lips… she was looking so cute that he can eat her alive… seeing the intense gaze geet’s heartbeat rose anxiously… but then put a brave face and tried t shove him from her… but he pressed his body firmly on her but not hurting her… maan,, she moans…. He captured those sweet lips that is now dry due to her fever.. he kept giving sweet peck and lip-locking increasing her heartbeat in anticipation….

Maan: u taste so sweet and mishty means sweetheart…. He saw a small smile form on her lips and he sucks her bottom lips softly….  She was drowning in his passion just then remember his words… her mind clouded and she stopped responding… maan felt the indifference and looked at her eyes which is lost… kya huyaa jaan,, he spoke huskily on her lips…

Geet looks straight in his eyes: Maan do u really think I don’t love u…. her simple question was having so much pain in it… he pecked her lips showing his sorry…. but she closed her eyes…

Maan: I m sorry geet,, I was blind in my rage,, just the thought of losing u made me mad and I hurted u….

Geet: go maan.. maan was shocked to hear that but saw her closed eyes….. she is having a storm inside and if it blast no one will be able to hold her…. confusion and stress had over loaded on her,, and she is definitely not ready for it… please 1st talk with papa then come to me…. I don’t want to live in this confusion anymore…. Maan knew he have to solve it 1st…. and giving a light peck to her forehead he had promised he will talk to her father….

But guess their destiny,, Mr handa need to rush Mumbai for an urgent meeting just at that day.. he doesn’t wanted to go but brij was not capable of handling that,, and moreover he doesn’t wanted maan to go there as he need to be here so that mr handa himself will be free from this tension atleast….


Maan was watching her for a long time but she was just staring at the outside, not wanted to talk with him or look at him…. maan had made it clear to everyone that no one will disturb her till she feel well.. and looking at geet,, in few hour she had improved a lot….


Maasi wanted to give a tilak to geet as the name of haldi because it needed but geet refused it saying she is feeling puking smelling the scent… pari smiles to herself and took her to her room where sid followed them… maan was busy as usual that irritated geet to the core….


Pari: so everything is ok between u 2 na?

Geet ignored her comment and lied on the bed on her stomach hiding her face in the pillow…

Sid sat beside her caresses her hair; what happen gudiya?

Geet looked at him: aaj haldi thi,, no one applied haldi…. Pari and sid was gaping at her like she had grown 2 horns on her head… she made a irritating face… WHAT?? she shouts on them,, sid closed his ear with his palms and pari cleared her throat…

Pari: geet I thought u don’t like the smell of haldi… and moreover u don’t want to apply haldi of prem’s name but

Geet: pariiii,,, when I said I want to apply that duffer’s name of haldi,, and yes I hate haldi but I want to apply it of maan’s name…. sid raise his eyes brow teasingly and saw geet’s flushed face…

Sid: raat k 9 baje tujhe haldi lagani hain and that too after applying maan… ufff ishq to dekho kya haal kar diya meri dost ka…

Pari rolled her eyes and geet throws a pillow on him making his catch his breath….

Geet: shut up sid… u both are my frnd na, itna nahi kar sakte…

Pari smiles and hugged geet sideway: oye hoye tere liye to kuch bhi,,, I m so happy geet to see u madly in love with ur prince Maan… she teases but saw geet’s sad face…

Geet: but usse to aisa nahi lagta… he thought I,,



Maan’s heart pained to hear her words… he had managed to sneak in her room without anyone’s knowing just he was entering the room he heard geet wants to apply haldi on her of his name… he was really over whelmed,, he wanted to hug her till eternity but then decided to hear everything 1st,, and heard about her say on his words.. he never knew his one statement can hurt her so much..


Just then sid saw maan standing over the door….

Sid: aare agaya hamara majnu…. Maan instantly gave a threatening look to sid which was enough to shut him… pari saw maan but the noticed geet was still lost in her thought… she signaled sid to go out and herself stood up….

Pari: geet I m coming in few mins… she winked at her and then looked at maan,, just then geet’s eyes met with maan… she can see guilt in those eyes… she looked away not wanted to melt in his magnetic pull…


As maan went near geet she stood up to walk away but then felt dizzy due to weakness… she thought she will definitely hit the hard ground but before that a strong pair of arms held her and she fell in his hard masculine chest… maan was panic, he held her face in his palm…

Maan: geet tum thik ho?

He made her lie on the soft bed and started checking her forehead, temperature had decrease but the weakness was still there,, its some hours only that her fever left…. Geet saw the panic state of him…

Geet: maan I m fine.. u don’t need to worry.. she tried to give her back to him but maan was dying to see his old geet… not this pretend to be rude geet…

As she was sliding on her side maan came on her and make her see his eyes which had so may emotion, fear,, panic, guilty and love… for once geet was lost in that….

Maan smiles seeing her lost in him… he caresses her cheeks,, and then kissed one sensually licking it with his long tongue… she felt her heart will explode with it…. she tried to push him but he held her wrist tightly and then pinned it above her head…

Maan: I m sorry mishty,,, he said as he started tracing his nose tip on her marvel like skin,, her smooth texture was melting with the heat his body was passing in her… she felt she will soften any moment… his body is burning and he is making her mad with it…. seems like her fever caught his skin burnt… he continue his tracing on her jawline and then her neck still not touching with his lips… just murmuring sorry all the way…. sorry jaan… promise I will never ask something like that in any life…

It made her remember the words her said,,, her lips curved into pout as she realize his way of asking sorry…. he is seducing and asking sorry so that it became impossible for her to say no…. she quarrel under his grip and maan smiles at her cute antics still holding her tight and then her breath become shallow as he kissed her bosom without any warning…. She snapped open her eyes and looked at his desiring eyes….


He freed her hands and slipped his hands in her kurti squeezing her waist….


Geet: aahhh maan,, she moans… he lay down and lifted her kurti so that her abdomen is visble to his naked eyes to be feast… he knew her soft spot and licks the waist line near the panty line…… geet gasp at the contact and held maan’s shoulder… No Maan Please…. Anyone can come,, leave me na… maan smirks looking at her pleading way but he really want to taste her right now… he came on her lips kissing it softly…

Maan; u forgave me? he said in the kiss making geet cutely twist her lips…

Geet: accha tarika hain maafi mangne ka… maan can see the real geet was coming back but still she held it… she withdraw her tongue and makes him stop at his track but maan came on her neck kissing it thoroughly….

Maan: I m sorry jaan,, I ruined it,, do u know when I saw u in that state what had gone through me… he was marking her with his kisses,, geet can feel the fear of losing in those kisses… he was really scared and guilty… its true geet had forgiven the morning incident seeing maan’s suffering but still she didn’t agreeing it as it had hit her ego but now seeing his loneliness she can’t stay away from him…then she knew she have to teach him a lesson also… but how,, he is hell bent on making her weak… his kisses were turning hot and passionate making her throat dry…


Maan hand’s are under her kurti roaming all around her body and making its way to her bra…

Geet: maannnn…. But he was nowhere to listen he just kissed her hard making her hsut and in snapped opens her bra hook cupping those beautiful mount in his large palm, it was fit for the place and he start squeezing then kneading then roughly mercilessly making geet arching her back to give him more…. he came on her neck kissing and biting relishing the milky white skin….. she was sweating nd panting badly… no one can say the AC is full as the body heat is much more……

She bite his shoulder in passion as it was becoming impossible for her to stay calm as he lifted her kurti and took one hard nipples in his hot mouth… he was sucking it hard and she was moaning loud….. just then they heard loud noise….. though both were panting but came back to senses…. Maan started fixing geet’s bra and kurti where she did the buttons of maan’s shirt that she had opened….

Again loud bang came on the door,,, composing themselves geet pretend to be in sleep and maan went to open the door…. He left breath of relief seeing pari and sid…. Who was looking at them in suspicion…. Geet opens her one eyes and saw pari and sid and left a sigh of relief….


Sid; why ur faces are flushed???

Pari smirks seeing at geet where sid sat as confuse soul…

Geet: nothing sid,, tum logoko aane me itni der kyun lag gayi,, and murmered aur thodi der nahi kar sakte the…. Pari raised her eye-brow where maan chuckle,, geet meekly smiles at pari….

Pari: do u seriously wanted us to come early??? And she broke in fit of laughter where geet hide her face in pillow and maan looks away to hide the smile but bechara sid was looking like a confuse clown here and there….


Maan: I m going downstairs…

Pari: ruko, pehle ye batayo, ruthna manana hogaya ya aur bhi kuch baaki hain? she said in a teasing voice,,, maan scratches his head and said

Maan: I think maan gayi…. Geet made a O shape where maan winked at her….

Geet; oye hello kisne kaha main maan gayi? Abb wo ye inki adat hogayi hain, 1st he will hurt me and then aise waise mana lenge…

Pari: ha to accha hain na,, iss bahane romance laga rahega…

Sid: hello koi mujhe samjhayega kya horaha hain,,

Geet: leave it sid… kisiko manana hain to to papa se pehle baat kare,, then talk to me…

Maan sighed and nodded cutely….

Pari: ok ok, now can we complete the ritual?

Maan: ritual? He looked confuse…

Sid: yup,, geet wanted to apply haldi on u and the on her,, so here it is… they showed a small packet content turmeric paste….


Maan looked at her lovingly and geet bite her lips to suppress the blush….

Maan: but I want to appy her 1st

Sid: hello ji,, riwaz aise nahi hote….

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana care a damn about rituals,, he makes his own ritual…. And with that he took a small portion of haldi in his finger and then touched geet’s face… she closed her eyes and a small sweet smile played on her face….

Pari and sid clapped for the…

Maan smiles but got worried also: sid is she well for this? I mean nothing will happen na? geet looked at maan in awe,, sid assured him nothing will happen as its very small portion,, and she will not touch cold water for 24 hr….

Pari: ok now its geet’s turn…

Geet took some in her plam and touched his cheek… his stubble tickle her senses and the smirk gave butterfly in her stomach….


Sid; thank god ye to pura hogaya….


Pari: ok now maan go from here,, I will sleep with geet… maan made a face where geet smirks at him… finally he left them and pari pounced on geet with teasing session….




Precap: Prem entering handa household,, talking with geet…. again jagra?? Firse manao??

Previous precap will carry….. next part will have sangeet and mahendi… but kiske naam ki….


Will update before wedness,,, try to give very soon can’t promise guys…. Thanks to the 137 ppl who had pressed the likes and commented,, I guess this update will be for them only because they will press the likes… 


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  1. Aww my fav ff par yeh kya precap pe firse rootna aur manaana..well am happy issi bahaane unke romance to jaari rahegi…..


  2. what an awesom one …the best till now .. 😉
    Geet: accha tarika hain maafi mangne ka… …lol
    i luved it …
    maaneet ka rothna bhi sab se alag hai tich ..
    Maan: I think maan gayi…. Geet made a O shape …..haha
    bechara MAAN SINGH KHURANA … ab pata chale ga jab har time khud geet se maafi mangni pare gi … 😀
    precap is intresting again a fight n then making up 4 it …thnxx 4 the lovely update tich 🙂 🙂


  3. Posted by neha on June 21, 2012 at 8:56 am

    lovly update.. yeh mr. handa available hi nahi rahte Maan ko baat karne ke liye..

    chalo Haldi ho gayi.. now mehendi then shadi.. then then…


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