Kaise Kahen Part 22 (Last Part)

Kaise Kahen

Part 22 (Last Part)

Next morning veer got a call from dadisa,, he picked it with his throbbing headache… but to hear the words from dadisa he was afraid to face geet now… whatever happened last night he knew geet will be really hurt as he wanted to hurt himself as he remember what he had told in his drunken state… but why dadisa is talking about marriage so suddenly.. and then he got to know geet said her to pre pond the marriage,, now it after 2 days means one week before unnati and rohan’s marriage…. But he have to talk to her….

As he entered the room he saw geet packing her bags and instructed the servant to put her bags in the car… he doesn’t know what to say…

Veer: princess….

Geet looked at him with rage: I m going to Udaipur, hangover utar jaaye to ajaiyega… she was going but again stopped as veer’s voice made her stop…

Veer: why u r running princess?? She turned and saw he intently staring at her…. and then dipped his head…. I m sorry geet… but I can’t see u in a loveless relationship… I know u still love that guy and I,, but geet cut him…

Geet: who said I will be in loveless relationship veer,, u love me like no one can ever love me… u r my best frnd for whom my happiness is above everything… then why u r saying this? whatever u did last night it hurted me,, u know how precious u r for me? I had never seen parents warmth from the age of 10,, only u were there for me to hold me, to guide me.. can’t u remember those day before doing that last night?? Ek baar humse baat to kiya hota veer….

Veer: I m sorry, but…

Geet: its true I love him, but the fact is I can’t have him… aur ye baat apko bhi manni hogi veer… we were never meant to be ye baat aap jitni jaldi hosake samjh lijiye…. And one more thing… never consider this marriage a burden for me,, I m doing this for the ppl I love and I need respect for that veer… please try to understand and support me…

Veer: promise princess I will support u in ur every way…. I will be beside u till eternity…. I’ll be with u in every phase of our life….

Geet: to ye shaadi 2 din k baad hi honi chahiye….

Veer smiles: wo hi hoga jo aap chahti hain….

Veer cupped her face and kissed her forehead… she couldn’t herself and hugged him biting her lips and crying silently…. Veer smiles and held her in the hug….

From the distance maan saw whole scene with a smile,, but geet knew behind the smile there is thousand pain hiding… maan indicate her to stop crying and she wiped the tear without seeing it to veer….


The journey had reached where it started… UDAIPUR…. People are really happy to see their future king and queen as whole state knew after 2 days it will be a grand wedding and Geetanjali Handa will be their Queen… the moment they were waiting actually had came and their wish is going to be fulfilled…

Maan doesn’t wanted to come,, dev and aadi had gone to delhi as they can’t see geet marrying any other person but sonam was there with maan to support her brother though she was breaking from inside she put a brave face infront of her brother…. Maan doesn’t wanted to come here as he knew it will be painful to see ur love going to marry another person… but veer had insisted him to come as without him he will not marry… the threat works and maan got ready to come with them….

As it was too early so dadisa and other were really running here and there to arrange the big fat wedding.. maan was a help for dadisa and veer as he was personally helping them in everything… actually he wanted to drown himself in those work so that his heart can’t beat so fast looking at the angel only…. Geet was seeing him work in the haveli like it has become his 2nd house… she knew he is doing to hide his pain but his eyes can’t betray him… she sat in the middle of numerous woman who was showing her jewelry and dresses but she was just observing maan… her eyes has become lifeless to see him in so much pain still holding a smile on his face just to show he is happy…

In all the hustle bustle their eyes met and spoke thousand thing,, they smiles,, showed happiness but inside both were just consoling each other to be brave… maan knew he have to go far away from her as soon as possible otherwise she will break down… he had arranged his tickets also but he have to stay till the wedding take place…

Haldi happened with lots of teasing and leg pulling but geet was just sitting in the middle showing a small smile,, unnati was teasing her but least she knew what geet was feeling.. there was no happiness but a sadness yet a corner of her heart is satisfied to see the man she loved is satisfied… truly their life maybe not meant to be with other but they are meant to be lived for each other… maan in love with her and geet in love for him….

From a distance there was a person who was silently praying to god for a miracle, she can’t see the ppl she love the most is parting away,, tormenting their heart for the love of other sake…. Sonam was the silent spectator who couldn’t do anything as she had promised her brother but can’t see the pain in his and geet eyes….

Everyone was delighted with the arrangements of 2 days.. dadisa was extremely happy to see everything… though she was afraid of geet’s health.. she was really looking pale but unknown sadness is in her eyes.. dadisa tried to talk to her but she said it just a nervousness of new life…. She didn’t forced her to as anything as she knew its really a nervous stage for any girl…

In all these days veer was the mute person… as dadisa had strictly informed him not to see geet or talk with her he preferred to be outside of the haveli most of the time,, but sometime he helped maan in his work as he can’t see his frnd do so much of work.. everybody has taunted him about working in his own marriage but he said not everything can be done with power and money,, its his princess marriage and he can’t let anything go wrong… maan just smiles at him and let him do whatever he want….

In the evening it was mahendi and sangeet…. Geet was getting ready for it half heartedly,, she was lost in her own thought… when she felt someone’s presence in the room…. She turned to see the person but shocked to see maan standing leaning on the door looking at her intently….

Geet whisper: Maan… he smiles at her and walked over her… she just looked at his face to see something but there was nothing… aap…

Maan kept his finger on her lips: Ssshhhhhh…. Not today geet,, u know u always speaks too much…. She pouted her lips showing her fake anger but maan smiles and started pulling her bangles down…

Geet: ye aap….

Maan: sshhh geet,, I said na chup…. Now when u are going to apply mahendi of veer’s name what will do this bangles.… geet looked at his eyes where her eyes was misty with unshed tears… maan touched her forehead with his…. now on ur life will be full of happiness geet, there is no place for tears… he wiped the tears…

Geet: will u miss me?

He shook his head in negative and geet twisted her lips in a complaining manner where tears just spilled out..

Maan: I will miss u then na when I will be able to forget u for a second… whenever I will take this breath u will be with my heart with my breath…. Agar tumhe vulunga hi nahi to yaad ka sawal hi kaise ayega geet….

Geet closed her eyes and bit her lips to suppress the cry that was escaping her lips… maan kissed her lips softly… like a feather peck…

Maan: it will be always  with me geet till the point I leave my breath… geet pressed her lips more on him…. and kissed him passionately…. Maan knew its not right but can’t say no to her… more over he needed it… he wanted to captured the moment for eternity… it will be a good bye kiss…. They broke away… maan whisper Good bye kiss was too sweet… geet smiles through her tears….

Just then they heard unnati’s voice and maan hided behind the curtain and geet wiped her face… no one can guess the pain she was hiding in her beautiful smile and went down…..

Please here the song soni banu’kal ho na ho sad version from the movie Kal Ho Na Ho

Eng translation is in the bracket below…..

She was looking like a angel descended from heaven,, everyone was only looking at her and her dark pink lahenga with a heavy dupatta over her head…. Not much jewelry only two big earrings… unnati and sonam was holding her hand and back as both were in either side….  Veer was looking at her mesmerized,, his frnds were teasing him but he was only looking at geet’s face… she was trying to smile but dare not look at veer as he can sense her sadness in her eyes…

She was seated in the middle of ladies and one of veer’s relative came and applied mahendi of shagun where unnati started dancing in the middle with other girls.. there was dhol and nagada that was playing.. like whole state was celebrating but two heart was crying….

Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke

Mathe Uthe Jhumkar Dame

Palka Uth Diya Ne Thum Thum Ke

Main Vari Vari Java

Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke

Mathe Uthe Jhumkar Dame

Palka Uth Diya Ne Thum Thum Ke

Main Vari Vari Java

[The Beautiful bride glows like the moon

on her forehead dangles the adornment

she raises her gaze slowly and shyly

i’m bowled over by you

The Beautiful bride glows like the moon

on her forehead dangles the adornment

she raises her gaze slowly and shyly

i’m bowled over by you]

unnati came towards geet and hold her chin singing and showing her affection,, geet just smiles meekly… then sonam came and held her hand and asked her permission to apply her mahendi,, geet just blinked her lashes to approve her and sonam with tears started drawing the mahendi on her hands… just then geet looked up the stairs and saw maan looking at her intently…. He single her with his hand that she was looking very pretty,, but need a smile… she immediately plaster a smile on her beautiful face adorned her beauty…

maan came down and pulls veer to the dance floor doing a bhangra,, veer too accompanied him with that… everyone was smiling but maan’s eyes were only one person, who was silently admiring him… tears escaped and soaked in the mahendi but suddenly felt a warm hand on her cheeks,, she looked at sonam who was indicating her not to cry….

Tu Vekh Tai Lai Aj Raj Ke

Apne Sariyan Nu

Cheti Apne Nahi Mil De

Ja Banno Pave Khushiyan Te Dil Dariyan Tu

Pave Armaan Sab Dil De

Tu Vekh Tai Lai Aj Raj Ke

Apne Sariyan Nu

Cheti Apne Nahi Mil De

Ja Banno Pave Khushiyan Te Dil Dariyan Tu

Pave Armaan Sab Dil De

[Look at your dear ones today

to your hearts content

you wont find them with you ever again

may you find all the happiness o bride

may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled

look at your dear ones today

to your hearts content

you wont find them with you ever again

may you find all the happiness o bride

may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled]

her mahendi was done and she looked at her hand that is now adorned with mahendi… her eyes were glued with the spot where its written MAAN…. she looked at sonam who looked at her guiltily… geet knew she can’t see other name there and she smiles showing her a thank u.. sonam was baffled…

geet: his name will be always in my heart and thank u for giving it here to embellish my mahendi…  sonam couldn’t hold herself and silently ran away from there…. Maan looked at geet worriedly and then saw her looking at the mahendi, he knew what must have happen… he stares at her eyes which was only watching him….

Tum Ho Gham Ko Chupaye

Main Hoon Sar Ko Jhukaye

Tum Bhi Chup Ho

Main Bhi Chup Hoon

Kaun Kise Samjhaye

Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To

Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho

Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To

Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho

[you are hiding your grief

and i bow my head

you are quiet

i am silent

who shall anyone reason with?

these distances…do us apart

meeting again…might not be possible again

these distances…do us apart

meeting again…might not be possible again]

she lowered her lashes to hide the pain and the tears but its slides and again soaked in the dark mahendi…. Maan warned her not to shed those pearls but she looked at him helplessly,,, her world is going away and he is telling her not to shed these tears that’s are the only thing her own…..

the function got over and they took her to her room…. She just silently followed them….

In their respective rooms both are seeing the moon….

Geet to the moon: keep smiling maan,, I will be always in ur smile….

Maan to the moon: be happy always I will be in ur happiness in ur memory….

Both asked the promised to the moon seeing each other and closed their eyes to seal the promised….

It is the marriage day,, maan knew it’s the last day he will see his Geet after this day she will not be his,, she will belong someone else…. Though it was pining his heart but he couldn’t be weak right now,, he knew geet needed his support…. Everything was set,, in one hour she will be someone else’s… don’t know how will he live after this day but he have to live knowing his geet is happy somewhere…. His tickets had come last night but he can’t go right now,, not leaving alone his geet… aadi had come to accompany maan,, he can’t let him bear everything alone… maan had hugged him and cried last night… no one had ever seen him crying not even his siblings but aadi had supported him holding him whole night just to sooth his pain… he didn’t talk just held him in a hug because he knew maan needed that….

Maan was lost in his thought when aadi placed a hand on his shoulder and signaled him upstairs….

Tu Vekh Tai Lai Aj Raj Ke

Apne Sariyan Nu

Cheti Apne Nahi Mil De

Ja Banno Pave Khushiyan Te Dil Dariyan Tu

Pave Armaan Sab Dil De

[look at your dear ones today

to your hearts content

you wont find them with you ever again

may you find all the happiness o bride

may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled]

Geet dress,,, thanks to divz jaan

he saw the angel looking heavenly beautiful,, coming towards him… no not for him,, to become someone’s else…her red heavy lahenga and jewelry was giving a spark to her beauty,, though her face was not so happy but a spark was present there… he doesn’t know why it was soothing his pained heart…  her eyes are red puffy,, he knew she had cried whole night… he can feel her pain, but he can’t do anything… its their destiny….

For a moment there was no one,, just maan and maan ki geet…. He looked at her showing his wounded heart….

Sach Hai Ke Dil To Dukha Hai

Hamne Magar Socha Hai

Dil Ko Hai Gham Kyon

Aankh Hai Nam Kyon

Hona Hi Tha Jo Hua Hai

Us Baat Ko Jaane Bhi Do

Jiska Nishaan Kal Ho Naa Ho

Har Pal Yahan Je Bhar Jiyo

Jo Hai Sama Kal Ho Naa Ho

[its true i have hurt your heart

but i always wondered

why does the heart grieve?

why are the eyes moist?

that which has to happen is happening

lets forget about it

for no trace of this might remain tomorrow

every moment here live to the fullest

this is the moment for tomorrow might never be]

geet closed her eyes and walked passed him… maan dare not turn and looked at her going towards the mandap…. The pandit was asking geet to put the garland in veer’s neck but she was just staring at maan’s back… after few mins,, she closed her eyes and took the garland to put it on veer….

veer: Princess r u sure u want to marry me??

his sudden question made the hall went numb in silence…. Maan’s heart suddenly missed its beat…. Geet looked at veer with her red eyes…. But veer smiles…

veer: u were so slow,, so I thought u might have changed ur decision…. Everyone smiles sighing in relief but geet only stares at veer’s eyes and then tried to lift her hand….

veer looked at her eyes intently: Abhi bhi chup rahogi geet? Her heartbeat rose…. Not done princess.. u said I m ur best frnd but best frnd se hi apne dil ki baat chupayi… not done….

Geet: veer…. she whisper…. Maan was going out when veer stopped him…

Veer: apne geet ke akela chod ke jarahe hain maan?? apka pyar itna kamzor hoga hum nahi nahi jante the….. (leaving Geet alone u r going maan? I never knew ur love was so weak)

Maan turned to look at veer with shock written all over his face….

Geet: Veer wo hum….

Veer: Kya hum itne paraye the geet that u can’t even tell that u love him…

Maan: veer listen to me 1st…

Veer: and maan u,, how can u demand that u love her… was that’s ur love… saying ur love to marry someone else,, was that love?? Is love a game for u?? I wonder did u love her ever, because if we love someone we can’t give her away so easily…. Ur love is so timid maan…

Geet: Veer enough…. Her voice was low but deep.. veer stares at her eyes in amusement… his silent angel had talked finally… she had never point anything in his words but today her love finally made her voice her feeling…

Veer: really princess?? So inhone abhi tak kuch kaha kyun nahi, itna pyar karte the to apko humse shaadi karne se roka kyun nahi, agar inka pyar,,,

Geet shouted: because he loves me more than anything,, he loves me that’s why he is ready to given his life for me… he loves me a lot veer,, sirf hamare liye apne pyar dafan kar diya veer.. kyun ke hum zindegi var is bojh me na rahe k humne apka dil toda iss liye maan ne apna dil tod liya…. He shattered his dreams, his hope, his love only because he wanted u to live ur life happy,, he wanted me to be with dignity… wo hamari ankhe kisike samne jukhe ye nahi chahte the…. He loves me a lot veer….

She keep chanting those words and slides down on the floor crying bitterly… maan immediately held her and cocooned her in his arms couldn’t hold himself seeing her breaking down…

Veer: that is the difference princess…. For u it was responsibility, happiness of ur state and ur best frnd and for him its u above all…. But for me it was ur happiness that lies with him….

Maan: veer don’t take decision in hurry, please we need to talk 1st….

Veer: abb baat karne ke liye kuch nahi bacha maan… she had showed me what I m to her… if she had ever considered me as her frnd she would have told me long back… seeing u here she was mum, why?

Maan: because she wanted ur happiness….

Veer: do u think if I had married her we would have been happy?? kabhi nahi socha u both are destroying ur lives in this,, and about me, do u think knowing that I m snatching my princess’s love I will be happy… wo to accha huya jab geet apne sare baate apne Krishna ji se keh rahi thi humne sab sun liya tha,, after our engagement I thought she will forget him she was again asking Krishna ji to show her path, she was saying ur heart still beats for that guy…. but I had never knew it was maan who had captured her heart in this way that with ur one word she will say yes to me knowing she can never love me….

He sat on his knees wiping the tears from her eyes…

Veer: geet I had promised u one day,,, I will bring back ur happiness…. And I m successful in keeping it,, but u r failed…. U had promised me to be my best frnd and u will share ur pain with me only… dosti baari aayi to wo mere hisse jab dard ki baari aayi wo maan ke liye aisa kyun?

Geet couldn’t say anything just cried with hiccups…..

Rohan came there and gave her water…

Rohan: I was shocked to know it was maan who love u… he was dying every moment in ur memory and I was stupid in my rage….

Maan: rohan tum??

Sonam came there: u knew everything rohan?

Unnati: mujhe bataya kyun nahi?

Veer: because u can’t keep secret…. And I wanted to know everything from geet… wanted to see how much she can hide her feeling, how much she can hide it from me… but it extended this much….  After our engagement seeing her everyday in so much pain I couldn’t handle it…. I thought after 3 yrs atleast she will forget her past but she loved him unbelievingly… and then I had decided to meet the person… geet wasn’t ready to talk about him….

I searched everything about her frnds and got to know about maan through geet’s bodyguards… but they just told me there was a boy who’s name they didn’t knew… I had rang principle uncle and he gave me a complete file about geet’s frnd circle,, he was her security incharge so he had to collect that… I had seen each and everyone’s whereabouts and got to know about everyone, still was confuse whom she loved…  but I didn’t knew he was rohan’s frnd… I had searched for him and who doesn’t know MSK,, the ruler of business world….

But then I was rethinking about everything,, I know geet loved u,, but I was afraid if u don’t love her then.. I can’t see her breaking state again…  but destiny was in my side…

Rohan: I was not aware about maan’s past in the collage as I was not with him… but then as I came back to india I saw him really doomed.. he had become a machine and a workaholic but inside he was breaking every moment, soon I got know about everything through dev and aadi,, but couldn’t do anything…. then one day I saw him painting someone,, he was so obsessed with it that he had shouted on me for stealing glances of the painting….  After a lot of effort I managed to sneak in the study room of maan and got a shock of my life… a beautiful painting of geet,,, Geetanjali Handa…. and I had called veer…. as veer had already send me her picture with his engagement I knew her face,, but later couldn’t disclose that because then maan will come to know about our plan…. So I pretended not to know about anything and specially about geet…

We both met and find out everything…he told me everything,, about geet’s condition,, I was really enraged but remember ur painful eyes,,,  then veer told me to come Udaipur with maan and rest of the story u know all….

Sonam: its mean u knew everything from start?

Veer smiles but geet can see the pain in those eyes: yes I knew it…. but I knew it will be difficult for geet to accept maan,, so I had to do all this…. in mumbai also I had said I m going to foreign,, it was pure lie,, I was in mumbai only… I really wanted to see in my absent will they confess and it worked,, my guards were behind them when they were in a beach,,, I was hurt… but honestly speaking… somewhere I was praying she doesn’t love maan anymore…. In my love I wanted to become selfish… I wanted her for me…. but my luck, my destiny never approved that,, she was only maan’s… Maan ki Geet.. and he was hers… Geet ka Maan.. isme Veer k liye kabhi jagah thi hi nahi…. And I came back,, I mean in front of u,, but then I saw them hiding their love from me… I wanted to confront both of them, but mouka hi nahi mila,, sonam was upset I had to patch them up 1st… but I never knew maan and geet can sacrifice their love for me…. I thought love is selfish but I proved wrong….  Their love is as innocent and pure like fresh ray of sun…. u both are made for each other…

Maan: lekin uss raat ko u were in the fire…

Veer: I was punishing myself to give her pain, but yes it was my love also that took over me,,, i was drunk that night but not that much that I will blabber my plan,, but what happen I don’t know and started talking about our childhood…. Thank god I had stopped at the right moment and drifted to sleep otherwise I would never knew both of ur love towards me….

Maan: but ye shaadi….

Veer: ye tumhari aur geet ki shaadi hain maan….

Now that was a blow for both of them….

Dadisa came with maan’s dadima….

Dadisa: hume to ye sab kuch nahi pata tha,, bas 2 din pehle jab geet ne shaadi k liye ha keh diya tab veer ne humse kaha ye shaadi to hogi lekin geet aur maan ki,, he contacted savitri and she came here with shagun… geet ne jo joda pehna hain maan ki maa ka hain… and the jewelry if her only….

Maan looked at it closely and yes it was her mother,, that’s why looking at it he was feeling soothing in his heart..

Geet stood up with the help of maan: veer, apka kya hoga…

Maan: we know u,,

Veer: sshhh maan,, never give ur love to anyone… its pain a lot…

This is the 2nd time geet saw a tear in his eyes…

Geet: I m sorry,, she said dipping her head….

Veer: geet,, ye sach hain humne aapse bohot pyar kiya,, 3 days back that night,, I was punishing myself to give u the pain,, to hear ur heart from ur mouth I had given u so much pain that I could never imagine… I wanted to confront u that morning but u said u had already talked with dadisa and finalized the date of marriage… I had to go with the environment… I was glad to rohan who had heard ur talk that night…. Maan saying u to marry me… I had always a doubt is he the man for u or not,, will he keep u happy forever,, will he love u beyond me…. the answer is YES he loves u Beyond my expectation.. beyond anything and everything… who can sacrifice his love for the love’s dignity,,, he can do anything to keep u happy….

Marry him geet I m saying that…..

Geet: what will u do veer, u know

Veer: I know u can never be happy without seeing me happy…. but I can’t marry u geet…. Because I m already married…

Maaneet looked at him with wide eyes and confusion….

A beautiful girl came from back wearing a bridal outfit…

Maaneet: AYESHA…. (Pratap’s wife who was widow)

Veer: her family was going to burn her because she is a widow,,, custom of her state(ruler india has so many custom huh)

Maan: but

Veer: she is only 16 I know,, but that time it needed…. Now no one can eye on her as she is a queen of Udaipur but for me she will be me another princess,, my responsibility….

Ayesha: but I will never leave him….

Geet dipped her head to hide those tears feeling choked with the words…

Ayesha: geet didi u should have gone to maan before,, because he was ur destiny,, ur sacrifice was big,, but I m grateful to u, because of u I got a human like veer…. for u he is veer.. and he will be but for me he is Udai…. And I promise I will keep him happy…. and if u wouldn’t leave him how could I got him?? she said with a smile and a red blush was visible on her cheeks…. Veer chuckle….

Veer: u r very young Ayesha but u talk like a amma…

Ayesha pouted her lips where geet smiles….

Veer was glad because of Ayesha she is smiling….

Maan: tum dono ki shaadi kab huyi…

Ayesha: aaj subah mandir me,, my parents wanted to kill me but he saved me….

Geet: she is really young veer…

Veer: do u trust me,,

Geet; more than myself..

Veer: she will be my responsibility geet,,, I know we have age gap but I will never do anything beyond her wish and happiness….

Rohan: now can u continue the marriage??

Veer: not like this….

He dragged maan in the room and got him ready… maan had hugged him giving his love back….

Veer: keep my princess happy always,, or otherwise I will never take 2 second to think about killing u….

Maan: apni jaan se jayda sambhal ke rakkhunga….

Veer: I know….

The rituals are done,, jaimala was done with teasing and leg pulling…. Maan had tied the black beads mangalsutra around geet neck who was shying and others were pulling her legs… maan had adorned her mang with sindoor… she closed her eyes to feel the moment…. They took the 7 pheras with 7 promise always to fulfill each other.. throughout the rituals maan held her hand tightly promising himself to never let her go from him now….

Sonam thanked veer with silent eyes to which he just assured her with his eyes….

Ayesha: u loved her very much, still u let her go, why?

Veer: because she was never mine,, she was always maan’s in all sense,, they were parted still lived for each other,, bas kabhi keh paaye… socha kaise kahen,, bas humne aake rasta bana diya dono ke liye….

Sonam: gosh I don’t know what to say,, but why love is so complicated….

Because we makes it complicate…. Love is never a complicated thing,, its our thinking and taking care of things that made it complicate….

Sonam: and who r u?

Hmm real name is kushal, u can call anything u want….

Sonam: flirt

Kushal: chalega…..

kushal and sonam

Maan: finally I got u geet,, bina kahe bina mange…

Geet: abb kuch nahi kehna maan, I had listen enough….

Maan: ok ur highness from now ur wish is my command…

Geet: my wish is always staying in ur arms maan, never let me go…

Maan; never ever, u r mine Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana…..

Love happens,, its can be in two lovers or two Friends…

It should be seen in respectful manner,, because True love and True friendship is rare to find….

Now anyone need an epilogue or not,, sneak peck in maaneet and veer’s life…. Ok I m nervouse with the update is that enough sensible or not????


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  1. Posted by monikaseth on June 21, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jeet gaye lovely awesome aasuuu aaye but khushi ke ..donkey veer shadi kar chuka tha tab yeh natak you???????????? ullu kahi ka itna dara diya tha ki dinner nahi kiya ….maan ki shadi geet se ho gaye lovely i am so happy want big 2 parts epilogue now want to see naughty maan and shy geet .huggsssssssssssssss for you dear


  2. Posted by jyotsna on June 22, 2012 at 10:06 am

    this part is so touching i literally cried when maan said marry veer urghhhhhh i hated that but still it showed his pure love for geet


  3. Posted by beena on August 18, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    awesome… ufff finally u’ve given a happy ending to dis SS I’m soooo glad. thank you tichu 🙂


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