Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 30


Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh


 Part 30


I was in dilemma how to blv that,, how can his best frnd do this to him, but it was not rare thing, I  had witnessed my frnds using me for their benefits… but I had never expect that from her….  I wanted to confront her 1st….





As I was going out to meet her I got a call and then the person said he can show me something that will show me my frnd’s real face… though I doesn’t wanted to believe him but I had to see that also,, I had seen so many colors of so many ppl that I was afraid to be fool…. I went to the place and then saw Her… She was giving someone a huge amount of money…. She was standing infront of a studio… maybe that photographs were planted by this guy only, the guy who is receiving the money from her… her face was disturbed but then she smiles…


Just then someone tapped my shoulder but I didn’t knew him… he said he can give more proves and then gave me a recorder,, maybe a phn call that he had recorded through tapping her phn… I heard her confession…. She was saying she want money only and that’s why she had being frnd with me… she was talking over the phn, I guess….. I was blank, that how can my FRIEND ditch me…. my all past where my frnds had been only behind my money came in front of my eyes.. I was mad,, I wanted to destroy her.. but couldn’t…. and then I heard her calling the person over the phn that she is not geet,, she is using the name geet to be frnd with me… that mean this geet girl is unite with her…. whatever was I couldn’t stand there anymore and walked away from there… my mind was blank and I had lost the only happiness I suppose to cherish after a long time….. and after the world wide meeting I went airport not for my hometown but to leave the country to settle my unsettle mind…


After my visit to Newyork finally I came down India after 7 month… and got a blow from my dadima that I have to marry someone,, she had called from Hosiyarpur a small town village… she had chosen someone and I had to go there though I was not ready… I had forgotten the bitter past… but then I didn’t knew my bitter past was waiting for me to engulf my present in bitter way…. I couldn’t meet the girl and dadima arranged the marriage with emotional blackmail, I couldn’t deny her,, I didn’t wanted to hurt her anymore,, she was already very sad because of my lifestyle… I saw her face on the wedding day…. It was mesmerizing… though I had cursed dadi sometime before now I was praising her… but who knew in the mask of the beautiful face she was having dirty plan….


The time I tied mangalsutra on her neck a current passed my spine,, I had never felt this before for anyone… maybe my sexual needs was awakening or so I thought… I got to know her name is geet… flashback came to halt.. I was trying to remember the name… yes in those 7 month I was so busy in work and parties that I had really forgot her name,,, and who cares,, it was not her name so I didn’t tried to remember but her face was there in my mind,, just a small portion…


We consumed our 1st night,, it was heaven,, I was thirsty for her… never knew she could be so sweet to taste.. yes it was pleasure to have her that night but I never knew it will become my need…. Never knew after having her in all sense just for me I couldn’t even think of having others… I couldn’t move to touch other chick… the morning of her declaration of being virgin block my heart… I couldn’t even remove my hands from her… I forgot all the rational think just to have her in my arms… I didn’t know what was that lust or something but my heart had never stop admiring her in any sense…


When I saw her dancing with her frnd in a sensual way don’t know but something burnt in me…  I can’t say that was jealousy because in lust there is no existence of jealousy…  I had shrugged myself as finally I found her in my arms…. we had made love beside my privet pool… but I didn’t knew from when it became making love instead of sex….  I was so immerged in her that I really forgot about the betrayal of few month before… her name was a music for me.. I never gave the importance about her name because all I knew I want her badly everytime for me only… and there are so many ppl with the same name why can’t it be…


Things were really good but my anger took a tall I had insulted her in front of everyone… I was not ready to accept my emotion towards her, maybe I was afraid to get a second betrayal…. But who knew my destiny can never be happy with me,, what an irony MSK who had never believed in destiny today is talking about that only… what u made MSK geet…..  and I did what I can never imagine in my wildest dream… I had forced u knowing u were responding my touch,, I was wild knowing u can’t take it,, but geet u made me that… u made me a beast in my rage.. why did u call urself those words.. do u really thought I was using ur body as a sl**? Did my desire for u implement that u were nothing but a sex toy for me… did u really thought so? Ur words were just ingested me to go wild and I went so far where I knew it will be difficult for me to return…  I was repenting in those 24 hrs about my deeds.. just ur painful eyes ur brushes filled body was coming in a flash image… I was hating myself for doing that…. but I was blind in those moment,, I knew I had done mistake but u had forced me to do that….


If it was not that man,, I could have ask u what relation u have but the past came haunting it was compulsory to know ur past…. Yes I had forgot about my so called frnd but then that man armaan’s image and ur name it can’t be coincident…. How can 2 thing came as coincident, somehow I had told my mind that they can be 2 ppl with one name but then armaan, how can u know armaan as only She knew him… though I had a doubt about the man I hardly remember him in the photographs but the night I was so drunk,, I couldn’t think rationally… my past and ur words,, the images of hugging another man it took over me and I had crossed the limit…. I know it was my fault and to giving me punishment u walked away from my life…. U never thought about me,, how can I survive without u…. but no, u wanted me to run after u,, it was ur plan and u succeeded as I ran after u in mumbai… just to prove me culprit u went so far geet that for me now its impossible to return…. After that night I thought I will lost u but again u reacted to my touch…. How can u reacted to my touch I wonder… but it that for revenge only? Did u make me losse myself in u so that u can cut my heart into so many pieces that I couldn’t even collect them?


I wanted to stay away from u so that again I wont hurt u,, but u didn’t leave me knowing I can’t stay away from u….  now I know why u did that,, just to make me a prey for u… so that  whenever u want u can shatter me…. knowing why u r using me I went ahead with ur plan… knowing u want to shatter me I gave u the power to go ahead… knowing I will never be able to trust anyone I agreed to give u the power to break my trust,, I opened my heart about my past so that u can feel my love but again u took it a play…. U never wanted to know me geet, u were just using my emotion so that u can play with it further….


Yes I did a mistake,, when my detective told me about ur whole bio-data when u came to Mumbai,, I went ahead for u… I knew ur frnd was collecting the share and I let him to do whatever u want but obtain 45% share of his company… such a inexpert player u are geet,, or so I thought,, if u were so unskilled u would never been successful to demolish MSK’s heart…


When I got to know about urself,, about ur frnds and then I got the picture of urs and that girl… it was crystal clear for me still I wanted to give u a chance because my heart wanted to.. I was so used to u that I wasn’t thinking with my mind,,, somewhere my mind wanted to know why u want do it…. I thought u love me,,, but what made u do so.. I had checked our previous mails,, I had relived those days bt with different kind of emotion.. that time it was time pass but this time it was love… I had waited 5 days to do complete researched about u and then got to know ur frnd’s accident… my men told me u are surely thinking I had done that but my stupid heart thought there is misunderstanding that I can erase from ur heart by my love…. I was so wrong geet to judge u…. 


U didn’t even consider my family reputation in front of ur so called frnds and revenge…. I was begging to see the love in ur eyes but u had concealed urself…. Why did u do this geet? Ek baar mujhse baat to kar leti geet… why u let me go away from u geet? Why??


WHYYYYYY,,, he shouted in the dark deserted cliff where he had came after the party… he had already finished quite a number of bottles of alcohol…. After geet went from the party he got to know she had reached the home safely and he didn’t wanted to go home,, because again he will hurt her,, yes that had become a moto of his life to hurt her…. and now he is sitting on the ground finishing his bottles in the darkness of a cliff…


That day seeing u in unconscious state my heart refused to hurt u,, no I can’t hurt u that way,, seeing u lifeless on the hospital bed I felt something is going away…. Yes I was trying to devastate u but now I won’t do that because it will be a insult to myself because u will again think its my love for u… no I won’t let u think so, now I will show u what is real pain geet,, I will give u pain the way u want….


I will finish u geet… the way u had destroyed my love I will snatch everything from u…. till now I was in love and I had gone to an extent to give u everything now I will go beyond that to give u pain… u said u can’t see me in pain,, hain na,, now u will rot in pain and I will laugh on u just the way u were smiling at the moment my heart was crying…. I will demolish ur so called love to an extent u will hate the word LOVE… u will hate YOURSELF one day geet… I will make u Lifeless body… I promise…. Maan Singh Khurana Ka Wadha raha tumse Geet…..



In the darkness but with the shimmering moon she promised….

I will bring u back maan… vale hi uske liye mujhe apne aap ko khona padhe,, I will do anything to keep ur pain to myself… I know u want to see me in pain,, I will bear any pain to rectify my mistake… for that if I had to destroy myself I will do that also… just to see ur one smile I will cut my heart… Geet ka Wadha raha Maan ke liye….. she smiles sadly looking at the moon standing on the terrace of khurana mansion….




Precap: aadi I want to know about pari bose employee of KC Mumbai Branch…

Yes geet mam… he stutter to see the cold look on geet’s face…. 


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  1. Posted by rimz on June 23, 2012 at 7:54 am

    when will next part update???btw love your FF itx ma first em reading any FF n your all stories are really awsome n well written!!which have cruiosity in it so we thnk we shld rad further more love it!! 🙂


    • thanks a lot dear, i m glad u r liking it,, next update i really don’t know, right now i m not in a flow of type anything…. but will surely update in few day


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