Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 31


Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh



Part 31



Hearing a shriek geet turned then ran towards hall and was shocked to see the scene,, dev was carrying maan who’s one hand was on dev’s neck and he was supporting him holding his waist….


Geet; maan,, she cried and ran to him,,, she held his second end and looked at him with moist eyes,,, heavy alcohol can be smelled and his forehead is bandaged…. She cried holding him,,, kya huya maan ko dev?? How did u find him in this state?

Meera can see the sincere concern for her brother in geet’s eyes,, her panic is saying how much she is feeling pain to see him like this… for once meera forgot what had she done in previous day as the concern over took her….

Geet: dev aap kuch kehte kyun nahi,, where did u find maan, and is he ok?

Dev: geet someone called me from XYZ hospital and told maan was admitted to the hospital due to some minor accident… u can see how much drunk he was,, that’s why he lost his balance and hit tree… nothing much just external injuries hain,, and that too minor….. geet saw cut on the head and then his hands had brushes….

Geet: take him to room,, meera can u bring some hot water…. Meera nodded and instructed the servants do that… dadima was fast asleep so no one had waken her….


Dev placed maan on the bed and geet rushed to take out maan’s shoes and making him comfortable on the bed….

Dev was seeing a new side of geet,, he knew whatever she had done and knowing maan he knew everything is not good between these two still seeing the concern in her eyes he was relief ,,, he knew geet will take good care of him…. meera entered the room and placed the hot water…. She wanted to stay there but dev signaled her to keep quiet and take her away closing the door behind….


Here in the room, geet placed her dupatta away 1st and then took a cloth to dip in the water… but then thought about opening maan’s shirt 1st….


With shaking hands she started unbuttoning his shirt…. she heard his mumble,,, alcohol and medicine had taken a toll but still his sub conscious mind was still blabbering….


Maan: u r a farce,, u r an illusion, ur love was fantasy geet… I hate u…..


Tears flowed from her almond eyes,,, as she touched the 1st button and unbuttoned it….


Geet: yes I m farce but u r my reality,, my love is not fantasy maan, its just belongs to u,, but I know I can never make u understand that…. she can see her words are affecting,, his breath was becoming uneasy….  She did more 3 buttons but then he held her wrist and jerk her making her fall on his hard taut chest…. Her breath fans on his neck and he shivered… geet smiles seeing her effect in his unconscious state….  


Maan: I felt disgust coming close to u,, her heart choked with the words,,, she gulp the lump that was forming in her heart….

Geet: I felt bliss to have u in my arms…. she kissed his cheek softly where a drop of tears fell on his lips…. He instantly licks that….. geet somehow made his shirt fall from his body taking his uppar body on her for few second and then rested his head on the pillow…. His body was limping like no strength is there…. She squeezed the cloth and placed it on his body… it soothed his arching body,, she knew what exactly he want….. she wiped the placed where he was feeling few pain…. But her touch was evoking the demon from its deep sleep…. He reacted instantly when her soft hand touched his torso through the thin material and he held her wrist once again…..


Maan: What is there in ur touch that I still feels ur concern towards me,, why u pretends so good geet….

For a moment geet thought he has awaken but then saw he is just mumbling closing his eyes still not ready to leave her hand,, she tried gently but it made him furious and he brought her close to him in once jerk…..

Maan: u again want to run away ha? I won’t let u go geet,, u have to stay here to see ur misery, I will make ur life hell….

Geet caresses his face with her soft finger: with u every hell is like heaven for me…. he left her wrist as she tried to lift herself he held her waist and brought her more close to him,, now she is lying on him flat….. his bare chest was touching her above the dress…. but the eruct hard bud was poking from the dress with only the simple touch,, both are craving for each other.. both wanted to feel each other…. but maan was not in full sense that geet knew very well…. She tried to free herself but it anger maan and he pushed her on the mattress and himself came above her….


Her whole body caught fire as he nuzzle in her neck kissing it sensually….


Her voice caught in her throat: M-ma-maannnn….. she moans and he kissed more deeply…. His hand was caressing her waist roaming on her full body…. He was as desperate as her but he can never say that in his conscious mind,, whatever he is doing he doesn’t know himself…  


She again tried to call him but he was lost in her,, he was kissing her neck madly like he had found some treasure… she found herself drowning in his passion.. in sub conscious mind also all he want just love from her….  she can feel his pain in his kisses,,, they are soft yet aggressive,,, painful yet lovable,,, harsh yet concern filled…. His hand found its way in her dress and slipped inside her kurti caressing her soft flesh of her waist…. He groans and bite her collarbone harshly and squeezed her curves above her bra….


Geet: maan please,, she tried to wake him but it was sounding pleading… she knew she can’t lost now,, if he found everything after this night,, morning will be hell for her… right now he is not properly in his senses but once he will be fine he will regret this night…. He will again accuse him for using him…. she tried to wriggle but in anger he pinned her hand on the mattress either side of her head…. She met with the furious eyes that is highly red and as just opens it scared geet to death…


But then it changed and soften,,, he caresses her cheeks with his thumb,, she can see helplessness,, pain in those eyes….


Maan; u always run away from me,, u don’t love me na?


Tears flowed from her eyes,, he is asking her like a 5yr old child,,, how can she say how much she loves him,,, he is her soul, how can she snatch her soul away from her…. she couldn’t say anything and engulf him absorbing his pain in her giving herself into his pain…


He kissed her neck and then in snap of fingers unzipped her kurti,,, it slides from the milky smooth skin of her shoulder…. He kissed the collarbone in the way and takes out the dress leaving her in her bra only…. In the way of leaving the dress he kissed every inch of her body…..  she held his neck and pulls him close by arching her back,, then massaged his nape,, he groans as her nails digged in his shoulder…. Both had waited so long… now both bodies want warmth from each other…. maybe after this night she will not find him like this way but she really want to feel him,,, his love… maybe for  once only…..


He kissed her bosom making her arch her back…. his hands were busy in undoing the dori of her salwar,, in no time it joined the floor leaving her only in her knickers….. he raised his eyes and saw the beauty with his naked eyes like gulping the silky smooth texture through the eyes…. Just the sight was giving him pleasure and he couldn’t stop himself drowning in her body…. He placed feather kisses on her face and then her juicy lips invited him to take it in him…. he smashed his rough lips on her….


She felt something hard hit her nostril,,, his alcohol mixed tongue was pressing firmly on her lips to get the permission, no matter how much she hates this smell but she can’t say no to him…. she opens her lips and he forcefully pushing his long pink lips in her tasting her every secret… she moans in the kissing pulling his hair in anticipation where his fingers were playing on her panty lines…. She shallow the breath her throat wanted but maan didn’t leave her but throbbed his tongue more into her and his fingers came on her hard nipples…. Teasing and kneading them above the material…. She twisted her toes and he entangle her legs with his,, his hard manhood pressed on her womanly asset just above the thin material….


He felt her sort of air and left her lips but came on her neck giving furious kisses…. Then on a snapped he tore her bra cupping her beautiful mounts in his perfect palm squeezing them harshly…. She can feel he is becoming aggressive with each passing time,, but she didn’t stop him,, it will make him more angry,, he needed her now…. And she gave in happily….. his hands replaced by his tongue teasing with the tip of it,,, his saliva poured on her pink hard bud and then she felt his mouth sucking it aggressively, urgently…. She screamed in pleasure but her lungs are giving up as the pleasure was over flowing…. She found his one long finger was pushing the panty away locking its length in her core…. She couldn’t help let a cry for his mercy,,, but he was lost in his own world….


He massaged his area with his 2 finger where his mouth was busy in biting her curves….


Geet: I want u maan…. He silenced her cupping the other curves in his mouth and sucked it more aggressively…


Maan: why u did this geet,, why? He said between his kisses on her neck that he was giving her Goosebumps…  u know how much I loved u then why u did this geet? She moans as he twisted her panty and rolled down from her milky white slender legs…. He came on her naval and kissed it going down…. I only wanted a person who will love me and u gave me betrayal like ur frnd,, I hate u I really hate u,,,, he whisper as his long finger entered her wet c***,, she cried in pleasure and he came on her lips marking it harshly still thrusting his finger in her….. I hate u,, he spoke in her mouth…..


She lost her tongue to say anything infront of the overwhelming pleasure….. but then she felt him with drawing his finger and with that his lips,, she felt scared,,, she felt lonely and the warmth was going… abruptly she opens her eyes but saw him unbuckling his pants in urgency…. With shaky hand she helped him to take his cloths out and both the bodies joined….


He roughly pushed her on the bed and hovered her body with his,, she was ready to welcome a aggressive thrust but it never came,,, she opens her eyes to see only love in those eyes… he kissed her eyes and then forehead coming down captured her lips…. She felt his hard manhood’s tip touching her core and she parted her legs widely to welcome the sensation… and he went it deep with long but gentle thrust…. Everytime each stroke was powerful but filled with love….


Few tears flicked through the corner of her eyes where lips shown how happy she is… she held him close like if she left him he will flew away…. After few deep stroke both groans as they hit the climax with over flowed orgasm,,, geet held the pillow tight in her palm to suppress her scream where he nuzzle in her neck sucking the flesh and groan still plumping in her…. she left the deep breath but still finding him moving in she moans louder…. After few mins he stopped and collapsed on her chest….


She smiles through tears,,, thank u maan…. I love you…. She kissed his forehead and saw his sleeping peacefully on her… she make him lied on the bed and covered both of then placing her head on maan’s chest…..


And she drifted to a deep slumber ready to welcome the morning with new hope and new ray of life….



Precap: same…..

What do u think maan will remember the night???


Okk I was thinking all pain is becoming boring so thought about it,,, u can see it needed for both of them but don’t know about the aftermath,, will he remember the night of passion or after remembering will make her life hell with his words… or she will take everything as a blissful moment that she can’t afford to give any chance to point out…..


Lets hope for the best….



Sorry for the late,, I was not in a mood of typing any story of mine,, but wrote a new OS,, please have a check….


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by monikaseth on June 25, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    poor souls fighting with their pain and feelings for each other maan breaking from inside bec he love geet a lot hurting her also give him pain aww my maan awesome dear


  2. Posted by Shalini on June 25, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Poor maaneet;(
    feeling sad for both of them
    poor geet;( maan ka pyar bhi mila to bhi nashe ki halat mai
    i m sure wo subah bhul jayega sab kuch aur geet ko fir torture karega apni baataon se
    aur kitne din yeh sady sady update dogi tich


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