Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 53


Part 53



After the dance maan looked here and there to see shiv, but he was not there… geet sense his restlessness….

Geet: maan r u searching someone?

Maan: no geet its just,,

Geet smiles: Shiv? Maan looked at her surprised, how well she know him…. but he can’t lie to her…. I know maan u were searching for him…

Maan: hmm…

Geet smiles: u r a great singer…. She whisper…. He held her waist and brought her close to him softly….

Maan: when inspiration is the most beautiful lady in the world how can I sing bad ha? Geet blushed as his eyes stares at her lips….

Geet: maan she moans…. He pressed his thumb on her silky smooth cheeks…..

Maan: now u r the inspiration of my life geet,,, be with me always,, he said placing his forehead on her…. she touched his nose with her nose tip….

Geet: I will be always beside u till eternity… he kissed her lips softly…. Maannnn she moans and looks here and there to see if anyone noticed them or not…. Thankfully they were in a lonely dark alley…. He kissed her red cheek making it deeper shade of red….

Maan: I love ur red cheeks…. Whenever I see them I felt like eating them,, she smiled and lowered her lashes…. Don’t do that mishty…. She looked at him questioningly…. He bent on her lips whispering huskily…. When u blushed an lowered ur eye lashes I feel like taking u right then and there…. I just want to crush ur lips in mine…. The intensity of his voice sent a chill down her spine…. Her palm went on his muscle and one on his chest…. She can feel his erotic manhood pressing on her abdomen…. She let out a gasp….. he nuzzle close to her neck whispering in her ear…. See what u r doing to me since long time,,, seeing u in this sexy saree is turning me on…. She left a deep breath as he kissed her neck wetly….

Geet: maan koi dekh lega…..

Maan: I m romancing with my wife….

Geet: in the middle of a crowded party….

Maan: its not in the middle but a dark corner where no one can come….


Of course being MSK who dares to come in his zone,, his security had surrounded the whole place for his privacy….

Geet: maan please,, but her tongue got tied as his hands slides on her bare back snaking his palm sensually and then placing hot wet kisses on her neck…..

Geet was helpless but enjoying romancing with her husband secretly,,, its thrilling but utmost romantic…. She gave in and held his body close to her…..





Why the heck r u defending them shiv,, u r my frnd but seems like u had became savior of that geet…. 1st maan and then u,, I don’t know what black magic she knew……


Shiv; its call love and respect that u don’t know sam….

Sam: ohhh love?? So u r in love ha?

Shiv: SHUT UP SAM,, shiv roared for the 1st time on her,, it literally shaken her….. he stood up from the couch… u and ur sick mind… I don’t want to give any explanation because I don’t want it…. but tell me one think sam, did u sent geet in the fight club??

Sam was petrified to see shiv’s angered eyes, naturally shiv never angered on anyone so easily but when his anger goes on peck he is more dangerous than maan…. maan is possessive and caring for his love ones but shiv is demon for the ppl he hates and for that everyone call him protector of maan,, when anyone try to mess with maan he cool downed maan but in his absence he made sure the person life gets only hell…..  but now its question about geet who unknowingly made a place in his heart,, the bond he can say stronger than maan….. so how can he let go of someone who tried to harm His Innocent angel.. his best frnd’s love…..


Shiv: Tell me sam why u did that?? knowing how dangerous the place was u sent her there,, why?

Sam: wo, main

Shiv: WHYYYYYY??? JUST ANSWER ME,, he shouted on her making her jump back….

Sam: I hate geet,, she snatched my everything,,, but I just wanted her to see ur fight because I knew she can only handle u 2,, trust me shiv I didn’t wanted to harm her but just to stop u both I had to do that… sam accepted her fault sincerely,, she wanted to stop both of them but she knew no one will hear her,, so she had to take geet for that without knowing anyone….. (sorry guys she didn’t meant to hurt geet and this time she said is sincerely)

Shiv: but how can u be so irresponsible sam,, I can’t blv once I thought u as my sister…..

Sam: shiv… I m sorry please…

Shiv: dare u again come to her path sam….

Sam looked at shiv with expecting eyes: I thought I m ur close one,, we are frnds,, u know how much I loved maan

Shiv: that’s why u made him marry geet? Sam was shocked to see shiv knowing the truth,, she was trapped between her own plan… shiv smirks,,, what did u thought I will never come to the truth,, u said geet came between u two when u were in London,, she spiked maan’s drink and he get intimate with her,, she was carrying his child but he doesn’t love her,, in ur absence she made her place in his heart and in the family,, I was mad in my anger…. Anyway me and maan was going equal and we both were busy in rivalry so failed to realize ur plan… I was enraged with him and after knowing he had betrayed u,,, I had  fallen in ur trap and came here to set the score,,, then u told me u still loves him and I got a motive to bring him back to u,, in this way I can snatch his so called love and u would get him as I thought u loved him truly and u deserves to be happy….


But Hell,, I was blind in ur love,, I thought my sister wants me where u were manipulating me to separate geet from maan…. U knew she closely look alike to sanjh and I would think she is here take her revenge on us and hence took maan away from u….. How can u be so dumb sam,, didn’t u thought once I will see her innocence in her eyes just the way maan fell for her…. u forgot me and maan are shadow,, if he loved her I m bound to love her… and top of that sanjh,, how can u think I will hate a person who closely look like sanjh, my best frnd…. u never thought I will feel the same pain I went through 5 yrs back,, it just ur motive, ur revenge, ur so called love…..


Sam was shocked but she knew one day he would come to know everything,,, he is SHIV KAPOOR and no one can hide anything and when it comes to maan he can be really evil to anyone….


Sam; I thought

Shiv: u thought I will break maan and geet will be separated from him,, did u thought geet’s love so shallow like u?

Sam cried: shiv….

Shiv: don’t show me this tears sam,, where was ur tears when he was marrying geet… she was suffering and so was he but where was u then?? u were enjoying ur life in london, away from all tension… u said u loved him but only a kundali fiasco broke ur love and trust… how can u give ur love away then….

Thank god nanima cleared everything to me,,, otherwise I wouldn’t have known the fact still now,, shiv smiles and saw the color gone from sam’s face,, u know what I m thankful to u sam,, because if even nanima didn’t said all what happen between my back then also I would trust geet and maan, because their love is pure and I can see that in their eyes… and more over I m thankful to u because only because of u I met geet,,, I got my best frnd again….


Sam was surprised but couldn’t say anything…

Yes sam now whatever u will do,, from now on u have to tackle me first and remind u this time its not shiv ur frnd or brother,, its SHIV KAPOOR  Maan’s Best frnd and Geet’s admirer…


He stomped from the room where he had taken her to talk, sam was irritated,, her eyes were red… just one person was there for her in the world and because of geet she lost the only person who was her frnd…..

I will destroy u geet, u ruined my last relation I will ruined ur life…… sam fumed oblivious with the fact this time two more person shielding her as her shadow…..





Maaneet were busy in their own world,, maan kissed her cheeks sensually….

Maan: I really want to eat u alive tonight,, it was more like a groan,, his hands were roaming on her back….

Geet: maan please lets go na,,, everyone will be worried for us…

Maan nuzzle in her hair kissing her collarbone: NO,,, he groans but just then his cell buzzed…. He left a frustrated sigh….. geet giggles seeing him so desperate but his expression changed as the id flash as Home…. He hurriedly took the call….


Maan: hello…

Dadima: maan kaha kaha ho tum log,, and why ur cell was unreachable? Please come soon beta…..

Maan: dadima huya kya hain why u sounding so worried?

Hearing dadima word geet got alerted….

Dadima: maan mahika is crying for past 30 mins,, she didn’t even took her food,, we can’t console her more,,  she need geet immediately… come soon….

Maan closed his eyes feeling her angel’s misery….

Maan: dadima we are coming in 20 mins…. Just take care till then…  he hung the phn and dragged geet out from the corner….

Geet asked in concern: maan kya huya, what did dadima said….

Maan: geet mahi is crying from past 30 mins,, they couldn’t handle her properly,, gosh why I came here…

Geet got worried and seeing him like this she was feeling more scared…


They told dev nt and aniee to handle everything and told everything, though they wanted to go with them but now they have to stay there as it will be rude to walk out all of suddenly….






Both entered KM in exact 20 min,,, maan had run the car in so fasts speed like his life depended on that only,,, geet was scared but she didn’t said anything because she knew his turmoil,, mahika is his princess,, his heart,, he can never tolerate a sight of her cry and now she is crying almost an hour….


Rushing in dadima’s room maan took her in his hand,,, mahika was stilled pouring her fat tears….  Maan’s heart cried to see the pain in this little life….  Having maan’s warmth mahika instantly cringed to him and held her collar in her tiny fist chewing it in her mouth….. maan kissed her teary face numerous time and mahika calm down a little…. She looked at maan with her doe shape eyes still teary hazel eyes that was tormenting him from inside…. But then he felt her skin,, he looked at dadima worriedly….


Dadima: she has slight fever…. Don’t worry abb thik hojayega….

Maan got worried more: fever? And u r saying sab thik hojayega,, why didn’t u called doctor…. U know she is still so little, how can u neglect her health…. Geet sense the tension,, she placed her palm on his shoulder and he looked at her helplessly….

Dadima: maan bête now she will be alright,, she just need her mother’s warmth,,, and geet feed her immediately… geet nodded and took mahika from maan,, she assured him with her eyes and he just followed her….


In the room geet feed mahika and showered her all love on her, kissing her face to toe, maan was helping her with everything,, he was really worried and that can be shown on his face… geet tried to calm him but he was only gaping at mahika who was now smiling feeling her mother’s closeness…


Maan wiped the tears from mahika’s face and geet wiped his tears from his corner of eyes…. She cupped his face with one palm…

Geet: maan she is fine,,, her fever had also decreased…

Maan kissed geet’s back of palm,,, and held it tightly…

Maan: thank u geet…. I was so scared….

Geet; maan I know how much u love her,, she is ur life and I can’t see tears in both of ur life,, I know sometime u both makes my life hell but I love to be in this hell,, she smiles and maan also smiles seeing her cute pouting and then smiling,, he knew his geet want to see him smiling….


Then they heard a clapping mahika,,, geet was astonished to see mahika still awake, she thought after so much she will sleep as soon as she will be full but to her utter dismay mahika started clapping her hands and makes some sound with her saliva full mouth….

Maaneet smiles at her cute antics…

Geet patted her head: mahi now sleep baby….

But mahika was nowhere to listen her tonight,, she started fiddling with her saree pallu pulling it away,, geet tried to hold her tiny wrist but she made a fist with her saree and then started pulling it… she hit her chubby leg in the air flashing her excitement….

Geet: oye badmash sona nahi hain kya? See maan ur baby is troubling me so much,, she cutely cribbed and mahika laughed showing her gummy smile…. maan kissed mahika wet lips and she jumped on maan who immediately cocooned her…  yelo ye baap beti fir se ek dal me agaye… uff….

Maan: geet go and change first till then we can play for some time….. geet agreed immediately…

After 10 mins she walked in the room finding mahika making sound with her alien words and maan ticking her and talking with her in babyish tone….


Geet: maan she didn’t slept till now??

Maan: we are just playing and my angel had cried so much,,, she need to smile as  well….

Geet: but angel’s father need rest now, chalo freshen up I will put her to sleep…

Half heartedly maan went to washroom,, after 15 min he comes out after taking a good shower but the sight brings a smile on his face,, geet was trying hard to put her in sleep but mahika being the daughter of maan singh khurana was adamant for not sleeping until her dada want her to….. as soon maan comes close to geet mahika extended her hand to maan who instantly took her….

Maan: kya geet abhi tak nahi sula paayi…

Geet cribbed cutely: aapki beti ko na aap hi sambhalo, main sone ja rahi hu…. Saying so she turn to the bed….


But then his voice stuck her on her spot,,, she turne to see most serene sight… maan holding mahika standing in front of the window,, cool breeze was gushing in but maan tucked the small pink blanket on mahika who rested her head on her dada’s chest…..



Mere ghar aayee yek nanhee paree

chaandanee ke haseen rath pe sawaar



He took mahika close to his face and touched his nose with her small cute nose,, mahika’s giggles….


uski baaton mein shahad jaisii mithaas


uski saason mein itar ki mahakaas

Honth kaise ke bhiige-bhiige gulaab

gaal jaise ke bahake-bahake anaar

mere ghar aai …



ohh hooo Mere ghar aayee yek nanhee paree



She was dumbfounded to hear so soft song from him,, he can ever sang that she had never imagined,, she just heard his song few hours back but the was passionate where its so serene and calm,, his manly voice was filling the aroma of the song.. he was looking at mahika with his all love…. Her chubby cheeks couldn’t leave the smile hearing her dada singing for her…. slowly she drifted to sleep holding maan’s vest…..



us ke aane se mere aangan me


khil uthhe fool gunagunaayee bahaar

dekh kar us ko jee naheen bharataa

chaahe dekhoo use hajaar baar


chaahe dekhoo use hajaar baar

Mere ghar aayee yek nanhee paree


maan kissed her forehead and looked at the sky where moon was illuminating the room…


maine poochhaa use ke kaun hain too


has ke bolee ke main hoo teraa pyaar

mai tere dil mein thee humeshaa se

ghar mein aayee hoo, aaj pahalee baar 



Mere ghar aayee yek nanhee paree

chaandanee ke haseen rath pe sawaar 


By the time he finished the song mahika was fast asleep and geet was standing beside him with tears in her eyes…. Maan saw that and worriedly wiped that,, she came close and kissed mahika’s chubby feet saying thank u to him actually… he kissed her forehead…

But then sensing the emotional turmoil he wanted to change her mood and pulls her chin…

Maan: geet see my daughter is so smart,,, dada k pass aate hi so gayi,, akhir bacche ko sulana baccho ka kaam nahi….

He smirks leaving her baffle on the spot,,, she cutely pouted and stomped her feet cribbing to her babaji….

But then saw how carefully maan was placing mahika in crib….


I don’t understand how you can smile all day long, but cry yourself to sleep at night. How pictures never change, but the people in them do. How you can love so innocently, but it can turn into anger so quickly. How your best friend can become your worst enemy. Or when your worst enemy turns into your best friend. How forever turns into a few short months that you’d do almost anything to get back. How you can let go of something you once said you couldn’t live without. And make something so important that never was destined to be urs,, but ur love stuck that forever ever till eternity just for u…..                                         

[courtesy goes to Tanvi Nangia aka my gutter queen tanu]




I hope I did justice to my JB’s farfaism,, I hope my gabbars are happy now…. The whole mahika and her crying session, maan’s singing and the last line ‘baccho ko sulana koi baccho ka kaam nahi’ the entire phase is as per as my sweet mirchi MK’s farmaish,, she wanted to see the whole scene I just tried to potray her heart,, I hope I have given a slight scene atleast,, sorry mk if i went wrong anywhere…..


Then Tanu my 2nd Gabbar,, her lines were superb,, she wanted to use those lines in her fav ff K3 so I had to emerged that here and fortunately both their wish come joins at one point,, so it enchanted the beauty of the update,, love u both thanks to u both developing the feel and importance of this part in me…..

The song is actually a female version that what I found but it suitable for the situation please for me try to imagine maan’s voice in it,, imagine maan singing holding mahika….


Thanks to bear me and sorry for the mistakes and errors…….

thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much frnd for the amazing response for last update sorry couldn’t reply anyone u know i was stuck with 6 ffs and then my study but please ur support in this part also, so please like and comment needed…..


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