Blessed to Have you part 3


u guys are too good,,, u took ur time for this OS also, i m really feeling overwhelmed to see love for this os as well,, be with me please,, need u always beside me… love u…


Guys in the 1st part i gave u a small prologue,, the 1st 2 lines are the prologue and the story is going in flashback…


Some facts are yet to be clear,, extremely sorry guys I made a blunder and now I think I should clear maan and avanti’s love life a little….


Maan and Avanti met through a common frnd when maan was 19 and Avanti 18,, (geet was sweet 16)…… maan was pursuing his architecture and avanti in medical collage…. They were best frnd and fell in love in few month, the relation of lovers goes like 1 n half yr. After that avanti got a chance to fulfil her dream but she had to go to abroad for that, she knew from there they had to part away, but maan being an youth 1st time in love couldn’t let her go still he said he want to wait for her,, though he was 2 yrs older than Avanti she was much more mature than him… when Avanti left him and country she was 20 and maan was 21 already handling the business but more was in his study so he needed the concentration,,, he drowned himself in work and study after that…..

One more question is,, did he proposed her?

NO,,, they were in the relation and proposing for love is common,, but an official proposing or proposing for marriage never happened,,, in those 1 n half yr both never crossed their limits because that was a beginning and understanding phase for each other….. so u can say maan got a frnd whom he thought in love……

Ok after 5 yrs Avanti came back,, she was 25 and maan was 26,,, maan went to her to plead once again to come back in his life,, but Avanti was an well-known  cardiologist till then and she wanted her own hospital for poor ppl…. So she needed more time, but she knew maan will say he will wait,, but she wanted him to lead a good life with love,, so she refused coming back in his life and told him to move on in life…. After that encounter maan never met her and it went 1 yr,,, then geet entered his life mean now….


[maan was a busy personally in all his life,,, his father died when he was 18 so he had to work hard for study and business which was handling by dadi at that age,,, so he was an emotional person, never get the time to go to any girls so he thought he can wait for Avanti but u never no if any other girl or GEET herself had entered in that time maybe he had been in love with her,, because in true sense he never get to know the different shade of love,, that’s why he waited for Avanti for 5yrs]


So I guess its little clear now…..



Part 3



I don’t know why I said that but that time I was so enraged that I thought it was the only way to console my heart but now standing before geet I m feeling like I had committed some crime,, yes to just see the effect on Avanti I took geet’s name, how much she will be hurt knowing that…. Avanti just left the place leaving me all alone feeling guilty in front of geet….


Maan: ummm geet wo,,

Geet: great u have decided to marry me and didn’t have any decency to inform me first?

Maan: nahi iasa nahi hain actually

Geet: actually u were so much enraged to jealous ur ex girlrnd that u have taken my name in ur marriage list, right?

Maan gasp: geet….

Geet smiles broadly: common maan, great idea, abb dekhna she will definitely comes to u,, i never thought this idea will come in ur innocent mind,, u know a duffer like u can execute this I never thought so….

For a moment I was blank,, she heard everything,, still she is not angry and thinking I had told all that to make Avanti jealous which is absolutely wrong,, and now she is calling MSK a duffer, god she is one piece only…. Geet grabbed maan’s hand and jerks him…..

Geet: oye kaha kho gaye,,, u know u look good with her maan…

Maan: We were frnds geet…. I tried to end the discussion but…

Geet: I don’t need explanation maan, I can read ur face…. U still love her…. she said with a smile and I couldn’t help to think what is going in her mind…..

Maan: geet I was angry so it slipped from my tongue, I have never thought so and she is happy in her life…

Geet: r u happy maan?

Maan: yes very much….

Geet: but I can see sadness on her face….

I couldn’t help but looking at her sincere eyes,, she looks so innocent, act so immature but her serene face only depict maturity and sincerity….

Geet: maan apne dil ki baat jaldi keh deni chahiye, isse pehle ke bohot der hojaye….


I can see a new emotion on her face that I had never seen.. is their pain on her face? But soon she covered it with a smile like her real self in it….


Soon we heard everyone’s hooting and then I saw dadima and mom blessing us specially geet who was confuse… she looks at me with confused eyes but I shrugged it because I was the same… finally I asked

Maan: what happen, why u guys are over reacting…

Mom: maan,, u don’t know how much happy I m,, u guys finally ready for the marriage….

Dadima: I will ask mohinder to come 1st,, we will get u guys engage in next week…

Maaneet were still confuse and then saw Avanti standing a little far from them with a painful smile,,, she had told them to finalize everything as maaneet are ready… maan for the 1st time saw his mom thanking Avanti and caressing her face lovingly… I know she is missing her mom who is now in heaven…  







God I can’t believe this,, one week from the confrontation and now I m hooked in this engagement preparation… I can see geet’s deathly glare,, she wanted me to tell everyone that I don’t want to marry her… yes its right,, I love Avanti who loves me… so technically I should confront my family but I guess my devil mind is not reciprocating…. Don’t know why I m going with this stupid engagement….  When geet had said that jealousy can work on Avanti I took it seriously and now geet is helping to make Avanti confess her love… GOD 1 n half month back I was so sad because I can’t have the one whom I m loved dearly, but geet solved my all problem, just in 1 n half month she taught me love is not a name of letting go, but when we both love each other we can give a second chance and is should do everything to get her back….  but m I ready to give a second chance? Yeah I know love for Avanti had never reduced but why I m feeling so excited about this engagement knowing its just a fake alliance….. 


I wonder how we became so good frnds,, actually it was geet’s effort…. She had made me a open book which only she can read… but today I m seeing a sadness on her face,, guess mom is saying something that is making her sad,, till now what I have understood is she is a simple girl with simple morals,, she doesn’t like lying or cheating on anyone… and in all this her moral is breaking… I apologies her with my eyes and she smiles showing her cute dimple….


Vicky: so shopping hogayi bhai, god bhabhi ne to pura shopping mall hi utha liya….

Maaneet looked at Avanti who’s face was hard,, nothing can be conclude…

Maan: why won’t she, after all she is going to be MRS MAAN SINGH KHURANA….


I can see a stiffness in avanti’s face,, but then I have to act fast…


Maan: by the way thanks Avanti for coming with us,, u know mom and dadima couldn’t handle all and u know Mumbai too well so it was really helpful…

Avanti was replying just then geet clutches my hand,, I was dumbfounded.. I will not lie but a jolt passed through my body with her touch but soon my ear was going deaf with her constant nagging….

Geet: maaannn,,, do u have any hearing problem or the depictive piece is god’s special creation,, I know u r kharus karela but itne kanjus ye nahi pata tha…

Maan: what?? what did u call me kanjoos ha?? And whats for that ha?

Geet pointed a stall: see golgappe,,, London me golgappe kaha milte hain,, ye to india me hi milte hain, please lets go na, I want to eat it… I was calling u from past 10 mins,, but I guess u was lost…

Maan: geet its unhygienic and I think brij will never allow u to get sick..

Geet: bhai is not around now, he will come after 2 days and mind u its not unhygienic,,, it’s the real india and I want to cherish it…. atleast till the time I m here,,, the last set of word was whisper that only I could hear…


Abruptly we went to the stall where Vicky and geet settle with their golgappe… they were giving competition to each other.. geet had asked me and Avanti we both refused… avanti never liked junk food because its unhygienic… I wonder how much different Avanti and geet is….  Avanti was with me almost 2 yrs still she couldn’t make the bond with my family but geet, only one n half month she is behaving like she is a part of my family and Vicky,, he is much more attached with geet than me also.. I saw her eating like a kid,, couldn’t help but chuckle… unknowingly my hand touched the corner of her lips to wiped the scrums… it was sudden not planned but I felt standing froze on the place,, her lower lip touched my finger… for a moment her eyes looked at me and our gazed locked… just then we heard vicky’s coughing voice and we parted… my eyes met with a painful hurt eyes… Avanti who was looking here and there… I was stuck what to do, I don’t want to see her in so much pain… I need to talk to her 1st then only I can talk with my family….






Geet: maan u have to talk to her,,

Maan: I m trying geet…

Geet: ohh if u r planning to go with this snail speed then I m sorry mr khurana I don’t want snail ride… gir war gayi to kamar tut jayegi….

Maan; what?

Geet: ufff,,, niche engagement hain in only 1 hr and if I go with ur this speed then bhai will definitely kill u and then me,, u know na our family reputation blah blah,, u have to cancel everything in this hour only…. Warna bhai ko ek min nahi lagega talwar nikal me…

Maan: tumhara bhai businessman hain ya kasai?

Geet: dono….

Maan: what?

Geet: maan just shut the hell ur WHAT or I will shut ur mouth….

Maan: geettt….

Geet: stop now and go talk with Avanti….


Geet stomped our from the room…  just the Avanti entered the room….


Avanti: what happen to her maan?

Maan: wo, kuch nahi…

Avanti: u can share ur problem maan,, I m still ur frnd….

Maan: yeah frnd and u put me in this condition…

Avanti: bahana chodo tell me what is bothering u 2?

Maan: u?

Avanti looked at him shocked and then confuse…. Maan came close to her….

Maan; u made us face this situation,, what was the need to tell my family that I m ready to marry geet…

Avanti: but tum hi ne to kaha tha…

Maan took one more step: don’t try to act smart Avanti, u knew it very well I was saying all that in anger, I didn’t mean that… u know I can’t marry geet… and more over she deserves more good person in her life…

Avanti; exactly,, she deserves a good person in life and so do u… u need a companion which can be filled with geet only… tum mano ya na mano maan I had seen something in her eyes.. the sincerity the childishness will complete ur life… u will be happy with her…

Maan held her arms harshly: if u were so worried about my happiness u would have consider my love at least after 5 yrs when u came back here,, when I was there waiting for u….

Avanti: maan….


Just then the door flew open and an enraged brij comes in the room shouting on top of his lungs….


Brij: so u r cheating on my sister back ha.. I will u …. With that he tried to grab his neck but suddenly from nowhere geet came running…..

Geet: bhaiii….. what r u doing….

Brij: tu chup kar geet,, this maan is betraying u,, see behind ur back he is getting intimate with this girl… maan and Avanti saw their position which was really close to each other….  Till then whole family of maan and geet comes upstairs in maan’s room…. Geet’s dad and daarji was seeing the scene with anger… and geet was pouting her lips and cribbing to her babaji…

Geet: sambhal lena babaji… and then she turn to brij…. Bhai maan doesn’t love me and I knew it,, he loves Avanti di, I was helping him… please try to understand… they heard loud gasp and it was coming from maan’s mother and dadima… geet ran to them…. Mom please don’t take me wrong… but Avanti d is really very nice person.. she really  loves maan….

Mom; geet… ye nahi hosakta bte…

Geet: kyun nahi hosakta mom? Just think once,,, think Avanti di as ur own daughter,, if she had done it for u would u have been behaving like this.. aur unhone koi gunah nahi kiya tha,, she knew maan will sacrifice his life and love thats why she broke up with him and now also knowing she doesn’t have anyone she wanted to live alone because she think whatever she did was wrong and now she doesn’t deserves maan but the truth is she and maan both loves each other and they should be happy in their life,, they deserves this….

Mom has tears in her eyes: nahi geet, tu,,,

Geet: agar main unki jagah hoti tabh bhi aap yei kehte?

Mom shook her head and hugged geet tightly: tera kya hoga….

Geet smiles and wiped mom’s tears: wohi jo manjure khuda hoga… everyone chuckle at her bt brij was furious….

Brij: geet do u realize what u r doing?? U

Geet: bhai… please….

Vicky: nahi geet, its not right,, kab tak tu ye sacrifice karti rahegi abb bas kar….



What is going on,,, I saw my mom is shedding tears for her,, unknowing my heart also arching but why I don’t know…. Why everyone is so enraged, yes I know the reason but why I m feeling something is hidden… why Vicky is talking like that, its sounds he knew much more about geet… and geet what she is hiding…. God I will be mad at the end….


Geet’s dad; I don’t know when my gudiya will be happy in her life…

Geet: dad please….

Vicky: uncle is right geet, everytime because of bhai ur heart is breaking,, why u r doing this… when Avanti di didn’t think twice before leaving why u r thinking about her… not once but twice u have sacrificed ur love why?


My heart shudder with the the sentence…. What vicky want to say…..


Maan: what r u saying Vicky….

Vicky: please bhai iss bar meri princess ka dil tuta I wil never talk to u…

Geet; vickyyy….

Vicky: what vicky,,, from childhood u r loving him and he just forgot about u,, u haven’t complaint once… u were only 7 from when u took him as god… u were living for him and he forgot about u…. he was living a life of his own,, and u were just counting ur days that u can meet him,, and when the time came u got to know he loves someone else…. When maan bhai declared he loved Avanti di u were broken I saw ur defeated life,, u were just 17 geet when u get to know he was in love with someone else…..

I saw ur suffering then,, u were just 17 but seeing others u took urself from the state but I know from inside u were breaking…. From childhood everyone said maan will be ur husband one day and u believed it marking urself as maan ki geet but what u get instead of that heart break…. Not only bhai but both our families are equally responsible… putting something like this in a small brain lead u here where u can’t even take ur step back…. somehow then u had manages because I was there completing my study and staying with u,, but now again…. I know what u going through… living everyday with the person but knowing he love someone else… seeing everyday him but with someone else…. How much it can pain… I can’t even imagine that…. 17yrs geet,, u r living a life of hell…. Just one name on ur lips ur mind heart soul that is MAAN and what u get,, his name being associated with some AVANTI….. no I can’t take it….

Not this time I will give u the chance geet… I know what hell had gone through on u in these yrs and still u were quite just the sake of maan bhai and ur family…. Not anymore…. if this engagement will break I will break my relation with maan bhai…


Just then all heard a loud sound… SLAPPP


Vicky looked at his best frnd shocked…. Where 1st time tears rolled down from geet’s eyes…

Geet: bohot bol diya abb aur nahi,,, if u will break ur relation with maan I will break with u….. and what do u think, if maan had married me despite knowing he can’t love me, he still loves Avanti di,, would I have been happy?? no….  duniya me bohot log hain jo kisi na kisi se pyar karte hain but they can’t get them, wo kya zindegi jeena chod dete hain? nahi na? then why should I stop my life for anyone? Yes I loved him,, I loved him all my life,, par isme unki kya galti hain.. he didn’t even remember me because no one was there to continue nagging about me where my family had taught me maan is ur god, ur would be husband,,, now where is his fault in this?? 17yrs its not a small time vicky,, its natural… how can he love me when I was not in this life with him…. u know god had particularly made someone for us and for maan he made Avanti di so how can u accuse maan for that….

Vicky: but u

Geet: I m happy being like this,, and more over I m quite good looking charming ,, hot sexy,,anyone will fall for me… kyun thik kaha na???


Everyone was dumbfounded with the simple angel before them,, Vicky hugged her tight….

Vicky: yes anyone… I will searced for the best for u,, he whisper…

Geet: the best had already taken…. Gee whispered as a long tear made its way but Vicky embrace her taking her all pain in him knowing she will collapse any moment…. Geet broke the hug….

Geet: maan I m sorry about all this…

Maan just looked at her face,, trying to search something but all is blank for him….


What is going,,, my brother’s sudden ourburst had shaken me, but why? Why I m feeling a pang in my heart,, seeing those hazel eyes in concern worry and pain my heart is arching… did he said she loved me from childhood,, her family had taught her that I m her husband,, how could they, she was just 7yrs when we parted… maybe we were best frnd but it was wrong to teach a kid knowing its just the seed which will grown up one day…. Geet is concealing herself with a smile… did I read wrong in her eyes… if she loved me then how could she help me in these days to get Avanti back in my life…. Why she was so normal,, I had never get a glimpse of her pain why?? This girl is making me confuse….  Right now she is cracking jokes just to see happiness in other’s face but why she is concealing her pain? God I m feeling so guilty even unknowingly breaking her heart seems like the biggest sin in this world.. and I had committed that….  I guess like everytime this time also she had sensed my restlessness….


Geet: maan,, don’t think so much,, it was our destiny and believe me I don’t have any grudges towards u,, u were my best frnd and will be always… and I can’t punish u where the fault is entire my family’s… don’t held urself as guilty, it was not ur fault and love is not a fault…. Never ever think urself guilty because my happiness lies with ur smile…… she looked at Avanti and held her hand… Avanti di, u are a great sister a great mentor…. But please I m asking u for something… please don’t give more pain to my maan.. take him as urs only.. he is urs but please he deserves happiness…. Don’t say no to this marriage,, he had suffered a lot in ur absence…and I know u still loves him, for his life u went away from him but di he deserves happiness with u,, u can manage family and ur hospital,, I will help u in this,,, and maan will be a great husband he will help u in every phase of life…  please…. Marry him….

Avanti had tears in her eyes; geet tum itni acchi kyun ho?

Geet smile sadly: pata nahi kyun, god ki unique piece hu,, har kahi nahi dikhne wali.. u know he had made taking his own sweet time but with defective piece… thus no one want to believe me… I said I m ok still everyone is crying thinking I m so alone… I have  great family not 1 but 2,, got  very good frnds and one sister which I always prayed for.. mujhe aur kya chahiye…

Avanti: maan….

Geet smile : he is all urs… only urs…. Please take ur maan ,,, apnaogi na unhe? Avanti nodes her head couldn’t say no to this angel,, where geet was smiling everyone is crying… maan couldn’t handle all this and walked out from the room…

Brij and geet dad wanted to say something but geet silenced them and they knew somewhere they are responsible for all this….



After 2 days everyone comes to the conclusion that maan doesn’t want any engagement after the night,, he doesn’t even saying anything about marriage ,, he is just aloof from everyone…. But with geet’s insistence they came to conclusion of a small afire of marriage and marriage held after 5 days as geet wanted it to be soon… she had taken care of everything…. Everyone is busy taking care of geet but one person was there who was observing someone’s restlessness… maan was not happy with the environment… no one needed to ask him what he want,, but everyone wanted to do everything according to geet….. maan was restless but why? he himself wasn’t sure…..




Precap:  entry of VIRAT……



Here I go again,,,


Maan hadn’t said anything to this marriage but as everyone thought he is still love with Avanti he won’t say no atleast,, but his inner turmoil couldn’t even seen by anyone….

Though Avanti was not sure what to do she can’t refuse geet and she knew somewhere geet is right,, maan deserves happiness….

Geet angel always loved him,, when a person entered a new life and had seen lot of thing naturally can forget his past,,, so was with maan, he forget the frndship because he had seen a lot in this 17yrs and his family never mentioned about this alliance which was fixed by maan’s and geet’s grandfathers…. But geet’s family always nagged about maan to geet so she couldn’t forgot him….

So here no one is at fault….

And maan is thinking he is in love with Avanti my his heart knew he is NOT 😛


Thank You :)

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