Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 3


Part 3



Geet was lost in her thought, in her last hour of seeing the devil, she doesn’t even felt that she had reached her home,, but the chaos said she had reached it…. yes her home but it was never a home,, for the world she can spread the smile but in her own house she is as vulnerable as a puppy,,  she hates to come her house where nothing is like family,, she had craved for a family from a younger age but she never got that only bickering and shouting came on her wish….


She sighed and tried to ignore her parents quarrel,, its normal for her, everyday there is a new argument…. Sometime she thought why they still staying in the house when both doesn’t love each other…. No one can say they had a love marriage, because the amount they bickers about each other no lovable couple can do…. That’s why geet doesn’t believe in the word Love or the relation of married couple but still somewhere in the corner of her heart she still prays someone will be there to take her out from this miseries world,, atleast she can leave a breath of happiness….


Shrugging off her thought she tried to enter her room but then her dad stopped her….

Geet: not again…. She hated this question answer session, to be precious she hate to come in the house or hearing those bickering of her parents… some point she had began to hate her parents but still can’t hate them because they are her parents…. But the affection had gone specially for her father because she knew what her mother is going through….

Her father again called her….

Mohindar handa, he is handling a small grocery shop,, for the outer world he is a human of respect and honor but in his house he is as rude and moody who thought himself god and what he said is the final verdict be that wrong in all sense,, wanted to control his wife and daughter fully but thing goes worse as geet’s mother doesn’t wanted that…

Ranno Handa, caring mother but hates her husband,, she is his 2nd wife and step mother of his previous children from his 1st wife,, who gave him divorce due to his nature but couldn’t took her child with her because mohindar handa didn’t let her using all his power…. Rano cursed herself to come in his life,, though she is not the reason of their divorce still she think its because of her.. both the ladies never met but geet unknowingly called badi ma to mohindar’s 1st wife, she never met her but heard she was very good human being….  Now sometime geet tried to know why her mother doesn’t get to know about her father’s past.. rano just sadly smiled and said I was blind in love…

It was complicated, no one was at fault still they are, and in all this the most had affected was geet,, she loves her step brother brij who is 8 yrs older than her and her sister nandini who is 6 yrs older than her,, but they never shared a normal life…. Geet is a reserved person to her family where a loud one to her frnds, though she has very few frnds…

It’s true families quarrel only effect children’s mind,, so here is with geet…..


Geet: yes papa?

Papa: where were u at this time? ladkio ko itne der bahar rehna shobha nahi deta…

Geet sighed: just gone for anjali’s house for the arrangements of her marriage day.. mamma aunty wants to meet u early morning tomorrow…

Mamma: beta pehle dress change karle,, I m coming with food…

Geet: mamma I had it, now need sleep only… can I go now?

Papa: u should atleast ask me before going there… no what m I to u, u only luv ur mother… she is the one who spoiled u to this core…

Geet: I m bored with ur same lines… can I go now?

And she stormed out from there but heard their quarrel again… she just shut the door and changed her dress in to a vest and short… yeah that’s her night dress…. she threw herself on the bed and pulls a pillow above her head to stop those sound of her parents fight… unknown tears made its way….

Geet: why can’t I have a normal life babaji…. These 22 yrs of my life I have seen only bickering,, I m tired.. I want go far away from here,, far from everyone…. She silently sobbed and then felt a soft thing trailing on her slender legs… she jerks out of her thought and saw her gulegule there staring at her with moist eyes…





she instantly took her in her arms and dried her fully as he was still wet with rains…. Tujhe bhuki lagi hain… gulgule nuzzle close to her and licks ner face indicating he is hungry… ruk,, I m coming with food… 


she came after 10 mins with a plate of food for her and gulgule… gulgule knew she was hungry like him that’s why he said he want to eat…. Geet didn’t have anything till now.. not both settle the small couch together and geet lovingly fed gulgule with her right hand where she herself ate with her left hand as she is lefty….


Geet: ek tu to hain mera apna,, I will never leave u gulgule… he looks at her happily where still sitting close to her almost on her lap….

To say anyone she loved the most is her puppy gulgule,, its only 8 month but really soft and small…

Somewhere same night in the hotel room….


‘Get lost from here….’

‘But u asked me to come here, ur assistant had hired me for the night of urs wild life’ she walked to him with a  sexy move and sat on his lap,,, her index finger was tracing his jaw line and then his bare chest….  He held her waist and pulls her close…

‘do u think u can quench my thirst??’ he asked with a smirk…. She leaned on him… and kissed his cheek….

‘Try me…’

But all he could remember HER angered filled eyes…. Her juicy lips and rosy cheeks… her wet body.. his body shivered but snapped his eyes….

‘I said get lost..’ he jerks her and she fell on the ground… maan pulls a bundle of notes and threw that on her face… ‘GOOO..’ he shouted…. The girl took the bundle and left the room leaving maan all frustrated…

‘What r u doing to me miss Geet Handa…. I really need u now…’ he remembers her glowing skin,, heat consumed in his body wanted to take her underneath him right now…


He poured a glass full with whiskey and ice cube…. And then gulp it in one go…. his eyes were red where a evil smirk was lying on his M shape lips…. As he closed his eyes only geet’s luscious lips were coming in his vision…. He want her, he only want her… without knowing she had set the fire in the beast and this beast only know how to satisfy his hunger….


‘I want to know everything about GEET HANDA,, Find her,, u have 1 hour … umm I guess its enough….’ He said on the phn and his personal detective just nodded…..

‘Now lets see Miss Handa how will u deny me,, I said u will belong to me one day and that will begin from tomorrow….’






Aadi came to the hotel room to see maan sitting on the couch leaning his head on it, his eyes were close and seems like he had came after the workout…..

‘ sirrrr’

‘do u need whole day to complete ur sir aadi?’

Aadi gave a slight nervous smile ‘no no,,, wo u had called the detectives to gather information about geet handa,, here is her whole biodata… detectives gave me at 1 in the night,, I didn’t knew u told him so I took that but coming by that time wasn’t right so I came now….’

‘AADIIIIII SSSHHHHHHHHHHHH,,,’ he showed his index finger on his own lips shutting him completely….. his one was enough to shiver aadi…. ‘I m not detecting ur abilities aadi,, carry on what I desire to know not ur ramkatha….’ He opens a beer cane and started gulping..

Aad(st): how can any person drink beer in the morning at this hour,,, I wonder how the detective found out about get handa at the hour of 1 in the night….. I guess that is the power of MSK…

‘put a stop to ur brain aadi,, don’t u know the power of MSK?’ maan smirks at aadi….

Aadi stammered ‘no no sir,,I mean I know sir….. Geet Handa doing her last yr of Architecture from Pune…. Her family lives in here but she hardly comes here…. She is a lonely girl but have a circle of frnds with very few ppl…’

‘aadiiiii,, stop boring me… come to the point, how is she, demand of money? Greedy? Boyfriend….’

Aadi with a hesitate voice said ‘no sir,, not at all a greedy person… simple and sober….. doing a part time job in pune XYZ café to pursue her degree… never had a boy friend but male frnds are there… she is not like other girls who will run behind money and status,, never likes rich persons….

Maan switches his eyes brow ‘interesting’

Aadi continued ‘no boy friend because she doesn’t believe in love or marriage’  maan smirks looking out of the window….’

‘what she is doing here?’

Aadi was dreading for this moment ‘wo wo, umm’ receiving maan’s glare he just blabbered out what was in her mind ‘she is here for her frnd’s marriage where ur dadima has gone’



Maan is in hosiyarpur though for his deal but for the sake of dadima he said he will come to her frnd’s grand daughter’s wedding… but he was least interested and after meeting he straightly went to his hotel of course after his meeting with geet… aadi informed dadima that maan doesn’t wanted to come that late so he went to hotel, dadima knew her grandson too well.. she knew he doesn’t like this kind of function and more over he doesn’t like attachments…. He never showed any affection towards her also but did everything she told…. Though she knew he just did what profits him….


His killing smirk couldn’t leave his lips now,, folding his hand backwof his neck he leaned on the bed ‘inform dadima I will come at the evening’

‘Ji sir’ aadi took a leave but silently prayed for the girl who seems to be a good person, not made for this beast… he respects him but knew what he wants from girls and he definitely doesn’t want a innocent’s life to be spoiled… he had did a lot to searched about geet in those 6 hrs,, it was difficult,, no one knew her properly as she doesn’t live here for 5 yrs now… but came just for few days in vacation… but with MSK’s assistant’s power he can do anything….





Sana dear thanks for the pix


The black Merc stopped at the door and all the ppl turned to see the person… 6 bodyguards surrounded the car… one opens the door,, Greek God like structure but with a devilish smirk comes out from the car wearing a crisp black shirt with black waist coat,, black pant and tie…..he was looking black smoking hot that evil himself will shudder to come infront of him….  he turned to see the girls who were already in statue form looking at the sight… he just ignored,, but searched for one person who seems like hiding in the sheet of fog of heaven….


The hall was mum as he entered there… it was sangeet and next day wedding… in all the function he had never came, dadima knew he will not but seeing him early one day her happiness has no bound… she quickly come to him and hugged him…. he reciprocate the hug but still his eyes searched only one person.. the special one for whom he had came in this filthy ceremony… the ppl only disgust him…. dadima took him to her best frnd and introduce him with everyone… everybody was overwhelmed to see MSK coming in their function which would be a 8th wonder…. he hardly attend any business party but here in a small town he is attending a party is rare…..






‘Geet I m so happy yaar,, I know u don’t like all this but still for me u r taking participate in all functions…’

‘Stop it anjali, u know I would come also if u don’t have black mailed me,, yes I don’t like marriages but that doesn’t mean I will not enjoy my frnd’s special day,, chal now stop ur drama, and go downstair… jiju had come with his frnds and family,, I will come later…. I have to be ready 1st…..’

‘Ok darling’





Anjali left the room and geet went to take a shower as she was running whole time in the house being the closet frnd and her mother being anjali’s mother’s best frnd she need to put her best here…. Now she is exhausted but a quick shower was giving her relaxation….


She comes out wearing a two piece ghagra choli without dupatta,,  she was doing her minimal makeup and then dried her hair with the hair drier….. after putting the earrings she took the dupatta around her one shoulder which will cover her flat bare stomach….  But before she can set the dupatta a image stooped her at her work….. her heart pounded frantically…..


Geet’s Outfit thanks to my darling Preetu aka Preeti Chabra



She instantly turned and saw her devil leaning on the door closing in with his feet and standing resting this one feet on the door and one on the ground,, his hands crossed over his taut body,, with a sexy smirk he looked at her way…. unknowingly her heartbeat rose frantically….. she forgot everything around her…. but can’t his face,, that smirk she can never forget in her dream also…. Just then he started walking towards her with slow step…. The room was silent but he can hear the throbbing heart beat…..


With each step he look at her desiring slender body,,, the perfect curves,,, the tall height,, silky smooth white skin,,, and on top of that her dress… its definitely wasn’t helping him to calm his senses but his eyes wanted to see more than it….. the short silver color blouse which is shinning giving a spark to her bosom,, her curves are prominent and he had a urge to lick his dried to lips seeing the beautiful mount showing a little above the small choli….  His eyes goes down her flat tummy,, gosh its looking so mouthwatering….. her belly bottom is perfect,, ready to pressed by his long fingers…. Her long and heavy lahenga,, the color was giving extra flaunt to her beauty…..


By the time he reached her geet gasp as he stood just an inch away from him….


‘aap’…. she whisper,, but the rosy lips were enough to turn him…. he snakes his hand in her bare waist….


Now she came back to senses,,, she doesn’t have any dupatta around her,, when he had entered the dupatta fell on the ground as she was too shocked to react…. She watched him leaning on the door with smirk,, the smirk only reminded her about last night, its still fresh in her mind…. Last night she had only seen his lustful eyes and tight face,, the face she is disgusted… now standing an inch away from her….


She tried to go two step back but he pulls her making her bosom collide with his hard chest….


no no darling,, u can’t go away from me now…’ maan remarked

‘ what r u doing here….’

‘I m doing nothing yet but yeah have lots of in mind…’ she can feel the double mind words…. She tried to free herself as his palms were snaking at her almost bare back giving a chill down to her spine….  What is the hurry honey? He whispered coming on her neck….


For a moment geet was froze,, her mind was blocked, she doesn’t know what to do…. 1st this man had kissed her insanely last night…. And challenged her to make her his and now he had came here in her room,, now this close… if anybody will see them like this,, what will she say to her mother….


He sensed her stiffness but just smiles slyly,, ‘I m seeing my effect on someone ha?’

‘leave me,,’ she said Determinedly….

Maan brought her more,, as a reflex her hands went on his biceps and his chest to prevent him touching her…. but all in vein as it set a fire in him and he groans in anticipation…..

Without any delay he planted a kiss on her neck making her shudder… she felt an unknown sensation in her lower part,,, her heart beat can be hear from miles away……

‘calm down ur erotic heartbeats dear’  he huskily said in her ear nipping it with his teeth and tongue…. Just a small kiss and u reacted like this what will happen when,,,


He left the word tracing her collar line with his tip of the tongue…. She gulp hard feeling him so close,, she knew he is far more stronger that she can imagine,, and she can’t fight with him physically,, more over this is a marriage house if anybody sees them like this it will caught a hassle and she doesn’t want her frnd to be put on sake….


‘why u r doing this? and how can u come in anyone room,, just leave me’ she said firmly… maan was amazed with the girl’s audacity…. No girl had ever resisted his closeness till now, but this girl is driving him crazy….. but did u forgot its not any girl but GEET HANDA…. his hot breath fell on her lips as he comes face to her…


‘Its not difficult to come in anyone room for MSK,,, and do u forgot our last counter?’ he said looking straight in her lips,, she saw him looking at her lips she tried to tore her gaze and looked sideway…. He gave a peck to the side of her lips… she gasp and pushed him but he started licking her lips feeling those rose petals with his tongue….


‘I came here for u darling,, I said u will belongs to me and ur day starts from now….’

‘and I said u can never buy Geet handa….’

‘like ur attitude but never show this to MSK,,,, I will crush ur attitude and will make u beg in front me, ur attitude will be shattered’

Geet was scared of his words but didn’t showed it,,, she knew this man can do anything,, yes she knew who is he… MSK is name of tremor to business world then how will she not know him…. but the thing she never knew about his obsessive nature…. He is really obsessed with his challenge but she can’t take her defeat,, not in front of this egoistic man….

‘just go to hell,,’ and agin she tried to free herself

‘u will come with me then’

‘ur touch disgust me, ur presence disgust me… I hate ur every word, ur smell then how can I come to u huh? I hate u Maan Singh Khurana’

His facial expression changed from smirk to anger…. The fierce eyes were showing venom and obsession,, he came dangerously close to her lips….

And whispered ‘then HATE YOURSELF ALSO’


Saying so he slammed his lips claiming with his harsh lips…..




Precap: fake fiancé or real marriage?


Sorry sorry sorry guys for keeping u wait for so long,, u know I went on leave for some days as I was not feeling typing any of my stories and then came back just 2 days back,, now will update it frequently,,, as a token of compensation it’s a quite big part nearly 3500 so please give some good response except awesome nice good job good one etc etc…..


Love u all thanks for being with me…..


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