Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 15

Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 15



Geet was still depressed,, the way all its going is scaring her,,, she had never feared anything in life but the realization of loving maan making her weak now,, what if papa will not agree, and which father will be agree to call off any marriage just a day before or on the marriage day…. She was lost in her thought didn’t realized when pari came and sat beside her….. she tapped her shoulder to get her attention,,, geet literally jumped with the touch….


Pari: geet main hu re,, kya huya? Kaha hoyi huyi hain?

Geet: pari wo papa….

Pari: uncle didn’t came back na? she nodded in negative….  Don’t worry everything will be sort,,, trust maan….

Geet: pari I trust him but can’t with the circumstances,,, I have a fear something big gonna happen…. I have a fear of losing him pari….. what if papa doesn’t agree for our relation? Then? what will happen? Soch ke hi dar lagta hain…


Just then they heard a voice,, geet turned to see prem standing close to her…..


Geet gave a small smile: how r u?

Pari: what r u doing here? Pari asked suddenly and geet let a small chuckle seeing her irritation then nuzzle her with her elbow…. Pari gave a nervous smile… I mean so early, it’s a ladies function….

Prem smiles: actually I was thinking to see the mahendi on geet’s hand… maasi called me to give something and I couldn’t help but seeing the angel here… he said looking at geet….


It’s the day before marriage, and now geet is sitting bored applying mahendi on her palm…. Its almost done….  Prem sat beside her and looked at the mahedi…. For the first time geet was feeling uncomfortable… her mahedi was almost finishing but her closeness doesn’t feel good for her….


Geet: prem I don’t want to show my mahendi to anyone,, let it finish 1st… she said softly but it has no emotion…. She couldn’t be rude but not emotional also,, for her family and maan she can open her heart but for other she is still the same geet without emotion,, hard and ruthless….


Prem: but I m not anyone, u know I m ur would be husband…

Geet snapped: exactly,, WOULD BE,, u have not yet prem, and I love to keep my personal life to me only….

Prem: we will be in family….

Geet: I don’t share myself in FAMILY,,, it will be good u understand that soon…

Prem: geet I know u r not happy with the marriage….

Geet looked at him shocked,, her tongue got twisted inside her mouth…. Prem smiles sadly….

Prem: can we have some privacy……

Geet lowered her lashes and then signaled pari and those women who were doing her design to leave…. Pari was hesitant but one from geet she knew she will be alright… as the mahendi was done the women left her though they are in the middle of the hall but no one can hear them there was much noise to make others busy….


Prem: geet I know u r not so happy with the alliance…

Geet with a cold voice: how do u know?

Prem: u love someone else…

This time she looked at him with surprised eyes,, prem only smiles broadly….

Prem held her delicate hand and then showed the place where she had written maan’s name…. 1st time geet’s cheek went red infront of a stranger,, but he is not a stranger anymore….

Geet: prem wo

Prem: common geet,, I know how its feel to be in love…

Geet can see the sadness on his face…. But she tried to ignore that….

Geet: what happen?

Prem: I know how its feels when we didn’t get the one we love,,

Geet: u love someone else? She asked suddenly and shocked with surprised can be found on her face…

Prem chuckle: yes…

But then her mood swings 360 degree

Geet: then why the hell u are ready to marry me? she asked with anger visible….

Prem raised his one brow: I thought u r not ready for the marriage but ur anger is saying something different,, wanna ditch maan? he asked cheekily… geet instantly looked away but a smile formed on her face knowing what he want to say,, he is just cheering her….

Geet: kon hain wo prem?

Prem: its not important,, for her I don’t exist in this world,, for her family and brother is everything and she can’t let him down…. So I gave her enough time to think….

Geet: then u get ready to marry me….

Prem: I really don’t wanted to but then thought hearing the news of my marriage will force her to open herself to me, guess it goes reverse,,, now she doesn’t want to see my face…

Geet laughed on his plight: u guys are seriously dumb,, if u loved her u should try to get her or make her understand ur love….

Prem: hmm I know,, he said smiling sadly…..

Geet: u didn’t say her name….

Prem: u know her….

Geet: what?????

Prem: HEER,,, MAAN’s sister…..


Geet’s eyes almost popped out,,, she tried to say something but nothing comes out from her mouth,, she just gulped her saliva then looked at prem sympathetically….


Prem: geet don’t show me ur face yaar,, I m already scared….

Geet: puri duniya me tumhe ye ek hi ladki mili pyar karne k liye,,, do u know how possessive maan is for heer…..

Prem: I get to know that after my search….. I met heer in her trip of nonavala with her collage mates and fell in love but she was not ready after lots of search I get to know she lived in delhi with u guys,,, I tried again but nothing came to my luck,, then my dad had asked ur father for u,, I couldn’t say no to my parents…. But then met heer here… in ur birthday party…

Geet looked confused: she was here? She never comes to my parties….

Prem: I guess she run away seeing me…..


Geet laughed at his cute cribbing face…. But prem gave her deathly glare but then himself smiled…..


Both were enjoying the new bond between then oblivious to the fact 1 pair of enraged eyes looking at him with anger…. Just then geet’s heartbeat rose and she felt a heated gaze on her back… she instantly turned to see maan standing there with his jaw tight…. Prem followed his gaze and literally gulped his saliva….


Prem: mar gaye….

Geet twisted her lips: abhi kaha…

Prem; geet I m going….

Geet: what? why? I mean…. Just then she saw maan walking towards them…. Prem talk to maan…. say u love heer….

Prem: r u mad,, mujhe kunwara nahi marna,, don’t u see the anger on his face… he will chop me to death….

Geet: abb shaadi karne aaye ho mujhse ye to she na padega…

Prem: geet I want to cancel the marriage but need ur help, my dad is not going agree with me and that’s why I came to meet u but now,,

His voice stuck as maan reached the place…. Prem let a small uncomfortable smile but then he left a breath of relief as brij caught maan and started instructed him something…. But all the time his eyes were on geet and prem…. Geet made a cute puppy face but he looked away…. She sighed,, she knew he will be hell angry,, when she can’t tolerate a girl’s eye on him how can he stand the sight of her and prem’s talking and laughing…. She saw him going from there giving a last look to her that was filled with anger and agony……


Prem bid geet good bye and said he will talk to his father in the evening and she have to confront him which she gladly accepted but her main worry is Maan…. where is he, what he is thinking….. she cutely cribbed but maan is nowhere to be seen…. Now she is walking on the terrace cursing maan’s timing….


Geet: usse bhi tabhi aana tha,, now what will I do,, he is really angry,, abb isme meri kya galti hain when his timing is so good… god help me…




After few hours geet finally got some free time for her,, she stood on the terrace alone….


Just then she felt a heating gaze on her back,, she was wearing a deep neck lahenga choli which had deep cut blouse with only one strap and broach to handle it and the lower lahenga exposing her waist…..

thanks to tanu for the wonderful outfit….

geet’s dress



She unintentionally leaned on the hard chest,, the heat just set the fire in the bodies…. She gasp as his cold palm touched her bare waist pulling her angrily to him,, she can feel the anger in his grip…. His husky voice touched her earlobe making her shiver….


Maan: so enjoying someone’s company ha? His whisper left her breathless,, and she let out a cry of pleasure as he bit the area harshly…. His grip was tight and it goes to her stomach,,, she tucked her belly but he dug his fingers in her smooth skin marking her as his… his lips went down on her nape,,, so laughing with fiancé ha? He bite the area and she hissed in pain,, till now she knew he is burning with jealousy,,, a sweet smile touched her lips realizing the fact he is possessive towards her,, she loves it….. maan kissed her neck sucking the skin harshly…. So what was so saying that made u so happy? I was dying to see u, feel u but u were cracking jokes ha?? He whisper it dangerously…. She can feel the possession he possess towards her… somewhere it shivered her knowing how mad he can be in her love,, she never knew maan can love her insanely….


Yes she couldn’t measure his love because he himself doesn’t know to what extent he loves her,, yes he obsessed with her,, he can be dangerous in love or devil in love….. (courtesy of the names goes to Shoba for her ‘Dangerous Love and Aniee sweety for ‘devil in Love’)


Geet: maan,, she whisper but he shut her voice with his passionate kisses on her back…. he traces his finger on her spine very slowly taking his own time,, but making her vulnerable…. He strops his finger on the broach which is locking the blouse,, her breath caught in her throat….. she tried to stop him but her mahendi filled palm couldn’t help…..


He smirks at her helplessness…. His hands were on her abdomen going upward on her bosom….


Geet: maan koi ajayega,, but he harshly twirl her making her fall on his hard chest and locking his hands on her bare waist….

Maan: when u were laughing with him, u were not so worried then why with me ha?

Geet met the furious eyes,, she knew he is very angry, and now she knew he is not doubting her love but he can’t see her with any other man specially with prem, but she can’t tell him prem loves his own sister,,, what she can do now….

Her staring didn’t go unnoticed by maan,, he thought she is hurt to hear his accusation,, he left her instantly and turned around to control his anger,, he closed his eyes and breathed calmly…

Maan: I should go or otherwise I will again hurt u….


He was going but this time she can’t let him go like this…. she immediately hugged him from back,,, her mahendi smudged on his white kurta from the chest but thankfully it was dried till then….


Geet; I m sorry maan,,, maaf kar do….


He froze on his track hearing her sorry… she had never said sorry to anyone in his life but then he is not anyone… this time also without her fault she is accepting her defeat to have him close…. He closed his eyes but his hands hung either side of him….


She rubbed her cheeks where her soft mount pressed on his taut back giving a chill down to their bodies….


Geet: he was here to say he loves someone and doesn’t want this marriage to continue… his eyes flung open and eye brow switched in confusion…. She smiles feeling him relaxed…. She kissed his back making him groan…. No one can snatch ur geet away….


And that is the last word as he twirl himself in fraction of second and crushing her petite body with his hugging her close…. After few min he cupped her face….


Maan: I can’t let u either,,, u r mine geet…. I will burn the world if anyone want to snatch u from me,,, she gulp hard to see a new kind of obsessed in those eyes…. He locked his gaze with her,, I love u… I love u more than anything in this world…. She closed her eyes as he slammed his lips on her in a magnetic kiss…. The kiss that is beyond explainable…..



Precap: chamak chalo chel chabeli….


Some more romance…..


Some of the precap will continue, sorry to fetch it but enjoy the little romance and sweet sweet obsessive love because after few updates a major twist is coming……


Sorry guys for letting u wait one week when I clearly said I will update before that but u know u went to leave as my mood was not well…. and thank u for showering ur love on this story…..


Thank You :)

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