Blessed to Have You Part 4


Part 4



What is going with my life…. All this going so fast,, I know I should be happy, finally I got my love then why my heart is not so happy…. the realization of geet’s selfless love wasn’t approving me to go further with my life, is it guilt? Maybe its guilt for breaking an innocent’s heart.. but I didn’t knew about it till now,, though she said she is ok but why my heart doesn’t want to blv that…. don’t know what to do,, 1st time in life Maan Singh Khurana is confused….


Just the door knob clicked and she entered the room,, ohh god she is looking heavenly beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off from her…. the red ghagra choli is cringing her perfectly,,, the bare tummy with the complexion of milky white skin gave me goose bumps…. I just want to feel that under my palm,, god her luscious pink lips, she didn’t applied much make up, she is naturally beautiful…. Her curls descending on her cheeks,, its hard to control to biting them….

I jerked my thought,, why this wild imagination is coming in my dirty mind and that too for geet…. I should stop thinking about her but I can’t…. this time I should think about Avanti my would be wife,, umm it doesn’t sound good,,, but why this double thoughts are coming,, maybe because no one had asked me what I want… just came to a conclusion that I want to marry Avanti,, but somewhere they are not wrong to think so,, I had never clarified anything….


Oye hello kaha kho gaye,,, decision badalne ka irada to nahi hain na? geet giggle where I thought something is breaking in me….

Maan: are u happy with this geet?

She sat beside me: yes of course,, and now please apna mood thik kariye, its ur sangeet and everyone is waiting for u,, Avanti di had also came down….

Maan: geet I m sorry…..

somewhere I was feeling guilty but I know one sorry is not enough for the heart I broke unknowingly….

Geet: maan please,, don’t say sorry it was our family’s fault not urs,, aap to jante tak nahi the is duniya me ek geet bhi hain jo apki raah dekh rahi thi….

1st time I even felt a pang hearing her words…. And it was making me more guilty….  Her voice her eyes,,, she was trying to hide her emotion,, did I hurt her very much, will she ever forget me…

Maan; I know I was at fault, I should have confront u….

Geet: ohhoo maan aap na bilkul devdas k mode pe chale gaye ho, difference is then devdas was shedding tear for parro and u r for chandramukhi…..


she laughed and I couldn’t help but smiling,, she knew how to cover my mood with her bubbly nature, I wonder will I ever repent my mistake of not remembering her in these yrs…. Seems like she noticed my dilemma….


Geet: maan,, I want to be ur frnd forever,, will u be my frnd?

Maan: I thought I m ur frnd…

Geet: then smile and enjoy for ur frnd,, this is ur marriage not neighbors,, and if ur devdas mode continue I m afraid Avanti di will again run away…

Maan: I don’t think so, because this time u will be there with me….


We were staring in each other’s eyes,, there is something hidden in those sparkling eyes,, how can she be so normal…. How can she conceal her every grief but just gave us happiness…. Our eye contact got disturb as someone entered the room shouting my name,, we broke the eye contact and saw the person….


Kushal as Virat



Virat,,  a smile came on my face…. Virat vicky’s best frnd though he is one yr senior of him still they are very good frnd and my another brother….

Virat: maan bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,, u r getting married I m so happy,, he hugged me so tight nearly I choked in my breath…. And then he pulls out… I wanted to introduce him to geet but seems like both are lost somewhere…

Virat: geet,, he whisper…

Geet smiles and in a meek voice: virat,, how r u?

Virat: geet is that u? I can’t blv this…

Geet; oye gadhe do u thing I m 7 in the world? I m the GEET HANDA ok……

Virat: ha ha janta hu the geet handa who had reject me…. goshh I so missed u…. he instantly hugged her tight…. 5yrs ha,, I was away from u…. u r so thin now,, I guess tu khana pina bhul gayi hain,, at least abb to khus reh, virat agaya hain….


My breath nearly caught in my lungs,, geet had rejected him, what does that mean? Ohh I forgot virat was studying in the same collage as Vicky just 1yr senior that means he knew geet from that time…. but what its means reject…  did they both share something, just the thought is making me angry,, I tried to be calm,, but my knuckles turn white as I clutches them in a fist….


Geet: ufff gende jaisa vari hain tu,, chod abb….

Virat: tabhi to main sochu tu yaha kaise maan bhai ki shaadi and u,,,

Geet: virat niche chal I will introduce u to Avanti di, maan’s fiancé….


I can see confusion on his face,, is that mean he knew doesn’t knew about Avanti then why he was congratulating me,, before I can ask anything geet dragged virat with her….




As I entered the hall everyone was gaping at me,,, yeah I had never wear sherwani but it was geet’s insistence that made me wear this now I m not regretting,, I know I m looking good…. But my eyes were searching for someone in the crowd….. I saw Avanti was looking at me with a smile and redness was on her cheek… probably she is blushing… she is looking really beautiful, smart elegant…. But I was searching for her And then I saw geet who was cracking jokes with Vicky and virat…. Vicky is not looking sad or unhappy but I know its all because he want to see geet happy….  but virat,, his hand are on geet’s shoulder… unknowingly my knuckle turn in a fist…. But soon my dadima came there to rescue me…. and the function start with applying mahendi on avanti’s hand….

And then I heard something,, virat and Vicky dancing in the middle and GEET coming in between…. Gosh she looking BREATHTAKING……


Tune song Jhak maar ke from Desi boyz



Ab naa tu

Rakhna tu

Mere dil ka yeh

Chota mota haq maar ke

Galati se

Galati ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


[narration is by author means me]

Vicky started the dance and then virat entered the zone with his dashing attitude…. Both are dancing on the same beat and with same step…. virat put his hand on his handdanced on the beat by moving her chest side way,, Vicky followed him on the same lines….


And then geet entered between them,,, signaling her index finger towards virat. she twisted her lips and then turned her back to him,, then danced on the beat showing her thumb and swinging her waist on it….



Tujhpe na aitbar mujhe

Fika lage tera pyar mujhe

Main na banaoon dildaar tujhe

Saare sapne te jhoote

Ab tak pyaar ke


She was swinging her bare waist where Vicky and virat was on their knees and shaking their head with her waist….



Dil jaane

Rab Jaane

Na khabar pe main tere

Ab dil haar ke

Galti se galti ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


Geet looks towards maan signaling him to dance but he 1st refused and then she made baby faces,, he couldn’t deny her…. her sweetness was driving him crazy and unknowingly he went towards her….



Jab jab yara dhoondo tujko

Paa loon main khud ko hi

Tu hi hai mera pata

Duniya varki kasme khakar

Karke vaade kehta hu

Aage se na hogi na khata



Everyone was astonished to see maan singing but was happy to see him opening towards everyone, where Avanti was really happy from her heart to see him smiling,, she wished to see him like that forever….

On the other hand geet can see the guilt in his eyes,,, she wanted to erase the pain from him,, whatever happened that was not his fault and he will be free from this guilt once he see her happy….

Then she sang the lines which just blew him…..



Ho..tujh se ab na mohabbat hai


Teri na mujhko zarurat hai


Meri toh aisi surat hai

Loot jayenge yahan dil haar ke


She pretend to be highly attitude and then showed her thumb,, he raise his eyes brow when she signaled him her face with her palm,,, yes true she is so beautiful that anyone will fall for her and he want to see her happiness only,, he never realized when her happiness became his everything….

She showed her waist with the beats and Virat joined her…..



Laakhon mein ek main hu

Koi aaye na aage ab iss yaar ke

Galati se galati ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


Geet pulls Avanti with her who was shying,, she couldn’t dance in front of everyone at least… but then just sang few lines looking at maan…


Teri ankho mein dubi main

Dekhu apni ankho ko

Beete yunhi saari umar

Teri baahon me lipti main

Meri bahon mein tu ho

Duniya ki ho na khabar




Maan smiled at her warmly but his attention was on geet’s teasing face,, she came between the two and gave avanti’s hand on maan,, she turn her back and rolled on maan’s back so that both of their back collide….


Ho na jarurat baton ki

Mile lakeere hatho ki

Saalo se umro ho raato ki

Isse dekh dono pal pyar ke


She was going from that place when maan held her wrist and danced with her,, logically he was in middle of Avanti and geet….


Pal waise pal aise

warna teri meri chahato ke iqraar ke


Galti se galti ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


Virat joined geet and dragged her few inches away from maan,,, who just looked at them where both were dancing freely…



Ho….Tujhpe na aitbar mujhe

Fika lage tera pyar mujhe

Main na banaoon dildaar tujhe

Saare sapne te jhoote

Ab tak pyaar ke


Dil jaane

Rab Jaane

Na khabar pe main tere

Ab dil haar ke

Galti se galti ki

Kabhi pichhe pichhe aaya tere

Jhak maar ke


He felt something odd but watched them with a uncomfortable smile,,, but there was one person who was observing him,, avanti who was looking at his face with great concentration…




I wonder what magic she had with her that erased everyone’s tension,, everyone is happy except her family still she manages them to drag in our happiness,, I know they are here only because she wanted so and I couldn’t say enough thanks for that,,, I talked to brij who himself said sorry because it was his fault,, he was blind in his sister’s love… but now when she is happy they are all happy…. is she happy because of virat? I heard my mom praising virat and how good he was looking with geet… it’s the evening before the marriage…. And after all work everyone is setting for the dinner…. Tomorrow is a big day but strangely something is missing in me… I saw geet doing all the work with mom and virat trying to irritate her and he was successful,, often she was throwing anything on him and everyone just laughed… Avanti was in outhouse with her few frnds,, geet will also accompany her in the night but now she is busy with work….  I know its wrong still my heart is only drifting towards one thing,, how she is managing all this? I know how bad it felt seeing someone who should be urs but going far away from u then why there is no sadness…. I know I m sounding creeping jerk who want to see sadness on her angelic face but why I want to see that I still don’t know….


Just then my eardrum got alerted and I heard my mom and dadima’s next sentence….


Dadima: geet I think now u should say yes to virat,, its high time for u two to settle ur life….

I heard a coughing from virat and geet was numb…. There is only blankness on her face….

Brij: main to thak gaya dadima please aap hi samjhaiye,, when virat’s parents came for her with marriage proposal she refused it and we could understand and now when she want to move on in her life why don’t she start from here,, virat’s parents are still ready for her…..


My whole world was going round and round,, don’t know why I hated it… why I just wanted to hear her no,, I never knew virat wanted to marry her,, ohh that’s why he said she had refused him once…. I turned to see virat who was only seeing geet,, there is some hidden talk between their eyes… and then I heard Her voice, that soothed my raising heart beat….


Geet: please,, I don’t want to marry now,, it just the starting of my life…. And I m doing good here u know my hospital needs me now….

Mohindar: but we want to see u happy,, we want u to lead a new life with ur life partner…

Geet: tell me dad are u seeing any sadness on my face?? Nahi na? I m really happy, please don’t discuss all this…


She just ran to her room,, I felt bad… yes she deserves all the happiness,, how can I be so selfish… she is doing everything for my happiness and what I m giving her…. she should get whatever she want, then I heard my mom’s worried voice….


Mom: it was my fault,, I shouldn’t have called her to come here, she was happy in her life and i…

Brij: it was not ur fault aunty ji,,,, its we, we forced her to be like this…. but don’t worry she will not destroy her life at least for her love one’s sake…

Dadima: still I want to see her married,,, my one wish is getting fulfill tomorrow I want to see her in bridal outfit before I can shut my eyes permanently….

Maan; daadiiiii,,, dare u say that again….

Dadima: maan ur dadima becoming old baccha she want to see her last wish becoming truth,, can u do that for me,, please maan make her ready for the marriage,, please…

Maan: dadima main kaise

Dadima: don’t u think she deserves happiness?


How can I refuse her, I know she is right… and I nodded my head half heartedly….







The sight was serene,, her angelic face slightly covered with the curtain of her hairs,, ohh for once I couldn’t remove my eyes from her… the moonlight complementing her white skin,, its glowing… my heart shudder just to see the sight… for a moment I forget everything,, just stood behind her,, I can hear her loud heartbeat…. I guess she had sensed my appearance…


Geet: maan…. she turned to see me and our eyes met,, I was so close that her hand touched my torse giving me a chill down….  I can feel her shudder and it felt so good… her innocent eyes captivate me with her for a long time…. my hands went on her waist… it was so genuine that I never felt odd or unethical…. She seems like in a trace,, didn’t even stopped me…  I had brought her close to my chest…. Just with the touch I felt alive…. Like my all tension just swiped off…. my palm went to hold her soft cheeks… it was so smooth like butter…. Her hazel eyes were glistering,,,, I rubbed my fingers on her cheek near the lips…. For a moment my eyes just glued on her lips,, how it will taste, that was the question filled my mind… unknowingly I gulped hard to control my freaking desire…. Her breath was uneasy…. Maybe she is affecting by my closeness and I can’t deny I m feeling the same…. Our body almost touched…. I wanted to close the distance but then felt her snapping and left her,, she was embarrassed and turn to the window where she was standing….


Geet: maan aap yaha?

I tried to control my rapid heartbeat and then it hit me why I was here,,,

Maan: dadima wanted to see u married geet,, she wants u to be happy and I know u r not happy because of me only….

Geet looked at me suddenly but the look I can’t explain… something was throbbing in my heart to see the look,, agony anguish?? Was that in her eyes?

Geet: so u want me to get married maan?

Maan: umm geet, I, it was my mistake that I,,

Geet: I m fed up of this mistake games u know maan…. I was happy the way I m,, it was better there, far from family… at least no one would force me to do something to wash their guilt…. Dadima is guilty because of her Grandson so is mom and my family is guilty because they had pursued the seed of dreams in me… and YOU,,, u r guilty that because u r getting married to ur desired girl and I can’t,, it is making u guilty and u want me to tie a knot to wash ur this emotion so that u can rest in peace knowing I will be happy with someone else… hain na maan?


Hell no,, I don’t want to wash my sin,, just want to see u happy but now I guess it was my mistake to think that way,, unknowingly I had pressed the soft nerves,, how can I forget once she loved me, or maybe now….. the only think gave me shiver….. I wanted to say her don’t marry him just stay with me, but nothing came on my lips just her pain was visble…..


Geet: maan u don’t have to worry anything,,, u will not see my sad face because wherever I will be,, i’ll be happy…. knowing u r happy with ur love I will be happiest person on earth…. But please don’t force me into this relation.. if anyday I will find it necessary to marry anyone I will surely do that….


Only the mention of her marrying someone gave me jolt and unknown pain….. I wanted to say her that I will be always beside her but couldn’t find my tongue and then saw her leaving the room but before that she came close to me…..


Geet: maan this is a small gift,, take this now but open only after marriage…. U were my best frnd, u will be my best frnd always….. be happy because ur happiness will give me the meaning of life…..


Saying that she left the room…..




Precap: she left me….. my life left me…..



Sorry for not giving brief because of my health… thank u for all the likes and comments,,, whoever taking time for this OS I m really grateful to u all….


karan as vicky


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