Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 32




thanks to all my frnd who had pressed the likes and commented to motivate me further,,, i m sorry for not replying everyone,, i was not well, yes ur disaster queen again fell sick and this time fever caught 4 days…. till now having a slight fever but weakness and now seductives are making me feel dizzy… but i know u all were waiting….

this update specially @Muskanp,,, muski di sorry late hogayi but love ur cute pouting face, never in my wildest dream i can imagine u were waiting for updating and saw ur 3 post, sorry for keeping the chotu angel waiting….

all teh other frnds of IF and FB really loves u all a lot,, u guys always supported ur disaster queen with ur comment and when i see ur waiting for update i really feel blessed…. heheehhe sorry u want to throw chappal on me for keeping u wait but i love it…..


chalo now enough of bak bak and here is update…..




Part 32



A new day start but with different meaning with it,, maan woke up with the alarm,, his heard was throbbing violently and his body arched with pain,, looking at the clock which was still on,, as he kept his finger on the bedside clock it went off… his eyes widen as it shows 11 am… he wanted to shout for some tablet so that his wobbling head would get a peace but his eyes went on the lime water kept on the bedside table with a note and a red rose….


He took the water fast and then read the note….


Maan I have instructed nakul to make a light breakfast for u and take medicine that had kept in the upper-right side drawer from the bed,, take rest the day i’ll handle ur meetings…



Ur Geet….


He closed his eyes for a moment and then opens his eyes with only fury,, he crushed the letter and took the flower ready to throw in the bin but as the soft petal touched his palm he stopped at his track and caresses it a little,, his revere broke with a buzz of the call….


Maan: hello….

His expression change into fury to dark,,

Maan: when r u coming….

It turned blank….

Maan: will be waiting….

A smirk came on his face

Maan; yeah MSK has really changed,, good or bad u can try ur self…..



He straightly went to shower after that…. as the cold water touched his burning body he felt peace,, he closed his eyes and let the water works its magic to reduce his throbbing headache…. But soon two soft arms slides on his abs from back,, he closed his eyes knowing the touch…. His hands covered the hands and pulls more close to his back, her honey tasty lips touched his bare shoulder giving slow and sweet kiss on it… her softness pressed on his back and he groans in anticipation,, couldn’t hold the slow tortured and turned to captured those luscious lips in his harsh ones…


As he turn the image vanished and he closed his eyes in frustration…..GEET he groans……






Geet: aadi I want to know about pari bose employee of KC Mumbai Branch…

Aadi: Yes geet mam… he stutter to see the cold look on geet’s face…. But mam it needs time… geet looked at him with questioning eyes… aadi understood that,, mam in mumbai branch only there is 30 thousand employee so it need little time….

Geet: take time but I want result fast….

Aadi: just give me 1 days,,

Geet: sure aadi… looking geet so much interest in mumbai’s work he couldn’t hold himself to question her..

Aadi: mam don’t mind, but can I ask u something?

Geet: hmm,, she said looking in some file…

Aadi: why u r so much interest in that company, I mean except maan sir no one was happy with the venture because the designer herself wasn’t there to help her…. so maan sir also avoided to go in mumbai branch and this pari, I don’t know why u want that girl,,

Geet: aadi that company is not handling only one project, I know it’s a big project but maan can handle that…. and pari….. geet leaned on her chair with a smirk…. A old friend who need to set score,,, try to trace her mobile number as well and I want to know where exactly she is… what is she doing?

Aadi smiles knowing something really different is working in her head: yes mam…..




Geet closed her eyes as aadi left her there,, a sweet smile played remembering last night and the morning when he was sleeping on her like a baby,, she knew the drug was powerful and the alcohol was already making him vulnerable,, he need rest and that what she could… she placed him on the bed and for a long time admire his facial texture,,, she knew only that time she can see him without any worry or hesitation… she held his face in her palm kissing his nose and then forehead,, coming on his lips she pecked him, for a moment she felt he is awake,, his hands slides on her waist pulling her close to him and nuzzling in her neck,, she smiles seeing him loving her in his sleep,, but one drop of tear fell realizing the fact when he will come to his senses he will curse this moment that she never want… with a deep sigh she kissed his cheek and slowly went away from him,, she took her shower and then made him wear his trouser hoping he doesn’t remember the night and then wrote the note,, and went in office….



Her trances broken as the creek sound of the door being open came to her eardrums… she instantly looked at the sources and gave a smile to the smirking maan….

Geet: I thought u want to take a day off but,,,

Maan: u can never know what is MSK geet,

Geet(st): yeah once I was a blind who didn’t see ur real self but now no one can know u better than me maan…

Maan: if u come back from ur dream land we should process to our work….

Geet looked at his eyes: u r still not recovered maan…

Maan locked the door behind him,, geet raised her eyebrows and stood up from her chair,, he started walking towards her with a dangerous smirk….

Maan: I thought last night u had healed me geet…. She gulp her saliva understanding he remember everything, yes how can’t he, he can feel her aroma on him…. she put a brave face in front of him but inside she is shivering… in no time maan cornered her….

Geet: maan,,, she whisper as his nearness was creating a havoc inside her….

Maan: what happen sweetheart? What do u thought I will not remember anything? she looked away not wanted to show him how vulnerable she is feeling infront of his smirk that show nothing but hatred….  Oh geet I told u, ur body always pleased me and u were the one who said our relation is sacred and its not depend on body pleasure,, now I m seeing what u meant… if u want I can give u the charge like last night, he winks at her where she just smiles remembering who was at command….

Geet: last night was a bliss for me maan, not because we came close but u presents ur heart to me,, I got to know how much u love me….

Maan’s expression change and frustration anger covered it….

He looked at her eyes: I loved ur body dear,, simple….   He touched her arm but his eyes were dark,, if u wanted that only why did u denied at the 1st place…. Ohhh let me guess to show ur so called LOVE with is not the BODY PLEASURE,, but last night u showed what is ur LOVE…..

Geet couldn’t take anymore,, her heart is burning seeing the disgusting teasing in his eyes,, yes she knew he loves her, maybe saying al this too her is cutting his heart as well but hearing these things from a man she loved more than her life is paining her like hell….

Geet: I think I should go and check the meeting schedule…  she tried to leave but maan held her wrist and pushed her behind the wall coming close to her face….

Maan: what happen geet,, I thought u will enjoy my company just like last night,, I was not fully awake so I m sure u couldn’t enjoyed much but now we can carry that,, he said tracing her bare arm with his finger…. Pain was visible on her face but she couldn’t cried hearing his word…. He sensed that but didn’t left her instead he nuzzles in neck tracing her jaw-line with his nose-tip… tell me geet do u want to continue it here,, my cabin is sound proof u know, no disturbance at all…. He nipped her earlobe and she closed her eyes…. I just had faint images of ur smooth skin of last night u moaning my name, ur kisses…. He said huskily kissing her ear…. All is just a slight blur u know, so we can enjoy our time here and I had not seen ur full body for a long time…. come on honey…

Geet clutches her fist in pain but it didn’t comes out instead she placed her palms on his chest,, he looked at her eyes which is not showing nothing, its just blank…..

Geet: we have meeting lined up in 30 min, u should go….

Maan was taken aback, he was expecting her outburst or tears to hear those disgusting words but she just concealed her heart and face before him….

Maan: so should I take it as no or u want to carry after meeting? she looked away?

Geet: if u want to see me cry or in pain, u have to do something else maan, these isn’t working… she said with a smile to which maan felt frustrated, but soon it covered with smirk…

Maan: ur tears doesn’t matter to me anymore geet,, but yes ur pain, try the end u want it to suppress from me but everytime I will be the only reason for ur every pain…. And trust me u show or not I will cherish the moment because I don’t need to see that on ur face, I will know myself….


He was walking out when geet spoke…


Geet: I know u will know that,, who else can know geet’s heart except her maan…. I had given my heart to u maan,, abb isse todna hain ya sambhal ke rakhna hain ye apke hatho me hain…. I will take everything u give to me…

Maan: show so much over confidence geet,, and I will definitely witness where will be ur so called philosophical love when I will shatter it….


He walked out from there…

Geet: jo chahye kar lijiye maan, but I won’t be able to see the same pain on ur face which I will be facing….


No tears was coming but a emptiness was covering her heart,, the darkness that she never wanted but maan is pushing her,, she is afraid maybe he will be not there to hold her when she will be on the edge… she smiles bitterly remembering his love, yes now she know the extent of Maan Singh Khurana’s LOVE and Hatred…

And she prayed the day he will come to know the truth she will be beside him to hold the shattered maan, her Maan but she is fearing will she be able to stand there everytime without falling in her darkness that is inviting her from so many days… where she want to go, her heart want to go but she couldn’t as her soul her maan will need her… she prayed her god to make her strong, at least till the point she can hold her maan to protect him from the same darkness….






She remember her promise and so is he,, but the reality is she is trying her level best to ignore the arch her heart and mind is feeling but maan is way too better in keeping his promise to shatter her,,,  she is watching his effortless action that can only hurt her,,, yes he knew her weak point… and he is using it fully….. strangely its paining her heart and mind but still a corner of her heart is still waiting for his once glance,, but he is busy in dancing with other hot chick in a lavish party,, everyone knew she is mrs MSK but seeing MSK with other girl on the dance floor gave some random person to talk or show pity on her….


She just looked away,, this is the reason she doesn’t come with maan in any party,,, this 4 weeks he had made her life a hell,, she tried to ignore but shifting in outhouse made her situation more vulnerable,, maan insisted dadima and meera that he and geet want to shift to outhouse for some month so that they can get some privacy as after the fiasco both need time for each other, dadima happily agreed where meera was feeling uneasy, yes she loves her brother but seeing geet’s love and concern towards maan she had felt her love,, now she knew something must have gone wrong and thats why geet did that,, she is not angry with her anymore but things need time to settle… and geet gave her much time to steadied her mind…. But as the time passed everyone is seeing the difference in maan’s behavior…. Dadima was affected badly but maan could care less,,, and meera was just feeling helpless seeing the couple,, when dadima was shouting on maan seeing him with another girl on page 3, he simply shrug off then geet came there and made her understand that its just media hype, nothing is that sort…. After that dadima wanted to move in HP for sometime and she went with her son and maan’s father viren khurana where meera was pissed off with her brother’s attitude,, now she seriously is worried for geet…. Because she has seen the true love in her eyes which maan is failing to see in his rage… and in this geet and meera again got the bond of childhood….



But things is going worse in maan and her relation,, she is witnessing his Casanova image again,, he knew no wife can take her husband being with other girls and he hit the exact weak point,, though geet tried not to show her pain but maan sensed it sometime and he got the power to make her more weak,, he just want her to break her so called strong self and fell on his feet to stop all this,, maybe he would stop that but geet’s heart couldn’t fathom that,, it simply denied because its feeling numb every passing day with his torture….


She doesn’t wanted to come in the party to witness his nonsense but aadi had informed pari is also coming,, after the day addi had given all details of pari but strangely nothing is there that can prove her guilty in front of maan…


Not a single thing is on her name, the record clearly showed that she was an employee in Mumbai branch of KC and her brother was also working there,, after her brother’s death she was working there only,, but nearly one month before she resigned the post… it was the same time when maan came to her house in Mumbai,, when geet was in hospital pari was leaving the country…. Maan had tried to know where she was and her information said she was in dubai,, but when maan’s men checked there she was not there,, no one knew where she was,, infact her own family doesn’t knew where she was…. after that maan was so engrossed in taking revenge from geet that he had forgot everything,, he only concentrated on breaking geet in front of him,, geet had traced every single thing about pari and then she came to know she was in Venice…. Geet smiles to herself thinking how joyful and lovely her life was but the tag of khurana really have an impact,, she is seriously MSK’s wife,, becoming a new terror,, when her husband is hell bent on ruining her heart, her mind is working on the correct place,, she wanted drown herself in something and fortunately she got that in her work, now she is working day and night to avoid maan’s torture,, but the truth is she doesn’t want maan to do all this just to imply he has changed only for her,, he wanted to see hurt on her face that’s why he is doing all this but if he couldn’t see her face then? maybe then he will stop all this but least she knew MSK’s Anger…. Day by day she just engrossed herself in work only and now she had every contact that maan also didn’t have,, she is becoming so powerful in business world but still her heart is vulnerable infront of maan…


She had informed aadi to force pari to come back to india which is now becoming successful as she will be here in the party,, maan doesn’t knew about all this because in these day he just wanted to forgot himself,, he wanted to be the old MSK who never knew what is love,, geet knew he is in pain and that’s why to forget his pain he wanted to forget himself, he think if he want to forget her betrayal he have to forget himself…. That’s why he is doing everything to make her and himself blv that he is old MSK,, though he pretended to spend night with other but when he came back home in drunken state geet got to know he couldn’t touch the girl because al he remember was geet’s touch,, but in his drunken state also he didn’t touch geet,, he just blabber anything that will hurt her,, and yes it hurt her… he is molding himself in her betrayal,,  again he is on the page 3 for his changing GFs,, headlining ‘MSK got bored with his wife so finding new love in hot chicks’…. Geet would trash the newspaper that he deliberately showed her with his smirk but her coldness was itching him… her blank eyes are itching him to go beyond what he is doing….


And maan got the last trump card in his hand when he saw someone…. He smirks and hugged the person for whom he was waiting for 1 month now….


Geet’s heart paced high as she saw a beautiful girl leaning on her husband kissing his cheek near the lips,, his hands were on her bare waist and a delight smile was on his face…. She never saw this kind of expression in the whole month…. Like 1st time he is really relieved for something….



Precap: who is the girl?



Things are shaping fast, don’t u thing so?? Actually I don’t want to torture u and geet with maan’s Casanova image but have to bear a little more,, truth is on the way…..

And don’t think the girl maan met is pari, its someone else,, maybe some of my frnd will know as I refers in fb that someone is gonna make an entry and guys this track will finish soon,, but another TWIST is coming, so be prepare….

Anyone want kashish to turn pyar? Yes now the journey will begin from attraction to love but that can be painful…..


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  1. maan in his hatred n pain is hell bent on breaking geet..
    while geet is tryin hard to avoid a break down.. to avoid givin maan any guilt!!
    waiitng 2 know abt dis new gal..
    n for der kashish to transform 2 love!!
    superb updt!!


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