Blessed to Have You Part 5



Part 5




Whole night I couldn’t sleep,, don’t know what to do’ her each word,, her painful eyes,, only giving me shudder to think what was in her mind’. Today is my marriage but I m not happy,, the day I always dreamt off,, the girl always I desired off in front of my eyes but I m not happy’ my eyes are searching for only one person,, in the whole crowd she is missing’. She is nowhere to be seen,, why my heart is throbbing so violently? I can’t tell anyone why I m feeling  this restlessness but I m feeling lonely like she is leaving me,,, no MY GEET can’t leave me’ I can’t let her go from my life’. Till this moment I was in dilemma what I thought about her but not now’. I saw our relative going here and there,, as its just family function not much ppl is there but in this crowd geet is nowhere to be seen’ i felt someone’s hand on my knuckles and saw Avanti looking at me with a smile, but this smile is indicating something else’.


Avanti: u love her maan’


My heart felt sad to see the tear in avanti’s eyes but I can’t deny her yes I LOVE GEET’ I was a duffer who couldn’t understand his feeling till the point when in one hour my marriage ritual will start,,, just now sitting in the chair beside my bride I realized I love someone else,, I love my GEET’ my heart is chocking but nothing came out from my mouth’.


Maan: I m sorry’. Avanti didn’t said anything,, she looked away’. I know I have done wrong with her,, but my heart only beats for her and yes being a stupid I got to know now’.. I can’t live without her’

Avanti: and u got to know now

Maan: yes,,,

Avanti: keh do usse maan,,,

Maan:  will she accept me now? I felt my voice become hoarse’.

Avanti: she loves u madly’.

I saw Vicky coming towards me and with him virat was there’.


Maan: Vicky where is geet?The expression on his face was giving me only fear,,, why he is looking so vulnerable’. 

Vicky: why do u want to know now ha?

Maan: kaha hain wo Vicky’.

Virat: maan bhai please aap jaake mandap pe baitho’.

Its enraged virat: u out of it,, and tell me where is geet?

Vicky: u don’t deserve to know that bhai and dare u say anything to virat, he was the only person who had seen geet behind me,, when I was worried for her he was there’.. 

Maan: Tell me damit where is geet,, finally I raised my voice and everyone jumped with it,, my mom and dadma came running towards us’.

Vicky: she is gone bhai,, forever’ she left us bhai’.

Maan: what do u mean, I asked in a shaky voice’

Vicky showed me a letter that geet left for him’



Dear Vicky,,,


Pehle rona mat,,, tu rote huya bilkul clown lagta hain,,, I m going Vicky’. I can’t see all this anymore,, till this day I was pretending to be strong,, like its not bothering me,, I have overcome my grief being rejecting from a person whom I thought everything,, jab se pyar ko jaana maan ka naam dil me basa hain,, he is in my soul and I can’t take him out,, and knowing living here I can put him guilt and misery that I never wanted I can’t stay there’. He was never at fault but my fate was playing with me,,, please Vicky never think wrong about ur brother’ don’t forget ur geet is living for him only’.


The day I get to know about maan’s love for someone else I felt someone has snatched my soul,,, I knew his love is as pure as the blessing of God’. And Avanti di was the lucky person to get that’. I was mad,, but soon that replaced by respect,, he was never in those who is something outside and something inside’. He was crystal clear for everyone,, he didn’t remember me it was not his fault,, because my family never gave me the chance to forget him,,, my entire life I was only dreaming about him,, but I can’t thank him enough for making me this what I m’. when I was drown in my grief his one line came to my mind’.


‘never gave up on urself,, try to take everything as a lesson and lead a life of independence’


And I drowned myself in study,, and now I m an psychiatrist,, helping ppl’. I have everything to live a life,,, and then I found he is destroying his life because he can’t get his love back,,, I felt so helpless seeing those painful eyes,, everytime when I saw him on television and the recorded CD u sent me in all theses yrs’. Mom called me few months before. she wanted me to back in his life but I knew he would never except me,, because a person like him can give anything for the person he loved once’ and unfortunately that was not me but Avanti di’. Knowing about Avanti malhotra was not difficult specially when she is a well known cardiologist,, I have read her every article and books and then saw her interview’. as psychiatrist I tried to analyzed things,,, I met her in mumbai when she was in conference,, she doesn’t knew me’ I spent a day to know her and I knew she still loved maan,, I can read ppl’s mind’ and I decided to give a chance to my luck, to bring my love’s love back in his life’ and when I met maan here I knew he would say no to this alliance.. when he said he doesn’t remember me something broke in me,, but I saw regret in his eyes to know our grandfather’s alliance,,, yes that was not right and to see maan’s expression his respect rose 100 times than before in me’ I wanted to gell with him and I pretended to be working in sanjeevani when the truth was I OWN Sanjeevani as a copartner’. But I can’t disclose everything because I said him I had came here to do my practice’. Or otherwise he would have sense my real intention’ abb MSK ko dhoka dena itna asan thodi na hain’.


 Things were going great, I met Avanti di at hospital,, she was dumbfounded to know I held 60% share in Sanjeevani but I saw her respect for me when she get to know I m here to visit her plan about a hospital in shimla,, I needed to come india because sanjeevani wanted a special lecture from me so that the intern should be more serious about their patience’. It was good for me also and I joined hospital for sometime to see the work’. in all the time I get to know Avanti di better and yes she loves maan a lot’. Then we met her in the mall,, it was a coincident,, but I took it as babaji’s single to say me whatever I m doing is right’. But in all that I was tormenting inside,, seeing ur love in love with other woman only can cut my heart in to pieces,, but I had to do that’.  it was not anyone’s fault but my destiny wanted play and I went with that’. knowing he will be someone’s else I had to collect those shattered pieces of my soul and there was u and virat who helped me’.. I can’t forget the night when everyone fixed marriage date u both was there to hold me when I was breaking’.. u both were my true Friends I always needed’..


But then whatever happen last night,,, everyone thought virat loves me and we can be a great pair,,, I wanted laugh on that,, how can be that when my heart always belongs to one person’.

Marrying another person can I take the picture out of my heart that I have painted from when I never knew it exist’.. how can I let anyone touch my soul when it belongs to only maan’. I know he doesn’t love me but its not bad to love someone and taking him in the heart forever’.


‘Akhir meera ji bhi to kanha se pyar karti thi jante huye wo kabhi unhe paa nahi sakte’.Kyun Krishna ji to hamesha rukmini ke hi the,,, unke pati and meera ke devta”



 Vicky I have tried to act in these day but u know how weak I m,, I m afraid that maybe I will fall weak infront of maan’ I have agreed that he belongs to someone else but I can’t see him belonging the person in front of my eyes’. I m not so strong enough” I have to leave the place before my heart burst,,, because I don’t want to see maan guilty’. I know he will be mad at me for someday he will again shift in his guilt trip but then avanti di’s love will bring him back soon’. He will forget me in few day or maybe few month just the way he forgot out childhood’.


Do u know Vicky why I said all this to u? because I will never except ur rudeness or anger on maan,, knowing I have gone I know u will burst ur all frustration on maan but trust me I will feel the pain more than him, so please for my sake forget everything and don’t think wrong about maan, he loves u very much and Avanti di,,, please think her as ur elder sis’. She will be a great wife,, daughter in law and sister in law’ GOOD BYE’

And ha please say sorry to maan on my behalf,, say him I had a urgent case and had to go back,, never let him know my real reason for going otherwise he will never forgive himself for the sin he never commit’..


Your sweet sexy Geet Smile





I found the letter slipping my hand,, and the ground crashed under my kness,, I can’t control my body,, I hear all shouting my name and coming close to me but all I want to feel those soft hand pulling me close to her’ she left me’.. my life left me’.. I LOST HER’. only the whisper came from my lips’. Yes unknown to everyone and everything she became the most important part of my life,, that I took her for granted’ I thought she will wait for me but now I know I lost her,, she had gone and I m late.. I heard my family’s gasp reading the letter and Vicky,, Vicky clutching me like a 5yr old kid’.


Vicky: bhai,,, she had gone,, she left us bhai’.

Dadima: my child love u selflessly maan,, and u’. she cried holding her heart’.

Virat: its not his fault guys’.

Mom: it was my mistake,, knowing she is upset something I called her here’.

Virat: why u guys talked her about my and her marriage,,, when I m getting married in few weeks then how can u think of her and me’ all faces looked at him blankly,,, and virat continued,,,, 5yrs back when I wanted to marry her it was my childish act,, and it was geet who taught me it was infatuation and now I had found my true love maanvi’. We are getting married in few weeks and geet was helping me to talk with my parents as they still want her as their daughter in law,, but we are good Friends only’. The day I met her in maan’s room I thought they are getting married but then geet pulls me out and explained everything’. I knew she was in pain,, but I had to support my Friend and I did that’.


Vicky: the day when u all excepted Avanti di,, geet was happy for maan bhai but at the night she had cried her heart out,, only I was with her,, I knew how much she loved bhai but still I couldn’t do anything’. just watched her sacrificing her love’.


Mom: maan u always thought about avanti’s love for u but never consider geet’s heart break’. Do u even realize the girl who claimed to love u few yrs back left u to fulfill her mother’s dream and the girl who selflessly loved u left her dream her everything to bring ur love back in ur love,, she was living for u and today she left u so that u can live’..


I couldn’t said anything just her sweet smiling face with the painful eyes came in front of me,, everytime I thought those hazels were blank but now I know how much strength she had to put to show me it blank, how much pain was there in her eyes’. I cried’. 1st time after dad’s departure I cried holding the letter again close to my heart’. Now I know what feel losing someone,, the feel I never felt when Avanti left me’. now I know my true love had left me’..


Avanti: u should have told the truth then vicky,, we might have get her then’.

Everyone looked at her like she is an alien’ Avanti chuckle and wiped her eyes’..

Avanti: I know everyone would be astonished to hear what I m telling,, but I had sensed her love long back but maan was an idiot who couldn’t see that and I was a selfish person who didn’t tried to know his heart when my heart knew he was attracted of her’. I thought it was just attraction but then saw something which I always desired but never saw for me,,,, maan u loved me very much but ur heart loves geet insanely’. U r quite slow in this love meter but once someone caught ur heart u can’t leave that’. in the sangeet also I had watched him smiling dancing that was something he had never done with me also in the past’. But he did only because he wanted to see geet happy’. 


‘Love is not gaining but giving’


 U told me once and geet had proved that,, she left everything for u maan,, u r made for her only’. See na,, u had waited for me almost 5yrs and but u fell in love with her only in 45 days’. Where she had waited for u 17yrs’.. try to see the depth of her love maan’. don’t let her go maan’..


Everyone looked at maan who was in the ground’. They were shedding tears for him,,, but then brij came infront’.


Brij: I had seen enough now I want my sister’s happiness,, bohot dukh dekh liya usne,, and I know her happiness is only with maan’. u have to bring her back maan’ go’.

Vicky: her flight had left brij bhai, see the latter was 10 hours back,, she had left last night only’.

Avanti: so what,, if she can come all the way only for him, to return his love why can’t he go for her to return himself as her love???


Maan: I don’t deserves her’.


Finally I whimper,, knowing all the truth of her love only shattered me’. she was an angel and I broke her into many pieces’. How will I face her’..


Avanti sat in front him; maan,, don’t wait another 5 yrs for geet,,, go for her,, if u don’t deserve her at least she deserves her love,,, give her love maan’. please’..


Yes,, she deserves her love,,, I have to search her’ I have to get her’ I LOVE U GEET,, yes I m late,, I m duffer who is late to recognize his love but I can’t afford to lose my love again and this time its stronger than ever, I will get her’.


With the determination I was going to book a flight of London when brij informed me that she left her home of london 4yrs back because they were persisting her to get married.. and now she is living in Sydney all alone and a very famous psychaitrist’ I had never thought the child woman can be so sensible to be a psychiatrist’


And now I m sitting in the flight’.. being maan singh khurana its not difficult to arrange visa and tickets’ and in few hour I will be there with my love’..



Precap: he pushed her on the wall and claimed her lips hungrily’. She pushed him away,, Tears made there way to make her weak on her knees and he scooped her in his arm making his way to the bedroom’..


Will she accept him???



Ps: no one knew that geet didn’t told maanthat she is a famous psychiatrist and Own sanjeevani,, india’s best hospital’. Not even Avanti knew about it’. but Vicky knew it still couldn’t do anything as he was bound to be quite according to geet’.


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  1. Posted by Ayesha on July 2, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    amazing update……
    hope maneet r together in the next part…..


  2. superb
    finally maan’s super slow mind processed wht his heart wanted.. geet!!
    feel terrible for her..
    waiting 2 see maan claim her bk!!


  3. Posted by afreen on July 2, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    i’ll tell u abt d story how i felt after readin it…. but now u hav to wait…. b4 going I LOVE YOU….. uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…


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