Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 4



part 4


And whispered ‘then HATE YOURSELF ALSO’


Saying so he slammed his lips claiming with his harsh lips…..

Her breath got stuck in her throat as his hands captured her slender waist in his rough palm and his lips started doing rough assault on her lips…. She tried to wriggle against his hard chest by hitting the hard rock with her delicate wrist…. Her face was showing how disgust she is feeling right now,,, she tried every possible way to go out of his clutch but he only tightening his grip on her… he smirks against her lips but geet’s eyes were spitting fire looking at him…. he harshly sucks her lips making it swollen  and then bite the corner of her upper lips making the tears comes out from her almond eyes,,, she is in pain and he knew it, but can’t help not being rough, her sweet taste is making him wild….. he licks the blood that was coming for the corner… she whimper as he again bite the place to make her open her lips,,, she gasp for breath and he entered her mouth tasting it like never before…. His hands were on her back, the single strap that is on his mercy now….


He tasted the salty water mixing in her mouth as she was shedding uncontrolled tears,,, he looked at her eyes but there was no helplessness but venom ,,, she was feeling disgust and angry couldn’t push him because of his strong structure….. he smiles and snakes his hand on her waist seducing her, least he know she is not among them who will melt in his rough passion…. She closed her eyes to gather all her courage,,, where maan smiles victoriously thinking finally he got the weak point,, he left her lips feeling satisfy and came on her neck biting the flesh……


‘so u r ready for me ha? Must say u taste amazing Geet’ he whisper in her ear making her shiver… she will not accept but the whisper made her body jolt for sometime,, but next min her trance broke as he came on her chest licking above the cleavage…. ‘do u know I was only thinking of ur body last night,, what r u doing with MSK geet’ he groans and placed open mouth hot kiss on her chest but soon he was startled as she pushed him with all her might, the force was sudden so he just taken aback, he didn’t move much just a little gap….


‘Ur touch just disgust me, how dare u touch me, honge aap kahike badshah but for me u r nothing but a devil,, just get lost before I shout for anyone, this is not ur big city that no one will say anything,, u will be thrown in trash here’ her eyes are spitting fire making maan amuse….


He smiles slyly and wiped his lips but licking it slowly giving her a hint what he tasted was worth for him….. she looked away feeling loathing on him and herself…..


For her astonishment he again grabbed her waist and made her fell on his hard chest ‘u r absolutely right darling,,, I m YOUR DEVIL,,, and this DEVIL desired u,, u wanted to scream for help ne,,, go ahead sweetheart…. But I guess u r forgotten this is a marriage house and if anyone will see us like that no one will listen what happen,,, they will just assume everything and yes u r right its not city it’s a village where they can’t see beyond their so called culture which said always girls are at fault….’


Yes he is right no one will try to see what happen they will just think she did something to provoke a man….


‘leave me’ geet stated

‘uff sweetheart till the time we met u r just saying this word,, and I will tightening my grip only I guess u want that,,, so say na’ he held her more tight and she had to held his shoulder for support….

She looked at his eyes to find something but only darkness was there…. She saw him looking at her lips and she looked away….


‘what do u want Mr Maan Singh Khurana’

He smiles and left her ‘ohh so u remember my name still’

‘cut the crap and say why u r here?’

‘I just want u geet’

Her eyes went wide hearing his straight answer…. She looked at him unbelievingly….. her heart shudder to see the intensity in his eyes….

He again touched her face with his fingers…..

‘I just want u for me, I want to spent nights with u’

Her eyes widen with shock as her heartbeat raised to hear those raw words,, she made a fist in her hand but controlled her rage…..

‘I m not in those bimboos who will run behind ur money, I think I made u clear about myself’

‘who counting ur clearance babe,, the thing is,,, he came close to face so that his each word fan on her face specially on her lips…. I need u, and u have to come to me?’

‘I m just amazed with ur level of sickness, can’t u get one thing straight? I m not interested in u and ur money.’

‘I never asked ur interest, I said u have to be mine,’

‘u know what u r out f ur mind, u just need my body for a night without realizing that I m not ur type of girl, kis language me samjhau I m not interested u or showing my body to u, ur just mere present feel disgust,, I will be happy to die before u touch me’


It just made him more furious, he instantly held her arms and pulls her towards him to the point there is not an inch gap to pass the air…. Geet looked at the eyes which is showing venom only that can burnt her alive,,, but she couldn’t remove her eyes just stare at his eyes…..


‘what did u said? U will die before I touch u?ha? bolo? U will die ha?’

Geet thought was feeling a little scared seeing him so much enraged but still just noded her head….

He tightening his grip making her flinch in pain, his strong finger were marking her soft flesh with red grip…

‘never ever tried to think that geet,,, the time my breath touched ur shadow, u belongs to me from then, the time my lips had devour ur skin Maan Singh Khurana had marked ur body with his name, u belongs to me and ur destiny also belongs to me,, never think dying before I say geet or else I will burn the whole world,, u just belongs to me’

Her tears flicked and heart covered an unknown fear, she tried to wriggle in his grip but it was making him more angry….

‘DON’T,,, she stopped at her track and looked at the devil,, don’t try to run away from me geet,, wherever u will go u will find my presence before u step out in the world, ur whole existence now belongs to me and I will decide ur fate,, NOT EVEN GOD has the right to write ur destiny, from now I will the DEVIL and yes u r my possession….’


An unknown jolt went passed her body,, never ever in her life she had felt something like this…. she was lost looking at her devil when the door being banged with loud voice…. Geet recall what happen and now she was in panic… they are really close to each other infact their bodies are gluing with each other…. geet tried to part from him but maan clutches her waist tightly smirking on her fearful face…..

‘someone is on the door,, abb kya hoga babaji…’ geet panicked and looked above and maan found it utterly amusing,, she looked at him angrily…. ‘Leave Mr Khurana before everyone beat u red and blue for misbehaving with a girl in this house, u know know but anjali’s parents treat me as their own daughter…..’

Maan smirks ‘ohh really,, then lets see what happen when they found their like to be daughter with an unknown man….

Geet was hiting his chest to let go of her but he only tightening his grip,, with the passing time the sound of the banging got loud…. Geet heard her frnd anjali’s voice…


Geet r u there?? Tu andar hain kya?

Anjali’s father also banged the door ‘beta r u ok na? tum bahar kyun nahi arahi ho?’

Anaji’s mother got worried with that ‘suno ji kahi kuch ho to nahi gaya,, geet thik to hogi na?’

Then anjali’s fiancé came and inquired what happen and they told him geet has been here from so long still she didn’t come and door being locked, they are afraid what if something happened to her… least they knew what is happening with her….


geet couldn’t take it anymore, she have to call for help, if she shout that someone is misbehaving at least they will listen to her,, she have to take the chance, no way she will agree with this devil’s demand….


‘do whatever u want mr MSK, now I will show what they will do with someone who try to misbehave with their daughter’

With that she tried to shout her lungs out but soon felt his long tongue inside her mouth,, her eyes popped out feeling his hand on the blouse strap and his lips on her mouth dancing with her tongue…. She tried to push him but he smirks and increased his pressure… after few min then the door banged open, shocking everyone….  They broke the door’s lock….


But thank god maan had left her before anyone can see them kissing like that,, geet was too shocked and embarrassed to say anything….


Anajli: Geet tu yaha, ye?

Anjali’s father: what u were doing with him geet? It’s a marriage house and u being with a guy, chii shame on u…. geet looked at her so called father figure in a hurt expression, they knew her from childhood how can they say something like that…

Anjali’ mother: we thought u are a good girl that’s why we let anjali be with u, but never I thought u can be so shameless….


Geet looked away feeling her eyes being moist,, she can’t let them see her tears,, she hates this man for making her life hell,, because of him everybody is pointing fingers on her character knowing she can never do anything like that….  just then she heard her mother’s gasp….


Rano looked at her with blank eyes ‘ye sab kya hain puttar?’

Her father interrupt ‘aur chut do ladki ko, ye hi to hoga na,, now see ur daughter bring shame on our face’

Geet couldn’t hold herself anymore ‘maa trust me, its not like that what u r thinking ye’

But her mother cut her ‘geet I trust u beta, u don’t need to clarify,, and I would never allow anyone to pint a finger towards my daughter’

Geet felt over whelmed to see her mother’s love for her,, she wanted to run and hide herself in her mother’s arm but then again someone shoot their disgusting comment….

‘she had been saying not interested in any boys out of there, now we get that,, abb MSK jaisa insane ko fasa liya so why need other ha?’ it was anjali’s fiance’s frnd atul….


Just then they heard a thundered ‘BAS,, NOT A MORE WORD ON HER’


Everyone was scared seeing MSK’s anger, all knew if MSK’s wrath fall on anyone they will be shattered for life….

Man took the dupatta and drapped around geet who just gave him angry glare still with moist eyes,, but he ignored and looked at those person ‘no one has any right to question the future wife of MAAN SINGH KHURANA,,, geet is my FIANCE, and I won’t tolerate a word against her.’


Everyone was dumbstruck with the revelation and then they heard a sweet yet elegant voice….


‘Maan aapne hume bataya tak nahi that u have already found ur girl’ maan’s dadima savitri devi enquired about her grandson’s urgent declaration…..


‘Daadima’ maan stated where geet looked at the elegant lady who was coming towards them with a smile….


Without anything savitri devi just hugged geet and placed a hand on maan’s shoulder bringing him in a hug with geet,, maan held geet’s hand above dadima’s back and smirk, but geet was blank,, she didn’t know what to say..

She can see the immense love this old woman is having for her just with those words,, she didn’t even enquired anything just engulfed her with all her love and warmth without knowing her for once….. she is epitome of love but geet wanted to say the truth but as she opens her mouth it didn’t reach her..

Dadima was over joyed with maan’s words ‘maan I m so happy, finally u r ready for the marriage that too with the lovely girl’

Maan smirks ‘that’s why I came here dadima, do u think I would visit this low class dramas, its just my sweetheart’s concern pulls me here and geet, this is my dadima, now I m sure she will be happy to have u  leaving her parents behind her’

Dadima looked at rano with happiness ‘finally god had been great for us,, u said geet will never say yes but see babaji showed me my path and geet herself is with maan’


Maan looked at her with confusion where geet with blank eyes….



Precap; the arrangements….


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  1. devil indeed!!
    n a conniving one at tht!!

    sad for geet tht nobody trusted her!!
    n though maan’s behavior was despicable n cause for all of geet’s humilition.. he stood up for her callin her his fiance!!

    bt dadi s last line.. awesm
    dey were nywaz planning for a maneet hook up!!???


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